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Artifact ID: a1f8303be11f60440ec31a3a1c588b6530fd9099
Ticket: f3ba57600d0b0f29d6d3f8e5d26c1f17a8594cdb
Safe Source Alias noisy - works badly with package
User & Date: anonymous 2017-07-14 08:57:55

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  4. Change comment to:

    safe.tcl line 670 reads: return -code error "no such file or directory"

    Should read: return -code error -errorcode "POSIX EACCES" "no such file or directory"

    Reason being, package.tcl expects that errorcode, else it bleats about not being able to load a pkgIndex.tcl file ... the Source Alias function in safe.tcl doesn't properly emulate native [source].


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