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2000-12-14  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/expr-old.test: Re-wrote Tcl's [expr rand()] and [expr
	srand($seed)] implementations, fixing a range error on some 64-bit
	platforms. Added tests that detect the bug. The rewrite changes the
	seed -> sequence map on 64-bit platforms, only for seed >= 2^31, a
	slight incompatibility. [Bug 121072, Patch 102781]

2000-12-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl:
	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/opt/optparse.tcl:
	* library/opt/pkgIndex.tcl: Where [uplevel] is used in a proc to
	evaluate a Tcl built-in command in the caller's context, the built-in
	commands are now fully namespace-qualified. This prevents problems
	when the caller context is in a namespace where the built-in command
	name has been used by a command in the namespace. (For example,
	[::ns::set] might be called instead of the intended [::set]). [Bug
	119422, Patch 102545]

2000-12-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinTime.c (CalibrationThread): added lint return value to
	prevent compiler warning. [Bug 125005]

	* docs/scan.n:
	* tests/scan.test:
	* generic/tclScan.c (Tcl_ScanObjCmd): changed %o and %x to use strtoul
	instead of strtol to correctly preserve scan<>format conversion of
	large integers. [Patch 102663, Bug 124600]

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Commited patch fixing
	handling of {!<boolean>} in expressions. [Patch 102702]

2000-12-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl: Added support for PATHEXT variable in auto_execok,
	recognizing the proper set of executable extensions on Windows. [Patch

2000-12-08  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (LoadTableEncoding): Changed dangerous code to
	something less critical. This fixes [Bug 119417], part A without
	affecting the speed when loading encodings.

2000-12-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/open.n: Added xref to fconfigure and advice on the opening of
	binary files. Should help prevent a recurrence of bugs like [Bug

2000-12-07  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: added note about need to updated
	library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl with minor version increment.

	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl: updated to use 84 version to reflect the
	makefile. Should probably be updated to use its real version at some
	point. [Patch 102560, Bug 119421]

2000-12-06  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h (attemptckalloc): Fixed typo for #define of
	attemptckalloc (was defined to Tcl_AttempDbCkalloc, should have been
	Tcl_AttemptDbCkalloc). [Bug 124384]

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: Added TCL_MEM_DEBUG versions of
	Tcl_AttemptDbCkrealloc and Tcl_AttemptDbCkalloc. [Bug 124384].

2000-11-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Logical negation "!"  can
	now handle string booleans, provided those values are placed in

	* tests/expr.test (expr-13.17): Check that [expr {!$var}] can negate
	the string-versions of booleans "yes", "false", etc.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl (getMatchingFiles,
	* tools/man2html.tcl (doDir):
	* tools/man2help.tcl (doDir):
	* library/package.tcl (tclPkgUnknown,tclMacPkgSearch):
	* library/safe.tcl (AddSubDirs): [glob] uses -directory instead of
	unsafe [file join]. [Bug 123313]

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclTestObj.c (TestindexobjCmd): Changed internal
	representation of index objects to fix [Bug 119082]; fix shouldn't be
	visible to outside world...

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestGetIndexFromObjStructObjCmd):
	* tests/indexObj.test: (indexObj-6.*) Added to test for presence of
	[Bug 119082].

2000-11-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsortObjCmd): Fixed memory leak from [Bug

	* library/init.tcl (unknown): Added specific level parameters to
	all uplevel invokations to boost performance; didn't dare touch
	the "namespace inscope" stuff though, since it looks sensitive
	to me!  Should fix [Bug 123217], though testing is tricky...

2000-11-21  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	All of the changes below are described in TIP #7 ~ Specification and
	result from the application of the patch contained therein. Creator of
	the patch is Kevin Kenny <[email protected]>. The patch used here is
	actually a bit different. Two MS specific constant values (format
	FOOui64) were replaced with a more portable formatting of the values
	and an additional cast to LONGLONG. My cross-compiling gcc was unable
	to process the original form. [Patch 102459]

	* tclWinTime.c: Add to the static data a set of variables that manage
	the phase-locked techniques, including a ''CRITICAL_SECTION'' to guard
	them so that multi-threaded code is stable.

	* tclWinTime.c: Modify ''TclpGetSeconds'' to call ''TclpGetTime'' and
	return the 'seconds' portion of the result. This change is necessary
	to make sure that the two times are consistent near the rollover from
	one second to another.

	* tclWinTime.c: Modify ''TclpGetClicks'' to use TclpGetTime to
	determine the click count as a number of microseconds.

	* tclWinTime.c: Modify ''TclpGetTime'' to return the time as M*Q+B,
	where Q is the result of ''QueryPerformanceCounter'', and M and B are
	variables maintained by the phase-locked loop to keep the result as
	close as possible to the system clock. The ''TclpGetTime'' call will
	also launch the phase-lock management in a separate thread the first
	time that it is invoked. If the performance counter is unavailable, or
	if its frequency is not one of the two common 8254-compatible rates,
	then ''TclpGetTime'' will return the result of ''ftime'' as it does in
	Tcl 8.3.2.

	* tclWinTime.c: Add the clock calibration procedure. The calibration
	is somewhat complex; to save space, the reader is referred to the
	reference implementation for the details of how the time base and
	frequency are maintained.

	* tclWinNotify.c: Modify ''Tcl_Sleep'' to test that the process has,
	in fact, slept for the requisite time by calling ''TclpGetTime'' and
	comparing with the desired time. Otherwise, roundoff errors may cause
	the process to awaken early.

	* tclWinTest.c: Add a ''testwinclock'' command. This command returns a
	four element list comprising the seconds and microseconds portions of
	the system clock and the seconds and microseconds portions of the Tcl

	* winTime.test: Add to the test suite a test that makes sure that the
	Tcl clock stays within 1.1 ms of the system clock over the duration of
	the test.

2000-11-21  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/global.n:
	* doc/upvar.n:
	* doc/variable.n: Improved documentation to mention that variables so
	created are listed in [info locals] and added a few more cross-links
	between these commands. [Bug 119387]

2000-11-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/safe.test: (safe-4.3):
	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupVar): Changed again. Now passes all the
	tests, though one needed modifying since it required the wrong answer.
	(Why on earth do we have inline modification of argument strings? This
	sort of thing is horrendous to debug and doesn't work well in a
	multithreaded environment!) [Bug 119192]

	* tests/var.test: (var-1.19) If my attempts to fix the problem aren't
	right yet, my attempts to describe it look pretty good to me...

2000-11-16  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h (line 69): Changed reference to winsock2.h into
	winsock.h. This was a leftover from a foray into using winsock version
	2 (History lesson from Scott Redman and Jeff Hobbs). This code was no
	problem when compiling Tcl itself, but could trip extensions. [Bug

2000-11-15  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ removed bp.c references (hasn't existed in a long
	time). Corrected 'make dist' to make dist with unversioned library
	directories (same as out of cvs), so make install works correctly with
	either source tree.

2000-11-15  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupVar): reverted fix below as it broke all
	other array unset error reporting.  Bug 119192 is still open.

2000-11-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupVar): Changed references to part2 to use
	elName instead in various error message generating spots. [Bug 119192]

2000-11-03  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/.cvsignore: Removed 'configure' from the glob list now that it's

2000-11-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	8.4a2 RELEASE

	* unix/ (install-libraries, dist):
	* win/ (install-libraries):
	* win/ (install-libraries): updated to install unversioned
	library directories into versioned directories.

	* tools/ updated for unversioning of library dirs

	* unix/mkLinks: updated mkLinks with latest doc updates

	* doc/Tcl_Main.3: added docs for Tcl_SetMainLoop

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: added Tcl_SetMainLoop proc that allows people to
	set a main loop that will run for tclsh.
	* generic/tcl.h: added Tcl_MainLoopProc typedef
	* generic/tclMain.c (Tcl_SetMainLoop, StdinProc, Prompt): new
	StdinProc and Prompt static procs and Tcl_SetMainLoop stubs proc. The
	first two handle a fileevent based prompt (taken from tkMain.c).
	Tcl_SetMainLoop enables the interactive setting of a main loop
	procedure. This enables Tk to be a loadable package.

2000-11-02  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c: tclLibraryPath Tcl_Obj didn't have a way to
	share its data among threads. This caused Tcl_Init() to always fail in
	threads. Added a way to pass the data around with a global char*.
	[BUG: 5301]

2000-11-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/dltest/configure:
	* win/configure:
	* tools/configure: checked in configure scripts so people doing CVS
	checkouts aren't required to have autoconf. Changes to in
	the future will require the corresponding configure script to also be
	re-autoconf'ed and checked in.

	* win/
	* win/tcl.m4: makefile fixes for Win64 support

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct): minor cast

2000-11-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: removed use of -lbsd and -ldl for AIX-5.

	* tests/subst.test: added tests for non-zero return code handling by
	* generic/tclParse.c (Tcl_EvalEx): corrected handling of non-zero,
	non-error return code cases for subst. [Bug 119829]

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclVarTraceExists): Corrected excessive mem use
	when info exists was called on a non-existent array element. [Bug
	119213, 119336]

2000-10-30  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tcl.rc:
	* win/tclsh.rc: Added logic to derive filenames better in the resource
	scripts based on compile options.

2000-10-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: added default encoding map from "ja_JP.eucJP" to
	"euc-jp". (takahashi)

	* tests/clock.test: corrected clock-2.* test numbering

	* unix/ (SC_TCL_LINK_LIBS): removed code that was
	commented out (it had been moved to tcl.m4's SC_TCL_LINK_LIBS

	* unix/tcl.m4: consolidated gettimeofday check for AIX.

2000-10-27  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4: added support for AIX-5.

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_NotifyChannel): removed #ifdef around code for
	old channel structures, placed preserve/release around statePtr
	* generic/tclIO.c (CloseChannel): the statePtr for a channel was not
	being freed when the last channel in a stack was freed, causing a mem

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: updated channel types to strict
	TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_2 style to avoid compiler warnings. They work
	either way, but this avoids compiler warnings (that worries people).

