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Starting in early 2011, Tcl source code has been under the management of
fossil, hosted at .  Fossil presents a "Timeline"
view of changes made that is superior in every way to a hand edited log file.
Because of this, many Tcl developers are now out of the habit of maintaining
this log file.  You may still find useful things in it, but the Timeline is
a better first place to look now.

2013-09-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.6.1 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* generic/tcl.h:	Bump version number to 8.6.1.
	* library/init.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* unix/tcl.spec:

	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:

2013-09-19  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/next.n (METHOD SEARCH ORDER): Bug [3606943]: Corrected
	description of method search order.

2013-09-18  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	Bump TclOO version to 1.0.1 for release.

2013-09-17  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (BinaryEncodeUu, BinaryDecodeUu): [Bug 2152292]:
	Corrected implementation of the core of uuencode handling so that the
	line length processing is correctly applied.
	Existing code that was using the old versions and working around the
	limitations will now need to do far less. The -maxlen option now has
	strict limits on the range of supported lengths; this is a limitation
	of the format itself.

2013-09-09  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (CloneProcedureMethod): [Bug 3609693]: Strip
	the internal representation of method bodies during cloning in order
	to ensure that any bound references to instance variables are removed.

2013-09-01  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (BinaryDecodeHex): [Bug b98fa55285]: Ensure that
	whitespace at the end of a string don't cause the decoder to drop the
	last decoded byte.

2013-08-03  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl: [Patch 3611643]: Allow TclOO classes to be found
	by the autoloading mechanism.

2013-08-02  Donal Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c (ClassSuperSet): Bug [9d61624b3d]: Stop
	crashes when emptying the superclass slot, even when doing elaborate
	things with metaclasses.

2013-08-01  Harald Oehlmann  <[email protected]>

	* tclUnixNotify.c (Tcl_InitNotifier): Bug [a0bc856dcd]: Start notifier
	thread again if we were forked, to solve Rivet bug 55153.

2013-07-05  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca:
	* library/tzdata/America/Asuncion:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Macquarie:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hebron:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Jerusalem:

2013-07-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclXtNotify.c: Bug [817249]: bring tclXtNotify.c up to date with
	Tcl_SetNotifier() change.

2013-07-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:  Bug [32afa6e256]: dirent64 check is incorrect in tcl.m4
	* unix/configure: (thanks to Brian Griffin)

2013-06-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclConfig.c: Bug [9b2e636361]: Tcl_CreateInterp() needs
	* generic/tclMain.c:   initialized encodings.

2013-06-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c: Bug [3611974]: InitSubsystems multiple thread

2013-06-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_locale.c: Bug [a876646efe]: re_expr character class
	[:cntrl:] should contain \u0000 - \u001f

2013-06-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclCompileTryCmd): [Bug 779d38b996]:
	Rewrote the [try] compiler to generate better code in some cases and
	to behave correctly in others; when an error happens during the
	processing of an exception-trap clause or a finally clause, the
	*original* return options are now captured in a -during option, even
	when fully compiled.

2013-06-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (INST_EXPAND_DROP): [Bugs 2835313, 3614226]:
	New opcode to allow resetting the stack to get rid of an expansion,
	restoring the stack to a known state in the process.
	* generic/tclCompile.c, generic/tclCompCmds.c: Adjusted the compilers
	for [break] and [continue] to get stack cleanup right in the majority
	of cases.
	* tests/for.test (for-7.*): Set of tests for these evil cases.

2013-06-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: Eliminate NO_VIZ macro as current zlib uses HAVE_HIDDEN
	instead. One more last-moment fix for FreeBSD by Pietro Cerutti

2013-06-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: fix for perf bug detected by Kieran
	diagnosed by dgp to be a close relative of [Bug 781585], which was
	fixed by commit	[f46fb50cb3]. This bug was introduced by myself in
	commit [cbfe055d8c].

2013-06-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileBreakCmd, TclCompileContinueCmd):
	Added code to allow [break] and [continue] to be issued as a jump (in
	the most common cases) rather than using the more expensive exception
	processing path in the bytecode engine. [Bug 3614226]: Partial fix for
	the issues relating to cleaning up the stack when dealing with [break]
	and [continue].

2013-05-27 Harald Oehlmann  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl: [Bug 3036566]: Also get locale from
	registry key HCU\Control Panel\Desktop : PreferredUILanguages to honor
	installed language packs on Vista+.
	Bumped msgcat version to 1.5.2

2013-05-22  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tclCompile.c: Removed duplicate const qualifier causing the HP
	native cc to error out.

2013-05-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtf.c (TclUtfCasecmp): [Bug 3613609]: Replace problematic
	uses of strcasecmp with a proper UTF-8-aware version. Affects both
	[lsearch -nocase] and [lsort -nocase].

2013-05-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n: [Bug 3613671]: Added note to portability section on the
	fact that [file owned] does not produce useful results on Windows.

2013-05-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (DefaultTempDir): [Bug 3613567]: Corrected logic
	for checking return code of access() system call, which was inverted.

2013-05-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:     Fix for FreeBSD, and remove support for older
	* unix/configure:  FreeBSD versions. Patch by Pietro Cerutti.

2013-05-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsGR.c: Split tclCompCmds.c again to keep size of
	code down.

2013-05-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Add panic in order to detect incompatible
	mingw32 sys/stat.h and sys/time.h headers.

2013-05-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/zlib/*: Upgrade to zlib 1.2.8

2013-05-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	Optimizations and general bytecode generation improvements.
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileAppendCmd, TclCompileLappendCmd):
	(TclCompileReturnCmd): Make these generate bytecode in more cases.
	(TclCompileListCmd): Make this able to push a literal when it can.
	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclSetByteCodeFromAny, PeepholeOptimize):
	Added checks to see if we can apply some simple cross-command-boundary
	optimizations, and defined a small number of such optimizations.
	(TclCompileScript): Added the special ability to compile the list
	command with expansion ([list {*}blah]) into bytecode that does not
	call an external command.

2013-05-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Add support for Cygwin64, which has a 64-bit
	* generic/tclDecls.h: "long" type. Binary compatibility with win64
	requires that all stub entries use 32-bit long's, therefore the need
	for various wrapper functions/macros. For Tcl 9 a better solution is
	needed, but that cannot be done without introducing binary

2013-04-30  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl (::platform::LibcVersion):
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: Followup to the 2013-01-30 change.
	The RE become too restrictive again. SuSe added a timestamp after the
	version. Loosened up a bit. Bumped package to version 1.0.12.

2013-04-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileArraySetCmd): Generate better code
	when the list of things to set is a literal.

2013-04-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h: Implement Tcl_NewBooleanObj, Tcl_DbNewBooleanObj
	and Tcl_SetBooleanObj as macros using Tcl_NewIntObj, Tcl_DbNewLongObj
	and Tcl_SetIntObj. Starting with Tcl 8.5, this is exactly the same, it
	only eliminates code duplication.
	* generic/tclInt.h: Eliminate use of NO_WIDE_TYPE everywhere: It's
	exactly the same as TCL_WIDE_INT_IS_LONG

2013-04-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h: Implement many Tcl_*Var* functions and
	Tcl_GetIndexFromObj as (faster/stack-saving) macros around resp their
	Tcl_*Var*2 equivalent and Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct.

2013-04-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h: Implement Tcl_Pkg* functions as
	(faster/stack-saving) macros around Tcl_Pkg*Ex functions.

2013-04-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_color.c:	[Bug 3610026]: Stop crash when the number of
	* generic/regerrs.h:	"colors" in a regular expression overflows a
	* generic/regex.h:	short int.  Thanks to Heikki Linnakangas for
	* generic/regguts.h:	the report and the patch.
	* tests/regexp.test:

2013-04-04  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::geturl): Allow URLs that don't have a
	path, but a query query, e.g.
	* Bump the http package to 2.8.7.

2013-03-22  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo: Update to tzdata2013b.
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Gaborone:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Tripoli:
	* library/tzdata/America/Asuncion:
	* library/tzdata/America/Barbados:
	* library/tzdata/America/Bogota:
	* library/tzdata/America/Costa_Rica:
	* library/tzdata/America/Curacao:
	* library/tzdata/America/Nassau:
	* library/tzdata/America/Port-au-Prince:
	* library/tzdata/America/Santiago:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Palmer:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Aden:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hong_Kong:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Muscat:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Rangoon:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Shanghai:
	* library/tzdata/Atlantic/Bermuda:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Vienna:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Easter:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Khandyga: (new)
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Ust-Nera: (new)
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Busingen: (new)

2013-03-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl: [Bug 2102614]: Add ensemble indexing support to
	* tests/autoMkindex.test: [auto_mkindex].  Thanks Brian Griffin.

2013-03-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFCmd.c: [Bug 3597000]: Consistent [file copy] result.
	* tests/fileSystem.test:

2013-03-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: [Bug 3608360]: Incompatible behaviour of "file

2013-03-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test (cmdAH-19.12): [Bug 3608360]: Added test to ensure
	that we never ever allow [file exists] to do globbing.

2013-03-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: Patch by Andrew Shadura, providing better support for
	three architectures they have in Debian.

2013-03-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	[Bugs 3607246,3607372]: Unbalanced refcounts
	* generic/tclLiteral.c:	of literals in the global literal table.

2013-03-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_nfa.c:	[Bugs 3604074,3606683]: Rewrite of the
	* generic/regcomp.c:	fixempties() routine (and supporting routines)
	to completely eliminate the infinite loop hazard. Thanks to Tom Lane
	for the much improved solution.

2013-02-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLiteral.c:	Revise TclReleaseLiteral() to tolerate a NULL
	interp argument.

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	Update callers and revise mistaken comments.
	* generic/tclProc.c:

2013-02-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regcomp.c:	[Bug 3606139]: missing error check allows
	* tests/regexp.test:    regexp to crash Tcl. Thanks to Tom Lane for
	providing the test-case and the patch.

2013-02-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/chanio.test (chan-io-28.7): [Bug 3605120]: Stop test from
	hanging when run standalone.

2013-02-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: Don't panic if Tcl_ConvertToType is called for a
	type that doesn't have a setFromAnyProc, create a proper error message.

2013-02-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/binary.test (binary-41.*): [Bug 3605721]: Test independence
	fixes. Thanks to Rolf Ade for pointing out the problem.

2013-02-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/assocd.test:	[Bugs 3605719,3605720]: Test independence.
	* tests/basic.test:	Thanks Rolf Ade for patches.

2013-02-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/fake-rfc2553.c: [Bug 3599194]: compat/fake-rfc2553.c is

2013-02-22  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c:	Shift more burden of smart cleanup
	* generic/tclCompile.c:		onto the TclFreeCompileEnv() routine.
	Stop crashes when the hookProc raises an error.

2013-02-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c:	[Bug 3605447]: Make sure the -clear option
	* tests/namespace.test:	to [namespace export] always clears, whether
	or not new export patterns are specified.

2013-02-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: [Bug 3605401]: Compiler error with latest mingw-w64

2013-02-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTrace.c:  [Bug 2438181]: Incorrect error reporting in
	* tests/trace.test:    traces. Test-case and fix provided by Poor

2013-02-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_nfa.c:	[Bug 3604074]: Fix regexp optimization to
	* tests/regexp.test:	stop hanging on the expression
	((((((((a)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)* .  Thanks to Bjørn Grathwohl for discovery.

2013-02-14  Harald Oehlmann  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl: [Bug 3604576]: Catch missing registry
	entry "HCU\Control Panel\International".
	Bumped msgcat version to 1.5.1

2013-02-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformOutput): [Bug 3603553]: Ensure that
	data gets written to the underlying stream by compressing transforms
	when the amount of data to be written is one buffer's-worth; problem
	was particularly likely to occur when compressing large quantities of
	not-very-compressible data. Many thanks to Piera Poggio (vampiera) for

2013-02-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_VarName): [Bug 3603695]: Change
	the way that the 'varname' method is implemented so that there are no
	longer problems with interactions due to the resolver. Thanks to
	Taylor Venable <[email protected]> for identifying the problem.

2013-02-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_nfa.c (duptraverse): [Bug 3603557]: Increase the
	maximum depth of recursion used when duplicating an automaton in
	response to encountering a "wild" RE that hit the previous limit.
	Allow the limit (DUPTRAVERSE_MAX_DEPTH) to be set by defining its
	value in the Makefile. Problem reported by Jonathan Mills.

2013-02-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c:	[Bug 3603434]: Make sure TclpObjNormalizePath()
	properly declares "a:/" to be normalized, even when no "A:" drive is
	present on the system.

2013-02-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLoadNone.c (TclpLoadMemory): [Bug 3433012]: Added dummy
	version of this function to use in the event that a platform thinks it
	can load from memory but cannot actually do so due to it being
	disabled at configuration time.

2013-02-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileArraySetCmd): [Bug 3603163]: Stop
	crash in weird case where [eval] is used to make [array set] get
	confused about whether there is a local variable table or not. Thanks
	to Poor Yorick for identifying a reproducible crashing case.

2013-01-30  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl (::platform::LibcVersion): See
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: [Bug 3599098]: Fixed the RE
	* unix/ extracting the version to avoid issues with
	* win/ recent changes to the glibc banner. Now targeting a
	less variable part of the string. Bumped package to version 1.0.11.

2013-01-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileArraySetCmd)
	(TclCompileArrayUnsetCmd, TclCompileDictAppendCmd)
	(TclCompileDictCreateCmd, CompileDictEachCmd, TclCompileDictIncrCmd)
	(TclCompileDictLappendCmd, TclCompileDictMergeCmd)
	(TclCompileDictUnsetCmd, TclCompileDictUpdateCmd)
	(TclCompileDictWithCmd, TclCompileInfoCommandsCmd):
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclCompileStringMatchCmd)
	(TclCompileStringMapCmd): Improve the code generation in cases where
	full compilation is impossible but a full ensemble invoke is provably
	not necessary.

2013-01-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c: [Bug 3601804]: platformCPUID segmentation
	fault on Darwin.

2013-01-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::geturl): [Bug 2911139]: Do not do vwait
	for connect to avoid reentrancy problems (except when operating
	without a -command option). Internally, this means that all sockets
	created by the http package will always be operated in asynchronous

2013-01-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Put back Tcl[GS]etStartupScript(Path|FileName)
	in private stub table, so extensions using this (like Tk 8.4) will
	continue to work in all Tcl 8.x versions. Extensions using this
	still cannot be compiled against Tcl 8.6 headers.

2013-01-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPort.h: [Bug 3598300]: unix: tcl.h does not include

2013-01-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (PushVarName): [Bug 3600328]: Added mechanism
	for suppressing compilation of variables when we couldn't cope with
	the results. Useful for some [array] subcommands.
	* generic/tclEnsemble.c (CompileToCompiledCommand): Must restore the
	compilation environment when a command compiler fails.

2013-01-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (TclZlibInit): [Bug 3601086]: Register the config
	info in the iso8859-1 encoding as that is guaranteed to be present.

2013-01-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	*   Allow win32 build with -DTCL_NO_DEPRECATED, just as
	* generic/tcl.h: in the UNIX build. Define Tcl_EvalObj and
	* generic/tclDecls.h: Tcl_GlobalEvalObj as macros, even when
	* generic/tclBasic.c: TCL_NO_DEPRECATED is defined, so Tk can benefit
	from it too.

2013-01-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4: More flexible search for win32, backported
	from TEA (not actually used in Tcl, only for Tk)

2013-01-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Put back Tcl_[GS]etStartupScript in internal
	stub table, so extensions using this, compiled against 8.5 headers
	still run in Tcl 8.6.

2013-01-13  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/fileevent.n: [Bug 3436609]: Clarify readable fileevent "false
	positives" in the case of multibyte encodings/transforms.

2013-01-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: If TCL_NO_DEPRECATED is defined, make sure
	that TIP #139 functions all are taken from the public stub table, even
	if the inclusion is through tclInt.h.

2013-01-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Put back TclBackgroundException in internal
	stub table, so extensions using this, compiled against 8.5 headers
	still run in Tcl 8.6.

2013-01-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl: [Bug 3599395]: http assumes status line is a
	proper Tcl list.

2013-01-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: [Bug 3092089]: [file normalize] can remove path
	components.	[Bug 3587096]: win vista/7: "can't find init.tcl" when
	called via junction without folder list access.

2013-01-07  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOStubLib.c: Restrict the stub library to only use
	* generic/tclTomMathStubLib.c: Tcl_PkgRequireEx, Tcl_ResetResult and
	Tcl_AppendResult, not any other function. This puts least restrictions
	on eventual Tcl 9 stubs re-organization, and it works on the widest
	range of Tcl versions.

2013-01-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl: Don't depend on Spencer-specific regexp
	* tests/env.test: syntax (/u and /U) any more in unrelated places.
	* tests/exec.test:
	Bump http package to 2.8.6.

2013-01-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnsemble.c (CompileBasicNArgCommand): Added very simple
	compiler (which just compiles to a normal invoke of the implementation
	command) for many ensemble subcommands where we can prove that there
	is no way for scripts to detect the difference even through error
	handling or [info level]/[info frame]. This improves the code produced
	from some ensembles (e.g., [info], [string]) to the point where the
	ensemble is now not normally seen at the bytecode level at all.

2013-01-04  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:      Insure that PURIFY builds cannot exploit the
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  Tcl stack to hide mem defects.

2013-01-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/fconfigure.n, doc/CrtChannel.3: Updated to reflect the fact that
	the minimum buffer size is one byte, not ten. Identified by Schelte
	Bron on the Tcler's Chat.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBCresume:INST_INVOKE_REPLACE):
	* generic/tclEnsemble.c (TclCompileEnsemble): Added new mechanism to
	allow for more efficient dispatch of non-bytecode-compiled subcommands
	of bytecode-compiled ensembles. This can provide substantial speed
	benefits in some cases.

