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SHA3-256: 08d36921f05851c20d6639f6c0b165e1fd695173ae04e4b3171f7b4219f7d3cb
User & Date: dgp 2019-06-13 12:13:48
merge trunk check-in: d40e234200 user: dgp tags: dgp-refactor
merge trunk check-in: 08d36921f0 user: dgp tags: dgp-refactor
Merge 8.7 check-in: c5ff3f41bd user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Merge 8.7, and add some more usage of TCL_INDEX_NONE/TCL_AUTO_LENGTH check-in: 68a11af555 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
merge trunk check-in: d807d42276 user: dgp tags: dgp-refactor
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Name change from README to

Changes to doc/IntObj.3.

Changes to doc/LinkVar.3.

Changes to doc/RegExp.3.

Changes to doc/Utf.3.

Changes to doc/coroutine.n.

Changes to doc/expr.n.

Changes to doc/file.n.

Changes to doc/timerate.n.

Changes to generic/regcomp.c.

Changes to generic/regex.h.

Changes to generic/regexec.c.

Changes to generic/tcl.decls.

Changes to generic/tcl.h.

Changes to generic/tclAssembly.c.

Changes to generic/tclBasic.c.

Changes to generic/tclBinary.c.

Changes to generic/tclCkalloc.c.

Changes to generic/tclCmdAH.c.

Changes to generic/tclCmdMZ.c.

Changes to generic/tclCompile.c.

Changes to generic/tclDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclEnv.c.

Changes to generic/tclExecute.c.

Changes to generic/tclFCmd.c.

Changes to generic/tclHash.c.

Changes to generic/tclIO.h.

Changes to generic/tclInt.decls.

Changes to generic/tclInt.h.

Changes to generic/tclIntDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclLink.c.

Changes to generic/tclLiteral.c.

Changes to generic/tclOOMethod.c.

Changes to generic/tclProc.c.

Changes to generic/tclRegexp.c.

Changes to generic/tclStrToD.c.

Changes to generic/tclStringObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclStubInit.c.

Changes to generic/tclTest.c.

Changes to generic/tclTestObj.c.

Changes to generic/tclThreadAlloc.c.

Changes to generic/tclTomMath.decls.

Changes to generic/tclTomMath.h.

Changes to generic/tclTomMathDecls.h.

Changes to generic/tclTrace.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtf.c.

Changes to generic/tclUtil.c.

Changes to generic/tclVar.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_and.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_cmp.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_cmp_d.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_cmp_mag.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_or.c.

Name change from libtommath/bn_mp_tc_div_2d.c to libtommath/bn_mp_signed_rsh.c.

Deleted libtommath/bn_mp_tc_and.c.

Deleted libtommath/bn_mp_tc_or.c.

Deleted libtommath/bn_mp_tc_xor.c.

Changes to libtommath/bn_mp_xor.c.

Name change from libtommath/bn_mp_get_bit.c to libtommath/bn_s_mp_get_bit.c.

Deleted libtommath/callgraph.txt.

Changes to libtommath/tommath.h.

Changes to libtommath/tommath_class.h.

Changes to tests-perf/test-performance.tcl.

Changes to tests/cmdAH.test.

Changes to tests/cmdMZ.test.

Changes to tests/coroutine.test.

Changes to tests/interp.test.

Changes to tools/genStubs.tcl.

Changes to tools/man2help2.tcl.

Changes to tools/man2html2.tcl.

Changes to tools/regexpTestLib.tcl.

Changes to tools/str2c.

Changes to tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl.

Changes to tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl.

Changes to unix/

Changes to unix/tclUnixFCmd.c.

Changes to win/

Changes to win/

Changes to win/tclWinFCmd.c.