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Ticket change [db815c7730] - New ticket [d8381474ad] Wrong description in manual at dict for, the order of the arguments. by anonymous 2017-08-01 14:19:22.
D 2017-08-01T14:19:22.475
J assignee nobody
J closer nobody
J cmimetype text/plain
J comment In\sdict\smanual\sat\s"dict\sfor"\r\nThe\sorder\sof\sthe\sarguments\sis\swrong.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWrong:\r\ndict\sfor\s{keyVariable\svalueVariable}\sdictionaryValue\sbody\r\n\r\nCorrect\r\ndict\sfor\s\sdictionaryValue\s{keyVariable\svalueVariable}body\s\r\n\r\nGreg
J foundin 8.6.6
J is_private 0
J login anonymous
J priority 5\sMedium
J resolution None
J severity Minor
J status Open
J submitter anonymous
J subsystem 16.\sCommands\sA-H
J title Wrong\sdescription\sin\smanual\sat\sdict\sfor,\sthe\sorder\sof\sthe\sarguments
J type Bug
K d8381474adfdb54ee6ddfd33207865236c4a9a28
U anonymous
Z 287ecf4a6967d05ca4139a11168281f8