2013-01-02  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnsemble.c:  Remove stray calls to Tcl_Alloc and friends:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:   the core should only use ckalloc to allow
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c:  MEM_DEBUG to work properly.
	* generic/tclTomMathInterface.c:

2012-12-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/string.n: Noted the obsolescence of the 'bytelength',
	'wordstart' and 'wordend' subcommands, and moved them to later in the

2012-12-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclListObj.c: [Bug 3598580]: Tcl_ListObjReplace may release
	deleted elements too early.

2012-12-22  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c: [Bug 3598150]: Stop leaking allocated space when
	objifying a zero-length DString. Spotted by afredd.

2012-12-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/dltest/pkgb.c:  Inline compat Tcl_GetDefaultEncodingDir.
	* generic/tclStubLib.c: Eliminate unnecessary static HasStubSupport()
	and isDigit() functions, just do the same inline.

2012-12-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclSubstCompile): Improved the sequence of
	instructions issued for [subst] when dealing with simple variable

2012-12-14  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.6.0 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* changes: updates for 8.6.0

2012-12-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c:	Repair same issue with misusing the
	* tests/zlib.test:	'fire and forget' nature of Tcl_ObjSetVar2
	in the new TIP 400 implementation.

2012-12-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:	(CatchObjCmdCallback): do not decrRefCount
	* tests/cmdAH.test:	the newValuePtr sent to Tcl_ObjSetVar2:
	TOSV2 is 'fire and forget', it decrs on its own.
	Fix for [Bug 3595576], found by andrewsh.

2012-12-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Fix Tcl_DecrRefCount macro such that it doesn't
	access its objPtr parameter twice any more.

2012-12-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:	Bump version number to 8.6.0.
	* library/init.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* unix/tcl.spec:

	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:

2012-12-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (plus-pkgs): Increased robustness of
	version number detection code to deal with packages whose names are
	prefixes of other packages.
	* unix/ (dist): Added pkgs/package.list.txt to distribution
	builds to ensure that 'make html' will work better.

2012-12-09  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tests/chan.test: Clean up unwanted eofchar side-effect of chan-4.6
	leading to a spurious "'" at end of chan.test under certain conditions
	(see [Bug 3389289] and [Bug 3389251]).

	* doc/expr.n: [Bug 3594188]: Clarifications about commas.

2012-12-08  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: Fix busyloop at exit under TCL_FINALIZE_ON_EXIT
	when there are unflushed nonblocking channels.  Thanks Miguel for

2012-12-07  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/dltest/pkgb.c:  Turn into a Tcl9 interoperability test
        library: Whatever Tcl9 looks like, loading in Tcl 9 should
        either result in an error-message, either succeed, but never crash.

2012-11-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibStreamSubcmd): [Bug 3590483]: Use a mechanism
	for complex option resolution that has fewer problems with more
	finicky compilers.

2012-11-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c: Factor out creation of the -sockname and
	-peername lists from TcpGetOptionProc() to TcpHostPortList().  Make it
	robust against implementations of getnameinfo() that error out if
	reverse mapping fails instead of falling back to the numeric

2012-11-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (BinaryDecode64): [Bug 3033307]: Corrected
	handling of trailing whitespace when decoding base64. Thanks to Anton
	Kovalenko for reporting, and Andy Goth for the fix and tests.

2012-11-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (INST_STR_RANGE_IMM): [Bug 3588366]: Corrected
	implementation of bounds restriction for end-indexed compiled [string
	range]. Thanks to Emiliano Gavilan for diagnosis and fix.

2012-11-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>


	New Options for 'load': -global and -lazy

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclLoad.c
	* unix/tclLoadDl.c
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c
	* tests/load.test
	* doc/Load.3
	* doc/load.n

2012-11-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (TclUnixOpenTemporaryFile): [Bug 2933003]: Factor
	out all the code to do temporary file creation so that it is possible
	to make it correct in one place. Allow overriding of the back-stop
	default temporary file location at compile time by setting the
	TCL_TEMPORARY_FILE_DIRECTORY #def to a string containing the directory
	name (defaults to "/tmp" as that is the most common default).

2012-11-13  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInit.c: also search for the library directory (init.tcl,
	encodings, etc) relative to the build directory associated with the
	source checkout.

2012-11-10  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   re-enable bcc-tailcall, after fixing an
	* generic/tclExecute.c: infinite loop in the TCL_COMPILE_DEBUG mode

2012-11-07  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca:
	* library/tzdata/America/Araguaina:
	* library/tzdata/America/Bahia:
	* library/tzdata/America/Havana:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Amman:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hebron:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Jerusalem:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fakaofo:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:		Import tzdata2012i.

2012-11-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::Finish): [Bug 3581754]: Ensure that
	callbacks are done at most once to prevent problems with timeouts on a
	keep-alive connection (combined with reentrant http package use)
	causing excessive stack growth. Not a fix for the underlying problem,
	but ensures that pain will be mostly kept away from users.
	Bump http package to 2.8.5.

2012-11-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	Added bytecode compilation of many Tcl commands. Some of these are
	total compilations and some are only partial (i.e., only compile in
	some cases). The (sub-)commands affected are:
	* array: exists, set, unset
	* dict: create, exists, merge
	* format: (simple cases only)
	* info: commands, coroutine, level, object
	* info object: class, isa object, namespace
	* namespace: current, code, qualifiers, tail, which
	* regsub: (only cases convertable to simple [string map])
	* self: (only no-argument and [self object] cases)
	* string: first, last, map, range
	* tailcall:
	* yield:

	[This was work originally done on the 'dkf-compile-misc-info' branch.]

2012-11-05  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>


	Align the [string trim] and [string is space] commands, such that
	[string trim] by default trims all characters for which [string is
	space] returns 1, augmented with the NUL character.

	* generic/tclUtf.c: Add NEL, BOM and two more characters to [string is
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Modify [string trim] for Unicode modifications.
	* generic/regc_locale.c: Regexp engine must match [string is space]
	* doc/string.n
	* tests/string.test
	Code that relied on characters not previously trimmed being not
	removed will notice a difference; it is believed that this is rare,
	but a workaround to get the behavior in Tcl 8.5 is to use " \t\n\r" as
	an explicit trim set.

2012-10-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/   Dde version number to 1.4.0, ready for Tcl 8.6.0rc1
	* win/
	* win/tclWinDde.c
	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl
	* tests/winDde.test

2012-10-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileDictUnsetCmd): Added compilation of
	the [dict unset] command (for scalar var in LVT only).

2012-10-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:       Add "flags" parameter from Tcl_LoadFile to
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:    to various internal functions, so these
	* generic/tclLoadNone.c:  flags are available through the whole
	* unix/tclLoad*.c:        filesystem for (future) internal use.
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:

2012-10-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNRCoroutineObjCmd): insure that numlevels
	are properly set, fix bug discovered by dkf and reported at

2012-10-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	New commands for applying a transformation to the elements of a list
	to produce another list (the [lmap] command) and to the mappings of a
	dictionary to produce another dictionary (the [dict map] command). In
	both cases, a [continue] will cause the skipping of an element/pair,
	and a [break] will terminate the construction early and successfully.

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_LmapObjCmd, TclNRLmapCmd): Implementation of
	the new [lmap] command, based on (and sharing much of) [foreach].
	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictMapNRCmd): Implementation of the new [dict
	map] subcommand, based on (and sharing much of) [dict for].
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileLmapCmd, TclCompileDictMapCmd):
	Compilation engines for [lmap] and [dict map].


	* generic/tclZlib.c: Allow the specification of a compression
	dictionary (a binary blob used to seed the compression engine) in both
	streams and channel transformations. Also some reorganization to allow
	for getting gzip header dictionaries and controlling buffering levels
	in channel transformations (allowing a trade-off between formal
	correctness and speed).
	(Tcl_ZlibStreamSetCompressionDictionary): New C API to allow setting
	the compression dictionary without using a Tcl script.

2012-10-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c: [Bug 3576509]: ::tcl::Bgerror crashes with
	* generic/tclEvent.c:    invalid arguments. Better fix, which helps
	for all Tcl_DictObjGet() calls in Tcl's source code.

2012-10-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c: [Bug 3576509]: tcl::Bgerror crashes with invalid

2012-10-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ [Bug 2459774]: tcl/win/ not compatible
	with msys 0.8.

2012-10-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c:	When checking for std channels being closed,
	compare the channel state, not the channel itself so that stacked
	channels do not cause trouble.

2012-09-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOSock.c (TclCreateSocketAddress): Work around a bug in
	getaddrinfo() on OSX that caused name resolution to fail for [socket
	-server foo -myaddr localhost 0].

2012-09-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ New import libraries for zlib 1.2.7, usable for
	* win/configure:    all win32/win64 compilers
	* compat/zlib/win32/zdll.lib:
	* compat/zlib/win64/zdll.lib:

	* win/tclWinDde.c: [FRQ 3527238]: Full unicode support for dde. Dde
	version is now 1.4.0b2.

2012-09-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:  Make Tcl_Interp a fully opaque structure if
	TCL_NO_DEPRECATED is set (TIP 330 and 336).
	* win/nmakehlp.c: Let "nmakehlp -V" start searching digits after the
	found match (suggested by Harald Oehlmann).

2012-09-19  Harald Oehlmann  <[email protected]>


	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:	dynamic locale change with mc file
	* library/clock.tcl:            load on locale change.
	clock uses new msgcat features.

2012-09-07  Harald Oehlmann  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.6b3 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***


	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:	[FRQ 3544988]: New commands [mcflset]
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:	and [mcflmset] to set mc entries with
	* unix/		implicit message file locale.
	* win/		Bump to 1.5.0.

2012-08-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgs/uk.msg: [Bug 3561330]: Use the correct full name of
	March in Ukrainian. Thanks to Mikhail Teterin for reporting.

2012-08-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c: [Bug 3496014]: Unecessary memset() in

2012-08-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c:	[Bug 3559678]: Fix bad filename normalization
	when the last component is the empty string.

2012-08-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h:  Remove wrapper macro for ntohs(): unnecessary,
	because it doesn't require an initialized winsock_2 library. See:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2012-08-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/nmakehlp.c: Add "-V<num>" option, in order to be able to detect
	partial version numbers.

2012-08-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Only build the threaded builds by default
	* win/        Some code cleanup

2010-08-13  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c: [Bug 3555454]: Rearrange a bit to quash
	'declared but never defined' compiler warnings.

2012-08-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/zlib/win64/zlib1.dll:  Add 64-bit build of zlib1.dll, and use
	* compat/zlib/win64/zdll.lib:   it for the dynamic mingw-w64 build.
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/configure:

2012-08-09  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test: Fix http-3.29 for machines without IPv6 support.

2010-08-08  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c: Change one '#ifdef' to '#if defined()' for
	improved consistency within the file.

2012-08-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclfileName.c: [Bug #1536227]: Cygwin network pathname
	* tests/fileName.test:   support

2012-08-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:	[Bug 3554250]: Overlooked one field of cleanup
	in the thread exit handler for the filesystem subsystem.

2012-07-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_GetInterpPath):
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c (TclGetAndDetachPids, Tcl_PidObjCmd):
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclGetAndDetachPids, Tcl_PidObjCmd):
	Purge use of Tcl_AppendElement, and corrected conversion of PIDs to
	integer objects.

2012-07-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/nmakehlp.c:  Add -Q option from sampleextension.
	* win/ [FRQ 3544967]: Missing objectfiles in static lib
	* win/ (Thanks to Jos Decoster).

2012-07-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/  No longer build tcltest.exe to run the tests,
	but use tclsh86.exe in combination with tcltest86.dll to do that.
	* tests/*.test:     load tcltest86.dll if necessary.

2012-07-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tests/clock.test:    [Bug 3549770]: Multiple test failures running
	* tests/registry.test: tcltest outside build tree
	* tests/winDde.test:

2012-07-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUniData.c:   Support Unicode 6.2 (Add Turkish lira sign)
	* generic/regc_locale.c:

2012-07-25  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c: [Bug 3547994]: Abandon the synchronous Windows
	pipe driver to its fate when needed to honour TIP#398.

2012-07-24  Trevor Davel  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c: [Bug: 3545363]: Loop over multiple underlying file
	descriptors for a socket where required (TcpCloseProc, SocketProc).
	Refactor socket/descriptor setup to manage linked list operations in
	one place. Fix memory leak in socket close (TcpCloseProc) and related
	dangling pointers in SocketEventProc.

2012-07-19  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c (TcpAccept): [Bug: 3545363]: Use a large enough
	buffer for accept()ing IPv6 connections. Fix conversion of host and
	port for passing to the accept proc to be independent of the IP

2012-07-23  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: [Bug 3545365]: Never try a bg-flush  on a dead
	channel, just like before 2011-08-17.

2012-07-19  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c: Fix several more missing mutex-locks in

2012-07-19  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c: [Bug 3544685]: Missing mutex-lock in
	TestasyncCmd since 2011-08-19. Unbounded gratitude to Stuart
	Cassoff for spotting it.

2012-07-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ [Bug 3544932]: Visual studio compiler check fails

2012-07-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (UpdateStringOfEndOffset): [Bug 3544658]: Stop
	1-byte overrun in memcpy, that object placement rules made harmless
	but which still caused compiler complaints.

2012-07-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/reg/pkgIndex.tcl:  Make registry 1.3 package dynamically
	loadable when ::tcl::pkgconfig is available.

2012-07-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinReg.c: [Bug 3362446]: registry keys command fails
	with 8.5/8.6. Follow Microsofts example better in order to prevent
	problems when using HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA.

2012-07-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: [Bug 3541646]: Don't panic on triggerPipe

2012-07-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c (InitializeHostName): Corrected logic that
	extracted the name of the computer from the gethostname call so that
	it would use the name on success, not failure. Also ensured that the
	buffer size is exactly that recommended by Microsoft.

2012-07-08  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl: [Bug 3531209]: Add fix and test for URLs that
	* tests/http.test: 	 contain literal IPv6 addresses.

2012-07-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:	[Bug 1189293]: Make "<<" binary safe.
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:

2012-07-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclDStringAppendObj, TclDStringAppendDString):
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclDStringAppendLiteral, TclDStringClear):
	* generic/tclCompile.h (TclDStringAppendToken): Added wrappers to make
	common cases of appending to Tcl_DStrings simpler to write. Prompted
	by looking at [FRQ 1357401] (these are an _internal_ implementation of
	that FRQ).

2012-06-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:   Add tn, ro_MO and ru_MO to msgcat.

2012-06-29  Harald Oehlmann <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:	[Bug 3536888]: Locale guessing of
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:	msgcat fails on (some) Windows 7. Bump
	* unix/		to 1.4.5
	* win/

2012-06-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/GetIndex.3: Reinforced the description of the requirement for
	the tables of names to index over to be static, following posting to
	tcl-core by Brian Griffin about a bug caused by Tktreectrl not obeying
	this rule correctly. This does not represent a functionality change,
	merely a clearer documentation of a long-standing constraint.

2012-06-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:       Let Cygwin shared build link with
	* unix/ zlib1.dll, not cygz.dll (two less
	* unix/configure:    dependencies on cygwin-specific dll's)
	* unix/

2012-06-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOSock.c: Use EAI_SYSTEM only if it exists.
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:

2012-06-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileSystem.h:	[Bug 3024359]: Make sure that the
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:	per-thread cache of the list of file systems
	* generic/tclPathObj.c:	currently registered is only updated at times
	when no active loops are traversing it.  Also reduce the amount of
	epoch storing and checking to where it can make a difference.

2012-06-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (EncodingDirsObjCmd): [Bug 3537605]: Do the right
	thing when reporting errors with the number of arguments.

2012-06-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclfileName.c: [Patch 1536227]: Cygwin network pathname
	* tests/fileName.test:   support.

2012-06-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: [Bug 3508771]: Cygwin notifier for handling
	win32 events.

2012-06-22  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOSock.c: Rework the error message generation of [socket],
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:  so that the error code of getaddrinfo is used
	* win/tclWinSock.c:    instead of errno unless it is EAI_SYSTEM.

2012-06-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinReg.c:	[Bug 3362446]: registry keys command fails
	* tests/registry.test:	with 8.5/8.6

2012-06-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	[Bug 3532959]: Make sure the lifetime
	* generic/tclProc.c:	management of entries in the linePBodyPtr
	* tests/proc.test:	hash table can tolerate either order of
	teardown, interp first, or Proc first.

2012-06-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Update autogoo for gettimeofday().
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:	Thanks Joe English.
	* unix/configure:	autoconf 2.13

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:	[Bug 3530533]: Centralize #include <pthread.h>
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:	in the tclUnixPort.h header so that old unix
	systems that need inclusion in all compilation units are supported.

2012-06-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:    Revise the "null data" check: null strings are
	possible, but empty binary arrays are not.
	* tests/winDde.test:  Add test-case (winDde-9.4) for transferring
	null-strings with dde. Convert tests to tcltest-2 syntax.

2012-06-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (TclZlibInit): Declare that Tcl is publishing the
	zlib package (version 2.0) as part of its bootstrap process. This will
	have an impact on tclkit (which includes zlib 1.1) but otherwise be
	very low impact.

2012-06-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: On Cygwin, use win32 API in stead of uname()
	to determine the tcl_platform variables.

2012-05-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c:  [Bug 3530536]: zlib-7.4 fails on IRIX64
	* tests/zlib.test:
	* doc/zlib.n:         Document that [stream checksum] doesn't do
	what's expected for "inflate" and "deflate" formats

2012-05-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (safe::AliasFileSubcommand): Don't assume that
	slaves have corresponding commands, as that is not true for
	sub-subinterpreters (used in Tk's test suite).

	* doc/safe.n: [Bug 1997845]: Corrected formatting so that generated
	HTML can link properly.

	* tests/socket.test (socket*-13.1): Prevented intermittent test
	failure due to race condition.

2012-05-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/expr.n, doc/mathop.n: [Bug 2931407]: Clarified semantics of
	division and remainder operators.

2012-05-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:    [Bug 3525762]: Encoding handling in dde.
	* win/    Fix "make genstubs" when cross-compiling on UNIX

2012-05-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (safe::AliasFileSubcommand): [Bug 3529949]: Made a
	more sophisticated method for preventing information leakage; it
	changes references to "~user" into "./~user", which is safe.

