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Comment:* tests/winNotify.test: * mac/tclMacNotify.c: * win/tclWinNotify.c: * unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: * generic/tclNotify.c: Added a new Tcl_ServiceModeHook interface that is invoked whenever the service mode changes. This is needed to allow the Windows notifier to create a communication window the first time Tcl is about to enter an external modal event loop instead of at startup time. This will avoid the various problems that people have been seeing where the system hangs when tclsh is running outside of the event loop. [Bug: 783]

* generic/tclInt.h: * generic/tcl.decls: Renamed TclpAlertNotifier back to Tcl_AlertNotifier since it is part of the public notifier driver API.

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SHA1: 1b663177f8c8124691dacf04456389fb41c1a185
User & Date: stanton 1999-03-24 04:25:12
* tests/winNotify.test: * tests/ioCmd.test: * tests/event.test: Changed to use new style conditional... check-in: 9bdbccc71e user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
* tests/winNotify.test: * mac/tclMacNotify.c: * win/tclWinNotify.c: * unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: * generic... check-in: 1b663177f8 user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
* unix/dltest/ * unix/dltest/ Added missing DBGX macros. [Bug: 1564] check-in: 8095515d9b user: stanton tags: core-8-1-branch-old
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Changes to generic/tcl.decls.

Changes to generic/tclDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclInt.h.

Changes to generic/tclNotify.c.

Changes to generic/tclStubInit.c.

Changes to generic/tclStubs.c.

Changes to mac/tclMacNotify.c.

Changes to unix/tclUnixNotfy.c.

Changes to win/tclWinNotify.c.