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Ticket UUID: 656997
Title: add "clock microseconds" command
Type: Support Version: None
Submitter: marhar Created on: 2002-12-20 21:12:19
Subsystem: None Assigned To: kennykb
Priority: 5 Medium Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2009-07-29 19:53:09
Resolution: Closed By: hobbs
    Closed on: 2002-12-23 20:21:47
Adds a "clock microseconds" command which returns
a list of two integers -- the time as per "clock seconds"
and the microsecond count.  This basically exposes
the return values from TclpGetTime().
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hobbs added on 2002-12-24 03:21:47:
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This already exists - the is a 'clock clicks -microseconds' that 
ensures the granularity, otherwise leave off the flag and you 
get the highest granularity that the system offers.