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Artifact ID: 3b4d6095b9e4462e262987e112228e5ec758214cd4ca4422803577468f4b5865
Ticket: cc1e91552c0ca1817292d951f8c694b28c2b2251
Regression in list expansion
User & Date: sebres 2019-01-11 15:25:07

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    > Your assumption that TclListObjGetElements() always results in a list object is wrong: In case of an empty string representation the empty string is returned.

    You are right Jan, Thx.

    #define TclListObjGetElements(interp, listPtr, objcPtr, objvPtr) \
        (((listPtr)->typePtr == &tclListType) \
    	    ? ((ListObjGetElements((listPtr), *(objcPtr), *(objvPtr))), TCL_OK)\
    	    : Tcl_ListObjGetElements((interp), (listPtr), (objcPtr), (objvPtr)))
    How one can see here, the object either already a list or (my assumtion was) it will be to list immeadiatelly after invocation of Tcl_ListObjGetElements.

    Just I really overlooked this block in scope it is not a list - Tcl_ListObjGetElements.

    Thank you again. I'll try to construct a test-case for exacly this situation.

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