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Comment:Eliminate many (mostly harmless) MSVC warning messages. Tcl 9 compiles warning-free now on MSVC.
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SHA3-256: cf865c6e2b5055b17d7454062aa1a72d24a3c34a9a44003324629ac06451e39a
User & Date: jan.nijtmans 2019-03-13 20:44:29
merge-mark check-in: 80c345bf67 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Eliminate many (mostly harmless) MSVC warning messages. Tcl 9 compiles warning-free now on MSVC. check-in: cf865c6e2b user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Make "struct regmatch_t" match "Tcl_RegExpIndices" (again). Win64 build was broken because of this. ... check-in: c38fd94d09 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to generic/tclBinary.c.

Changes to generic/tclCompCmds.c.

Changes to generic/tclEncoding.c.

Changes to generic/tclEnsemble.c.

Changes to generic/tclIO.c.

Changes to generic/tclIOCmd.c.

Changes to generic/tclIORChan.c.

Changes to generic/tclIOUtil.c.

Changes to generic/tclIndexObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclInt.h.

Changes to generic/tclOOBasic.c.

Changes to generic/tclOOCall.c.

Changes to generic/tclOOInfo.c.

Changes to generic/tclTestObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclThreadAlloc.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtil.c.

Changes to generic/tclZipfs.c.

Changes to win/tclWinFCmd.c.

Changes to win/tclWinInit.c.

Changes to win/tclWinSerial.c.