2000-10-27  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Removed a cd into the test directory
	in runAllTests that screwed up the temporary directory setting,
	effectively preventing users from running tests on multiple platforms
	at the same time.

2000-10-26  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpMatchFilesTypes): NULL was being set to "attr"
	which was a DWORD. Changed NULL to zero because a 'void *' can't be
	set to a DWORD to avoid the compiler warning.

2000-10-24  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/all.tcl: Removed support for tcltest 1.0.

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* docs/tcltest.n: Moved tcltest2 code so that it's the standard
	version of tcltest. Removed all tcltest2 files (tests/tcltest2.test,
	library/tcltest1.0/tcltest2.tcl, docs/tcltest2.n).

2000-10-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpMatchFilesTypes): made the stat call only
	occur when necessary (for 'glob' command). Significantly speeds up
	glob command from 8.3. [BUG: 6216]

2000-10-19  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest2.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest2
	* doc/tcltest2.n: Code and documentation cleanup. Modified -verbose to
	take list of keywords as well as string of letters. Removed Tcl
	version information from tcltest. Removed tcltest::grep from tcltest
	package. Added optional 3rd directory argument to
	makeFile/makeDirectory and removeFile/removeDirectory.

	* tests/basic.test: Changed references to tcltest::tclVersion to
	hardcoded numbers.
	* generic/tcl.h: Changed reference to tcltest2.tcl and tcltest.tcl in
	comments to tests/basic.test.

2000-10-06  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c: moved Win2K bug case test with GetStdHandle() from
	TclpGetDefaultStdChannel into Tcl_MakeFileChannel to enable a more
	general method in detecting invalid OS handles rather than just a
	specific known case. [BUG: 5971]

2000-10-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test: extra tests for 'file channels' that include
	multiple interpreter tests and channel sharing
	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_GetChannelNamesEx): corrected function (and
	consequently 'file channels') to return channels that are actually
	registered for this specific interp, rather than this thread.

	* doc/CrtChannel.3: fixed spelling mistakes

2000-09-29  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest2.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest2.test:
	* doc/tcltest2.n: Modified the new form of the test command to accept
	both attribute-value pairs and command line options. Updated the tests
	and the documentation for this new format. Also changed the option
	names for the test command.

2000-09-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c (SerialGetOptionProc): corrected reporting of
	space parity on Windows (Eason) [Bug 6057].

	* win/ commented use of TESTFLAGS
	* unix/ added TESTFLAGS to test target to conform with
	Windows makefile and TEA style.

	* tests/stack.test: prevented possible crash on systems with low
	default stacksize (Tru64, AIX) in infinite recursion test. A solution
	to check remaining stack space in the core is best, but hard to do in
	a cross-platform manner.

	* generic/tclIOGT.c (FLUSH_DELAY): renamed DELAY define to FLUSH_DELAY
	to avoid defn conflict using Tru64's cc.

2000-09-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tools/ added tclPlatDecls.h and tkPlatDecls.h to the
	Windows .exe install.

	* tests/fCmd.test (fCmd-6.20): corrected test to remove c:/[email protected]
	after creating it.

	* tests/fileName.test: cleaned up the testing of glob patterns for
	c:/globTest (Windows) to directly create/remove directory.

2000-09-27  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclIO.c: updated Tcl_IsChannelShared,
	Tcl_IsChannelRegistered, Tcl_CutChannel, Tcl_SpliceChannel,
	Tcl_IsChannelExisting, and Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers to conform to the
	new stacked channel implementation. Their stub slots were also moved
	to give preference to the new 8.3.2 stub functions. This will cause an
	incompatibility with 8.4a1 only.
	(StopCopy): fixed a bug introduced by a partial fix in 8.3.2 that
	didn't set nonBlocking correctly when resetting the flags for the
	write side. [Bug: 6261]

	* doc/ChnlStack.3:
	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclIO.h:
	* generic/tclIOGT.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* tests/iogt.test:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c: Up-port of changes made in 8.3.2 to 8.4a2 code
	base. Most of these changes relate to the rewrite of the stacked
	channel implementation, with a few config related fixes.

	Following is an asynchronous include of the applicable ChangeLog
	entries from 8.3.2.

	** START OF ASYNCHRONOUS UP-PORT LOG (8.3.2 -> 8.4a2) **

2000-08-07  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/ChnlStack.3:
	* doc/CrtChannel.3: updated the docs to be aware of the
	TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_2 style of Tcl channels.

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_CreateChannel): added assertion to verify that
	the new channel versioning will be binary compatible with older
	channel drivers.

2000-08-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOGT.c (TclChannelTransform): fixed segfault that would
	occur when transforming a channel with a proc that did not yet exist.

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestChannelCmd): added some lint init'ing of
	statePtr and chan vars.

2000-07-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	Merged core-8-3-1-io-rewrite back into core-8-3-1-branch. The
	core-8-3-1-io-rewrite branch should now be considered defunct.

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclIO.c: moved the Tcl_Channel* macros from tcl.h to tclIO.c
	and made them proper stubbed functions. These are: Tcl_ChannelName,
	Tcl_ChannelVersion, Tcl_ChannelBlockModeProc, Tcl_ChannelCloseProc,
	Tcl_ChannelClose2Proc, Tcl_ChannelInputProc, Tcl_ChannelOutputProc,
	Tcl_ChannelSeekProc, Tcl_ChannelSetOptionProc,
	Tcl_ChannelGetOptionProc, Tcl_ChannelWatchProc,
	Tcl_ChannelGetHandleProc, Tcl_ChannelFlushProc, and
	Tcl_ChannelHandlerProc. These should be used to access the
	Tcl_ChannelType structure instead of direct pointer dereferencing.

	* tests/iogt.test: added RCS string, marked tests 2.* to be unixOnly
	due to underlying system differences.

2000-07-25 Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* tests/iogt.test: (line 866f) New tests iogt-6.[01], highlighting
	buffering trouble when stacking and unstacking transformations.
	iogt-6.0 is solved, see the changes below. iogt-6.1 remains, for now,
	due to the perceived complexity of solutions.

	* generic/tclIO.h: (line 139f) struct Channel, added a buffer queue,
	to hold data pushed back when stacking a transformation.

	* generic/tclIO.c:
	(line 91f, line 7434f) New internal function 'CopyBuffer'.  Derived
	from 'CopyAndTranslateBuffer', with translation removed.
	(line 1025f, line 1212f): Initialization of new queue.
	(line 1164f, Tcl_StackChannel): Pushback of input queue.
	(line 1293f, Tcl_UnstackChannel): Discard input and pushback.
	(line 3748f, Tcl_ReadRaw): Modified to use data in the push back area
	before going to the driver. Uses 'CopyBuffer', s.a.
	(line 4702f, GetInput): Modified to use data in the push back area
	before going to the driver.
 	(line 4867f, Tcl_Seek): Modified to take pushback of the topmost
	channel in a stack into account.
	(line 5620f, Tcl_InputBuffered): See above. Added
	'Tcl_ChannelBuffered'. Analog to 'Tcl_InputBuffered' but for the
	buffer area in the channel.

	* generic/tcl.decls: New public API 'Tcl_ChannelBuffered'. S.a.

2000-07-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/ added tclIOGT.c to objects list to compile.

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls: commented out internal decls for
	TclTestChannelCmd and TclTestChannelEventCmd as they were moved to
	tclTest.c. Added new decls for TclChannelEventScriptInvoker and

	* generic/tclIO.c (CloseChannel): stopped masking out of the
	TCL_READABLE|TCL_WRITABLE bits from the state flags in CloseChannel,
	instead adding extra intelligence to CheckChannelErrors with a new
	CHANNEL_RAW_MODE bit for special behavior when called from Raw channel

2000-07-13  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (StackSetBlockMode): moved set of chanPtr outside of
	blockModeProc check to avoid infinite loop when blockModeProc was
	NULL. Updated TransformSeekProc to not call Tcl_Seek directly

	* win/tclWinChan.c: updated fileChannelType to v2 channel struct
	* win/tclWinConsole.c: updated consoleChannelType to v2 channel struct
	* win/tclWinPipe.c: updated pipeChannelType to v2 channel struct
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: updated serialChannelType to v2 channel struct
	* win/tclWinSock.c: updated tcpChannelType to v2 channel struct

2000-07-11  Brent Welch	<[email protected]>

	* win/ (TCL_LIBS): Cleaned up unix-specific autoconf

2000-07-11  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/iogt.test: made tests [345].0 not run by default as they were
	failing in the new design, but I'm not convinced that the returned
	result isn't correct.

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tcl.decls: added Tcl_GetTopChannel C API that returns the
	current top channel of a channel stack. Tcl_GetChannel was changed
	earlier to return the bottommost channel of a stack because that is
	the one that is guaranteed to stay around the longest, and this was
	needed to compensate for certain operations that want to look at the
	state of the main channel. Most channel APIs already compensate for
	grabbing the top, so it shouldn't be needed often.

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_StackChannel, Tcl_UnstackChannel): Added
	flushing of buffers (Kupries), removed use of DownChannel macro, added
	Tcl_GetTopChannel public API to get to the top channel of the channel
	stack (necessary for TLS). Rewrote Tcl_NotifyChannel for new channel
	design (Kupries). Did some code cleanup in the transform code.
	tclIO.c must still be broken into bits (separate out test code and
	giot code, create tclIO.h).

2000-07-10  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* tests/iogt.test: Reverted some earlier changes as a fix by Jeff
	revived the original and correct behaviour. IOW, the tests showed a
	genuine error and I didn't see it :(.

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_Read|Write_Raw): Changed to directly use the
	drivers and not DoRead|DoWrite. The latter use the buffering system,
	encoding and eol-translation and this wreaks havoc with the data going
	through the transformations. Both procedures use CheckForchannelErrors
	and let it believe that there is no background copy in progress or
	else stacked channels could not be used for that.

