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Comment:* tests/io.test: Minor test cleanup.

* generic/tclEncoding.c (Tcl_CreateEncoding): Minor lint to make it easier to compile on Digital-unix. [Bug: 1659]

* unix/ * unix/tclUnixPort.h: Applied patch for OS/390 to handle lack of sys/param.h. [Bug: 1725]

* unix/ Fixed BSD/OS 4.* configuration to support shared libraries properly. [Bug: 1730]

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SHA1: 5eb05485f4f7c1c070c0d480f09a78f7981ba834
User & Date: stanton 1999-04-06 02:05:34
Added docs for public funcs: Tcl_GetCwd & Tcl_Chdir check-in: f1c04ac99a user: rjohnson tags: core-8-1-branch-old
* tests/io.test: Minor test cleanup.

* generic/tclEncoding.c (Tcl_CreateEncoding): Minor lint to ma... check-in: 5eb05485f4 user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old

Updated for 8.1b3 check-in: be058f65ec user: welch tags: core-8-1-branch-old
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Changes to ChangeLog.

Changes to generic/tclEncoding.c.

Changes to tests/io.test.

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Changes to unix/tclUnixPort.h.