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Artifact ID: 5c8a55da0d07ec9d98249ea5fdef84910cc1a969
Ticket: 293344d4f3e07f7f9da93db4b967abed8122bd42
Regression in SQLite test-suite
User & Date: jan.nijtmans 2017-07-13 15:00:42

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    When running the latest SQLite test-suite there was a regression in 2 test-cases, one of them: badutf2-4.1.5... ! badutf2-4.1.5 expected: [\u0080] ! badutf2-4.1.5 got: [\uFF80]

    bisecting Tcl pointed to commit [7351fc0c9c], but - actually - there's nothing wrong with this commit. Further investigation resulted in the observation that the macro TclUtfToUniChar() contained a mistake: If 'str' points to a signed character (which it normally does), a character in the range \x80-\xC0 results in an unicode character in the range \xFF80-\xFFC0 ... this is clearly wrong.

    Conclusion: this is a long-standing bug in the TclUtfToUniChar() macro, which was never discovered because there was no test-case touching this. Commit [7351fc0c9c] merely exposed this bug in the SQLite test-suite.

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