	* generic/tclIO.c (TclCopyChannel, CopyData): Moved access to the
	topmost channel from the first to the second procedure to make the
	decision about that at the last possible time (Callbacks can change
	the stacking).

	test suite: failures of iogt-[345].0

2000-07-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/iogt.test: new tests for stacked channel stuff based off new
	'testchannel transform|unstack' code (Kupries IOGT extension).
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubsInit.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c: complete rewrite of Tcl Channel code for stacked
	channels. Channels are now designed to work in a more stacked fashion
	with a shared ChannelState data structure.

2000-06-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (CloseChannel): removed the &ing out of
	(TCL_READABLE|TCL_WRITABLE) from the flags, as CloseChannel does this
	on the next pass through for the top channel, and it appeared to be
	causing hangs by not allowing the final flush.

2000-06-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (CloseChannel): Rewrote CloseChannel code to unstack
	a channel during the close process. Fixed a refcount bug in
	Tcl_UnstackChannel. [Bug: 5623]
	(CloseChannel): further extended CloseChannel in the stacked case to
	effect certain operations on the next channel that would have been
	done in Tcl_Close.  Also added CHANNEL_CLOSED and removed
	(TCL_READABLE|TCL_WRITABLE) bits from chanPtr->flags. Changed final
	reset of the WatchProc to check the chanDownPtr's (next) interestMask.

	** END OF ASYNCHRONOUS UP-PORT LOG (8.3.2 -> 8.4a2) **

2000-09-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test: removed doTestsWithRemoteServer constraint from
	socket-12.*. It requires 'exec', not a remote server. Cleaned up some
	coding errors.

2000-09-20  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl: Updated to load tcltest 2.0.
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest2.tcl: New version of tcltest.
	Cleanup of command line parsing: allows users to specify command line
	arguments through an environment variable named TCLTEST_OPTIONS [RFE:
	3748], does not respond to incorrect arguments, and forces usage of
	entire flag name when using command line arguments. Defines accessor
	procs for all tcltest variables. Allows users to use 'return' in test
	scripts. Allow users to specify whether test files should be sourced
	or run in a separate process. 'all.tcl' code moved to tcltest package.
	'test' proc modified to use attribute-value pairs. Allow users to
	specify what return codes, output, and errors can be compared and
	whether these values should be compared using regexp, glob, or exact
	matching. makeDirectory & removeDirectory now operate with respect to
	temporaryDirectory [Bug: 6001]. Test results from tests run in slave
	interpreters are now included in test totals [Bug: 1493]. Test files
	that return error values are now reported.
	* tests/all.tcl: Added code to check for the tcltest version loaded;
	modified to figure out which tests to run based on the tcltest version
	* tests/tcltest.test: Modified to explicitly load version 1.0 of
	* tests/tcltest2.test: New test suite for tcltest; includes all of the
	old tests plus new ones reflecting changes made for version 2.0.
	* tests/cmdAH.test: Added singleTestInterp constraint to cmdAH-31.2;
	this test does not run if tests aren't sourced into a single
	* tests/socket.test: Fixed two tests that were referencing variables
	outside of scope.

	* tools/ Added code to install tcltest2.tcl.

	* doc/tcltest2.n: New documentation for tcltest version 2.0. Removes
	documentation for tcltest namespace variables. Adds documentation for
	new tcltest procs.

	* unix/mkLinks: Added code to link to tcltest2.n.

	* generic/tcl.h: Added comment to modify tcltest2.tcl as well as
	tcltest.tcl for version changes.

2000-09-19  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd): When using -all, all attempts
	after the first to match the regexp against the string should include
	the TCL_REG_NOTBOL flag, to avoid erroneously matching ^ in the middle
	of the string. Added code to set this flag after the first pass
	through the matching loop. [Bug: 6284].

2000-09-19  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Eval.3: Added a note about the script argument to Tcl_Eval()
	should be in UTF-8 or risk implied conversion errors when possible
	combinations of upper ascii can be valid UTF-8 special codes.

2000-09-17  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdIL.test: Added a test for fix for [Bug: 6212].

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsortObjCmd): Applied patch from [Bug:
	6212], which corrected an error in the handling of the -index option.

2000-09-14  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Alloc.3: Added entries for Tcl_AttemptAlloc, Tcl_AttempRealloc.

	* doc/StringObj.3: Added entry for Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength.

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Regen'ed stubs files from new tcl.decls.

	* generic/tcl.decls: Added stubs for the Tcl_Attempt* memory
	allocators and for Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength.

	* generic/tcl.h: Added #define's for attemptckalloc, attemptckrealloc,
	which map to the Tcl_Attempt* memory allocators.

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: Added non-panic'ing versions of Tcl_Alloc,
	Tcl_Realloc, etc.; these are called Tcl_AttemptAlloc,
	Tcl_AttemptRealloc, etc. These are used by Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength and
	the string obj append functions.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: Modified string growth algorithm to use
	doubling algorithm as long as possible, and only fall back when that
	fails. Added Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength, and modified
	AppendUnicodeToUnicodeRep, AppendUtfToUtfRep, and
	Tcl_AppendStringsToObjVA to support this.

2000-09-07  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/.cvsignore: changed the glob patterns a bit to exclude VC++
	project conversion backups.

	* win/tclWinPipe.c: Stage-1 bug fix for TR#2460 "exec leaks memory".
	Added more logic around the close-down of the pipe reader thread so as
	to avoid, at all cost, a TerminateThread. Most cases with exec are
	fixed, but I don't consider 2460 done yet. Closing down the read side
	of a pipe before the child process, doesn't really fit the windows
	model. [BUG: 2460]

2000-09-07  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/trace.n: minor doc cleanup

2000-09-06  André Pönitz <[email protected]>

	* doc/*.n: added or changed "SEE ALSO:" section

2000-09-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinLoad.c (TclpLoadFile): added special message for
	ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND exception in loading a dll.
	* win/tclWinError.c: changed ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND to map from ESRCH
	(POSIX: no such process) to EINVAL because there is no good mapping
	for "procedure not found".

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* tools/
	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl:
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/ updated patchlevel to 8.4a2

	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c (TclpCreateProcess): Removed WNOHANG from
	Tcl_WaitPid call in error case of process creation on Unix, as it
	would lead to defunct processes. [Bug: 6148]

	* tests/string.test: extended string repeat tests
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): changed STR_REPEAT to
	preallocate the full space of the final string, avoided repeated

	* doc/source.n:
	* doc/Eval.3: added extra note about how to safe use ^Z in code, as it
	is now a cross-platform (was just Windows) EOF char.

2000-09-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclHash.c: fixed pedantic warning of incorrectly placed

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): INST_STR_INDEX fixed
	pedantic cast warning.
	Corrected support for building with -DTCL_COMPILE_STATS.
	Added efficiency check of object equality.

2000-08-29  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: Applied patch from Gerhard Hintermayer to
	provide a more conservative string growth algorithm for strings larger
	than one megabyte; this allows more efficient use of memory for very
	large strings.

2000-08-25  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/trace.test: Extended array tracing tests.

	* doc/trace.n: Clarified information about when array traces will be

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd): Corrected call to CallTraces
	(for TCL_TRACE_ARRAY) to only be called when the variable is either an
	array or is undefined, to ensure that array traces do not fire for
	scalar variables.

2000-08-24  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/man.macros: Tweaked tab settings for .SO (Standard Options)
	sections, based on suggestion from Peter Spjuth.

2000-08-24  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/README: Update to account for removal of --enable-gcc.
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_GCC): Remove --enable-gcc option.
	* win/README: Add note about building with Cygwin.
	* win/
	* win/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_GCC): Remove --enable-gcc option. Remove quick
	hack that provided cross compile support for windows builds.

2000-08-24  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	Overall change: Added support for command rename/delete traces and new
	trace syntax, from patch from Vince Darley. Added support for array
	traces for variables. [RFE: 5048, 5967].

	* doc/trace.n: Updated documentation for new syntax; flagged old
	syntax as deprecated; added documentation for command rename/delete
	traces and variable array traces.

	* tests/trace.test: Updated tests for new trace syntax; new tests for
	command rename/delete traces; new tests for array traces.

	* generic/tclVar.c: Support for new trace syntax; support for

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Stub functions for command rename/delete traces.

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c: Support for command traces.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TclTraceVariableObjCmd): Patched to support new
	[trace] syntax:
	trace {add|remove|list} {variable|command} name ops command
	Added support for command traces (rename, delete operations).
	Added support for TCL_TRACE_ARRAY at Tcl level (array operation for
	variable traces).

2000-08-20  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: Added check for non-arrays for [array statistics]
	command (patch from Mark Patton).

2000-08-19  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: without a previous '#include <windows.h>',
	tclPlatDecls.h can't be parsed due to a missing definition of TCHAR.
	Added a check to include it when not defined.

	***POSSIBLE OBSCURE BUG*** could be caused when the compile flags for
	the core happen to be different than a project who uses these publics
	regarding -D_MBCS and -D_UNICODE. This added check might have to be
	revisited later with a better understanding of the reprocusions. I
	think TCHAR should be replaced with it's expansion.

2000-08-18  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/.cvsignore (added): provides a cleaner build environment with
	graphical CVS clients.

2000-08-15  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Set debug level in
	tcltest::restoreState to 2, for consistancy with the debug level in
	tcltest::saveState [Bug: 4505].

2000-08-14  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/
	* unix/ Added tclPlatDecls.h to the list of installed
	headers, for more complete stubs support. [Bug: 5241].

	* generic/tcl.h: Added #include "tclPlatDecls.h" to get
	platform-specific stubs declarations (Tcl_WinTCharToUtf, etc)
	[Bug: 5241].

	* README: Updated link for instructions on compiling Tcl from sources
	to point to correct location ( instead

2000-08-11  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnv.c (TclUnsetEnv): Changed declaration of length
	variable from "unsigned int" to "int", to match usage when passed to
	TclpFindVariable [Bug: 6126].

2000-08-10  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat1.0/pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped version number to 1.2 [Bug:

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: Removed erroneous [package forget] in
	msgcat namespace initializer. Bumped version number to 1.2 [Bug: 6100]

2000-08-10  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: r1.15 accidentally changed a global mutex name
	tclObjMutex to ObjMutex.  Put the correct name back.

