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Changes In Branch digit-bit-60 Excluding Merge-Ins

This is equivalent to a diff from 9f21fed226 to ada893702f

Implement TIP's #538: Externalize libtommath check-in: d796a3955d user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-branch
merge-mark check-in: f32c9854de user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-branch
Merge 8.7 check-in: 8af1752188 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Merge 8.7 Closed-Leaf check-in: ada893702f user: jan.nijtmans tags: digit-bit-60
Fix one failing testcase (thanks, Travis!) check-in: 9f21fed226 user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-branch
Merge 8.7 check-in: da5a2d331a user: jan.nijtmans tags: digit-bit-60
Merge 8.6 check-in: 4a1697cfab user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-branch

Changes to .fossil-settings/binary-glob.

Changes to .travis.yml.

Added compat/stdint.h.

Changes to generic/tcl.h.

Changes to generic/tclBasic.c.

Changes to generic/tclBinary.c.

Changes to generic/tclDictObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclEncoding.c.

Changes to generic/tclExecute.c.

Changes to generic/tclIOUtil.c.

Changes to generic/tclInt.h.

Changes to generic/tclLink.c.

Changes to generic/tclObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclPathObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclScan.c.

Changes to generic/tclStrToD.c.

Changes to generic/tclStringObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclStubInit.c.

Changes to generic/tclTest.c.

Changes to generic/tclTestObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclTomMath.decls.

Changes to generic/tclTomMath.h.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathInterface.c.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathStubLib.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtil.c.

Deleted generic/tommath.h.

Changes to libtommath/appveyor.yml.

Changes to libtommath/bn_deprecated.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_expt_u32.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_fread.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_init_ll.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_init_ull.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_log_u32.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_montgomery_reduce.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_mul.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_prime_rand.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_radix_smap.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_read_radix.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_root_u32.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_set_double.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_sqr.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_to_radix.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_to_ubin.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_prime_tab.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_exptmod_fast.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_montgomery_reduce_fast.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_digs.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_digs_fast.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_high_digs.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_high_digs_fast.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_rand_jenkins.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_s_mp_sqr_fast.c.

Changes to libtommath/changes.txt.

Changes to libtommath/

Changes to libtommath/

Changes to libtommath/tommath.h.

Changes to libtommath/tommath_private.h.

Added libtommath/win32/libtommath.dll.

Added libtommath/win32/tommath.lib.

Added libtommath/win64/libtommath.dll.

Added libtommath/win64/libtommath.dll.a.

Added libtommath/win64/tommath.lib.

Changes to macosx/Tcl.xcode/project.pbxproj.

Changes to macosx/Tcl.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj.

Deleted tools/fix_tommath_h.tcl.

Changes to unix/

Changes to unix/configure.

Changes to unix/

Changes to unix/tcl.m4.

Changes to unix/

Changes to unix/tclUnixFCmd.c.

Changes to unix/tclUnixPort.h.

Changes to win/

Changes to win/configure.

Changes to win/

Changes to win/

Changes to win/

Changes to win/tcl.m4.

Changes to win/tclWinPort.h.

Changes to win/tclWinTest.c.