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Comment:-now all test files that skip tests by returning early (which ideally they shouldn't do) call ::tcltest::cleanupTests before returning.

-the defs.tcl file has one new constraint: userInteraction, used by tests that require user interaction. The next putback will include an updated version of the "visual" test file to use this mechanism.

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SHA1: 4c4431ec5ed60cca0ca4d8fb9bccf614a17250b4
User & Date: hershey 1999-03-26 19:13:55
--enable-shared is now the default that builds Tcl as a shared library. Use --disable-shared and ... check-in: 554e3ea7ea user: suresh tags: core-8-1-branch-old
-now all test files that skip tests by returning early (which ideally they shouldn't do) call ::t... check-in: 4c4431ec5e user: hershey tags: core-8-1-branch-old
* tests/interp.test: * generic/tclInterp.c (AliasObjCmd): Changed so aliases are invoked at current ... check-in: 27603c3b06 user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
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Changes to tests/README.

Changes to tests/assocd.test.

Changes to tests/async.test.

Changes to tests/cmdInfo.test.

Changes to tests/dcall.test.

Changes to tests/defs.tcl.

Changes to tests/dstring.test.

Changes to tests/event.test.

Changes to tests/fCmd.test.

Changes to tests/fileName.test.

Changes to tests/history.test.

Changes to tests/httpold.test.

Changes to tests/indexObj.test.

Changes to tests/link.test.

Changes to tests/listObj.test.

Changes to tests/load.test.

Changes to tests/obj.test.

Changes to tests/parse.test.

Changes to tests/parseExpr.test.

Changes to tests/pid.test.

Changes to tests/proc.test.

Changes to tests/stringObj.test.

Changes to tests/thread.test.

Changes to tests/unixFile.test.

Changes to tests/unixNotfy.test.

Changes to tests/util.test.