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Ticket UUID: 858211
Title: TIP#129 implementation
Type: Patch Version: TIP Implementation
Submitter: mrohr Created on: 2003-12-11 11:59:17
Subsystem: 12. ByteArray Object Assigned To: dkf
Priority: 9 Immediate Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2004-05-13 17:15:23
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: dkf
    Closed on: 2004-05-13 10:15:23
Implements TIP#129 (new formatcodes for [binary]
command). There are also a number of new tests.

Thie patch changes tclBinary.c and binary.test.

Patch was done using

cvs diff -u generic/tclBinary.c tests/binary.test >
User Comments: dkf added on 2004-05-13 17:15:23:
Logged In: YES 

Accepted with minor modifications.  Thanks for that test suite!

mrohr added on 2003-12-11 18:59:18:
File Added - 70243: tip129.patch