2012-05-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/namespace.n, doc/Ensemble.3: [Bug 3528418]: Document what is
	going on with respect to qualification of command prefixes in ensemble
	subcommand maps.

	* generic/tclIO.h (SYNTHETIC_EVENT_TIME): Factored out the definition
	of the amount of time that should be waited before firing a synthetic
	event on a channel.

2012-05-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: [Bug 473946]: Special characters were not correctly
	sent, now for XTYP_EXECUTE as well as XTYP_REQUEST.
	* win/ Fix "make genstubs" when cross-compiling on UNIX

2012-05-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:  Take cygwin handling of X11 into account.
	* generic/tcl*Decls.h: re-generated
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:  Implement TclpIsAtty, Cygwin only.
	* doc/dde.n: Doc fix: "dde execute iexplore" doesn't work
	without -async, because iexplore doesn't return a value

2012-05-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:   Let cygwin share stub table with win32
	* win/tclWinSock.c:     implement TclpInetNtoa for win32
	* generic/tclInt.decls: Revert most of [3caedf05df], since when
	  we let cygwin share the win32 stub table this is no longer necessary
	* generic/tcl*Decls.h:  re-generated
	* doc/dde.n:            1.3 -> 1.4

2012-05-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformInput): [Bug 3525907]: Ensure that
	decompressed input is flushed through the transform correctly when the
	input stream gets to the end. Thanks to Alexandre Ferrieux and Andreas
	Kupries for their work on this.

2012-05-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c:	When using Tcl_SetObjLength() calls to
	* generic/tclPathObj.c:		grow and shrink the objPtr->bytes
	buffer, care must be taken that the value cannot possibly become pure
	Unicode.  Calling Tcl_AppendToObj() has the possibility of making such
	a conversion.  Bug found while valgrinding the trunk.

2012-05-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>


	* win/tclWinDde.c:		Added encoding-related abilities to
	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl:	the [dde] command. The dde package's
	* tests/winDde.test:		version is now 1.4.0.
	* doc/dde.n:

2012-05-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Class_Constructor): [Bug 2023112]: Cut
	the amount of hackiness in class constructors, and refactor some of
	the error message handling from [oo::define] to be saner in the face
	of odd happenings.

2012-05-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SwitchObjCmd): [Bug 3106532]: Corrected
	resulting indexes from -indexvar option to be usable with [string
	range]; this was always the intention (and is consistent with [regexp
	-indices] too).
	Uses of [switch -regexp -indexvar] that previously compensated for the
	wrong offsets (by subtracting 1 from the end indices) now do not need
	to do so as the value is correct.

	* library/safe.tcl (safe::InterpInit): Ensure that the module path is
	constructed in the correct order.
	(safe::AliasGlob): [Bug 2964715]: More extensive handling of what
	globbing is required to support package loading.

	* doc/expr.n: [Bug 3525462]: Corrected statement about what happens
	when comparing "0y" and "0x12"; the previously documented behavior was
	actually a subtle bug (now long-corrected).

2012-05-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclMakeFileCommandSafe): [Bug 3445787]: Improve
	the compatibility of safe interpreters' version of 'file' with that of
	unsafe interpreters.
	* library/safe.tcl (::safe::InterpInit): Teach the safe-interp scripts
	about how to expose 'file' properly.

2012-05-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:   Protect against receiving strings without ending
	\0, as external applications (or Tcl with TIP #106) could generate

2012-05-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: [Bug 473946]: Special characters not correctly sent
	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl:  Increase version to 1.3.3

2012-05-10  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* {win,unix}/configure{,.in}: [Bug 2812981]: Clean up bundled
	packages' build directory from within Tcl's ./configure, to avoid
	stale configuration.

2012-05-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c: [Bug 3522560]: Fixed the crash, enabled the
	test case. Modified [chan postevent] to properly inject the event(s)
	into the owner thread's event queue for execution in the correct
	context. Renamed the ForwardOpTo...Thread() function to match with our

	* tests/ioCmd.test: [Bug 3522560]: Added a test which crashes the core
	if it were not disabled as knownBug. For a reflected channel
	transfered to a different thread the [chan postevent] run in the
	handler thread tries to execute the owner threads's fileevent scripts
	by itself, wrongly reaching across thread boundaries.

2012-04-28  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: Properly close nonblocking channels even when
	not flushing them.

2012-05-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/zlib/*: Upgrade to zlib 1.2.7 (pre-built dll is still 1.2.5,
	will be upgraded as soon as the official build is available)

2012-05-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test:	[Bug 3428754]: Test socket-14.2 tolerate
	[socket -async] connection that connects synchronously.

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:	[Bug 3428753]: Fix [socket -async] connections
	that manage to connect synchronously.

2012-05-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/    Better detection and implementation for
	* generic/configure:       cpuid instruction on Intel-derived
	* generic/tclUnixCompat.c: processors, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
	* generic/tclTest.c:       Move cpuid testcase from win-specific to
	* win/tclWinTest.c:        generic tests, as it should work on all
	* tests/platform.test:     Intel-related platforms now.

2012-04-30  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tests/ioCmd.test: [Bug 3522560]: Tame deadlocks in broken refchan

2012-04-28  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclIO.c: Quickly Exit with Non-Blocking Blocked Channels
	* tests/io.test  : *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
	* doc/close.n    : (compat flag available)

2012-04-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPort.h:    Move CYGWIN-specific stuff from tclPort.h to
	* generic/tclEnv.c:     tclUnixPort.h, where it belongs.
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:

2012-04-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (auto_execok): Allow shell builtins to be detected
	even if they are upper-cased.

2012-04-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:    Get rid of _ANSI_ARGS_ and CONST
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:

2012-04-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclDStringToObj): Added internal function to make
	the fairly-common operation of converting a DString into an Obj a more
	efficient one; for long strings, it can just transfer the ownership of
	the buffer directly. Replaces this:
	with this:

2012-04-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:      [Bug 3508771]: load tclreg.dll in cygwin
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: Implement TclWinGetSockOpt,
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:     TclWinGetServByName and TclWinCPUID for
	* generic/tclUnixCompat.c:   Cygwin.
	* unix/
	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c:

2012-04-18  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca:
	* library/tzdata/America/Port-au-Prince:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Damascus:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hebron: tzdata2012c

2012-04-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/FileSystem.3 (Tcl_FSOpenFileChannelProc): [Bug 3518244]: Fixed
	documentation of this filesystem callback function; it must not
	register its created channel - that's the responsibility of the caller
	of Tcl_FSOpenFileChannel - as that leads to reference leaks.

2012-04-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnsemble.c (NsEnsembleImplementationCmdNR):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_FSEvalFileEx): Cut out levels of the C
	stack by going direct to the relevant internal evaluation function.

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformSetOption): [Bug 3517696]: Make
	flushing work correctly in a pushed compressing channel transform.

2012-04-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:      [Bug 3514475]: Remove TclpGetTimeZone and
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:     TclpGetTZName
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTime.c:
	* unix/tclWinTilemc:

2012-04-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInit.c:     [Bug 3448512]: clock scan "1958-01-01" fails
	* win/tcl.m4:           only in debug compilation.
	* win/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4:          Use NDEBUG consistantly meaning: no debugging.
	* unix/configure:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl:  Use [::tcl::pkgconfig get debug] instead
	* library/reg/pkgIndex.tcl:  of [info exists ::tcl_platform(debug)]

2012-04-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h (TCL_DEPRECATED_API): [Bug 2458976]: Added macro that
	can be used to mark parts of Tcl's API as deprecated. Currently only
	used for fields of Tcl_Interp, which TIPs 330 and 336 have deprecated
	with a migration strategy; we want to encourage people to move away
	from those fields.

2012-04-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c (ClassVarsSet, ObjVarsSet): [Bug 3396896]:
	Ensure that the lists of variable names used to drive variable
	resolution will never have the same name twice.

	* generic/tclVar.c (AppendLocals): [Bug 2712377]: Fix problem with
	reporting of declared variables in methods. It's really a problem with
	how [info vars] interacts with variable resolvers; this is just a bit
	of a hack so it is no longer a big problem.

2012-04-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (Tcl_NewObjectInstance, TclNRNewObjectInstance):
	[Bug 3514761]: Fixed bogosity with automated argument description
	handling when constructing an instance of a class that is itself a
	member of an ensemble. Thanks to Andreas Kupries for identifying that
	this was a problem case at all!
	(Tcl_CopyObjectInstance): Fix potential bleed-over of ensemble
	information into [oo::copy].

2012-04-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c:	[Bug 510001]: TclSockMinimumBuffers needs
	* generic/tclIOSock.c:	platform implementation.
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2012-04-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Remove the TclpGetTZName implementation for
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: Cygwin (from 2012-04-02 commit), re-generated
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:

2012-04-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclBasic.c (builtInCmds, TclNRYieldToObjCmd): Convert the
	formerly-unsupported yieldm and yieldTo commands into [yieldto].

2012-04-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: [Bug 3508771]: load tclreg.dll in cygwin tclsh
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: Implement TclWinGetTclInstance,
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:     TclpGetTZName, and various more
	win32-specific internal functions for Cygwin, so win32 extensions
	using those can be loaded in the cygwin version of tclsh.

2012-03-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:        [Bug 3511806]: Compiler checks too early
	* unix/  This change allows to build the cygwin and
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: mingw32 ports of Tcl/Tk to build out-of-the-box
	* win/tcl.m4:         using a native or cross-compiler.
	* win/
	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/README          Document how to build win32 or win64 executables
	with Linux, Cygwin or Darwin.

2012-03-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringIsCmd): Faster mem-leak free
	implementation of [string is entier].

2012-03-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringIsCmd): Implementation of the [string is
	entier] check. Code by Jos Decoster.

2012-03-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:      [Bug 3508771]: Wrong Tcl_StatBuf used on MinGW.
	* generic/tclFCmd.c:  [Bug 2015723]: Duplicate inodes from file stat
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: on windows (but now for cygwin as well).
	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c: minor gcc warning
	* win/tclWinPort.h:   Use lower numbers, preventing integer overflow.
	Remove the workaround for mingw-w64 [Bug 3407992]. It's long fixed.

2012-03-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclOO.c (Tcl_CopyObjectInstance): [Bug 3474460]: Make the
	target object name optional when copying classes. [RFE 3485060]: Add
	callback method ("<cloned>") so that scripted control over copying is
	If you'd previously been using the "<cloned>" method name, this now
	has a standard semantics and call interface. Only a problem if you are
	also using [oo::copy].

2012-03-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	* doc/define.n, doc/object.n, generic/tclOO.c, generic/tclOOBasic.c:
	* generic/tclOOCall.c, generic/tclOODefineCmds.c, generic/tclOOInt.h:
	* tests/oo.test: Switch definitions of lists of things in objects and
	classes to a slot-based approach, which gives a lot more flexibility
	and programmability at the script-level. Introduce new [::oo::Slot]
	class which is the implementation of these things.

	The unknown method handler now may be asked to deal with the case
	where no method name is provided at all. The default implementation
	generates a compatible error message, and any override that forces the
	presence of a first argument (i.e., a method name) will continue to
	function as at present as well, so this is a pretty small change.

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_Destroy): Made it easier to do a
	tailcall inside a normally-invoked destructor; prevented leakage out
	to calling command.

2012-03-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:      [Bug 3508771]: load tclreg.dll in cygwin
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: tclsh. Implement TclWinConvertError,
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:     TclWinConvertWSAError, and various more
	* unix/          win32-specific internal functions for
	* unix/tcl.m4:               Cygwin, so win32 extensions using those
	* unix/configure:            can be loaded in the cygwin version of
	* win/tclWinError.c:         tclsh.

2012-03-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:       Revert some cygwin-related signature
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:  changes from [835f8e1e9d] (2010-01-22).
	* win/tclWinError.c:          They were an attempt to make the cygwin
	                              port compile again, but since cygwin is
	                              based on unix this serves no purpose any
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:         Use EAGAIN in stead of EWOULDBLOCK,
	* win/tclWinSock.c:           because in VS10+ the value of
	                              EWOULDBLOCK is no longer the same as
	* unix/           Add tclWinError.c to the CYGWIN build.
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/configure:

2012-03-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:         [Bug 3508771]: load tclreg.dll in cygwin
	* generic/tclInt.decls:      tclsh. Implement TclWinGetPlatformId,
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: Tcl_WinUtfToTChar, Tcl_WinTCharToUtf (and
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:    a dummy TclWinCPUID) for Cygwin, so win32
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:     extensions using those can be loaded in
	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c:      the cygwin version of tclsh.

2012-03-19  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Atikokan: Update to tzdata2012b.
	* library/tzdata/America/Blanc-Sablon:
	* library/tzdata/America/Dawson_Creek:
	* library/tzdata/America/Edmonton:
	* library/tzdata/America/Glace_Bay:
	* library/tzdata/America/Goose_Bay:
	* library/tzdata/America/Halifax:
	* library/tzdata/America/Havana:
	* library/tzdata/America/Moncton:
	* library/tzdata/America/Montreal:
	* library/tzdata/America/Nipigon:
	* library/tzdata/America/Rainy_River:
	* library/tzdata/America/Regina:
	* library/tzdata/America/Santiago:
	* library/tzdata/America/St_Johns:
	* library/tzdata/America/Swift_Current:
	* library/tzdata/America/Toronto:
	* library/tzdata/America/Vancouver:
	* library/tzdata/America/Winnipeg:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Casey:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Davis:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Palmer:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Yerevan:
	* library/tzdata/Atlantic/Stanley:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Easter:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fakaofo:
	* library/tzdata/America/Creston: (new)

2012-03-19  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (Tcl_OpenTcpServer): Use the values returned
	by getaddrinfo() for all three arguments to socket() instead of
	only using ai_family. Try to keep the most meaningful error while
	iterating over the result list, because using the last error can
	be misleading.

2012-03-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: [Bug 3288345]: Wrong Tcl_StatBuf used on Cygwin
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* win/cat.c:           Remove cygwin stuff no longer needed
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinPort.h:

2012-03-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: [Bug 3388350]: mingw64 compiler warnings

2012-03-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/*.n, doc/*.3: A number of small spelling and wording fixes.

2012-03-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/info.n:   Various minor fixes (prompted by Andreas Kupries
	* doc/socket.n: detecting a spelling mistake).

2012-03-07  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl: [Bug 3498327]: Generate upper-case
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl: hexadecimal output for compliance
	* tests/http.test: with RFC 3986. Bumped version to 2.8.4.
	* unix/
	* win/

2012-03-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Compatibility with older Visual Studio versions.

2012-03-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLoad.c: Patch from the cygwin folks
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/configure: (re-generated)

2012-03-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (Tcl_SetByteArrayObj): [Bug 3496014]: Only zero
	out the memory block if it is not being immediately overwritten. (Our
	caller might still overwrite, but we should at least avoid
	known-useless work.)

2012-02-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:	[Bug 3466099]: BOM in Unicode
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* tests/source.test:

2012-02-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/reg.test (14.21-23): Add tests relating to Bug 1115587. Actual
	bug is characterised by test marked with 'knownBug'.

2012-02-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: [Bug 2233954]: AIX: compile error
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:

2012-02-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (INST_LIST_RANGE_IMM): Enhance implementation
	so that shortening a (not multiply-referenced) list by lopping the end
	off with [lrange] or [lreplace] is efficient.

2012-02-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileLreplaceCmd): Added a compilation
	strategy for [lreplace] that tackles the cases which are equivalent to
	a static [lrange].
	(TclCompileLrangeCmd): Add compiler for [lrange] with constant indices
	so we can take advantage of existing TCL_LIST_RANGE_IMM opcode.
	(TclCompileLindexCmd): Improve coverage of constant-index-style
	compliation using technique developed for [lrange] above.

	(TclCompileDictForCmd): [Bug 3487626]: Fix crash in compilation of
	[dict for] when its implementation command is used directly rather
	than through the ensemble.

2012-02-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Converted the memcpy() calls in append
	operations to memmove() calls.  This adds safety in the case of
	overlapping copies, and improves performance on some benchmarks.

2012-02-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnsemble.c: [Bug 3485022]: TclCompileEnsemble() avoid
	* tests/trace.test:	compile when exec traces set.

2012-02-06  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTrace.c:  [Bug 3484621]: Ensure that execution traces on
	* tests/trace.test:    bytecoded commands bump the interp's compile

2012-02-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUniData.c: [FRQ 3464401]: Support Unicode 6.1
	* generic/regc_locale.c:

2012-02-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c:	[Bugs 2974459,2879351,1951574,1852572,
	1661378,1613456]: Revisions to the NativeAccess() routine that queries
	file permissions on Windows native filesystems.  Meant to fix numerous
	bugs where [file writable|readable|executable] "lies" about what
	operations are possible, especially when the file resides on a Samba

2012-02-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/AddErrInfo.3: [Bug 3482614]: Documentation nit.

2012-01-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileCatchCmd): Added a more efficient
	bytecode generator for the case where 'catch' is used without any
	variable arguments; don't capture the result just to discard it.

2012-01-26  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:		[Bug 3479689]: New internal routine
	* generic/tclFCmd.c:		TclJoinPath(). Refactor all the
	* generic/tclFileName.c:	*Join*Path* routines to give them more
	* generic/tclInt.h:		useful interfaces that are easier to
	* generic/tclPathObj.c:		manage getting the refcounts right.

2012-01-26  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c:	[Bug 3475569]: Add checks for unshared values
	before calls demanding them.  [Bug 3479689]: Stop memory corruption
	when shimmering 0-refCount value to "path" type.

2012-01-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (Tcl_CopyObjectInstance): [Bug 3474460]: When
	copying an object, make sure that the configuration of the variable
	resolver is also duplicated.

