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Artifact ID: f188c7a49a0ca9c91054cf0ff643432adedcf9184ee7a68aa6a9dff4a34de2e1
Ticket: 3f7af0e21e13f1f54df4e112d3bf3abb7cfc31dc
win: file delete could sporadic fail with "permission denied"
User & Date: sebres 2018-07-12 15:36:28

  1. Change closedate to "2458312.15032502"
  2. Change closer to "sebres"
  3. Change icomment to:

    fixed in all branches now (since [4af9ff473e] for 8.5th), thus close.

  4. Change login to "sebres"
  5. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-wiki"
  6. Change resolution to "Fixed"
  7. Change severity to "Severe"
  8. Change status to "Closed"
  9. Change subsystem to "16. Commands A-H"