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Merge trunk c1e45151b3: Remove _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 usage. See [d690400d07]. check-in: 069aa503b5 user: pooryorick tags: unchained
11:15 Ticket [d690400d07] Remove _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 typo? status still Closed with 5 other changes artifact: 8c49393ac7 user: chrstphrchvz
14:25 Closed ticket [d690400d07]. artifact: 28ed9fe20d user: jan.nijtmans
Remove _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 usage. See [d690400d07] check-in: e5ba10678f user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-6-branch
07:17 Add attachment rm-largefile-source64.diff to ticket [d690400d07] artifact: 244eaff848 user: chrstphrchvz
07:17 New ticket [d690400d07] Remove _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 typo?. artifact: 0e306a38af user: chrstphrchvz

Ticket UUID: d690400d07e59286433b454dc7a5f0e5974dff94
Title: Remove _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 typo?
Type: Patch Version: 8.6.13
Submitter: chrstphrchvz Created on: 2023-03-12 07:17:37
Subsystem: 52. Portability Support Assigned To: jan.nijtmans
Priority: 5 Medium Severity: Cosmetic
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2023-03-21 11:15:38
Resolution: Fixed Closed By: chrstphrchvz
    Closed on: 2023-03-21 11:15:38

Did _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64 actually exist in some platform’s header files? I am increasingly convinced it never did, and that any mention of it can be removed from Tcl; see attached patch.

[1287638] says it was needed according to But what if it was just a typo in ancient RHEL docs? I downloaded and extracted the SRPMs for glibc-2.3.2 from RHEL 3 and glibc-2.3.4 from RHEL 4, and could only find occurrences of _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE, not _LARGEFILE_SOURCE64.

Looking for "_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE" on Google reports over 11k results, versus "149 results" for "_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE"; I notice many results of the latter which are from Tcl/TEA (and downstream copies), but none from a C standard library implementation’s header files. On Google Books, there are about 29 results for "_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE" and 0 for "_LARGEFILE_SOURCE64".

User Comments: jan.nijtmans added on 2023-03-20 14:25:06:


It indeed looks like _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is a typo.