2012-01-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/uniClass.tcl:    [FRQ 3473670]: Various Unicode-related
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:    speedups/robustness. Enhanced tools to be
	* generic/tclUniData.c:  able to handle characters > 0xffff. Done in
	* generic/tclUtf.c:      all branches in order to simplify merges for
	* generic/regc_locale.c: new Unicode versions (such as 6.1)

2012-01-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictExistsCmd): [Bug 3475264]: Ensure that
	errors only ever happen when insufficient arguments are supplied, and
	not when a path doesn't exist or a dictionary is poorly formatted (the
	two cases can't be easily distinguished).

2012-01-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:        [Bug 3474726]: Eliminate detection of struct
	* generic/tclWinPort.h: _stat32i64, just use _stati64 in combination
	* generic/tclFCmd.c:    with _USE_32BIT_TIME_T, which is the same
	* generic/tclTest.c:    then. Only keep _stat32i64 usage for cygwin,
	* win/     so it will not conflict with cygwin's own
	* win/configure:	struct stat.

2012-01-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 3475667]: Prevent buffer read overflow.
	Thanks to "sebres" for the report and fix.

2012-01-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dict.n (dict with): [Bug 3474512]: Explain better what is going
	on when a dictionary key and the dictionary variable collide.

2012-01-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::Connect): [Bug 3472316]: Ensure that we
	only try to read the socket error exactly once.

2012-01-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclvars.n: [Bug 3466506]: Document more environment variables.

2012-01-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtf.c:      [Bug 3464428]: [string is graph \u0120] was
	* generic/regc_locale.c: wrong. Add table for Unicode [:cntrl:] class.
	* tools/uniClass.tcl:    Generate Unicode [:cntrl:] class table.
	* tests/utf.test:

2012-01-08  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (ReadZoneinfoFile): [Bug 3470928]: Corrected a bug
	* tests/clock.test (clock-56.4):        where loading zoneinfo would
	fail if one timezone abbreviation was a proper tail of another, and
	zic used the same bytes of the file to represent both of them. Added a
	test case for the bug, using the same data that caused the observed
	failure "in the wild."

2011-12-30  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Bahia:		Update to Olson's tzdata2011n
	* library/tzdata/America/Havana:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Kiev:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Simferopol:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Uzhgorod:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Zaporozhye:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:

2011-12-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtf.c: [Bug 3464428]: [string is graph \u0120] is wrong.
	* generic/tclUniData.c:
	* generic/regc_locale.c:
	* tests/utf.test:
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:   Clean up some unused stuff, and be more robust
	against changes in UnicodeData.txt syntax

2011-12-13  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclInitAuxDataTypeTable): Extended to register
	the DictUpdateInfo structure as an AuxData type. For use by tbcload,

2011-12-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_locale.c: [Bug 3457031]: Some Unicode 6.0 chars not
	* tests/utf.test:        in [:print:] class

2011-12-07  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/uniParse.tcl:    [Bug 3444754]: string tolower \u01c5 is wrong
	* generic/tclUniData.c:
	* tests/utf.test:

2011-11-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: [Bug 967195]: Make tcltest work
	when tclsh is compiled without using the setargv() function on mingw.

2011-11-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ don't install tommath_(super)?class.h
	* unix/ don't install directories like 8.2 and 8.3
	* generic/tclTomMath.h: [Bug 2991415]: move include tclInt.h from
	* generic/tclTomMathInt.h: tclTomMath.h to tclTomMathInt.h

2011-11-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/history.tcl (history): Simplify the dance of variable
	management used when chaining to the implementation command.

2011-11-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompileObj): Simplify and de-indent the
	logic so that it is easier to comprehend.

2011-11-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: [Bug 3354324]: Windows: [file mtime] sets wrong
	* win/tclWinFile.c: time (VS2005+ only).
	* generic/tclTest.c:

2011-11-20  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* tests/thread.test: Remove unnecessary [after] calls from the thread
	tests.  Make error message matching more robust for tests that may
	have built-in race conditions.  Test thread-7.26 must first unset all
	thread testing related variables.  Revise results of the thread-7.28
	through thread-7.31 tests to account for the fact they are canceled
	via a script sent to the thread asynchronously, which then impacts the
	error message handling.  Attempt to manually drain the event queue for
	the main thread after joining the test thread to make sure no stray
	events are processed at the wrong time on the main thread.  Revise all
	the synchronization and comparison semantics related to the thread id
	and error message.

2011-11-18  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* tests/thread.test: Remove all use of thread::release from the thread
	7.x tests, replacing it with a script that can easily cause "stuck"
	threads to self-destruct for those test cases that require it.  Also,
	make the error message handling far more robust by keeping track of
	every asynchronous error.

2011-11-17  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* tests/thread.test: Refactor all the remaining thread-7.x tests that
	were using [testthread].  Note that this test file now requires the
	very latest version of the Thread package to pass all tests.  In
	addition, the thread-7.18 and thread-7.19 tests have been flagged as
	knownBug because they cannot pass without modifications to the [expr]
	command, persuant to TIP #392.

2011-11-17  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: For [testthread cancel], avoid creating a
	new Tcl_Obj when the default script cancellation result is desired.

2011-11-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c: Refactor common thread handling patterns.

2011-11-11  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tests/zlib.test: [Bug 3428756]: Use nonblocking writes in
	single-threaded IO tests to avoid deadlocks when going beyond OS
	buffers.  Tidy up [chan configure] flags across zlib.test.

2011-11-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c (TclpGetPwNam, TclpGetPwUid, TclpGetGrNam)
	(TclpGetGrGid): Use the elaborate memory management scheme outlined on to handle Tcl's
	use of standard reentrant versions of the passwd/group access
	functions so that everything can work on all BSDs. Problem identified
	by Stuart Cassoff.

2011-10-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl:        Bump to version 2.8.3
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/

	* changes:	Updates toward 8.6b3 release.

2011-10-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLiteral.c (TclInvalidateCmdLiteral): [Bug 3418547]:
	Additional code for handling the invalidation of literals.
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_CreateObjCommand, Tcl_CreateCommand)
	(TclRenameCommand, Tcl_ExposeCommand): The four additional places that
	need extra care when dealing with literals.
	* generic/tclTest.c (TestInterpResolverCmd): Additional test machinery
	for interpreter resolvers.

2011-10-18  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (::tcl::clock::GetSystemTimeZone): Cache the time
	zone only if it was detected by one of the expensive methods.
	Otherwise after unsetting TCL_TZ or TZ the previous value will still
	be used.

2011-10-15  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Sitka: Update to Olson's tzdata2011l
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hebron: (New)

2011-10-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c:    [Bug 2935503]: Incorrect mode field returned by
	[file stat] command.

2011-10-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileDictWithCmd): Corrected handling of
	qualified names, and added spacial cases for empty bodies (used when
	[dict with] is just used for extracting variables).

2011-10-07  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:        Fix gcc warnings (discovered with latest
	* generic/tclIORChan.c: mingw, based on gcc 4.6.1)
	* tests/env.test:       Fix env.test, when running under wine 1.3.

2011-10-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c (TclDictWithInit, TclDictWithFinish):
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileDictWithCmd): Experimental
	compilation for the [dict with] subcommand, using parts factored out
	from the interpreted version of the command.

2011-10-05  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInt.h:   Remove tclWinProcs, as it is no longer
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: being used.

2011-10-03  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Dar_es_Salaam: Update to Olson's tzdata2011k
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Kampala:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Nairobi:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Kaliningrad:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Kiev:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Minsk:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Simferopol:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Uzhgorod:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Zaporozhye:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:

2011-09-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl, tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl: More
	refactoring so that more of the utility code is decently out of the
	way. Adjusted the header-material generator so that version numbers
	are only included in locations where there is room.

2011-09-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.h:      [RFE 3010352]: make all TclOO API functions
	* generic/tclOODecls.h: MODULE_SCOPE
	* generic/tclOOIntDecls.h:

2011-09-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_ParseArgsObjv): [Bug 3413857]: Corrected
	the memory management for the code parsing arguments when returning
	"large" numbers of arguments. Also unbroke the TCL_ARGV_AUTO_REST
	macro in passing.

2011-09-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclMakeFileCommandSafe): [Bug 3211758]: Also
	make the main [file] command hidden by default in safe interpreters,
	because that's what existing code expects. This will reduce the amount
	which the code breaks, but not necessarily eliminate it...

2011-09-23  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: More revisions to get finalization of
	ReflectedTransforms correct, including adopting a "dead" field as was
	done in tclIORChan.c.

	* tests/thread.test:	Stop using the deprecated thread management
	commands of the tcltest package.  The test suite ought to provide
	these tools for itself.  They do not belong in a testing harness.

2011-09-22  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:	Revise [info frame] so that it stops creating
	cycles in the iPtr->cmdFramePtr stack.

2011-09-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/re_syntax.n: [Bug 2903743]: Add more magic so that we can do at
	least something sane on Solaris.
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl (process-text): Teach the HTML
	generator how to handle this magic.

2011-09-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: Revise the thread exit handling of the
	[testthread] command so that it properly maintains the per-process
	data structures even when the thread exits for reasons other than the
	[testthread exit] command.

2011-09-21  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclIO.c: [Bug 3412487]: Now short reads are allowed in
	synchronous fcopy, avoid mistaking them as nonblocking ones.

2011-09-21  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c (ForwardOpToOwnerThread): Fixed the missing
	initialization of the 'dsti' field. Reported by Don Porter, on chat.

2011-09-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c: Re-using the "interp" field to signal a dead
	channel (via NULL value) interfered with conditional cleanup tasks
	testing for "the right interp". Added a new field "dead" to perform
	the dead channel signalling task so the corrupted logic is avoided.

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: Revised ReflectClose() and
	FreeReflectedTransform() so that we stop leaking ReflectedTransforms,
	yet free all Tcl_Obj values in the same thread that alloced them.

2011-09-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/ioTrans.test:	Conversion from [testthread] to Thread package
	stops most memory leaks.

	* tests/thread.test:	Plug most memory leaks in thread.test.
	Constrain the rest to be skipped during `make valgrind'.  Tests using
	the [testthread cancel] testing command are leaky.  Corrections wait
	for either addition of [thread::cancel] to the Thread package, or
	improvements to the [testthread] testing command to make leak-free
	versions of these tests possible.

	* generic/tclIORChan.c:	Plug all memory leaks in ioCmd.test exposed
	* tests/ioCmd.test:	by `make valgrind'.
	* unix/

2011-09-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>


	* doc/Tcl.n:
	* doc/re_syntax.n:
	* generic/regc_lex.c:
	* generic/regcomp.c:
	* generic/regcustom.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclParse.c:
	* tests/reg.test:
	* tests/utf.test:

2011-09-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (ProcWrongNumArgs): [Bugs 3400658,3408830]:
	Corrected the handling of procedure error messages (found by TclOO).

2011-09-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:        Don't change Tcl_UniChar type when
	* generic/regcustom.h:  TCL_UTF_MAX == 4 (not supported anyway)

2011-09-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (ProcWrongNumArgs): [Bugs 3400658,3408830]:
	Ensemble-like rewriting of error messages is complex, and TclOO (in
	combination with iTcl) hits the most tricky cases.

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::geturl): [Bug 3391977]: Ensure that the
	-headers option overrides the -type option (important because -type
	has a default that is not always appropriate, and the header must not
	be duplicated).

2011-09-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c: [Bug 3408408]: Partial improvement by sharing
	as literals the computed values of constant subexpressions when we can
	do so without incurring the cost of string rep generation.

2011-09-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:	[Bug 3390638]: Workaround broken Solaris
	Studio cc optimizer.  Thanks to Wolfgang S. Kechel.

	* generic/tclDTrace.d:	[Bug 3405652]: Portability workaround for
	broken system DTrace support.  Thanks to Dagobert Michelson.

2011-09-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: [Bug 3407070]: tclPosixStr.c won't build with

2011-09-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/thread.test:	Convert [testthread] use to Thread package use
	in thread-6.1.  Eliminates a memory leak in `make valgrind`.

	* tests/socket.test:	[Bug 3390699]: Convert [testthread] use to
	Thread package use in socket_*-13.1.  Eliminates a memory leak in
	`make valgrind`.

2011-09-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/chanio.test:	[Bug 3389733]: Convert [testthread] use to
	* tests/io.test:	Thread package use in *io-70.1.  Eliminates a
	memory leak in `make valgrind`.

2011-09-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c: [Bug 3401704]: Allow function names like
	* tests/parseExpr.test:	 influence(), nanobot(), and 99bottles() that
	have been parsed as missing operator syntax errors before with the

2011-09-06  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Goose_Bay: Update to Olson's tzdata2011i
	* library/tzdata/America/Metlakatla:
	* library/tzdata/America/Resolute:
	* library/tzdata/America/St_Johns:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Kaliningrad:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Honolulu:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Juba: (new)

2011-09-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:   [RFE 1711975]: Tcl_MainEx() (like Tk_MainEx())
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclMain.c:

2011-09-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test:	Convert [testthread] use to Thread package use.
	Eliminates memory leak seen in `make valgrind`.

2011-09-01  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c: [Bug 3401422]: Cache script-level changes to the
	nonblocking flag of an async client socket in progress, and commit
	them on completion.

2011-09-01  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c:	[Bug 3402540]: Corrections to TclParseNumber()
	* tests/binary.test:	to make it reject invalid Nan(Hex) strings.

	* tests/scan.test:	[scan Inf %g] is portable; remove constraint.

2011-08-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c (SlaveCommandLimitCmd, SlaveTimeLimitCmd):
	[Bug 3398794]: Ensure that low-level conditions in the limit API are
	enforced at the script level through errors, not a Tcl_Panic. This
	means that interpreters cannot read their own limits (writing already
	did not work).

2011-08-30  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (TcpWatchProc): [Bug 3394732]: Put back the check
	for server sockets.

2011-08-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: Leak of ReflectedTransformMap.

2011-08-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:  [RFE 3396731]: Revise the [string reverse]
	* tests/string.test:	implementation to operate on the representation
	that comes in, avoid conversion to other reps.

2011-08-23  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c:	[Bug 3396948]: Leak of ReflectedChannelMap.

2011-08-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: [Bugs 3393279, 3393280]: ReflectClose(.) is
	missing Tcl_EventuallyFree() calls at some of its exits.

	* generic/tclIO.c: [Bugs 3394654, 3393276]: Revise FlushChannel() to
	account for the possibility that the ChanWrite() call might recycle
	the buffer out from under us.

	* generic/tclIO.c: Preserve the chanPtr during FlushChannel so that
	channel drivers don't yank it away before we're done with it.

2011-08-19  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c: [Bug 2981154]: async-4.3 segfault.
	* tests/async.test:  [Bug 1774689]: async-4.3 sometimes fails.

2011-08-18  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: [Bug 3096275]: Sync fcopy buffers input.

2011-08-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUniData.c: [Bug 3393714]: Overflow in toupper delta
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:
	* tests/utf.test:

2011-08-17  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c:  [Bug 2946474]: Consistently resume backgrounded
	* tests/ioCmd.test: flushes+closes when exiting.

2011-08-17  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/interp.n: Document TIP 378's one-way-ness.

2011-08-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGet.c: [Bug 3393150]: Overlooked free of intreps.
	(It matters for bignums!)

2011-08-16  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c: [Bug 3392070]: More complete prevention of
	Tcl_Obj reference cycles when producing an intrep of ByteCode.

2011-08-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclListObj.c (TclLindexList, TclLsetFlat): Silence warnings
	about (unreachable) cases of uninitialized variables.
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (SelectObjFromSublist): Improve the generation of
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_ParseArgsObjv): messages through the use
	* generic/tclVar.c (ArrayStartSearchCmd):    of Tcl_ObjPrintf.

2011-08-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: [Bug 3390272]: Leak of [info script] value.

2011-08-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c:    [Bug 3388350]: mingw64 compiler warnings
	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/
	* win/configure:

2011-08-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* doc/FindExec.3: [Patch 3124554]: Move WishPanic from Tk to Tcl
	* doc/Panic.3     Added Documentation

2011-08-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c:	[Bug 3389764]: Eliminate possibility that dup
	of a "path" value can create reference cycle.

2011-08-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformOutput): [Bug 3390073]: Return the
	correct length of written data for a compressing transform.

2011-08-10 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTestObj.c: [Bug 3386721]: Allow multiple [load]ing of the
	Tcltest package.

2011-08-09 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: [Bug 2919042]: Restore "valgrindability" of Tcl
	* generic/tclEvent.c: that was lost by the streamlining of [exit], by
	* generic/tclExecute.c: conditionally forcing a full Finalize:
	* generic/tclInt.h:  use -DPURIFY or ::env(TCL_FINALIZE_ON_EXIT)

2011-08-09 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c: [Bug 3386417]: Avoid a reference loop between
	* generic/tclInt.h:      the bytecode and its companion errostack
	* generic/tclResult.c:   when compiling a syntax error.

2011-08-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c: [Bug 3388350]: mingw64 compiler warnings
	* win/tclWinDde.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:

2011-08-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Change the signature of TclParseHex(), such that
	* generic/tclParse.c: it can now parse up to 8 hex characters.

2011-08-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibStreamCmd): Make the -buffersize option to
	'$zstream add' function correctly instead of having its value just be
	discarded unceremoniously. Also generate error codes from more of the
	code, not just the low-level code but also the Tcl infrastructure.

2011-08-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOInfo.c (InfoClassCallCmd): [Bug 3387082]: Plug memory
	leak in call chain introspection.

2011-08-06  Kevin B, Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssemnbly.c: [Bug 3384840]: Plug another memory leak.
	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 3386975]: Plug another memory leak.

2011-08-05  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 3386975]: Plugged a memory leak in
	double->string conversion.

2011-08-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.6b2 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.

2011-08-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (AssembleOneLine): Ensure that memory isn't
	leaked when an unknown instruction is encountered. Also simplify code
	through use of Tcl_ObjPrintf in error message generation.

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformClose): [Bug 3386197]: Plug a memory
	leak found by Miguel with valgrind, and ensure that the correct
	direction's buffers are released.

2011-08-04  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclPtrSetVar): Fix valgrind-detected error when
	newValuePtr is the interp's result obj.