2000-08-07  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/indexObj.test: Added tests using the [testwrongnumargs]
	command to test Tcl_WrongNumArgs.

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestWrongNumArgsObjCmd): Added test function for
	the Tcl_WrongNumArgs function.

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_WrongNumArgs): Corrected algorithm to not
	insert a space before the message component when objc == 0 [Bug: 6078]

2000-07-27  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/ TCL_STUB_LIB_FLAG should not include ${TCL_DBGX}
	in win/, fix that.

2000-07-25  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Async.3:
	* generic/tclAsync.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* mac/tclMacPort.h:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* win/tclWinInit.c: Thread-safe rewrite for tclAsync.c. Added notifier
	alerting on all platforms as it was only working on Win before.
	Removed older Win hacks that would end-up waking the wrong notifier in
	the presence of a threaded build. All tests pass as before. New test
	cases will be added soon for the new behavior. [BUG: 5791]

2000-07-25  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (CallTraces): Added check for VAR_TRACE_ACTIVE on
	the array containing the variable before executing traces on that
	array, to conform with normal variable traces and the documentation,
	which states that while executing a trace, other traces on that
	variable are disabled. [Bug: 6049].

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (BuildCommandLine): Added Tcl_DStringFree call to
	prevent potential memory leaks [Bug: 6041].

2000-07-24  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/msgcat.n: Added documentation about the selection of the default
	locale on Windows.

2000-07-23  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/AddErrInfo.3:
	* doc/ChnlStack.3:
	* doc/Exit.3:
	* doc/GetIndex.3:
	* doc/Notifier.3:
	* doc/Object.3:
	* doc/RegExp.3:
	* doc/SetResult.3:
	* doc/SplitList.3:
	* doc/Thread.3:  Added missing entries to NAME section.

	* doc/AddErrInfo.3:
	* doc/CrtObjCmd.3:
	* doc/RecEvalObj.3: Changed Tcl_EvalObj to Tcl_EvalObjEx

2000-07-21  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclHash.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* doc/Hash.3: Reapplied patch from Paul Duffin to extend hash tables
	to allow custom key types, such as Tcl_Obj *'s, and others.

	* doc/binary.n: Noted that the example in the introduction assumes a
	32-bit system [Bug: 6035].

2000-07-21  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Define ${prefix} and ${exec_prefix} like
	unix/ Fix or add TCL_SRC_DIR, TCL_STUB_LIB_FILE,

2000-07-20  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclHash.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* doc/Hash.3: Reverted patch from Paul Duffin to extend hash tables to
	allow custom key types, such as Tcl_Obj *'s, and others; it seems to
	break Tk.

2000-07-19  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclHash.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* doc/Hash.3: Applied patch from Paul Duffin to extend hash tables to
	allow custom key types, such as Tcl_Obj *'s, and others.

	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test: Added tests for pkg_compareExtension.

	* library/package.tcl: Enhanced pkg_compareExtension to handle Unixes
	which tack the version number on to the end of library names (eg,; such filenames will be correctly matched. (Patch from
	Vince Darley).

	* win/ Applied patch from Don Porter to provide better
	nmake support for NT/Alpha [RFE: 5938].

2000-07-18  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* win/tcl.m4: Properly quote arguments to m4 macros. This allows Tcl
	to work with the new version of autoconf.

2000-07-18  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/opt.test: Removed references to Lfirst, Lrest functions.

	* library/opt0.4/optparse.tcl: Applied patch from Chris Nelson, which
	replaces the [Lfirst] function with an inline [lindex ... 0] and
	[Lrest] with [lrange ... 1 end], for better performance. [RFE: 6019]

2000-07-18  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* compat/string.h: Fixed function prototypes for strpbrk and strtok
	[Bug: 6020].

2000-07-17  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c: Win2K OS bug with GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)
	giving the wrong answer. This made TclpGetDefaultStdChannel grab what
	it thought was a valid native stdout handle. Added a new WriteFile()
	test to make sure it's really valid. This OS bug doesn't affect the
	shells. Only -subsystem:windows (aka WinMain) application that
	dynamically load tclXX.dll [BUG: 5971]

2000-07-17  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl:
	* doc/msgcat.n:
	* tests/msgcat.test: Applied patches from Chris Nelson, to provide the
	mcmset function, which allows the translator to set multiple string
	translations in a single function call, rather than requiring many
	calls to mcset. [RFE: 6000, 5993]. In addition, these patches correct
	mcload to use utf-8 encoding on when reading message catalog files,
	and provides for better default behavior for determining the locale on
	a Windows system.

2000-07-17  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_GCC): Don't set CC=gcc before running
	AC_PROG_CC if CC is already set.

2000-07-13  André Pönitz <[email protected]>

	* doc/lappend.n:
	* doc/lindex.n:
	* doc/linsert.n:
	* doc/list.n:
	* doc/llength.n:
	* doc/lrange.n:
	* doc/lreplace.n:
	* doc/lsearch.n:
	* doc/lsort.n: Added SEE ALSO sections.

2000-07-07  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Fix definition of TCL_SRC_DIR so that it matches
	the Unix version.
	* win/ Removed duplicate variables.

2000-07-06  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/msgcat.test:
	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: Applied patch from Christian Krone, to
	provide extended args support for msgcat::unknown, which is used for
	strings without a known translation in the current locale [Bug: 5984].

2000-06-29  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/msgcat.n: Doc's for mcmax function.

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: Applied patches from Laurent Duperval,
	to add mcmax function, which computes the length of the longest of
	several translated strings. Bumped version number to 1.1.

2000-06-27  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/stringObj.test: Tweaked tests to avoid hardcoded high-ASCII
	characters (which will fail in multibyte locales); instead used \uXXXX
	syntax. [Bug: 3842].

2000-06-26  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/package.n: Corrected information about [package forget]
	arguments [Bug: 5418].

2000-06-23  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Hash.3: Added documentation patch for Tcl_Obj *'s as keys in Tcl
	hash tables [RFE: 5934].

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclHash.c: Applied patch from [RFE: 5934], which extends Tcl
	hash tables to allow Tcl_Obj *'s as the key.

2000-06-20  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/opt.test:
	* library/opt0.4/optparse.tcl: Applied patch from [Bug: 5922], which
	corrected an incorrect use of [string match].

	* unix/
	* win/ Applied patch from [Bug: 5921], which corrects a
	typo in the comments in these files.

2000-06-19  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/RegExp.3: Replaced instances of "Tcl_GetRegExpInfo" with
	"Tcl_RegExpGetInfo", the correct name of the function [Bug: 5901].

2000-06-13  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4:
	* win/
	* win/ Applied patch from [RFE: 5844], to extend support
	for mingw compile environment on Windows.

	* win/tclWinDde.c:
	* win/tclWinInit.c:
	* win/tclWinNotify.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c: Applied patch from [Bug: 5794], to fix compiler
	warnings when using mingw on Windows.

2000-05-31  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/set-old.test:
	* doc/unset.n:
	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_UnsetObjCmd): added -nocomplain and -- options
	to unset, to allow for a silent unset operation.

2000-05-31  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd): Added support for regexp and
	exact matching for [array names] command. [RFE: 3684].

	* doc/array.n: Added documentation for [array names
	-exact/-regexp/-glob] [RFE: 3684].

	* tests/set-old.test: Added tests for [array names
	-exact/-regexp/-glob] [RFE: 3684].

2000-06-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	8.4a1 RELEASE

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode INST_STR_CMP): added test
	of iResult return from memcmp, as memcmp isn't required to return only

2000-06-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct): Corrected caching
	of the index ptr to account for offsets != sizeof(char *). [Bug: 5153]

2000-05-29  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test
	* doc/http.n
	* library/http2.3/http.tcl: Fixed bug 5741, where unsuccessful geturl
	calls sometimes leaked memory and resources (sockets). Also, switched
	around some of the logic so that http::wait never throws an exception.
	This is because in an asynchronous geturl, the command callback will
	probably end up doing all the error handling anyway, and in an
	asynchronous situation, the user expects to check the state when the
	transaction completes, as opposed to being thrown an exception.	For
	the http package, this menas the user can check http::status for
	"error" and http::error for the error message after doing the

2000-05-27  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/info.test:
	* doc/info.n:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_EvalFile):
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoScriptCmd): added ability to set the info
	script return value [info script ?newFileName?]. This will be
	beneficial for virtual file system programs. [Bug: 4225]

2000-05-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegsubObjCmd): reworked to operate in
	Unicode, tweaked for performance.
	(Tcl_StringObjCmd) changed STR_FIRST/STR_LAST error message to
	something more understandable, reworked STR_FIRST, STR_LAST, STR_MAP,
	STR_MATCH, STR_RANGE, STR_REPLACE to operate in Unicode. Removed
	inneffectual STR_RANGE "special" ByteArray support. Optimized STR_MAP
	algorithm, especially optimized for one-pair case. Fixed possible mem
	overrun in STR_INDEX bytearray case.

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c: changed INST_STREQ -> INST_STR_EQ,
	* generic/tclCompile.c: added streq, strneq, strcmp, strlen &
	strmatch to the compiled stats instructionTable
	* generic/tclCompile.h: added instructions INST_STR_CMP,
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c: added byte compiler support for [string
	* generic/tclExecute.c: Changed INST_STR_(N)EQ to return an Int object
	and not bother trying to reuse the top stack object. Added
	evalstats output info with Tcl_IsShared stat info.

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_DbIsShared): added support for checking result
	of Tcl_IsShared in evalstats (TCL_COMPILE_STATS).

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendUnicodeToObj): removed dead code.
	(AppendUnicodeToUnicodeRep) removed overallocation by extra
	sizeof(Tcl_UniChar) multiplier.

	* tests/string.test: added string map tests for the one-pair case,
	corrected tests to reflect improved error messages in first/last.
	Added tests against mem overrun in string index bytearray case.

