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Artifact ID: 28fec5f3b12acd8756b7e4a270b5a84b86208be3822c0240626a002ac3c2998b
Ticket: 8b9854c3d8ba8d64a7d3a9b20dfec552c8ee5f54
[info level 0] returns incompatible result in exported command since Tcl 8.6.9
User & Date: dgp 2019-06-13 16:58:35

  1. Change icomment to:

    Because the caller of an ensemble, the definition of the ensemble, and the target command can all three have different namespaces, and because the [info level 0] list may use only its first element alone to identify the command (the arguments to the proc have to be [lrange [info level 0] 1 end]) the only feasible solution (maybe the only possible one?) is to fully qualify the command name stored in framePtr->objv[0].

    This adds yet another example to the list of ways Tcl deeply insists that every command must have a fully qualified name. The existing commands that lack one are bugs in need of fixing. TIP to come.

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