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Ticket UUID: 2c154a40be9e1dd81694485ed9558a9eb831f55b
Title: SQLite TCL Test suite regressions
Type: Bug Version: 8.6.9
Submitter: mnowak Created on: 2018-12-16 15:55:20
Subsystem: 47. Bytecode Compiler Assigned To: nobody
Priority: 5 Medium Severity: Important
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2019-05-04 06:57:40
Resolution: Duplicate Closed By: dkf
    Closed on: 2019-05-04 06:57:40
I updated Tcl to 8.6.9 on OpenIndiana 2018.10 (illumos kernel, an OpenSolaris fork) and noticed that SQLite 3.26.0 TCL test suite fails in some 30 cases, 27 of them fail like this:

! window1-13.5 expected: [
! window1-13.5 got:      []

However, those 27 work with Tcl 8.6.7.

Here's the OpenIndiana shipped Tcl 8.6.7 sources:

Here are my Tcl 8.6.9 changes, which exhibit the problem:

You can run the SQLite test suite by `make test`, test cases are in tests/.

Here's the window1-13.5 test case from sqlite-src-3260000/test/window1.test:

590 do_execsql_test 13.5 {
591   SELECT a, rank() OVER(ORDER BY b) FROM t1
593   SELECT a, rank() OVER(ORDER BY b DESC) FROM t1;
594 } {
595 }
User Comments: dkf added on 2019-05-04 06:57:03:

This is (after a bit of digging around in the SQLite sources) a duplicate of [cc1e91552c].

It's not a bug in tdbc::sqlite3 at all. It's also not a bug in SQLite, though I'd have loved to have known about it when they found it.

oehhar added on 2018-12-17 10:25:30:

Thank you for the ticket.

I think, it should better be placed within the tdbc::sqlite tracker. I have moved it there:

Speak up, if not ok.

Thanks, Harald