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Comment:* tests/expr.test: * tests/for-old.test: * tests/for.test: * tests/foreach.test: * tests/format.test: * tests/httpold.test: * tests/if.test: * tests/init.test: * tests/interp.test: * tests/while.test: Added some tests for known bugs (marked with knownBug constraint), and cleaned up a few bad tests.
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SHA1: 92c423cb2e3b2fdc52edd70710f2366bd5fba591
User & Date: stanton 1999-04-02 23:44:37
* generic/regc_locale.c: * generic/regcustom.h: * generic/tcl.decls: * generic/tclCmdIL.c: * generic... check-in: de06484e63 user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
* tests/expr.test: * tests/for-old.test: * tests/for.test: * tests/foreach.test: * tests/format.test... check-in: 92c423cb2e user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
safe-6.3 now passes on Windows and Unix for both release and debug. This addresses item 81 on the wh... check-in: 8c40033f93 user: hershey tags: core-8-1-branch-old
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Changes to tests/expr.test.

Changes to tests/for-old.test.

Changes to tests/for.test.

Changes to tests/foreach.test.

Changes to tests/format.test.

Changes to tests/httpold.test.

Changes to tests/if.test.

Changes to tests/init.test.

Changes to tests/interp.test.

Changes to tests/while.test.