2000-05-23  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Added function prototypes for TclCompileStringCmd
	and TclCompileReturnCmd.

	* generic/tclCompile.h: Added definition of INST_STRLEN opcode and
	updated LAST_INST_OPCODE value.

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Added information about TclCompileStringCmd and
	TclCompileReturnCmd to BuiltInCmds table.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Added support for the
	INST_STRLEN opcode.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileStringCmd): Basic implementation of
	byte-compiled [string] command. Not all subcommands are implemented;
	those that are not an out-line compiled.

	(TclCompileReturnCmd): Byte-compiled implementation of [return]
	command. Only "simple" returns are byte-compiled; in particular, if
	the -code, -errorinfo or -errorcode flags are used, the command is not

2000-05-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/scan.n:
	* doc/array.n: minor doc fixes [Bug: 5396]

	* generic/tclEnv.c: cast cleanup [Bug: 5624]
	* win/tclWinConsole.c: cast and header cleanup [Bug: 5625]
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: cast cleanup [Bug: 5626]
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c: cast cleanup [Bug: 5627]

2000-05-19  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c: moved channel test commands from tclIO.c to
	* generic/tclIO.h: new file, split out from tclIO.c to allow test
	commands to be moved to tclTest.c.

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls: removed TclTestChannel*Cmd from internal stubs
	table and added TclChannelEventScriptInvoker to the internal stubs
	table so it can be used from the test code.

2000-05-18  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test: Added test for "2 days 2 hours ago" style

	* generic/tclDate.c: Regenerated from tclGetDate.y.

	* generic/tclGetDate.y: Tweaked grammar to properly handle the "ago"
	keyword when it follows multiple relative unit specifiers, as in "2
	days 2 hours ago". [Bug: 5497]

2000-05-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/{tcl.m4,,}: added support for mingw
	compile env and cross-compiling. [Bug: 5499]

	* generic/tclClock.c (FormatClock): correct code to handle locale
	specific return values from strftime, if any. [Bug: 3345]

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpSetInitialEncodings): attempt to correct
	setlocale calls for XIM support and locale issues. [BUG: 5422 3345
	4236 2522 2521]

2000-05-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (auto_import): added check to see if a valid
	pattern was coming in, to avoid simple error cases [Bug: 3326]

	* doc/regsub.n: correct regsub docs [Bug: 5346]

2000-05-15  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/history.tcl: Corrected an off-by-one error in HistIndex,
	which was causing [history redo] to start its search at the wrong
	event index. [Bug: 1269].

2000-05-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c (Tcl_SignalMsg): clarified #defines for Linux
	on Sparc to compile correctly. [Bug: 5364]

	* doc/namespace.n:
	* tests/namespace.test:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_NamespaceObjCmd): added 'namespace exists'
	command. [Bug: 4665]

	* doc/source.n:
	* doc/Eval.3:
	* tests/source.test:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_EvalFile): added explicit \32 (^Z) eofchar
	(affects Tcl_EvalFile in C, "source" in Tcl). This was implicit on
	Windows already, and is now cross-platform to allow for scripted

2000-05-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>
	operating as proxy for David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinThrd.c (TclpInitLock, TclpMasterLock): Added missing
	initialization of joinLock.

2000-05-09  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/lsearch.test:
	* doc/lsearch.n:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsearchObjCmd): Extended [lsearch] to
	support sorted list searching and typed list searching. [RFE: 4098].

2000-05-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/expr.n:
	* tests/expr.test:
	* tests/expr-old.test: added tests for 'eq' and 'ne'
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.h: added INST_STREQ and INST_STRNEQ opcodes that
	do strict string comparisons.
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c: added 'eq' and 'ne' string comparison
	* generic/tclParseExpr.c (GetLexeme): added 'eq' and 'ne' expr parse
	terms (string (in)equality check).

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LinsertObjCmd): made use of
	Tcl_DuplicateObj where code was otherwise duplicated. Made special
	case of inserting one element at the end work again (where index ==
	(Tcl_LreplaceObjCmd): moved Tcl_DuplicateObj call lower and cleaned
	up use of other arguments.

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_DuplicateObj): simplified code to call
	TclInitStringRep, which the code was just duplicating in part.

	* doc/Utf.3:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclUtf.c: Added new functions Tcl_UniCharNcasecmp and
	Tcl_UniCharCaseMatch (unicode parallel to Tcl_StringCaseMatch)
	* generic/tclUtil.c: rewrote Tcl_StringCaseMatch algorithm for
	optimization and made Tcl_StringMatch just call Tcl_StringCaseMatch
	* tests/string.test: extended string match tests

2000-05-08  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/set-old.test:
	* doc/array.n:
	* generic/tclVar.c: Added [array statistics] command [RFE: 4557]

2000-05-06  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>
	operating as proxy for David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* tclThreadJoin.c: Fixed several places with missing a & in arguments
	to calls of Tcl_Mutex(Un)lock and Tcl_ConditionNotify functions.

2000-05-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* library/init.tcl:
	* library/reg1.0/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* mac/README:
	* tools/
	* tools/
	* unix/README:
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tcl.m4: updated patchlevel to 8.4a1

	* tests/compile.test:
	* tests/init.test:
	* tests/proc.test:
	* tests/proc-old.test:
	* tests/rename.test:
	* generic/tclProc.c: reworked error return for procedures with
	incorrect args to be like the C Tcl_WrongNumArgs, where a "wrong #
	args: ..." message is printed out with the args list.

	* unix/ add tclsh.ico and tcl.spec to dist target

2000-05-02  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	Overall changes:
	  (1) Implementation of joinable threads for all platforms.
	  (2) Additional API's for channels. Required to allow the thread
	      extension to move channels between threads.

	* generic/tcl.decls (lines 1360f): Added Tcl_JoinThread,
	Tcl_IsChannelShared, Tcl_IsChannelRegistered, Tcl_CutChannel,
	Tcl_SpliceChannel, Tcl_IsChannelExisting and Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers
	(slots 394 to 400).

	* generic/tclIO.c: Implemented Tcl_IsChannelRegistered,
	Tcl_IsChannelShared, Tcl_CutChannel, Tcl_SpliceChannel,
	Tcl_IsChannelExisting and Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers.  Tcl_CutChannel
	uses code from CloseChannel. Replaced this code by a call to
	Tcl_CutChannel. Replaced several code fragments adding channels to
	the channel list with calls to Tcl_SpliceChannel. Removed now unused
	variables from CloseChannel and Tcl_UnstackChannel.
	Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers uses code from Tcl_Close. Replaced this code
	by a call to Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers. Removed now unused variables
	from Tcl_Close. Added the subcommands 'cut', 'forgetch', 'splice' and
	'isshared' to the test code (TclTestChannelCmd).

	* unix/tclUnixThread.c: Implemented Tcl_JoinThread using the

	* win/tclWinThrd.c: Fixed several small typos in comments.
	Implemented Tcl_JoinThread using a platform independent emulation
	layer (see generic/tclThreadJoin.c below). Added 'joinLock' to
	serialize Tcl_CreateThread and TclpExitThread to prevent a race for
	joinable threads.

	* mac/tclMacThrd.c: Implemented Tcl_JoinThread using a platform
	independent emulation layer (see generic/tclThreadJoin.c below). Due
	to the cooperative nature of threading on this platform the race
	mentioned above is not present.

	* generic/tclThreadJoin.c: New file. Contains a platform independent
	emulation layer helping in the implementation of joinable threads for
	the win and mac platforms.

	* generic/tclInt.h: Added declarations for TclJoinThread,
	TclRememberJoinableThread and TclSignalExitThread. These procedures
	define the API of the emulation layer for joinable threads (see
	generic/tclThreadJoin.c above).

	* win/
	* win/ Added generic/tclTheadJoin.o to the rules.

	* mac/: I don't know to which file generic/tclTheadJoin.o has to be
	added to so that it compiles. Sorry.

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: #ifdef'd the thread-local list of file channels
	as it prevents us from transfering channels. To restore this we may
	need an extended interface to drivers in the future. Target:
	9.0. Found while testing the new transfer of channels. The information
	in this list for a channel was left behind and then crashed the system
	during finalization.

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: Added -joinable flag to 'testthread
	create'. Added subcommand 'testthread join'.

	* doc/CrtChannel.3: Added documentation for Tcl_IsChannelRegistered,
	Tcl_IsChannelShared, Tcl_CutChannel, Tcl_SpliceChannel,
	Tcl_IsChannelExisting and Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers.

	* doc/Thread.3: Added documentation for Tcl_JoinThread.

	* tests/thread.test: Added tests for joining of threads.

2000-04-27  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/library.n: Added entries for auto_qualify and auto_import
	[Bug: 1271].

	* doc/Init.3: Manual entry for Tcl_Init [Bug: 1820].

	* doc/expr.n: Added documentation for each of the math library
	functions that expr supports [Bug: 1054].

2000-04-26  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* doc/memory.n: Man page for Tcl "memory" command, which is created
	when TCL_MEM_DEBUG is defined at compile time.

	* doc/TCL_MEM_DEBUG.3: Man page with overall information about

	* doc/DumpActiveMemory.3: Man page for Tcl_DumpActiveMemory,
	Tcl_InitMemory, and Tcl_ValidateAllMemory [Bug: 1816, 1835].

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: Fixed some function headers.

	* unix/mkLinks: Regen'd with new mkLinks.tcl.

	* unix/mkLinks.tcl: Fixed indentation, made link setup more
	intelligent (only do one existance test per man page, instead of one
	per function).

	* doc/library.n: Fixed .SH NAME macro to include each function
	documented on the page, so that mkLinks will know about the functions
	listed there, and so that the Windows help file index will get set up
	correctly [Bug: 1898, 5273].

