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Ticket change [a54adec4cf] - Closed ticket [1dc8bc566a]: "?" not recognized as a string in lsearch plus 6 other changes by sebres 2019-06-13 08:12:08.
D 2019-06-13T08:12:08.626
J closedate 2458647.8417665
J closer sebres
J icomment As\sthe\sdocumentation\sfor\s<i>lsearch</i>\ssays:\s<blockquote>If\sall\smatching\sstyle\soptions\sare\somitted,\sthe\sdefault\smatching\sstyle\sis\s<b>-glob</b>.</blockquote>\r\nSo\suse\soption\s<b>-exact</b>\sto\savoid\sthis:\r\n<pre>\r\n%\slsearch\s-exact\s{a\s?\sc}\s"?"\r\n1\r\n</pre>
J login sebres
J mimetype text/x-fossil-wiki
J resolution Invalid
J status Closed
K 1dc8bc566ad971c5fdd0aad107151bf8ccf10f02
U sebres
Z 491fef8a5082359a79ae6bcff39d8e74