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Regression in list expansion
User & Date: oehhar 2019-01-11 14:57:33

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    For the records, here is the post by Francois reporting the regression:

    I'm trying to run the Tk test suite with the tip of core-8-6-branch in both Tcl and Tk repositories.

    Observation: tktest.exe crashes because it fails in loading the tcl86tg.dll

    This happens all with the tip of core-8-6-branch of Tk, i.e.:

    It crashes with the tip of Tcl core-8-6-branch, that is with:

    but this same tktest.exe does not crash when trying to load the Tcl dll built from the commit just before in the Tcl repository, i.e. with:

    Looking at the apparently faulty commit [9d24a1b9db1ebb45] I have no idea about the reason for this failure to load the Tcl dll.

    Is anyone seeing the cause perhaps?

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