2000-04-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	8.3.1 RELEASE

	* mac/README:
	* tools/
	* unix/README:
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README:
	* win/README.binary: Updating URLs to reference

2000-04-25  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/ updated for http change and some cleanup
	* library/http2.[13]: moved dir http2.1 to http2.3 to match version

	* doc/Utf.3: clarified docs for Tcl_(UniChar|Utf)AtIndex

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: removed {}s around PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER
	[Bug: 5254]

	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c (TclpLoadFile): removed use of interp->result

2000-04-25  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/AddErrInfo.3: Added information about Tcl_LogCommandInfo
	[Bug: 1818].

2000-04-24  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3: Added man entry for Tcl_Ungets [Bug: 1834].

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/SourceRCFile.3: Man page for Tcl_SourceRCFile [Bug: 1833].

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/ParseCmd.3: Added documentation for Tcl_ParseVar [Bug: 1828].

2000-04-24  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c (Tcl_FinalizeNotifier, NotifierThreadProc):
	added write of 'q' into triggerPipe for notifier in threaded case, so
	that Tcl doesn't hang when children are still running [Bug: 4139]

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c (Tcl_MutexLock): minor comment fixes.

2000-04-23  Jim Ingham  <[email protected]>

	These changes make some error handling marginally better for Mac
	sockets. It is still somewhat flakey, however.

	* mac/tclMacSock.c (TcpClose): Add timeouts to the close - these don't
	seem to be honored, however. Use a separate PB for the release, since
	an async connect socket will still be using the original buffer. Make
	sure TCPRelease returns noErr before freeing the recvBuff. If the call
	returns an error, then the buffer is not right.
	* mac/tclMacSock.c (CreateSocket): Add timeouts to the async create.
	These don't seem to trigger, however. Sigh...
	* mac/tclMacSock.c (WaitForSocketEvent): If an TCP_ASYNC_CONNECT
	socket errors out, then return EWOULDBLOCK & error out.
	* mac/tclMacSock.c (NotifyRoutine): Added a NotifyRoutine for
	experimenting with MacTCP.

2000-04-22  Jim Ingham <[email protected]>

	* library/package.tcl (tclPkgUnknown): Fixed a typo in the Mac package
	search part of tclPkgUnknown.

2000-04-21  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Fixed a newly introduced bug where if
	there's a -command callback and something goes wrong, geturl threw an
	exception, called the callback, and unset the token. I changed it so
	that it will not call the callback when throwing an exception (so the
	caller only finds out about a given error from one place).  Also,
	fixed http::ncode so that it actually gives you back the http return
	code (i.e. 200, 404, etc.) instead of the first digit of the version
	of HTTP being used (i.e. 1).

2000-04-21  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: More thrashing with the "server closes
	without reading post data" scenario. Reverted to the previous filevent
	configuratiuon, which seems to work better with small amounts of post

2000-04-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAlloc.c: wrapped caddr_t define to not be done on Unix
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: added Tclp*Alloc defines to allow the use of
	USE_TCLALLOC on Unix. [Bug: 4731]

2000-04-19  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/dde1.1/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/reg1.0/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c: converted CRLF to LF the */ files were
	not converted, as it confuses hcw locally. [Bug: 5096]

	* win/ expanded cleanup target for help files

	* doc/Thread.3: minor macro cleanup

	* generic/tclFileName.c (SplitUnixPath): added support for QNX node

2000-04-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* tools/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/
	* win/README.binary: bumped version to 8.3.1

	* win/ updated copyright date

	* generic/tclEnv.c: environment support for Mac OS/X
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: environment support for Mac OS/X
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c: new file for Mac OS/X dl functions
	* unix/ added install-strip target; bindir, libdir,
	mandir, includedir vars; tclLoadDyld.c target [Bug: 2527]

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (CreateSocket): force a socket back into blocking
	mode (default state) after a -async connect succeeds. [Bug: 4388]

	* generic/tclEvent.c (TclInitSubsystems): Moved tclLibraryPath to
	thread-local storage to prevent thread-related race condition.
	[Bug: 5033]
	* unix/tclAppInit.c (main): removed #ifdef TCL_TEST that sets the
	library path as it was unnecessary and conflicts with move of
	tclLibraryPath to thread-local storage.

2000-04-18  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/tcl.rc:
	* win/tclsh.rc:
	* win/tclsh.ico:  Modified copyright dates in Windows resource files.
	Added an icon for tclsh.exe.

2000-04-17  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h, generic/tclThreadTest.c, unix/tclUnixThrd.c,
	* win/tclWinThread.c, mac/tclMacThread.c: Added Tcl_CreateThreadType
	and TCL_RETURN_THREAD_TYPE macros for declaring the NewThread callback

2000-04-14  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TtyParseMode): Only allow setting mark/space
	parity on platforms that support it [Bug: 5089]

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_GetVersion): adjusted use of major/minor to
	not conflict with global decl on some systems [Bug: 2882]

	* doc/AppInit.3:
	* doc/Async.3:
	* doc/BackgdErr.3:
	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* doc/CrtInterp.3:
	* doc/CrtMathFnc.3:
	* doc/DString.3:
	* doc/Eval.3:
	* doc/ExprLong.3:
	* doc/GetInt.3:
	* doc/GetOpnFl.3:
	* doc/Interp.3:
	* doc/LinkVar.3:
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3:
	* doc/OpenTcp.3:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* doc/RecordEval.3:
	* doc/SetResult.3:
	* doc/SplitList.3:
	* doc/StaticPkg.3:
	* doc/TraceVar.3:
	* doc/Translate.3:
	* doc/UpVar.3:
	* doc/load.n: removed or updated references to interp->result use.

2000-04-13  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/regexp.n: doc clarification [Bug: 5037]
	* doc/update.n: typo fix [Bug: 4996]

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_THREADS): enhanced the detection of
	pthread_mutex_init [Bug: 4359] and (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS) added
	--enable-64bit-vis switch for Sparc VIS compilation [Bug: 4995]

2000-04-12  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dde.n: corrected dde poke docs. [Bug: 4991]

2000-04-11  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c: Added "CONST" keyword to declaration of char
	*native in TclpCreateTempFile, to supress compiler warnings.

2000-04-10  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Fixed Tcl_CreateThread declaration.
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Fixed the "mainThread"
	initialization to work with either testthread or the thread extension
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: Fixed compiler warning when compiling with

2000-04-10  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpCreateTempFile): Added conversion of contents
	string from UTF to native encoding [Bug: 4030].

	* tests/regexp.test: Added tests for infinite looping in [regexp

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Fixed infinite loop bug with [regexp -all]
	[Bug: 4981].

	* tests/*.test: Changed all occurances of "namespace import
	::tcltest" to "namespace import -force ::tcltest" [Bug: 3948].

2000-04-09  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* lib/httpd2.1/http.tcl: Worked on the "server closes before reading
	post data" case, which unfortunately causes different error cases on
	Solaris, which can read the reply, and Linux and Windows, which cannot
	read anything. This is all in the loop-back case - client and server
	on the same host. Also unified the error handling so the "ioerror"
	status goes away and errors are reflected in a more uniform way.
	Updated the man page to document the behavior.

2000-04-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/reg.test (matchexpected): corrected tests to use tcltest
	constraint types to skip certain tests.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_SetCommandInfo): comment fix

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c (Tcl_CreateThread): moved TCL_THREADS ifdef
	inside of func as it is declared for non-threads builds as well. In
	the non-threads case, it always returns TCL_ERROR (couldn't create

2000-04-08  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* Overall change: Definition of a public API for the creation of
	new threads.

	* generic/tclInt.h (line 1802f): Removed the definition of
	'TclpThreadCreate'. (line 793f) Removed the definition of

	* generic/tcl.h (line 388f): Readded the definition of
	'Tcl_ThreadCreateProc'. Added Win32 stuff send in by David Graveraux
	<[email protected]> to that too (__stdcall, ...). Added macros for
	the default stacksize and allowed flags.

	* generic/tcl.decls (line 1356f): Added definition of
	'Tcl_CreateThread', slot 393 of the stub table. Two new arguments in
	the public API, for stacksize and flags.

	* win/tclWinThrd.c:
	* mac/tclMacThrd.c: Renamed TclpThreadCreate to Tcl_CreateThread,
	added handling of the stacksize. Flags are currently ignored.

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: See above, but handles joinable flag. Ignores
	the specified stacksize if the macro HAVE_PTHREAD_ATTR_SETSTACKSIZE is
	not defined.

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (line 363): See below.

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c (line 210): Adapted to the changes above. Uses
	default stacksize and no flags now.

	* unic/tcl.m4 (line 382f): Added a check for
	'pthread_attr_setstacksize' to detect platforms not implementing this
	feature of pthreads. If it is implemented, configure will define the
	macro HAVE_PTHREAD_ATTR_SETSTACKSIZE (See unix/tclUnixThrd.c too).

	* doc/Thread.3: Added Tcl_CreateThread and its arguments to the list
	of described functions. Removed stuff about not providing a public
	C-API for thread-creation.

2000-04-07  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/binary.n: clarified docs on sign extension in binary scan [Bug:

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl (initConstraints): removed win32s
	references (no longer supported)

	* tests/fCmd.test: marked test 8.1 knownBug because it is dangerous on
	poorly configured systems [Bug: 3881] and added 8.2 to keep essence of
	8.1 tested.

2000-04-05  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_UnstackChannel, line 1831): Forcing interest
	mask to the correct value after an unstack and re-initialization of
	the notifier via the watchProc. Without this the first fileevent after
	an unstack will come through and be processed, but no more. [Bug: ??].

2000-03-04  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* {win,unix}/ added dependency of tclStubInit.c on
	tcl.decls and tclInt.decls
	* generic/tclThread.c: Tweak so this compiles w/out TCL_THREADS
	* generic/{tcl.decls,tclStubInit.c}:  Just touched the tcl.decls and
	regenerated the tclStubInit.c file

2000-03-29  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: For the -querychannel option, fconfigure
	the socket to be binary so that we don't translate anything while
	reading the data. This is because we determine the content length of
	the data on the channel by using seek (to the end of the file) and
	tell on the file handle, and we need the content-length to match the
	amount of data actually sent, and translation can affect the number of
	bytes posted.

