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Ticket: 8b9854c3d8ba8d64a7d3a9b20dfec552c8ee5f54
[info level 0] returns incompatible result in exported command since Tcl 8.6.9
User & Date: dgp 2019-06-13 16:22:25

  1. Change icomment to:
    It is true that the [::watchdog::every] command in the earlier
    comments said to come from Wub server is not as robust as it would
    need to be to handle all the strange circumstances that Tcl might
    throw at it.
    (In fact not one of the [every] implementations on the Wiki is robust
    enough at the moment.)
    That said, at a minimum the body of a proc has to be assured that
    when no renames or other changes that would require resolution epochs
    to be incremented have taken place that
       uplevel 1 [info level 0]
    will re-invoke the same procedure with the same arguments as got
    the current body going. If we cannot rely on at least that much, it
    becomes impossible to do things like code robust recursive procs.
    The regression change to ensembles has broken that minimum need.
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