2011-08-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (FreeAssemblyEnv): [Bug 3384840]: Plug another
	possible memory leak due to over-complex code for freeing the table of

2011-08-04  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOSock.c (TclCreateSocketAddress): Don't bother using
	AI_ADDRCONFIG for now, as it was causing problems in various

2011-08-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (AssembleOneLine, GetBooleanOperand)
	(GetIntegerOperand, GetListIndexOperand, FindLocalVar): [Bug 3384840]:
	A Tcl_Obj is allocated by GetNextOperand, so callers of it must not
	hold a reference to one in the 'out' parameter when calling it. This
	was causing a great many memory leaks.
	* tests/assemble.test (assemble-51.*): Added group of memory leak

2011-08-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.
	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl: Variable substitution botch.

2011-08-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_DbIncrRefCount, Tcl_DbDecrRefCount)
	(Tcl_DbIsShared): [Bug 3384007]: Fix the panic messages so they share
	what should be shared and have the right number of spaces.

2011-08-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (TclProcCompileProc): [Bug 3383616]: Fix for leak
	of resolveInfo when recompiling procs. Thanks go to Gustaf Neumann for
	detecting the bug and providing the fix.

2011-08-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclvars.n (EXAMPLES): Added some examples of how some of the
	standard global variables can be used, following prompting by a
	request by Robert Hicks.

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (plus-pkgs): [Bug 3382474]: Added code to
	determine the version number of contributed packages from their
	directory names so that HTML documentation builds are less confusing.

2011-07-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (ensemble_commands, remap_link_target):
	Small enhancements to improve cross-linking with contributed packages.
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl (insert-cross-references): Enhance to
	cope with contributed packages' C API.

2011-07-28  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_TCL_IPV6): Fix AC_DEFINE invocation for
	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59

2011-07-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Anadyr: Update to Olson's tzdata2011h
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Irkutsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Kamchatka:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Krasnoyarsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Magadan:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Novokuznetsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Novosibirsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Omsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Sakhalin:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Vladivostok:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Yakutsk:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Yekaterinburg:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Kaliningrad:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Moscow:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Samara:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Volgograd:
	* library/tzdata/America/Kralendijk: (new)
	* library/tzdata/America/Lower_Princes: (new)

2011-07-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (initScript): Ensure that TclOO is properly found by
	all the various package mechanisms (by adding a dummy ifneeded script)
	and not just some of them.

2011-07-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: [Bug 3372130]: Fix hypot math function with MSVC10

2011-07-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:	[Bug 3371644]: Repair failure to properly handle
	* tests/util.test: (length == -1) scanning in TclConvertElement().
	Thanks to Thomas Sader and Alexandre Ferrieux.

2011-07-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/*.3, doc/*.n: Many small fixes to documentation as part of
	project to improve quality of generated HTML docs.

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (remap_link_target): More complete set of
	definitions of link targets, especially for major C API types.
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl (output-IP-list, cross-reference):
	Update to generation to produce proper HTML bulleted and enumerated

2011-07-19 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/upvar.n: Undocument long gone limitation of [upvar].

2011-07-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:	Bump version number to 8.6b2.
	* library/init.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* tools/

	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:

2011-07-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c: Avoid segfaults when RecordByteCodeStats() is
	called in a deleted interp.

	* generic/tclCompile.c: [Bug 467523, 3357771]: Prevent circular
	references in values with ByteCode intreps.  They can lead to memory

2011-07-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOCall.c (TclOORenderCallChain): [Bug 3365156]: Remove
	stray refcount bump that caused a memory leak.

2011-07-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUnixSock.c:  [Bug 3364777]: Stop segfault caused by
	reading from struct after it had been freed.

2011-07-11  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: [Bug 3339502]: Correct cast for CURR_DEPTH to
	silence compiler warning.

2011-07-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/http.n: [FRQ 3358415]: State what RFC defines HTTP/1.1.

2011-07-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Add missing INT2PTR

2011-07-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/FileSystem.3: Corrected statements about ctime field of 'struct
	stat'; that was always the time of the last metadata change, not the
	time of creation.

2011-07-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclTomMath.decls:
	* generic/tclTomMathDecls.h:
	* macosx/Tcl.xcode/project.pbxproj:
	* macosx/Tcl.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
	* tests/util.test:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/
	[Bug 3349507]: Fix a bug where bignum->double conversion is "round up"
	and not "round to nearest" (causing expr double(1[string repeat 0 23])
	not to be 1e+23).

2011-06-28  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (CreateClientSocket): [Bug 3325339]: Fix and
	simplify posting of the writable fileevent at the end of an
	asynchronous connection attempt. Improve comments for some of the
	trickery around [socket -async].

	* tests/socket.test: Adjust tests to the async code changes. Add more
	tests for corner cases of async sockets.

2011-06-22  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: Updated to platform 1.0.10. Added
	* library/platform/platform.tcl: handling of the DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH
	* unix/ location change for libc.
	* win/

	* generic/tclInt.h: Fixed the inadvertently committed disabling of
	stack checks, see my 2010-11-15 commit.

2011-06-22  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	Merge from rmax-ipv6-branch:
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c: Fix [socket -async], so that all addresses
	returned by getaddrinfo() are tried, not just the first one. This
	requires the event loop to be running while the async connection is in
	* tests/socket.test: Add a test for the above.
	* doc/socket: Document the fact that -async needs the event loop
	* generic/tclIOSock.c: AI_ADDRCONFIG is broken on HP-UX

2011-06-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLink.c:	[Bug 3317466]: Prevent multiple links to a
	single Tcl variable when calling Tcl_LinkVar().

2011-06-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c:  [Bug 3315098]: Mem leak fix from Gustaf

2011-06-08  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Reverted the fix for [Bug 3274728] committed
	on 2011-04-06 and replaced with one which is 64bit-safe. The existing
	fix crashed tclsh on Windows 64bit.

2011-06-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fileSystem.test: Reduce the amount of use of duplication of
	complex code to perform common tests, and convert others to do the
	test result check directly using Tcltest's own primitives.

2011-06-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test: Add test constraint, so 6.2 and 6.3 don't fail
	when the machine does not have support for ip6. Follow-up to checkin
	from 2011-05-11 by rmax.

2011-06-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Removed TclCleanupLiteralTable(), and old
	* generic/tclInt.h:	band-aid routine put in place while a fix for
	* generic/tclLiteral.c:	[Bug 994838] took shape.  No longer needed.

2011-06-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h (TclInvalidateNsCmdLookup): [Bug 3185407]: Extend
	the set of epochs that are potentially bumped when a command is
	created, for a slight performance drop (in some circumstances) and
	improved semantics.

2011-06-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Using the two free data elements in NRCommand to
	store objc and objv - useful for debugging.

2011-06-01  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:   Fix for [Bug 3309871]: Valgrind finds: invalid
	read in TclMaxListLength().

2011-05-31  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	  Use a complete growth algorithm for lists so
	* generic/tclListObj.c:	  that length limits do not overconstrain by a
	* generic/tclStringObj.c: factor of 2.  [Bug 3293874]: Fix includes
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	  rooting all growth routines by default on a
	common tunable parameter TCL_MIN_GROWTH.

2011-05-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:	Bump to msgcat 1.4.4.
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/

2011-05-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.h (TCLOO_VERSION): Bump version.


	* doc/next.n, doc/ooInfo.n, doc/self.n, generic/tclOO.c,
	* generic/tclOOBasic.c, generic/tclOOCall.c, generic/tclOOInfo.c,
	* generic/tclOOInt.h, tests/oo.test, tests/ooNext2.test: Added
	introspection of call chains ([self call], [info object call], [info
	class call]) and ability to skip ahead in chain ([nextto]).

2011-05-24  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo: Update to Olson tzdata2011g

2011-05-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl (msgcat::mcset, msgcat::mcmset): Remove
	some useless code; [dict set] builds dictionary levels for us.

2011-05-17  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclFixupForwardJump): Tracked down and fixed
	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclArgumentBCEnter): the cause of a violation of
	my assertion that 'ePtr->nline == objc' in TclArgumentBCEnter.  When a
	bytecode was grown during jump fixup the pc -> command line mapping
	was not updated. When things aligned just wrong the mapping would
	direct command A to the data for command B, with a different number of

2011-05-11  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (TcpWatchProc): No need to check for server
	sockets here, as the generic server code already takes care of that.
	* tests/socket.test (accept): Add tests to make sure that this remains

2011-05-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:     New internal routines TclScanElement() and
	* generic/tclUtil.c:    TclConvertElement() are rewritten guts of
	machinery to produce string rep of lists.  The new routines avoid and
	correct [Bug 3173086].  See comments for much more detail.

	* generic/tclDictObj.c:         Update all callers.
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* tests/list.test:

2011-05-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (NamespacePathCmd): Convert to use Tcl_Obj API
	* generic/tclPkg.c (Tcl_PackageObjCmd):   for result generation in
	* generic/tclTimer.c (Tcl_AfterObjCmd):   [after info], [namespace
	path] and [package versions].

2011-05-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclListObj.c:	Revise empty string tests so that we avoid
	potentially expensive string rep generations, especially for dicts.

2011-05-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLoad.c (TclGetLoadedPackages): Convert to use Tcl_Obj API
	for result generation.

2011-05-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Fix USE_TCLALLOC so that it can be enabled without
	* unix/ editing the Makefile.

2011-05-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclListObj.c:	Stop generating string rep of dict when
	converting to list.  Tolerate NULL interps more completely.

2011-05-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:	Tighten Tcl_SplitList().
	* generic/tclListObj.c:	Tighten SetListFromAny().
	* generic/tclDictObj.c:	Tighten SetDictFromAny().
	* tests/join.test:
	* tests/mathop.test:

2011-05-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	Revised TclFindElement() interface. The final
	* generic/tclDictObj.c:	argument had been bracePtr, the address of a
	* generic/tclListObj.c:	boolean var, where the caller can be told
	* generic/tclParse.c:	whether or not the parsed list element was
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	enclosed in braces.  In practice, no callers
	really care about that.  What the callers really want to know is
	whether the list element value exists as a literal substring of the
	string being parsed, or whether a call to TclCopyAndCollpase() is
	needed to produce the list element value.  Now the final argument is
	changed to do what callers actually need. This is a better fit for the
	calls in tclParse.c, where now a good deal of post-processing checking
	for "naked backslashes" is no longer necessary.
	For any callers calling in via the internal stubs table who really do
	use the final argument explicitly to check for the enclosing brace
	scenario.  Simply looking for the braces where they must be is the
	revision available to those callers, and it will backport cleanly.

	* tests/parse.test:	Tests for expanded literals quoting detection.

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c:	New TclFindElement() is also a better
	fit for the [switch] compiler.

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Replace TclCountSpaceRuns() with
	* generic/tclListObj.c:	TclMaxListLength() which is the function we
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	actually want.
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c:

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c: Rewrite of parts of the switch compiler to
	better use the powers of TclFindElement() and do less parsing on its

2011-04-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	New utility routines:
	* generic/tclParse.c:	TclIsSpaceProc() and TclCountSpaceRuns()
	* generic/tclUtil.c:

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	Use new routines to replace calls to isspace()
	* generic/tclListObj.c:	and their /* INTL */ risk.
	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Improved reaction to out of memory.

2011-04-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	TclFreeIntRep() correction & cleanup.
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclResult.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:

	* generic/tclListObj.c:	FreeListInternalRep() cleanup.

2011-04-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Use macro to set List intreps.
	* generic/tclListObj.c:

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:	Limits on list length were too strict.
	* generic/tclInt.h:	Revised panics to errors where possible.
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* tests/lrepeat.test:

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	Make sure SetFooFromAny routines react
	* generic/tclIO.c:	reasonably when passed a NULL interp.
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c:

2011-04-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:       fix for [Bug 3288345]: Wrong Tcl_StatBuf
	* generic/tclInt.h:    used on MinGW. Make sure that all _WIN32
	* win/tclWinFile.c:    compilers use exactly the same layout
	* win/    for Tcl_StatBuf - the one used by MSVC6 -
	* win/configure:       in all situations.

2011-04-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclConfig.c:	Reduce internals access in the implementation
	of [<foo>::pkgconfig list].

2011-04-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:	Use ListRepPtr(.) and other cleanup.
	* generic/tclConfig.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Define and use macros that test whether a Tcl
	* generic/tclBasic.c:	list value is canonical.
	* generic/tclUtil.c:

2011-04-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dict.n: [Bug 3288696]: Command summary was confusingly wrong
	when it came to [dict filter] with a 'value' filter.

2011-04-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFCmd.c (TclFileAttrsCmd): Add comments to make this code
	easier to understand. Added a panic to handle the case where the VFS
	layer does something odd.

2011-04-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:	[Bug 3285375]: Rewrite of Tcl_Concat*()
	routines to prevent segfaults on buffer overflow.  Build them out of
	existing primitives already coded to handle overflow properly.  Uses
	the new TclTrim*() routines.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	New internal utility routines TclTrimLeft()
	* generic/tclInt.h:	and TclTrimRight().  Refactor the
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	[string trim*] implementations to use them.

2011-04-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: [Bug 2662380]: Fix crash caused by appending to a
	variable with a write trace that unsets it.

2011-04-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_ConcatObj): [Bug 3285375]: Make the crash
	less mysterious through the judicious use of a panic. Not yet properly
	fixed, but at least now clearer what the failure mode is.

2011-04-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/string.test:	Test for [Bug 3285472]. Not buggy in trunk.

2011-04-12  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Atlantic/Stanley: Update to Olson tzdata2011f

2011-04-12  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Fix for [Bug 2440625], kbk's patch

2011-04-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* tests/coroutine.test: [Bug 3282869]: Ensure that 'coroutine eval'
	runs the initial command in the proper context.

2011-04-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:    Fix for [Bug 3281728]: Tcl sources from 2011-04-06
	* unix/tcl.m4:      do not build on GCC9 (RH9)
	* unix/configure:

2011-04-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Fix for [Bug 3280043]: win2k: unresolved DLL
	* win/ imports.
	* win/configure

2011-04-06  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompileObj): Earlier return if Tip280
	gymnastics not needed.

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Fix for [Bug 3274728]: making *catchTop an
	unsigned long.

2011-04-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclAppInit.c:  Make symbols "main" and "Tcl_AppInit"
	MODULE_SCOPE: there is absolutely no reason for exporting them.
	* unix/tcl.m4:        Don't use -fvisibility=hidden with static
	* unix/configure      libraries (--disable-shared)

2011-04-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFCmd.c, macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c, unix/tclUnixChan.c,
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c, win/tclWinChan.c, win/tclWinDde.c,
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c, win/tclWinLoad.c, win/tclWinPipe.c,
	* win/tclWinReg.c, win/tclWinSerial.c, win/tclWinSock.c: More
	generation of error codes (most platform-specific parts not already
	using Tcl_PosixError).

2011-04-05  Venkat Iyer <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca: Update to Olson's tzdata2011e
	* library/tzdata/America/Santiago:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Easter:
	* library/tzdata/America/Metlakatla: (new)
	* library/tzdata/America/North_Dakota/Beulah: (new)
	* library/tzdata/America/Sitka: (new)

2011-04-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c, generic/tclOOBasic.c, generic/tclOODefineCmds.c
	* generic/tclOOInfo.c, generic/tclOOMethod.c: More generation of
	error codes (TclOO miscellany).

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c, generic/tclCmdIL.c: More generation of error
	codes (miscellaneous commands mostly already handled).

2011-04-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* README:	[Bug 3202030]: Updated README files, repairing broken
	* macosx/README:URLs and removing other bits that were clearly wrong.
	* unix/README:	Still could use more eyeballs on the detailed build
	* win/README:	advice on various plaforms.

2011-04-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (tcl::mathfunc::rmmadwiw): Disable by default to
	make test suite work.

	* generic/tclBasic.c, generic/tclStringObj.c, generic/tclTimer.c,
	* generic/tclTrace.c, generic/tclUtil.c: More generation of error
	codes ([format], [after], [trace], RE optimizer).

2011-04-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:  Better error-message in case of errors
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:  related to setting a variable. This fixes
	* generic/tclDictObj.c: a warning: "Why make your own error
	* generic/tclScan.c:   message? Why?"
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* test/error.test:
	* test/info.test:
	* test/scan.test:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.h:  Remove this unused header file.

2011-04-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c, generic/tclObj.c, generic/tclPathObj.c:
	* generic/tclPipe.c, generic/tclPkg.c, generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclScan.c: More generation of error codes (namespace
	creation, path normalization, pipeline creation, package handling,
	procedures, [scan] formats)

2011-04-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c (QuickConversion): Replaced another couple
	of 'double' declarations with 'volatile double' to work around
	misrounding issues in mingw-gcc 3.4.5.

2011-04-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c, generic/tclListObj.c, generic/tclLoad.c:
	More generation of errorCodes ([interp], [lset], [load], [unload]).

	* generic/tclEvent.c, generic/tclFileName.c: More generation of
	errorCode information (default [bgerror] and [glob]).

2011-04-01  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl: TIP#131 implementation.

2011-03-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGetDate.y, generic/tclDate.c (TclClockOldscanObjCmd):
	More generation of errorCode information.

2011-03-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c, generic/tclConfig.c, generic/tclUtil.c: More
	generation of errorCode information, notably when lists are mis-parsed

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd, Tcl_RegsubObjCmd): Use the
	error messages generated by the variable management code rather than
	creating our own.

2011-03-27  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNREvalObjEx): fix performance issue, notably
	apparent in tclbench's "LIST lset foreach". Many thanks to Twylite for
	patiently researching the issue and explaining it to me: a missing
	Tcl_ResetObjResult that causes unwanted sharing of the current result

2011-03-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_Export, Tcl_Import, DoImport): More
	generation of errorCode information.

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c, generic/tclCompile.c, generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c, generic/tclNamesp.c, generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c, generic/tclUtil.c: Reduce the number of
	casts used to manage Tcl_Obj internal representations.

2011-03-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h (ckfree,etc.): Restored C++ usability to the memory
	allocation and free macros.

