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Ticket UUID: 1057093
Title: TIP #220 (Escalate Privileges in VFS Close Callback)
Type: Patch Version: None
Submitter: andreas_kupries Created on: 2004-10-29 23:00:08
Subsystem: 25. Channel System Assigned To: andreas_kupries
Priority: 5 Medium Severity:
Status: Open Last Modified: 2004-11-03 02:41:53
Resolution: None Closed By:
    Closed on:
This entry will hold the reference implementation for
TIP #220.
User Comments: andreas_kupries added on 2004-11-03 02:41:53:
File Added - 107388: tip220-v2.patch.gz

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Ref.impl. v2. Store max perms as well, ensure that the
channel will not get more privileges on restore than it had
at creation time.

andreas_kupries added on 2004-11-02 06:45:50:
File Added - 107289: tip220-v1.patch.gz

andreas_kupries added on 2004-11-02 06:45:49:
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Ref.impl. V1. Simple escalation. Allows the VFS to shoot
itself in the foot by opening a channel R only, getting it W
in close, and trying to write, failing, maybe crashing.
Tomorrow we will extend that to keep max and effective perms