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Ticket UUID: 693836
Title: TIP#127 implementation
Type: Support Version: None
Submitter: mic42 Created on: 2003-02-26 18:53:18
Subsystem: None Assigned To: dkf
Priority: 9 Immediate Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2009-07-29 19:40:09
Resolution: Closed By: dkf
    Closed on: 2003-10-14 13:39:58
This patch adds a -index option like the one from lsort
to lsearch.

Its diff'ed -u against the current HEAD (rev 1.45)
User Comments: dkf added on 2009-07-29 19:40:09:

IP - Comment Removed:

dkf added on 2008-11-02 18:26:31:

data_type - 210894

dkf added on 2003-10-15 05:49:49:
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That issue is being tracked in Bug 823768

dgp added on 2003-10-15 05:43:18:
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Note this implementation
causes new segfaults.
Test cmdIL-5.5 demos this.

Probably good learning
opportunities here for how
apparently good code can be
subtly wrong.

dkf added on 2003-10-14 20:39:58:
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Applied to HEAD.  The documentation is perhaps a touch 
sparse, but that can be the subject of future bug reports if 
I've omitted something crucial.  :^)

dkf added on 2003-10-13 15:27:44:
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Thanks. I'll try to get this in when I can.

mic42 added on 2003-10-13 01:54:33:
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Ok, hopefully i have done the diff'ing the right way this time.

I added a basic testsuite, i wouldn't say its really
complete, there should probably be more checks.
(as the multiindex code is shared between lsort and lsearch
there are more tests in lsearch that test it).

Whats missing:
more combinations of options
Really good tests for error handling of the index code
(should have copied some things from the lset and lindex
tests..., as the code is copied from lindex...), some basic
ones are there.

A patch to the documentation.

mic42 added on 2003-10-13 01:47:53:

File Added - 64145: CmdIL.test.diff

mic42 added on 2003-10-13 01:47:20:

File Deleted - 43786: 

File Added - 64144: lsearch.test.diff

mic42 added on 2003-10-13 01:46:30:

File Added - 64143: tclCmdIL.c.diff

dkf added on 2003-10-01 19:22:37:
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Reminder: still waiting the tests (or at least enough of them 
that I can double-check that the behaviour specified in the 
TIP is actually implemented)

mic42 added on 2003-09-13 22:24:37:
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Sorry for the reversed patch. Should do better this time.
Shall i diff against current HEAD? 

As the patch changes things to lsearch and lsort tests for
both will be needed. I have the ones for simple syntax
checks (where the error messages are checked) done, as those
are trivial. 

Just a bit busy this week (local conference), so expect
something by the end of the week/next weekend.


dkf added on 2003-09-13 08:08:41:

File Deleted - 43783: 

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Could you be a real star and produce:
  * a forward patch (the one you've done is reversed!)
  * some tests (via a patch to lsearch.test of course)
While I could reverse the patch, synthesizing tests is a bit
awkward as I don't understand (especially at 2am!) the
nuances of what cases should be tested and how.  (You could
use some of the examples from the TIP as the basis...)

If there are a few tests in there (so we can check that it
is doing what we think it ought to be doing) I'd be happy to
get this code into the core.

mic42 added on 2003-03-01 23:10:28:

File Added - 43786: tclCmdIL.c.diff

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I made a new patch, further enhancing lsearch (and lsort as
a side effect).

The new patch does the following:

add two new options to lsearch:
-index index 

-subindices is mutually exclusive with -inline and may only
be specified if -index is specified.
?-index index?

Takes an index in the form used by lindex or lset, a list of
indices is allowed to search or sort based on the values in
nested sublists.


Returns indices one can use directly in [lset] or [lindex]
to access the sublist element found.


mic42 added on 2003-03-01 21:28:21:

File Added - 43783: tclCmdIL.c.diff

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Forgot to attach the patch.