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Artifact ID: b68f5a91017ae2da242cef4101400d7d638844a8ca1dd6ee2b1220b32104d0c7
Ticket: b322938e081769744eab33ba256e396e24a2f900
Revised TCL_ZIP_FILE build is less robust
User & Date: dgp 2019-02-13 19:59:19

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    Checkin started some changes to the way the TCL_ZIP_FILE is built. Unfortunately the changes lead to failing tests in a common scenario.

    If your workspace happens to include an empty directory tcl/library/http1.0 (which many do, because of development history), the old system for building the TCL_ZIP_FILE would not include it, but the new system does include it, or so I surmise.

    The consequence is that several tests (zipfs-0.[345678]) fail in zipfs.test.

    I'm open to several points of view whether it is the tests themselves or the new builder of TCL_ZIP_FILE that is broken, but this should be resolved.

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