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Ticket UUID: 957132
Title: TIP#202: support special case 2>@1 in open/exec
Type: Patch Version: TIP Implementation
Submitter: hobbs Created on: 2004-05-19 23:29:12
Subsystem: 24. Channel Commands Assigned To: hobbs
Priority: 5 Medium Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2004-07-03 06:28:38
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: hobbs
    Closed on: 2004-07-02 23:28:37
The following patch adds support for the special case
2>&1 to redirect stderr output to the stdout output
channel on a command pipe.  This affects open and exec.
 This simplifies the current issue where you have to
have another process involved to capture both stdout
and stderr reliably.
User Comments: hobbs added on 2004-07-03 06:28:38:

File Added - 92711: pipeerr.patch

hobbs added on 2004-07-03 06:28:37:
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here's the final patch against HEAD of July 2, 2004 with a
test and doc change.  This has been commited.

hobbs added on 2004-05-28 03:32:24:

File Deleted - 87724: 

File Added - 88673: open-pipeerr3.patch

hobbs added on 2004-05-28 03:32:23:
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I've changed it to 2>@1 to be more 'fileid' like and ensure
that you only try to use it at the end of the command string.

hobbs added on 2004-05-20 06:30:44:

File Deleted - 87723: 

File Added - 87724: open-pipeerr2.patch

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fixed up patch to remove fprintf info I left in (oops).

hobbs added on 2004-05-20 06:29:12:

File Added - 87723: open-pipeerr2.patch