2000-04-03  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* Overall change: Definition of public API's for the finalization of
	conditions and mutexes. [Bug: 4199].

	* generic/tclInt.h: Removed definitions of TclFinalizeMutex and

	* generic/tcl.decls: Added declarations of Tcl_MutexFinalize and

	* generic/tclThread.c: Renamed TclFinalizeMutex to Tcl_MutexFinalize.
	Renamed TclFinalizeCondition to Tcl_ConditionFinalize.

	* generic/tclNotify.c: Changed usage of TclFinalizeMutex to

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: Changed usages of TclFinalizeCondition to

	* generic/tcl.h: Added empty macros for Tcl_MutexFinalize and
	Tcl_ConditionFinalize, to be used when the core is compiled without

	* doc/Thread.3:	Added description the new API's.

2000-04-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoVarsCmd): checked for non-NULL procPtr to
	prevent itcl info override crash [Bug: 4064]

	* tests/foreach.test:
	* tests/namespace.test:
	* tests/var.test: Added lsorts to avoid random sorted return
	problems. [Bug: 2682]

	* tests/fileName.test: fixed 14.1 test fragility [Bug: 1482]

	* tools/man2help2.tcl: fixed winhelp cross-linking error [Bug: 4156]
	improved translation to winhelp [Bug: 3679]

	* unix/ (MAN_INSTALL_DIR): patch to accept --mandir
	correctly [Bug: 4085]

	* unix/dltest/pkg[a-e].c: Cleaned up test packages [Bug: 2293]

2000-04-03  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (SetGroupAttribute):
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (SetOwnerAttribute): Added (uid_t) and (gid_t)
	casts to avoid compiler warnings.

2000-03-31  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGet.c (Tcl_GetDouble): Added additional conditions to
	error test (previously only errno was checked, but the return value of
	strtod() should be checked as well). [Bug: 4118]

	* tests/exec.test: Added test for proper conversion of UTF data when
	used with "<< $dataWithUTF" on exec's.

	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c (TclpCreateTempFile): Added
	Tcl_UtfToExternalDString call, so that if there is UTF content in the
	string it will be properly converted to the system encoding before
	being written [Bug: 4030].
	(TclpCreateTempFile): Added a check on the return value of tmpnam;
	some systems (Linux, for example) will start to return NULL after
	tmpnam has been called TMP_MAX times; not checking for this can have
	bad results (overwriting temp files, core dumps, etc.)

2000-03-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken): Added comments
	noting the need to pair ckalloc with ckfree. [Bug: 4262]

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: removed TclWinSynchSpawn (vestige of Win32s

	* win/tclWinReg.c: made use of TclWinGetPlatformId instead of getting
	info again

	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tcl.m4: Added support for gcc/mingw on Windows [Bug: 4234]

2000-03-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclCleanupByteCode): made ByteCode cleanup
	more aware of TCL_BYTECODE_PRECOMPILED flagged structs (gen'd by
	tbcload), to correctly clean them up.

	* generic/tclClock.c (FormatClock): moved check for empty format
	earlier, commented 0 result return value

2000-03-29  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Removed an unnecessary fileevent statement
	from the error processing part of the Write method. Also, fixed two
	potential memory leaks in wait and reset, in which the state array
	wasn't being unset before throwing an exception. Prior to this
	version, Brent checked in a fix to catch a fileevent statement that
	was sometimes causing a stack trace when geturl was called with
	-timeout. I believe Brent's fix is necessary because TLS closes bad
	sockets for secure connections, and the fileevent was trying to act on
	a socket that no longer existed.

2000-03-27  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/httpd: removed unnecessary 'puts stderr "Post Dispatch"'

	* tests/namespace.test:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_Export): added a uniq'ing test to the
	export list so only one instance of each export pattern would exist in
	the list.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): optimized case for the
	empty string in ==/!= comparisons

2000-03-27  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: Added (off_t) type casts in lseek() call [Bug:

	* unix/tclLoadAout.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c: Added (off_t) type casts in lseek() calls [Bug:

2000-03-22  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Fixed a bug where string query data that
	was bigger than queryblocksize would get duplicate characters at block

2000-03-22  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Fixed bug 4463, where we were getting a
	stack trace if we tried to publish a project to a good host but a port
	where there was no server listening.  It turned out the problem was a
	stray fileevent that needed to be cleared.  Also, fixed a bug where
	http::code could stack trace if called on a bad token (one which
	didn't represent a successful geturl) by adding an http element to the
	state array in geturl.

2000-03-21  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test: Modified some tests that were not robust with
	respect to the time zone in which they were run and were thus failing.

	* doc/clock.n: Clarified meaning of -gmt with respect to -base when
	used with [clock scan] (-gmt does not affect the interpretation of

2000-03-19  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: geturl used to throw an exception when the
	connection failed; I accidentally returned a token with the error
	info, breaking backwards compatibility. I changed it back to throwing
	an exception, but unsetting the state array first (thus still
	eliminating the original memory leak problem).

2000-03-19  Sandeep Tamhankar <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Added -querychannel option and altered
	some of Brent's modifications to allow asynchronous posts (via
	-command). Also modified -queryprogress so that it calls the query
	callback as <callback> <token> <total size> <current size> to be
	consistent with -progress. Added -queryblocksize option with default
	8192 bytes for post blocksize. Fixed a bunch of potential memory leaks
	for the case when geturl receives bad args or can't open a socket,
	etc. Overall, the package really rocks now.

	* doc/http.n: Added -queryblocksize, -querychannel, and
	-queryprogress. Also, changed the description of -blocksize, which
	states that the -progress callback will be called for each block, to
	now qualify that with an "if -progress is specified".

	* tests/http.test: Added a querychannel test for synchronous and
	asynchronous posts, altered the queryprogress test such that the
	callback conforms to the -progress format. Also, had to use the
	-queryblocksize option to do the post 16K at a time to match Brent's
	expected results (and to test that -queryblocksize works).

2000-03-15  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Added -queryprogress callback to
	http::geturl and also changed it so that writing the post data is
	event driven if the queryprogress callback or a timeout is given.
	This allows a timeout to occur when writing lots of post data. The
	queryprogress callback is called after each block of query data is
	posted. It has the same signature as the -progress callback.

2000-03-06  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/package.tcl: Applied patch from Bug: 2570; rather than
	setting geometry of slave interp to 0x0 when Tk was loaded, it now
	does "wm withdraw .". Both remove the main window from the display,
	but the former caused some internal structures to get initialized to
	zero, which caused crashes with some extensions.

2000-03-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/package.tcl (tclPkgUnknown): extended to allow recognizes
	changes in the auto_path while sourcing in other pkgIndex.tcl files

	* doc/FindExec.3: fixed doc for declaration of Tcl_FindExecutable
	[Bug: 4275]

	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_TranslateFileName): Applied patch from
	Newman to significantly speedup file split/join on Windows (replaces
	regexp with custom parser). [Bug: 2867]

	* win/README.binary: change mailing lists from to [Bug: 4173]

2000-02-28  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test: Added test for ISO bases < 100000

	* generic/tclDate.c: (generated on Solaris)
	* generic/tclGetDate.y: Changed condition for deciding if a number is
	an ISO 8601 base from number >= 100000 to numberOfDigits >= 6.
	Previously it would fail to recognize 000000 as an ISO base.

2000-02-14  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Added rpm target to generate Tcl binary RPM.

	* unix/tcl.spec: RPM specification file for a Tcl binary RPM for

2000-02-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	8.3.0 RELEASE

	* changes: updated for 8.3.0 release

	* doc/load.n: added notes about dll load errors on Windows

	* unix/README:
	* unix/ (dist): removed porting.notes and porting.old from
	distribution and CVS.  The information was very outdated. Now refer to

	* tests/unixInit.test: fixed japanese LANG encoding test [Bug: 3549]

	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4: correct CFLAG_WARNING setting, fixed gcc config for
	AIX, added -export-dynamic to LDFLAGS for FreeBSD-3+ [Bug: 2998]

	* win/tclWinLoad.c (TclpLoadFile): improved error message for load
	failures, could perhaps be even more intelligent.

2000-02-09  Jim Ingham	 <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacSock.c: Don't panic when you get an error closing an async
	socket. This doesn't seem to hurt anything, and we return the error so
	the caller can do the right thing.

	New Files:
	* mac/MW_TclHeader.h:
	* mac/MW_TclTestHeader.h:
	* mac/MW_TclTestHeader.pch:
	* mac/MW_TclAppleScriptHeader.h: More convenient to use .h prefix
	files in the preference panels...

	The above are curtesy of Daniel Steffen ([email protected])

2000-02-08  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test: Added tests for "next monthname" constructs.
	* generic/tclDate.c:
	* generic/tclGetDate.y (Message): Added a grammar rule for "next
	monthname" so that we can handle "next january" and similar constructs
	(bug #4146).

2000-02-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tools/
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/README:
	* win/README.binary:
	* generic/tcl.h (TCL_RELEASE_SERIAL): Moved to 8.3.0 patchlevel

	* doc/library.n:
	* library/auto.tcl: fixed crufty puts code and docs [Bug: 4122]

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: correctly protected searchDirectory
	list to allow dirnames with spaces

	* unix/tcl.m4: changed all -fpic to -fPIC

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: change Tcl_GetOpenFile to use decl of 'int
	forWriting' instead of 'int write' to avoid shadowing [Bug: 4121]

	* tests/httpold.test: changed test script to source in the httpd
	server procs from httpd instead of having its own set.

	* tests/httpd: improved query support in test httpd to handle fix in
	http.tcl. [Bug: 4089 change 2000-02-01]

	* unix/README: fixed notes about --enable-shared and add note about

2000-02-07  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/package.test:
	* library/tclIndex:
	* library/package.tcl: Renamed ::package namespace to ::pkg.

2000-02-03  Eric Melski <[email protected]>

	* doc/Package.n:
	* doc/packagens.n: Renamed Package.n -> packagens.n because Windows
	can't deal with case-sensitive names.