2011-03-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFCmd.c (TclFileAttrsCmd): Ensure that any reference to
	temporary index tables is squelched immediately rather than hanging
	around to trip us up in the future.

2011-03-23  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: Exploit HAVE_FAST_TSD for the deletion context in

2011-03-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c: Simpler initialization of Cache under
	HAVE_FAST_TSD, from mig-alloc-reform.

2011-03-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDl.c:    [Bug 3216070]: Loading extension libraries
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c:  from embedded Tcl applications.
	For extensions which rely on symbols from other extensions being
	present in the global symbol table. For an example and some discussion
	of workarounds, see

2011-03-21  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkAlloc.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h: Remove one level of allocator indirection in
	non-memdebug builds, imported from mig-alloc-reform.

2011-03-20  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c: Imported HAVE_FAST_TSD support from
	mig-alloc-reform. The feature has to be enabled by hand: no autoconf
	support has been added. It is not clear how universal a build using
	this will be: it also requires some loader support.

2011-03-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c (ParseExpr): Generate errorCode information on
	failure to parse expressions.

2011-03-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c: [Patch 3124683]: Reorganize the platform-specific
	stuff in (tcl|tk)Main.c.

2011-03-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: [Bug 3197864]: Pointer truncation on Win64
	TCL_MEM_DEBUG builds.

2011-03-16  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Some rewrites to eliminate calls to isspace()
	* generic/tclParse.c:	and their /* INTL */ risk.
	* generic/tclProc.c:

2011-03-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:    Make SHLIB_LD_LIBS='${LIBS}' the default and
	* unix/configure: set to "" on per-platform necessary basis.
	Backported from TEA, but kept all original platform code which was
	removed from TEA.

2011-03-14  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tclZIC.tcl (onDayOfMonth): Allow for leading zeroes in month
	and day so that tzdata2011d parses correctly.
	* library/tzdata/America/Havana:
	* library/tzdata/America/Juneau:
	* library/tzdata/America/Santiago:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Istanbul:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Easter:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Honolulu:  tzdata2011d

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (BBEmitInstInt1): Changed parameter data types
	in an effort to silence a MSVC warning reported by Ashok P. Nadkarni.
	Unable to test, since both forms work on my machine in VC2005, 2008,
	2010, in both release and debug builds.
	* tests/tclTest.c (TestdstringCmd): Restored MSVC buildability broken
	by [5574bdd262], which changed the effective return type of 'ckalloc'
	from 'char*' to 'void*'.

2011-03-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: remove TEBCreturn()

2011-03-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h (ckalloc,ckfree,ckrealloc): Moved casts into these
	macro so that they work with VOID* (which is a void* on all platforms
	which Tcl actually builds on) and unsigned int for the length
	parameters, removing the need for MANY casts across the rest of Tcl.
	Note that this is a strict source-level-only change, so size_t cannot
	be used (would break binary compatibility on 64-bit platforms).

2011-03-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: [Bug 3185609]: File normalization corner case
	of ... broken with -DUNICODE

2011-03-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/unixInit.test: Make better use of tcltest2.

2011-03-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c, generic/tclCompCmds.c, generic/tclEnsemble.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h, generic/tclNamesp.c, library/auto.tcl:
	* tests/interp.test, tests/namespace.test, tests/nre.test:
	Converted the [namespace] command into an ensemble. This has the
	consequence of making it vital for Tcl code that wishes to work with
	namespaces to _not_ delete the ::tcl namespace.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl (loadIntoSlaveInterpreter): Added this
	command to handle connecting tcltest to a slave interpreter. This adds
	in the hook (inside the tcltest namespace) that allows the tests run
	in the child interpreter to be reported as part of the main sequence
	of test results. Bumped version of tcltest to 2.3.3.
	* tests/init.test, tests/package.test: Adapted these test files to use
	the new feature.

	* generic/tclAlloc.c, generic/tclCmdMZ.c, generic/tclCompExpr.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c, generic/tclEnv.c, generic/tclEvent.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c, generic/tclIOCmd.c, generic/tclIORChan.c:
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c, generic/tclLiteral.c, generic/tclNotify.c:
	* generic/tclParse.c, generic/tclStringObj.c, generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclZlib.c, unix/tclUnixFCmd.c, unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h, unix/tclXtNotify.c: Formatting fixes, mainly to
	comments, so code better fits the style in the Engineering Manual.

2011-03-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/incr.test: Update more of the test suite to use Tcltest 2.

2011-03-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c:	[Bug 3202171]: Tighten the detector of nested
	* tests/namespace.test:	[namespace code] quoting that the quoted
	scripts function properly even in a namespace that contains a custom
	"namespace" command.

	* doc/tclvars.n:	Formatting fix.  Thanks to Pat Thotys.

2011-03-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/dstring.test, tests/init.test, tests/link.test: Update more of
	the test suite to use Tcltest 2.

2011-03-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Fix gcc warnings: variable set but not used
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclIORChan.c:
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c:
	* generic/tclAssembly.c:  Fix gcc warning: comparison between signed
	and unsigned integer expressions

2011-03-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Remove TclMarkList() routine, an experimental
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	dead-end from the 8.5 alpha days.

	* generic/tclResult.c (ResetObjResult): [Bug 3202905]: Correct failure
	to clear invalid intrep.  Thanks to Colin McDonald.

2011-03-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c, tests/assemble.test: Migrate to use a style
	more consistent with the rest of Tcl.

2011-03-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	More replacements of Tcl_UtfBackslash() calls
	* generic/tclCompile.c:	with TclParseBackslash() where possible.
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c:
	* generic/tclParse.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclFindElement):	[Bug 3192636]: Guard escape
	sequence scans to not overrun the string end.

2011-03-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclParse.c (TclParseBackslash): [Bug 3200987]: Correct
	* tests/parse.test:	trunction checks in \x and \u substitutions.

2011-03-05  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclStackFree): insure that the execStack
	satisfies "at most one free stack after the current one" when
	consecutive reallocs caused the creation of intervening stacks.

2011-03-05  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (new file):
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_CreateInterp):
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* tests/assemble.test (new file):
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/  Merged dogeen-assembler-branch into HEAD. Since
	all functional changes are in the tcl::unsupported namespace, there's
	no reason to sequester this code on a separate branch.

2011-03-05  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Cleaner mem management for TEBCdata

	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/nre.test: Renamed BottomData to TEBCdata, so that the name
	refers to what it is rather than to its storage location.

	* generic/tclBasic.c:     Renamed struct TEOV_callback to the more
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:  descriptive NRE_callback.
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclTest.c:

2011-03-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (ProcedureMethodCompiledVarConnect)
	(ProcedureMethodCompiledVarDelete): [Bug 3185009]: Keep references to
	resolved object variables so that an unset doesn't leave any dangling
	pointers for code to trip over.

2011-03-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNREvalObjv): Missing a variable declaration
	in commented out non-optimised code, left for ref in checkin

2011-03-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclResult.c (Tcl_AppendResultVA):	Use the directive
	USE_INTERP_RESULT [TIP 330] to force compat with interp->result
	access, instead of the improvised hack USE_DIRECT_INTERP_RESULT_ACCESS
	from releases past.

2011-03-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclCompileThrowCmd, TclCompileUnsetCmd):
	fix leaks

	* generic/tclBasic.c:       This is [Patch 3168398],
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c:  Joe Mistachkin's optimisation
	* generic/tclExecute.c:     of Tip #285
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* generic/tclOODecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* win/

	* generic/tclExecute.c (ExprObjCallback): Fix object leak

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBCresume): Store local var array and
	constants in automatic vars to reduce indirection, slight perf

	* generic/tclOOCall.c (TclOODeleteContext): Added missing '*' so that
	trunk compiles.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNRRunCallbacks): [Patch 3168229]: Don't do
	the trampoline dance for commands that do not have an nreProc.

2011-03-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (Tcl_NewObjectInstance, TclNRNewObjectInstance)
	(TclOOObjectCmdCore, FinalizeObjectCall):
	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_Destroy, AfterNRDestructor):
	* generic/tclOOCall.c (TclOODeleteContext, TclOOGetCallContext):
	Reorganization of call context reference count management so that code
	is (mostly) simpler.

2011-01-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/RegExp.3: [Bug 3165108]: Corrected documentation of description
	of subexpression info in Tcl_RegExpInfo structure.

2011-01-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPreserve.c:  Don't miss 64-bit address bits in panic
	* win/tclWinChan.c:       Fix various gcc-4.5.2 64-bit warning
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:    messages, e.g. by using full 64-bits for
	* win/tclWinDde.c:	  socket fd's
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:

2011-01-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: [FRQ 3159920]: Tcl_ObjPrintf() crashes with
	* generic/tcl.decls   bad format specifier.
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:

2011-01-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (PushMethodCallFrame): [Bug 3001438]: Make
	sure that the cmdPtr field of the procPtr is correct and relevant at
	all times so that [info frame] can report sensible information about a
	frame after a return to it from a recursive call, instead of probably
	crashing (depending on what else has overwritten the Tcl stack!)

2011-01-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:      Various mismatches between Tcl_Panic
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:   format string and its arguments,
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c: discovered thanks to [Bug 3159920]
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:
	* generic/tclEnsemble.c:
	* generic/tclPreserve.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:

2011-01-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c: [Bug 3148192]: Commands "read/puts" incorrectly
	* tests/chanio.test:  interpret parameters. Improved error-message
	* tests/io.test       regarding legacy form.
	* tests/ioCmd.test

2011-01-15  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclvars.n:
	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_PrintDouble):
	* tests/util.test (util-16.*): [Bug 3157475]: Restored full Tcl 8.4
	compatibility for the formatting of floating point numbers when
	$::tcl_precision is not zero. Added compatibility tests to make sure
	that excess trailing zeroes are suppressed for all eight major code

2011-01-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c:   Use _vsnprintf in stead of vsnprintf, because
	MSVC 6 doesn't have it. Reported by andreask.
	* win/tcl.m4:         handle --enable-64bit=ia64 for gcc
	* win/   more accurate test for correct <intrin.h>
	* win/configure:      (autoconf-2.59)
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:  VS 2005 64-bit does not have intrin.h, and
	* generic/tclPanic.c: does not need it.

2011-01-07  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* tests/util.test (util-15.*): Added test cases for floating point
	conversion of the largest denormal and the smallest normal number, to
	avoid any possibility of the failure suffered by PHP in the last
	couple of days. (They didn't fail, so no actual functional change.)

2011-01-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/package.test, tests/pkg.test: Coalesce these tests into one
	file that is concerned with the package system. Convert to use
	tcltest2 properly.
	* tests/autoMkindex.test, tests/pkgMkIndex.test: Convert to use
	tcltest2 properly.

2011-01-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test, tests/cmdMZ.test, tests/compExpr.test,
	* tests/compile.test, tests/concat.test, tests/eval.test,
	* tests/fileName.test, tests/fileSystem.test, tests/interp.test,
	* tests/lsearch.test, tests/namespace-old.test, tests/namespace.test,
	* tests/oo.test, tests/proc.test, tests/security.test,
	* tests/switch.test, tests/unixInit.test, tests/var.test,
	* tests/winDde.test, tests/winPipe.test: Clean up of tests and
	conversion to tcltest 2. Target has been to get init and cleanup code
	out of the test body and into the -setup/-cleanup stanzas.

	* tests/execute.test (execute-11.1): [Bug 3142026]: Added test that
	fails (with a crash) in an unfixed memdebug build on 64-bit systems.

2010-12-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (SortElement): Use unions properly in the
	definition of this structure so that there is no need to use nasty
	int/pointer type punning. Made it clearer what the purposes of the
	various parts of the structure are.

2010-12-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/dltest/*.c: [Bug 3148192]: Fix broken [load] tests by ensuring
	that the affected files are never compiled with -DSTATIC_BUILD.

2010-12-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (GrowEvaluationStack): Off-by-one error in
	sizing the new allocation - was ok in comment but wrong in the code.
	Triggered by [Bug 3142026] which happened to require exactly one more
	than what was in existence.

2010-12-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsortObjCmd): Fix crash when multiple -index
	options are used. Simplified memory handling logic.

2010-12-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:    [Patch 3059922]: fixes for mingw64 - gcc4.5.1
	tdm64-1: completed for all environments.

2010-12-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/   Explicitely test for intrinsics support in
	compiler, before assuming only MSVC has it.
	* win/configure:      (autoconf-2.59)
	* generic/tclPanic.c:

2010-12-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:    [Patch 3059922]: fixes for mingw64 - gcc4.5.1
	tdm64-1: Fixed for gcc, not yet for MSVC 64-bit.

2010-12-17  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/  Remove unwanted/obsolete 'ddd' target.

2010-12-17  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Clean up '.PHONY:' targets: Arrange those
				common to Tcl and Tk as in Tk's,
				add any missing ones and remove duplicates.

2010-12-17  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/  [Bug 2446711]: Remove 'allpatch' target.

2010-12-17  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/  [Bug 2537626]: Use 'rpmbuild', not 'rpm'.

2010-12-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPanic.c:  [Patch 3124554]: Move WishPanic from Tk to Tcl
	* win/tclWinFile.c:    Better communication with debugger, if present.

2010-12-15  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tclAssembly.c:
	* assemble.test: 	Reworked beginCatch/endCatch handling to
	enforce the more severe (but more correct) restrictions on catch
	handling that appeared in the discussion of [Bug 3098302] and in
	tcl-core traffic beginning about 2010-10-29.

2010-12-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPanic.c:    Restore abort() as it was before.
	* win/tclWinFile.c:      [Patch 3124554]: Use ExitProcess() here, like
	in wish.

2010-12-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: [Bug 3137454]: Tcl CVS HEAD does not build on GCC 3.

2010-12-14  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c (CreateSocket):         Swap the loops over
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (CreateClientSocket): local and remote addresses,
	so that the system's address preference for the remote side decides
	which family gets tried first. Cleanup and clarify some of the

2010-12-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:    [Bug 3135271]: Link error due to hidden
	* unix/tcl.m4:      symbols (CentOS 4.2)
	* unix/configure:   (autoconf-2.59)
	* win/tclWinFile.c:  Undocumented feature, only meant to be used by
	Tk_Main. See [Patch 3124554]: Move WishPanic from Tk to Tcl

2010-12-12  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: Better building on OpenBSD.
	* unix/configure: (autoconf-2.59)

2010-12-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:       [Bug 3129448]: Possible over-allocation on
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: 64-bit platforms, part 2
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclHash.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIO.h:
	* generic/tclProc.c:

2010-12-10 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: Make sure [fcopy -size ... -command ...] always
	* tests/io.test:   calls the callback asynchronously, even for size

2010-12-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c:  Fix gcc -Wextra warning: missing initializer
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclDictObj.c:
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* win/tcl.m4:               Fix manifest-generation for 64-bit gcc
	* win/         Check for availability of intptr_t and
	* win/configure:            (autoconf-2.59)
	* generic/tclInt.decls:     Change 1st param of TclSockMinimumBuffers
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:    to ClientData, and TclWin(Get|Set)SockOpt
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:to SOCKET, because on Win64 those are
	* generic/tclIOSock.c:	    64-bit, which does not fit.
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:

2010-12-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test: Improve sanity of constraints now that we don't
	support anything before Windows 2000.

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclInitFileCmd, TclMakeFileCommandSafe, ...):
	Break up [file] into an ensemble. Note that the ensemble is safe in
	itself, but the majority of its subcommands are not.
	* generic/tclFCmd.c (FileCopyRename,TclFileDeleteCmd,TclFileAttrsCmd)
	(TclFileMakeDirsCmd): Adjust these subcommand implementations to work
	inside an ensemble.
	(TclFileLinkCmd, TclFileReadLinkCmd, TclFileTemporaryCmd): Move these
	subcommand implementations from tclCmdAH.c, where they didn't really
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (TclChannelNamesCmd): Move to more appropriate
	source file.
	* generic/tclEnsemble.c (TclMakeEnsemble): Start of code to make
	partially-safe ensembles. Currently does not function as expected due
	to various shortcomings in how safe interpreters are constructed.
	* tests/cmdAH.test, tests/fCmd.test, tests/interp.test: Test updates
	to take into account systematization of error messages.

	* tests/append.test, tests/appendComp.test: Clean up tests so that
	they don't leave things in the global environment (detected when doing
	-singleproc testing).

2010-12-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test, tests/safe.test, tests/uplevel.test,
	* tests/upvar.test, tests/var.test: Convert more tests to tcltest2 and
	factor them to be easier to understand.

	* generic/tclStrToD.c: Tidy up code so that more #ifdef-fery is
	quarantined at the front of the file and function headers follow the
	modern Tcl style.

2010-12-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c:  [Bug 3129448]: Possible over-allocation on
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: 64-bit platforms.
	* generic/tclTrace.c:

2010-12-05  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: [Patch 3116490]: Cross-compile support for unix
	* unix/configure: (autoconf-2.59)

2010-12-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclReToGlob): Add extra check for multiple inner
	*s that leads to poor recursive glob matching, defer to original RE
	instead.  tclbench RE var backtrack.

2010-12-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c:   Silence gcc warning when using -Wwrite-strings
	* generic/tclStrToD.c: Silence gcc warning for non-IEEE platforms
	* win/  [Patch 3116490]: Cross-compile Tcl mingw32 on unix
	* win/tcl.m4:       This makes it possible to cross-compile Tcl/Tk for
	* win/ Windows (either 32-bit or 64-bit) out-of-the-box
	* win/configure:    on UNIX, using mingw-w64 build tools (If Itcl,
	tdbc and Thread take over the latest tcl.m4, they can do that too).

2010-12-01  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c (SetPrecisionLimits, TclDoubleDigits):
	[Bug 3124675]: Added meaningless initialization of 'i', 'ilim' and
	'ilim1' to silence warnings from the C compiler about possible use of
	uninitialized variables, Added a panic to the 'switch' that assigns
	them, to assert that the 'default' case is impossible.

