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Artifact ID: 6c35260fe62a23d83dd0e560ba8223b153e649243a4493ed381fab9e0eef3b8e
Ticket: b43efdfd61d2fbe670fdd1ebcbfce7a999c6bef0
file delete -force does not work on read-only subdirectories
User & Date: agalanin 2019-03-16 16:16:38

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  4. Change comment to:
    If a sub-directory is not writable, file delete -force fails on the first file in the read-only subdirectory.
    Platform: Debian 9.8 / Linux 4.9.0, x86_64
    Script to reproduce:
    package require fileutil
    set tmp [::fileutil::tempdir]
    file mkdir [set dir [file join $tmp test-[pid]-[clock seconds]]]
    file mkdir [set subdir [file join $dir subdir]]
    set f [open [file join $subdir testfile] w]
    puts $f test
    close $f
    exec chmod a-w $subdir
    file delete -force $dir
    Actual result:
    error deleting "/tmp/test-13462-1552752895/subdir/testfile": permission denied
    Expected result:
    directory removed completely, no error
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  13. Change submitter to "agalanin"
  14. Change subsystem to "37. File System"
  15. Change title to:
    file delete -force does not work on read-only subdirectories
  16. Change type to "Bug"