2000-02-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexp.test: added tests for -all and -inline switches
	* doc/regexp.n: added docs for -all and -inline switches
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd): added extra comments for new
	-all and -inline switches to regexp command

2000-02-01  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl: Applied patch from rfe 1734 regarding auto_load
	errors not setting error message and errorInfo properly.

2000-02-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/ (install-*): reduced verbosity of install

	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_JoinPath): improved support for special
	QNX node id prefixes in pathnames [Bug: 4053]

	* library/http1.0/http.tcl:
	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: The query data POSTed was newline
	terminated when it shouldn't be altered [Bug: 4089]

2000-01-31  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/package.test:
	* library/tclIndex:
	* library/package.tcl: Added ::package namespace and ::package::create

	* library/init.tcl: Fixed problem with auto_load and determining if
	commands were loaded.

	* library/auto.tcl: "Fixed" issues with $ in files to be auto indexed.

	* doc/Package.n: New man page for package::create function.

	* doc/pkgMkIndex.n: Added additional information.

	* doc/library.n: Added additional qualification regarding auto_mkindex.

2000-01-28  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/pkg/magicchar2.tcl:
	* tests/autoMkindex.test: Test for auto loader fix (bug #2480).

	* library/init.tcl: auto_load was using [info commands $name] to
	determine if a given command was available; if the command name had *
	or [] it, this would fail because info commands uses glob-style
	matching. This is fixed. (Bug #2480).

	* tests/pkg/spacename.tcl:
	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test: Tests for fix for bug #2360.

	* library/package.tcl: Fixed to extract only the first element of the
	list returned by auto_qualify (bug #2360).

	* tests/pkg/magicchar.tcl:
	* tests/autoMkindex.test: Test for fix for bug #2611.

	* library/auto.tcl: Fixed the regular expression that performs $
	escaping before sourcing a file to index. It was erroneously adding \
	escapes even to $'s that were already escaped, effectively
	"un-escaping" those $'s. (bug #2611).

2000-01-27  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/autoMkindex.test:
	* library/auto.tcl: Applied patch (with slight modification) from bug
	#2701: auto_mkIndex uses platform dependent file paths. Added test for

2000-01-27  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Changed NormalizePath to
	normalizePath and exported it as a public proc. This proc creates an
	absolute path given the name of the variable containing the path to
	modify. The path is modified in place.
	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl: Added normalizePath.
	* tests/all.tcl: Changed code to use normalizePath.

2000-01-27  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/pkg/samename.tcl: test file for bug #1983

	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test:
	* doc/pkgMkIndex.n:
	* library/package.tcl: Per rfe #4097, optimized creation of direct
	load packages to bypass computing the list of commands added by the
	new package. Also made direct loading the default, and added a -lazy
	Fixed bug #1983, dealing with pkg_mkIndex incorrectly handling
	situations with two procs by the same name but in different namespaces
	(ie, foo::baz and bar::baz).

2000-01-26  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: Undid fix for #956, which broke backwards

	* doc/variable.n:
	* doc/trace.n:
	* doc/namespace.n:
	* doc/info.n: Added further information about differences between
	"namespace which" and "info exists".

	* doc/SetErrno.3: Added descriptions of ErrnoId() and ErrnoMsg()

2000-01-25  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: modified EXTRA_CFLAGS to add -DHAVE_TZSET for OSF1-V*
	and ULTRIX-4.* when not using gcc. Also added higher min stack size
	for OSF1-V* when building with threads. [Bug: 4063]

	* generic/tclClock.c (FormatClock): inlined resultPtr, as it
	conflicted with var creation for HAVE_TZSET #def [Bug: 4063]

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsortObjCmd): fixed potential leak when
	calling lsort -command with bad command [Bug: 4067]

	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_JoinPath): added support for special QNX
	node id prefixes in pathnames [Bug: 4053]

	* doc/ListObj.3: clarified Tcl_ListObjGetElements docs [Bug: 4080]

	* doc/glob.n: clarified Mac path separator determination docs.

	* win/ added some support for building helpfile on Windows

2000-01-23  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (auto_execok): added 'start' to list of recognized
	built-in commands for COMSPEC on NT. [Bug: 2858]

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: moved include of <utime.h> lower since some
	systems (UTS) require sys/types.h to be included first [Bug: 4031]

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (CreateSocketAddress): changed comparison with -1
	to 0xFFFFFFFF, to ensure 32 bit comparison even on 64 bit systems.
	[Bug: 3878]

	* generic/tclFileName.c: improved guessing of path separator for the
	Mac. (Darley)

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: moved Tcl_ProcObjCmd to stubs table [Bug: 3827]
	and removed 'register' from stub definition of
	Tcl_AppendUnicodeToObj [Bug: 4038]

2000-01-21  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/GetHostName.3: Man page for Tcl_GetHostName (bug #1817).

	* doc/lreplace.n: Corrected man page with respect to treatment of
	empty lists, and "prettied up" the page. (bug #1705).

2000-01-20  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/namespace.test: Added test for undefined variables with
	namespace which (bug #956).

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: Added check for undefined variables in
	NamespaceWhichCmd (bug #956).

	* tests/var.test: Added tests for corrected variable behavior (bug

	* doc/upvar.n: Expanded explanation of upvar behavior with respect to
	variable traces. (bugs 3917 1433 2110).

	* generic/tclVar.c: Changed behavior of variable command when name
	refers to an element in an array (ie, "variable foo(x)") to always
	return an error, regardless of existance of that element in the array
	(now behavior is consistant with docs too) (bug #981).

2000-01-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoBodyCmd): made [info body] return a string
	if the body has been bytecompiled.
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalObjEx): added pedantic check for
	originating proc body of bytecompiled code, #def'd out as the change
	for [info body] should make it unnecessary

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c (Tcl_InitNotifier): added cast for tsdPtr

	* tests/set.test: added test for complex array elem name compiling
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileSetCmd): Fixed parsing of array
	elements during compiling, and slightly optimised same [Bug: 3889]

	* doc/tclvars.n: added definitions for tcl_(non)wordchars

	* doc/vwait.n: added notes about requirement for vwait var being
	globally scoped [Bug: 3329]

	* library/word.tcl: changed tcl_(non)wordchars settings to use new
	unicode regexp char class escapes instead of char sequences

2000-01-14  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/var.test: Added a test for the array multiple delete
	protection in Tcl_UnsetVar2.

	* generic/tclVar.c: Added protection in Tcl_UnsetVar2 against attempts
	to multiply delete arrays when unsetting them (bug #3453). This could
	happen if there was an unset trace on an array element and the trace
	proc made a global or upvar link to the array, and then the array was
	unset at the global level. See the bug reference for more information.

	* unix/tclUnixTime.c: New clock format format.

	* compat/strftime.c: New clock format format.

	* generic/tclGetDate.y: New clock scan format.

2000-01-13  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* changes: updated changes file to reflect 8.3b2 mods

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* tools/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/ updated to patchlevel 8.3b2

	* generic/regexec.c: added var initialization to prevent compiler

2000-01-13  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdIL.test: Added tests for lsort -dictionary with characters
	that occur between Z and a in ASCII.

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: Modified DictionaryCompare function (used by
	lsort -dictionary) to do upper/lower case equivalency before doing
	character comparisons, instead of after. This fixes bug #1357, in
	which lsort -dictionary [list ` AA c CC] and lsort -dictionary [list
	AA c ` CC] gave different (and both wrong) results.

2000-01-12  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test: Added tests for "next <day-of-week>" and
	Added tests for "monday 1 week ago", etc, from RFE #3671.

	* doc/tests/clock.test: Added numerous tests for clock scan.

	* doc/generic/tclGetDate.y: Fixed some shift/reduce conflicts in clock

	* doc/doc/clock.n: Added documentation for new supported clock scan
	formats and additional explanation of daylight savings time correction

2000-01-12  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n:
	* tests/unixFCmd.test:
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c: added support for symbolic permissions setting
	in SetPermissionsAttribute (file attr $file -perm ...) [Bug: 3970]

	* generic/tclClock.c: fixed support for 64bit handling of clock values
	[Bug: 1806]

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: upped a buffer size to hold double

	* tests/info.test:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: fixed 'info procs ::namesp::*' behavior (Dejong)

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: made imported commands also import their
	compile proc [Bug: 2100]

	* tests/expr.test:
	* unix/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4: recognize strtod bug on Tru64 v5.0 [Bug: 3378] and
	added tests to prevent unnecessary chmod +x in sources while
	installing, as well as more intelligent setsockopt/gethostbyname
	checks [Bug: 3366, 3389]

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: added compile time support (through use of the
	TCL_THREAD_STACK_MIN define) for increasing the default stack size for
	a thread. [Bug: 3797, 1966]

2000-01-11  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGetDate.y: Added comments for the Convert function. Added
	a fix for daylight savings time handling for relative time spans of
	days, weeks or fortnights. (bug 3441, 3868).

	* generic/tclDate.c: Fixed compiler warning issues.

2000-01-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* compat/waitpid.c: use pid_t type instead of int [Bug: 3999]

	* tests/utf.test: fixed test that allowed \8 as octal value
	* generic/tclUtf.c: changed Tcl_UtfBackslash to not allow non-octal
	digits (8,9) in \ooo substs. [Bug: 3975]

	* generic/tcl.h: noted need to change win/tcl.m4 and
	tools/tclSplash.bmp for minor version changes

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: trim value for $state(meta) key

	* unix/tclUnixFile.c: fixed signature style on functions

	* unix/ made sure tcl.m4 would be installed with dist

	* unix/tcl.m4: added ELF support for NetBSD [Bug: 3959]

2000-01-10  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGetDate.y: Added rules for ISO 8601 formats (BUG #847):
	Fixed "clock scan <number>" to scan the number as an hour for the
	current day, rather than a minute after 00:00 for the current day
	(bug #2732).

2000-01-07  Eric Melski  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclClock.c: Changed switch in Tcl_ClockObjCmd to use
	enumerated values instead of constants. (ie, COMMAND_SCAN instead of