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Artifact ID: f631d77e99899adf134bc5b66fd3c995302e61da77e13a3ed8ff8c1520d76589
Ticket: 48f1c83efb6a60a9d5a8d6b463377576003edb0b
package command issues
User & Date: bll 2019-04-16 17:00:51

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  4. Change comment to:

    System: Mac OS Mojave

    Even though a package was provided, and Tk is started, package provide is not reporting any version number.

    Built with Tcl core-8-6-branch and Tk core-8-6-branch.

    $ /Users/bll/Desktop/ % package require Tk attempt to provide package Tk 8.6.8 failed: package Tk 8.6.9 provided instead % package provide Tk %

  5. Change foundin to "core-8-6-branch"
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  14. Change title to "package command issues"
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