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Comment:Merge 8.7 Move up some stub entries related to Tcl_UniChar Use TCL_UTF_MAX=4 for full Unicode in stead of TCL_UTF_MAX=6 (TCL_UTF_MAX: 3 is default)
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SHA3-256: 81502a66ed4175657f249d26c80f7f2361a5db4181feb1e5b8fd962db800a470
User & Date: jan.nijtmans 2019-03-16 21:10:20
More WIP. Seems to be *almost* working. check-in: ab13cbd74c user: jan.nijtmans tags: utf-max
Merge 8.7 Move up some stub entries related to Tcl_UniChar Use TCL_UTF_MAX=4 for full Unicode in ste... check-in: 81502a66ed user: jan.nijtmans tags: utf-max
Eliminate usage of mp_isneg(), just check bignum->sign directly (as libtommath itself does) Make Tcl... check-in: 515a22d41d user: jan.nijtmans tags: core-8-branch
Merge 8.7. Fix 2 test-cases which were failing for TCL_UTF_MAX=6 check-in: 4032e7fe99 user: jan.nijtmans tags: utf-max
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Changes to .travis.yml.

Changes to generic/regcustom.h.

Changes to generic/tcl.decls.

Changes to generic/tcl.h.

Changes to generic/tclBasic.c.

Changes to generic/tclBinary.c.

Changes to generic/tclCmdMZ.c.

Changes to generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c.

Changes to generic/tclCompExpr.c.

Changes to generic/tclCompile.c.

Changes to generic/tclDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclDisassemble.c.

Changes to generic/tclEncoding.c.

Changes to generic/tclExecute.c.

Changes to generic/tclIO.c.

Changes to generic/tclInt.h.

Changes to generic/tclMain.c.

Changes to generic/tclParse.c.

Changes to generic/tclPipe.c.

Changes to generic/tclScan.c.

Changes to generic/tclStrToD.c.

Changes to generic/tclStringObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclStubInit.c.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathInterface.c.

Changes to generic/tclUniData.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtf.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtil.c.

Changes to tests/binary.test.

Changes to tests/util.test.

Changes to tools/uniParse.tcl.

Changes to win/tclWinSerial.c.