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Artifact ID: 58f7b0a99a0443f827852eda47f7667ae90a980e8922f9c4f3089e675a594127
Ticket: cc1e91552c0ca1817292d951f8c694b28c2b2251
Regression in list expansion
User & Date: fvogel 2019-01-20 19:17:02

  1. Change closer to "nobody"
  2. Change icomment to:

    Could you please revisit this?

    I still see the problem at least with core-8-branch (didn't check with trunk or any other branch).

    It appears that the fix [58c46e74b931d3a1] that I confirmed to work got changed later (see [e94a8f9c8f9a6950]) and this changed fix is what was merged. However it does not work for me.

  3. Change login to "fvogel"
  4. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-wiki"
  5. Change resolution to "None"
  6. Change status to "Open"