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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.

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This directory contains unsupported tools used to build parts of Tcl
for distribution.

uniParse.tcl -- Script for converting the Unicode character database
	into a compact table stored in generic/tclUniData.c.

uniClass.tcl -- Script for generating regexp class tables from the Tcl
	"string is" classes

Generating HTML files.
The tcl-tk-man-html.tcl script from Robert Critchlow
generates a nice set of HTML with good cross references.
Use it like
    tclsh tcl-tk-man-html.tcl --htmldir=/tmp/tcl9.0
This script is very picky about the organization of man pages,
effectively acting as a style enforcer.

Generating Windows Help Files:
1) Build tcl in the ../unix directory
2) On UNIX, (after autoconf and configure), do
    this converts the Nroff to RTF files.
2) On Windows, convert the RTF to a Help doc, do
	nmake helpfile