2010-12-01  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Fix gcc 64-bit warnings: cast from pointer to
	* generic/tclHash.c:  integer of different size.
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c:
	* generic/tclStrToD.c: Fix gcc(-4.5.2) warning: 'static' is not at
	beginning of declaration.
	* generic/tclPanic.c: Allow Tcl_Panic() to enter the debugger on win32
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: Use Tcl_Panic() in stead of duplicating the

2010-11-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls, generic/tclInt.h, generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: TclFormatInt restored at slot 24
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclFormatInt): restore TclFormatInt func from
	2005-07-05 macro-ization. Benchmarks indicate it is faster, as a key
	int->string routine (e.g. int-indexed arrays).

2010-11-29 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Patch by Miguel, providing a
	[::tcl::unsupported::inject coroname command args], which prepends
	("injects") arbitrary code to a suspended coro's future resumption.
	Neat for debugging complex coros without heavy instrumentation.

2010-11-29  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclTomMath.decls:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* tests/util.test:
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/ Rewrite of Tcl_PrintDouble and TclDoubleDigits that
	(a) fixes a severe performance problem with floating point shimmering
	reported by Karl Lehenbauer, (b) allows TclDoubleDigits to generate
	the digit strings for 'e' and 'f' format, so that it can be used for
	tcl_precision != 0 (and possibly later for [format]), (c) fixes [Bug
	3120139] by making TclPrintDouble inherently locale-independent, (d)
	adds test cases to util.test for correct rounding in difficult cases
	of TclDoubleDigits where fixed- precision results are requested. (e)
	adds test cases to util.test for the controversial aspects of [Bug
	3105247]. As a side effect, two more modules from libtommath
	(bn_mp_set_int.c and bn_mp_init_set_int.c) are brought into the build,
	since the new code uses them.

	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclTomMathDecls.h:	Regenerated.

2010-11-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/chanio.test, tests/iogt.test, tests/ioTrans.test: Convert more
	tests to tcltest2 and factor them to be easier to understand.

2010-11-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/chanio.test: Converted many tests to tcltest2 by marking the
	setup and cleanup parts as such.

2010-11-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Fix gcc warnings: unused variable 'registration'
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:

2010-11-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c: [FRQ 491789]: "setargv() doesn't support a unicode
	cmdline" now implemented for cygwin and mingw32 too.
	* tests/main.test: No longer disable tests Tcl_Main-1.4 and 1.6 on
	Windows, because those now work on all supported platforms.
	* win/  Set NO_VIZ=1 when zlib is compiled in libtcl,
	this resolves compiler warnings in 64-bit and static builds.
	* win/configure (regenerated)

2010-11-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n: [Bug 3111298]: Typofix.

	* tests/oo.test: [Bug 3111059]: Added testing that neatly trapped this

2010-11-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: [Bug 3111059]: Fix leak due to bad looping

2010-11-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4: [FRQ 491789]: "setargv() doesn't support a unicode
	cmdline" now implemented for mingw-w64
	* win/configure    (re-generated)

2010-11-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c:Bring compilation under mingw-w64 a bit closer
	* win/cat.c:       to reality. See for what's missing:
	* win/tcl.m4:      <>
	* win/configure:   (re-generated)
	* win/tclWinPort.h: [Bug 3110161]: Extensions using TCHAR don't
	compile on VS2005 SP1

2010-11-15  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* doc/interp.n: [Bug 3081184]: TIP #378.
	* doc/tclvars.n: Performance fix for TIP #280.
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* tests/info.test:
	* tests/interp.test:

2010-11-10  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.

2010-11-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (ProcedureMethodVarResolver): [Bug 3105999]:
	* tests/oo.test:	Make sure that resolver structures that are
				only temporarily needed get squelched.

2010-11-05  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c: Thanks, Kevin, for the fix, but this how it was
	supposed to be (TCL_ASCII_MAIN is only supposed to be defined on

2010-11-05  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c: Added missing conditional on _WIN32 around code
	that messes around with the definition of _UNICODE, to correct a badly
	broken Unix build from Jan's last commit.

2010-11-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h:	[FRQ 491789]: "setargv() doesn't support a
	* generic/tclMain.c:	unicode cmdline" implemented for Tcl on MSVC++
	* doc/Tcl_Main.3:
	* win/tclAppInit.c:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:	Eliminate minor MSVC warning TCHAR -> char

2010-11-04  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test: Run the socket tests three times with the address
	family set to any, inet, and inet6 respectively. Use constraints to
	skip the tests if a family is found to be unsupported or not
	configured on the local machine. Adjust the tests to dynamically adapt
	to the address family that is being tested.

	Rework some of the tests to speed them up by avoiding (supposedly)
	unneeded [after]s.

2010-11-04  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	[Patch 3101127]: Installer Improvements.
	* unix/install-sh:

2010-11-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/error.test (error-19.13): Another variation on testing for
	issues in [try] compilation.

	* doc/Tcl.n (Variable substitution): [Bug 3099086]: Increase clarity
	of explanation of what characters are actually permitted in variable
	substitutions. Note that this does not constitute a change of
	behavior; it is just an improvement of explanation.

2010-11-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.  (Thanks Andreas Kupries)

2010-11-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFcmd.c:    [FRQ 2965056]: Windows build with -DUNICODE
	* win/tclWinFile.c:    (more clean-ups for pre-win2000 stuff)
	* win/tclWinReg.c:

2010-11-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TryPostBody):  Ensure that errors when setting
	* tests/error.test (error-19.1[12]): message/opt capture variables get
					     reflected properly to the caller.

2010-11-03  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileCatchCmd): [Bug 3098302]:
	* tests/compile.test (compile-3.6): Reworked the compilation of the
	[catch] command so as to avoid placing any code that might throw an
	exception (specifically, any initial substitutions or any stores to
	result or options variables) between the BEGIN_CATCH and END_CATCH but
	outside the exception range.  Added a test case that panics on a stack
	smash if the change is not made.

2010-11-01  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl:	Improved handling of non-standard module path
	* tests/safe.test:	lists, empty path lists in particular.

2010-11-01  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hong_Kong:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:   Olson's tzdata2010o.

2010-10-29  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTimer.c:	[Bug 2905784]: Stop small [after]s from
				wasting CPU while keeping accuracy.

2010-10-28  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c:
	* tests/assembly.test (assemble-31.*): Added jump tables.

2010-10-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test:	[Bug 3097490]: Make http-4.15 pass in

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:	[Bug 3093120]: Prevent calls of
				freeaddrinfo(NULL) which can crash some
				systems.  Thanks Larry Virden.

2010-10-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* Changelog.2008: Split off from Changelog.
	* generic/tclIOSock.c (TclCreateSocketAddress): The interp != NULL
	check is needed for ::tcl::unsupported::socketAF as well.

2010-10-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc): Prevent crash if interp is
	* win/tclWinSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc):   NULL (a legal situation).

2010-10-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc): Added support for
	::tcl::unsupported::noReverseDNS, which if set to any value, prevents
	[fconfigure -sockname] and [fconfigure -peername] from doing
	reverse DNS queries.

2010-10-24  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.c:
	* tests/assembly.test (assemble-17.15): Reworked branch handling so
	that forward branches can use jump1 (jumpTrue1, jumpFalse1). Added
	test cases that the forward branches will expand to jump4, jumpTrue4,
	jumpFalse4 when needed.

2010-10-23  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAssembly.h (removed):
				Removed file that was included in only one
				source file.
	* generictclAssembly.c:	Inlined tclAssembly.h.

2010-10-17  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/info.n:            [Patch 2995655]:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:    Report inner contexts in [info errorstack]
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.h:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* tests/error.test:
	* tests/result.test:

2010-10-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileDictForCmd): Update the compilation
	* generic/tclCompile.c (tclInstructionTable):	of [dict for] so that
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBCresume):		it no longer makes any
	use of INST_DICT_DONE now that's not needed, and make it clearer in
	the implementation of the instruction that it's just a deprecated form
	of unset operation. Followup to my commit of 2010-10-16.

2010-10-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (Tcl_ZlibStreamGet): [Bug 3081008]: Ensure that
	when a bytearray gets its internals entangled with zlib for more than
	a passing moment, that bytearray will never be shimmered away. This
	increases the amount of copying but is simple to get right, which is a
	reasonable trade-off.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendObjToObj): Added some special
	cases so that most of the time when you build up a bytearray by
	appending, it actually ends up being a bytearray rather than
	shimmering back and forth to string.

	* tests/http11.test (check_crc): Use a simpler way to express the
	functionality of this procedure.

	* generic/tclZlib.c: Purge code that wrote to the object returned by
	Tcl_GetObjResult, as we don't want to do that anti-pattern no more.

2010-10-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/uniParse.tcl:   [Bug 3085863]: tclUniData was 9 years old;
	Ignore non-BMP characters and fix comment about UnicodeData.txt file.
	* generic/regcomp.c:    Fix comment
	* tests/utf.test:       Add some Unicode 6 testcases

2010-10-17  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/info.n:           Document [info errorstack] faithfully.

2010-10-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (ReleaseDictIterator): Factored out the release
	of the bytecode-level dictionary iterator information so that the
	side-conditions on instruction issuing are simpler.

2010-10-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/reg_locale.c: [Bug 3085863]: tclUniData 9 years old: Updated
	* generic/tclUniData.c: Unicode tables to latest UnicodeData.txt,
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:   corresponding with Unicode 6.0 (except for
				out-of-range chars > 0xFFFF)

2010-10-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	Alternative fix for [Bugs 467523,983660] where
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	sharing of empty scripts is allowed again.

2010-10-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinThrd.h: (removed) because it is just empty en used nowhere
	* win/tcl.dsp

2010-10-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/uniClass.tcl:    Spacing and comments: let uniClass.tcl
	* generic/regc_locale.c: generation match better the current
				 (hand-modified) regc_locale.c
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:    Generate proper const qualifiers for
	* generic/tclUniData.c:  tclUniData.c

2010-10-12  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (CreateClientSocket): [Bug 3084338]: Fix a
	memleak and refactor the calls to freeaddrinfo().

2010-10-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:    [FRQ 2965056]: Windows build with -DUNICODE
	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* win/tclWinTest.c:   More cleanups
	* win/tclWinFile.c:   Add netapi32 to the link line, so we no longer
	* win/tcl.m4:         have to use LoadLibrary to access those
	* win/
	* win/configure:      (Re-generate with autoconf-2.59)
	* win/        Update for VS10

2010-10-09  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Fix overallocation of exec stack in TEBC (due
	to mixing numwords and numbytes)

2010-10-08  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOSock.c: On Windows, use gai_strerrorA

2010-10-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/winPipe.test:	Test hygiene with makeFile and removeFile.

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	[Bug 3081065]: Prevent writing to the intrep
	* tests/subst.test:	fields of a freed Tcl_Obj.

2010-10-06  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclAssembly.c:
	* generic/tclAssembly.h:
	* tests/assemble.test: Added catches. Still needs a lot of testing.

2010-10-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclAssembly.c:
	* generic/tclAssembly.h:
	* tests/assemble.test: Added dictAppend, dictIncrImm, dictLappend,
	dictSet, dictUnset, nop, regexp, nsupvar, upvar, and variable.

2010-10-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBCresume): [Bug 3079830]: Added invalidation
	of string representations of dictionaries in some cases.

2010-10-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (EvalStatsCmd): change 'evalstats' to return
	data to interp by default, or if given an arg, use that as filename to
	output to (accepts 'stdout' and 'stderr').  Fix output to print used
	inst count data.
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: Change TclDumpMemoryInfo sig to allow objPtr
	* generic/tclInt.decls: as well as FILE* as output.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:

2010-10-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c, generic/tclClock.c, generic/tclEncoding.c,
	* generic/tclEnv.c, generic/tclLoad.c, generic/tclNamesp.c,
	* generic/tclObj.c, generic/tclRegexp.c, generic/tclResolve.c,
	* generic/tclResult.c, generic/tclUtil.c, macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c:
	More purging of strcpy() from locations where we already know the
	length of the data being copied.

2010-10-01  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test:
	* generic/tclAssemble.h:
	* generic/tclAssemble.c:  Added listIn, listNotIn, and dictGet.

2010-09-30  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test:   Added tryCvtToNumeric and several more list
	* generic/tclAssemble.c: operations.
	* generic/tclAssemble.h:

2010-09-29  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test:   Completed conversion of tests to a
	* generic/tclAssemble.c: "white box" structure that follows the
	C code. Added missing safety checks on the operands of 'over' and
	'reverse' so that negative operand counts don't smash the stack.

2010-09-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure:	Re-generate with autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:
	* generic/tclMain.c:	Make compilable with -DUNICODE as well

2010-09-28  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>


	* doc/socket.n:		Document the changes to the [socket] and
				[fconfigure] commands.

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Introduce TclCreateSocketAddress() as a
	* generic/tclIOSock.c:	replacement for the platform-dependent
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:	TclpCreateSocketAddress() functions. Extend
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:	the [socket] and [fconfigure] commands to
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:	behave as proposed in TIP #162. This is the
	* win/tclWinSock.c:	core of what is required to support the use of
	* win/tclWinPort.h:	IPv6 sockets in Tcl.

	* compat/fake-rfc2553.c: A compat implementation of the APIs defined
	* compat/fake-rfc2553.h: in RFC-2553 (getaddrinfo() and friends) on
				 top of the existing gethostbyname() etc.
	* unix/	 Test whether the fake-implementation is
	* unix/tcl.m4:		 needed.
	* unix/	 Add a compile target for fake-rfc2553.

	* win/	Allow cross-compilation by default.

	* tests/socket.test:	Improve the test suite to make more use of
	* tests/remote.tcl:	randomized ports to reduce interference with
				tests running in parallel or other services on
				the machine.

2010-09-28  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test: Added more "white box" tests.
	* generic/tclAssembly.c: Added the error checking and reporting
	for undefined labels. Revised code so that no pointers into the
	bytecode sequence are held (because the sequence can move!),
	that no Tcl_HashEntry pointers are held (because the hash table
	doesn't guarantee their stability!) and to eliminate the BBHash
	table, which is merely additional information indexed by jump
	labels and can just as easily be held in the 'label' structure.
	Renamed shared structures to CamelCase, and renamed 'label' to
	JumpLabel because other types of labels may eventually be possible.

2010-09-27  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test: Added more "white box" tests.
	* generic/tclAssembly.c: Fixed bugs exposed by the new tests.
	(a) [eval] and [expr] had incorrect stack balance computed if
	the arg was not a simple word. (b) [concat] accepted a negative
	operand count. (c) [invoke] accepted a zero or negative operand
	count. (d) more misspelt error messages.
	Also replaced a funky NRCallTEBC with the new call
	TclNRExecuteByteCode, necessitated by a merge with changes on the

2010-09-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    [Patch 3072080] (minus the itcl
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:    update): a saner NRE.
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:  This makes TclNRExecuteByteCode (ex TEBC)
	* generic/tclCompile.h:  to be a normal NRE citizen: it loses its
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  special status.
	* generic/tclInt.decls:  The logic flow within the BC engine is
	* generic/tclInt.h:      simplified considerably.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:

	* generic/tclVar.c: Use the macro HasLocalVars everywhere

2010-09-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (ProcedureMethodVarResolver): avoid code
	duplication, let the runtime var resolver call the compiled var

2010-09-26  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* tests/assemble.test:	Added many new tests moving toward a more
	comprehensive test suite for the assembler.
	* generic/tclAssembly.c:	Fixed bugs exposed by the new tests:
	(a) [bitnot] and [not] had incorrect operand counts. (b)
	INST_CONCAT cannot concatenate zero objects. (c) misspelt error
	messages. (d) the "assembly code" internal representation lacked
	a duplicator, which caused double-frees of the Bytecode object
	if assembly code ever was duplicated.

2010-09-25  Kevin B. Kenny   <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclAssembly.c:	Massive refactoring of the assembler
	* generic/tclAssembly.h:	to use a Tcl-like syntax (and use
	* tests/assemble.test:		Tcl_ParseCommand to parse it). The
	* tests/assemble1.bench:	refactoring also ensures that
	Tcl_Tokens in the assembler have string ranges inside the source
	code, which allows for [eval] and [expr] assembler directives
	that simply call TclCompileScript and TclCompileExpr recursively.

2010-09-24  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/stringComp.test: improved string eq/cmp test coverage
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): merge INST_STR_CMP and
	INST_STR_EQ/INST_STR_NEQ paths.  Speeds up eq/ne/[string eq] with
	obj-aware comparisons and eq/==/ne/!= with length equality check.

2010-09-24  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tclWinsock.c: [Bug 3056775]: Fixed race condition between thread and
	internal co-thread access of a socket's structure because of the
	thread not using the socketListLock in TcpAccept(). Added
	documentation on how the module works to the top.

2010-09-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h: Make Tcl_SetPanicProc and Tcl_GetStringResult
	* unix/tclAppInit.c:  callable without stubs, just as Tcl_SetVar.
	* win/tclAppInit.c:

2010-09-23  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:   Fix cases where value returned by
	* generic/tclEvent.c:   Tcl_GetReturnOptions() was leaked.
	* generic/tclMain.c:    Thanks to Jeff Hobbs for discovery of the
	anti-pattern to seek and destroy.

2010-09-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclAppInit.c:  Make compilable with -DUNICODE (not activated
	* win/tclAppInit.c:   yet), many clean-ups in comments.

2010-09-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute: [Bug 3072640]: One more DECACHE_STACK_INFO() was

	* tests/execute.test: Added execute-10.3 for [Bug 3072640]. The test
	causes a mem failure.

	* generic/tclExecute: Protect all possible writes to ::errorInfo or
	::errorCode with DECACHE_STACK_INFO(), as they could run traces. The
	new calls to be protected are Tcl_ResetResult(), Tcl_SetErrorCode(),
	IllegalExprOperandType(), TclExprFloatError(). The error was triggered
	by [Patch 3072080].

2010-09-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4:		Add kernel32 to LIBS, so the link line for
	* win/configure:	mingw is exactly the same as for MSVC++.

