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Ticket: 2d2a32124406e8494a9d73cf2b668dcddc75fdf6
info frame does not correct recognize current type of execution scope
User & Date: sebres 2019-03-15 19:21:45

  1. Change icomment to:
    Partially the behavior may be correct - the documentation about type "proc" says:
    <b>proc</b> means that the command is found in <b>dynamically</b> created procedure body.
    So I assume, in case it is constructed "statically" from source and compiled (like TCL_LOCATION_BC), info frame just searching the type up to the source and returns it wrapped to the origin type (e. g. using TclGetSrcInfoForPc).
    But the upper case (difference by [info frame 0] and [info frame [info frame]] may occur because of the in-place change of interpreter frame levels inside InfoFrameCmd, so it is correct by direct invocation (0) and wrong by 2 commands sequentially. Additionally this is ugly and should be rewritten. WiP.
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