2010-09-21  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode):
	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (ProcedureMethodCompiledVarConnect):
	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupSimpleVar, CompareVarKeys):
	* generic/tclPathObj.c (Tcl_FSGetNormalizedPath, Tcl_FSEqualPaths):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (TclFSCwdPointerEquals): peephole opt
	* generic/tclResult.c (TclMergeReturnOptions): Use memcmp where
	applicable as possible speedup on some libc variants.

2010-09-21  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	[BRANCH: dogeen-assembler-branch]

	* generic/tclAssembly.c (new file):
	* generic/tclAssembly.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c (builtInCmds, Tcl_CreateInterp):
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* tests/assemble.test (new file):
	* tests/assemble1.bench (new file):
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/
		Initial commit of Ozgur Dogan Ugurlu's (SF user: dogeen)
		assembler for the Tcl bytecode language.

2010-09-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c:   Fix declaration after statement.
	* win/tcl.m4:         Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement, so this
	* win/configure:      mistake cannot happen again.
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:   [Bug 3069278]: Breakage on head Windows
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:   triggered by install-tzdata, final fix

2010-09-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c: Eliminate tclWinProcs->useWide everywhere, since
	* win/tclWinFile.c: the value is always "1" on platforms >win95
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:

2010-09-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n (file readlink): [Bug 3070580]: Typofix.

2010-09-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c [Bug 3069278]: Breakage on head Windows triggered
	by install-tzdata. Temporary don't compile this with -DUNICODE, while
	investigating this bug.

2010-09-16  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: Remove define of FINDEX_INFO_LEVELS as all
	supported versions of compilers should now have it.

	* unix/ Do not pass current build env vars when using
	NATIVE_TCLSH in targets.

2010-09-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h:    Make Tcl_FindExecutable() work in UNICODE
	* generic/tclEncoding.c: compiles (windows-only) as well as ASCII.
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Needed for [FRQ 491789]: setargv() doesn't
	support a unicode cmdline.

2010-09-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (TclAppendBytesToByteArray): [Bug 3067036]: Make
	sure we never try to double zero repeatedly to get a buffer size. Also
	added a check for sanity on the size of buffer being appended.

2010-09-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Revise `make dist` target to tolerate the
	case of zero bundled packages.

2010-09-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:   [Patch 3034251]: Backport ttkGenStubs.tcl
	* generic/tcl.decls:    features to genStubs.tcl. Make the "generic"
	* generic/tclInt.decls: argument in the *.decls files optional
	* generic/tclOO.decls:  (no change to any tcl*Decls.h files)
	* generic/tclTomMath.decls:
	This allows genStubs.tcl to generate the ttk stub files as well, while
	keeping full compatibility with existing *.decls files.

2010-09-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h:  Allow all Win2000+ API entries in Tcl
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Eliminate dynamical loading of advapi23 and
	kernel32 symbols.

2010-09-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c:      Various clean-ups, converting from
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:   tclWinProc->xxxProc directly to Xxx
	* win/tclWinInit.c:      (no change in functionality)
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl:    Add scspec feature from ttkGenStubs.tcl
	  (no change in output for *Decls.h files)

2010-09-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Partly revert yesterday's change, to make it work
	on VC++ 6.0 again.

2010-09-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/regsub.n: [Bug 3063568]: Fix for gotcha in example due to Tcl's
	special handling of backslash-newline. Makes example slightly less
	pure, but more useful.

2010-09-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/   Mingw should always link with -ladvapi32.
	* win/tcl.m4:
	* win/configure:     (regenerated)
	* win/tclWinInt.h:   Remove ascii variant of tkWinPocs table, it is
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: no longer necessary. Fix CreateProcess signature
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:  and remove unused GetModuleFileName and lstrcpy.
	* win/tclWinPort.h:  Mingw/cygwin fixes: <tchar.h> should always be
	included, and fix conflict in various macro values: Always force the
	same values as in VC++.

2010-09-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c:	[Bug 3059922]: #ifdef protections to permit
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:     builds with mingw on amd64 systems. Thanks to
				"mescalinum" for reporting and testing.

2010-09-08  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tm.n: Added underscore to the set of characters accepted in
	module names. This is true for quite some time in the code, this
	change catches up the documentation.

2010-09-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (plus-pkgs): Improve the package
	documentation search pattern to support the doctoos-generated
	directory structure.
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl (output-name): Made this more
	resilient against misformatted NAME sections, induced by import of
	Thread package documentation into Tcl doc tree.

2010-09-02  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* doc/glob.n: Fixed documentation ambiguity regarding the handling
	of -join.

	* library/safe.tcl (safe::AliasGlob): Fixed another problem, the
	option -join does not stop option processing in the core builtin, so
	the emulation must not do that either.

2010-09-01  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (safe::AliasGlob): Moved the command extending the
	actual glob command with a -directory flag to when we actually have a
	proper untranslated path,

2010-09-01  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: [Bug 3057639]: Applied patch by Jeff to make
	* generic/tclVar.c:	the behaviour of lappend in bytecompiled mode
	* tests/append.test:	consistent with direct-eval and 'append'
	* tests/appendComp.test: generally. Added tests (append*-9.*)
	showing the difference.

2010-08-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/               Typo (thanks to Twylite discovering
	* generic/tclStubLib.c:       Revert to previous version: MSVC++ 6.0
	* generic/tclTomMathStubLib.c:cannot handle the new construct.
	* generic/tcl.decls           [Patch 2997642]: Many type casts needed
	* generic/tclDecls.h:         when using Tcl_Pkg* API. Remaining part.
	* generic/tclPkg.c:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclTomMathInterface.c:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3

2010-08-31  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4: Applied patch by Jeff fixing issues with the manifest
	handling on Win64.
	* win/configure: Regenerated.

2010-08-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    [Bugs 3046594,3047235,3048771]: New
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:    implementation for [tailcall] command: it now
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:    schedules the command and returns TCL_RETURN.
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  This fixes all issues with [catch] and [try].
	* generic/tclInt.h:      Thanks dgp for exploring the dark corners.
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:   More thorough testing is required.
	* tests/tailcall.test:

2010-08-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/   [FRQ 2965056]: Windows build with -DUNICODE
	* win/
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:  Make sure that allocated TCHAR arrays are
	* win/tclWinFile.c:  always properly aligned as wchar_t, and
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:  not bigger than necessary.
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* win/tclWinDde.c:   Those 3 files are not converted yet to be
	* win/tclWinReg.c:   built with -DUNICODE, so add a TODO.
	* win/tclWinTest.c:
	* generic/tcl.decls:  [Patch 2997642]: Many type casts needed when
	* generic/tclDecls.h: using Tcl_Pkg* API. Partly.
	* generic/tclPkg.c:
	* generic/tclStubLib.c: Demonstration how this change can benefit
	* generic/tclTomMathStubLib.c:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:

2010-08-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dict.n: [Bug 3046999]: Corrected cross reference to array
	manpage to refer to (correct) existing subcommand.

2010-08-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure, unix/tcl.m4: SHLIB_LD_LIBS='${LIBS}' for OSF1-V*.
	Add /usr/lib64 to set of auto-search dirs. [Bug 1230554]
	(SC_PATH_X): Correct syntax error when xincludes not found.

	* win/configure, win/, win/tcl.m4: SC_EMBED_MANIFEST
	macro and --enable-embedded-manifest configure arg added to support
	manifest embedding where we know the magic.  Help prevents DLL hell
	with MSVC8+.

2010-08-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls: [Bug 3007895]: Tcl_(Find|Create)HashEntry
	* generic/tclHash.c: stub entries can never be called.
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: [Patch 2994165]: Change signature of
	Tcl_FSGetNativePath and TclpDeleteFile follow-up: move stub entry back
	to original location.

2010-08-23  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza: Olson's tzdata2010l.

2010-08-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:  [Patch 3009403]: Signature of Tcl_GetHashKey,
	* generic/tclBinary.c: Tcl_(Create|Find)HashEntry follow-up:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:  Remove many type casts which are no longer
	* generic/tclCompile.c:necessary as a result of this signature change.
	* generic/tclDictObj.c:
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclTrace.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:

2010-08-21  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/linsert.n: [Bug 3045123]: Make description of what is actually
	happening more accurate.

2010-08-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: [Patch 3034251]: Backport ttkGenStubs.tcl
	features to genStubs.tcl, partly: Use void (*reserved$i)(void) = 0
	instead of void *reserved$i = NULL for unused stub entries, in case
	pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object are different sizes.
	* generic/tcl*Decls.h:   (regenerated)
	* generic/tcl*StubInit.c:(regenerated)

2010-08-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Method.3:   Fix definition of Tcl_MethodType.

2010-08-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTrace.c (TraceExecutionObjCmd, TraceCommandObjCmd)
	(TraceVariableObjCmd): [Patch 3048354]: Use memcpy() instead of
	strcpy() to avoid buffer overflow; we have the correct length of data
	to copy anyway since we've just allocated the target buffer.

2010-08-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: [Patch 3034251]: Backport ttkGenStubs.tcl
	features to genStubs.tcl, partly: remove unneeded ifdeffery and put
	C++ guard around stubs pointer definition.
	* generic/*Decls.h:   (regenerated)

2010-08-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   New redesign of [tailcall]: find
	* generic/tclExecute.c: errors early on, so that errorInfo
	* generic/tclInt.h:     contains the proper info [Bug 3047235]
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclNRTryObjCmd): [Bug 3046594]: Block
	tailcalling out of the body of a non-bc'ed [try].

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    Redesign of [tailcall] to
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:    (a) fix [Bug 3047235]
	* generic/tclCompile.h:  (b) enable fix for [Bug 3046594]
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  (c) enable recursive tailcalls
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* tests/tailcall.test:

2010-08-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (AliasGlob): [Bug 3004191]: Restore safe [glob] to
	working condition.

2010-08-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (ProcWrongNumArgs): [Bug 3045010]: Make the
	handling of passing the wrong number of arguments to [apply] somewhat
	less verbose when a lambda term is present.

2010-08-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/unicows:    Remove completely, see [FRQ 2819611].
	* doc/FileSystem.3: [Patch 2994165]: Change signature of
	* generic/tcl.decls  Tcl_FSGetNativePath and TclpDeleteFile
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* doc/Hash.3: [Patch 3009403]: Signature of Tcl_GetHashKey,
	* generic/tcl.h:     Tcl_(Create|Find)HashEntry

2010-08-11  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ldAix: Remove ancient (pre-4.2) AIX support
	* unix/configure: Regen with ac-2.59
	* unix/, unix/, unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4 (AIX): Remove the need for ldAIX, replace with
	-bexpall/-brtl.  Remove TCL_EXP_FILE (export file) and other baggage
	that went with it.  Remove pre-4 AIX build support.

2010-08-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNRYieldToObjCmd):
	* tests/coroutine.test: Fixed bad copypasta snafu. Thanks to Andy Goth
	for finding the bug.

2010-08-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclByteArrayMatch): Patterns may not be
	null-terminated, so account for that.

2010-08-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes:	Updates for 8.6b2 release.

2010-08-04  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/, win/makefile.bc, win/, win/tcl.dsp:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpCreateProcess):
	* win/stub16.c (removed): Removed Win9x tclpip8x.dll build and 16-bit
	application loader stub support.  Win9x is no longer supported.

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (TclWinInit): Hard-enforce Windows 9x as an
	unsupported platform with a panic.  Code to support it still exists in
	other files (to go away in time), but new APIs are being used that
	don't exist on Win9x.

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c: Adjust license header as per

	* license.terms: Fix DFARs note for number-adjusted rights clause

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (asciiProcs, unicodeProcs):
	* win/tclWinLoad.c (TclpDlopen): 'load' use LoadLibraryEx with
	* win/tclWinInt.h (TclWinProcs): LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH to
	prefer dependent DLLs in same dir as loaded DLL.

	* win/ (%.${OBJEXT}): better implicit rules support

2010-08-04  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c: [Bug 3034840]: Fixed reference counting in
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: InvokeTclMethod and callers.
	* tests/ioTrans.test:

2010-08-03  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/var.test (var-19.1): [Bug 3037525]: Added test demonstrating
	the local hashtable deletion crash and fix.

	* tests/info.test (info-39.1): Added forward copy of test in 8.5
	branch about [Bug 2933089]. Should not fail, and doesn't, after
	updating the line numbers to the changed position.

2010-08-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Bahia_Banderas:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Chuuk:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Pohnpei:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Helsinki:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Ponape:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Truk:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Yap:			Olson's tzdata2010k.

2010-08-02  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: Correcting bad port of [Bug 3037525] fix

2010-07-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: [Bug 3037525]: Lose fickle optimisation in
	TclDeleteVars (used for runtime-created locals) that caused crash.

2010-07-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/zlib/win32/README.txt: Official build of zlib1.dll 1.2.5 is
	* compat/zlib/win32/USAGE.txt:  finally available, so put it in.
	* compat/zlib/win32/zlib1.dll:

2010-07-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/http.n: Corrected description of location of one of the entries
	in the state array.

2010-07-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDecls.h: [Bug 3029891]: Functions that don't belong in
	* generic/tclTest.c:  the stub table.
	* generic/tclBasic.c: From [Bug 3030870] make itcl 3.x built with
	pre-8.6 work in 8.6: Relax the relation between Tcl_CallFrame and

2010-07-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Added more errorCode setting.

2010-07-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Ensure that [dict get]
	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictGetCmd): always generates an errorCode on
	a failure to look up an entry.

2010-07-11  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: (regenerated)
	* unix/ For the NATIVE_TCLSH variable use the autoconf
	* unix/  SC_PROG_TCLSH to try and find a locally installed
	native binary. This avoids manually fixing up when cross compiling. If
	there is not one, revert to using the build product.

2010-07-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decs:	Reverted to the original TIP 337
	implementation on what to do with the obsolete internal stub for
	TclBackgroundException() (eliminate it!)
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:	make genstubs
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2010-07-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:  [Bug 803489]: Tcl_FindNamespace problem in
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: the Stubs table
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2010-07-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (IllegalExprOperandType): [Bug 3024379]: Made
	sure that errors caused by an argument to an operator being outside
	the domain of the operator all result in ::errorCode being ARITH
	DOMAIN and not NONE.

2010-07-01  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/              [Bug 3020677]: wish can't link reg1.2
	* tools/checkLibraryDoc.tcl: formatting, spacing, cleanup unused
	* tools/eolFix.tcl:          variables; no change in generated output
	* tools/fix_tommath_h.tcl:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl:
	* tools/index.tcl:
	* tools/man2help2.tcl:
	* tools/regexpTestLib.tcl:
	* tools/tsdPerf.tcl:
	* tools/uniClass.tcl:
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:

2010-07-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/mathop.n: [Bug 3023165]: Fix typo that was preventing proper
	rendering of the exclusive-or operator.

2010-06-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c: [Bug 3019634]: errno.h and tclWinPort.h have
	conflicting definitions. Added messages for ENOTRECOVERABLE, EOTHER,
	ECANCELED and EOWNERDEAD, and fixed various typing mistakes in other

2010-06-25  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test: Prevent a race condition during shutdown of the
	remote test server that can cause a hang when the server is being run
	in verbose mode.

2010-06-24  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: [Bug 3019634]: errno.h and tclWinPort.h have
	conflicting definitions.

	On win32, the correspondence between errno and the related error
	message, as handled by Tcl_ErrnoMsg() changes. The error message is
	kept the same, but the corresponding errno value might change.

2010-06-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsetObjCmd): [Bug 3019351]: Corrected wrong
	args message.

2010-06-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDl.c:    Eliminate various unnecessary type casts, use
	* unix/tclLoadNext.c:  function typedefs whenever possible
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTest.c:
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:
	* generic/tclZlib.c:   Remove hack needed for zlib 1.2.3 on win32

2010-06-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (auto_execok): [Bug 3017997]: Add .cmd to the
	default list of extensions that we can execute interactively.

2010-06-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/loadICU.tcl:   [Bug 3016135]: Traceback using clock format
	* library/msgs/he.msg: with locale of he_IL.

	* generic/tcl.h:       Simplify Tcl_AppInit and *_Init definitions,
	* generic/tclInt.h:    spacing. Change TclpThreadCreate and
	* generic/tcl.decls:   Tcl_CreateThread signature, making clear that
	* generic/tclDecls.h:  "proc" is a function pointer, as in all other
	* generic/tclEvent.c:  "proc" function parameters.
	* generic/tclTestProcBodyObj.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:
	* doc/Thread.3:
	* doc/Class.3:         Fix Tcl_ObjectMetadataType definition.

2010-06-14  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/    Fix compilation of xttest with 8.6 changes
	* unix/tclXtNotify.c:
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:
	* generic/tclPipe.c:   Fix gcc warning (with -fstrict-aliasing=2)
	* library/auto.tcl:    Spacing and style fixes.
	* library/history.tcl:
	* library/init.tcl:
	* library/package.tcl:
	* library/safe.tcl:
	* library/tm.tcl:

2010-06-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (make-man-pages): [Bug 3015327]: Make the
	title of a manual page be stored relative to its resulting directory
	name as well as its source filename. This was caused by both Tcl and a
	contributed package ([incr Tcl]) defining an Object.3. Also corrected
	the joining of strings in titles to avoid extra braces.

2010-06-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Added OSX Intel 64bit
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: Package updated to version 1.0.9.
	* unix/
	* win/

2010-06-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tsdPerf.c:    Fix export of symbol Tsdperf_Init, when using
	-fvisibility=hidden. Make two functions static, eliminate some
	unnecessary type casts.
	* tools/ Update to Tcl 8.6
	* tools/configure:    (regenerated)
	* tools/.cvsignore    new file

2010-06-07  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Ensure proper reset of [info errorstack] even
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:  when compiling constant expr's with errors.

2010-06-05  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   [Bug 3008307]: make callerPtr chains be
	* generic/tclExecute.c: traversable accross coro boundaries. Add the
	special coroutine CallFrame (partially reverting commit of
	2009-12-10), as it is needed for coroutines that do not push a CF, eg,
	those with [eval] as command. Thanks to Colin McCormack (coldstore)
	and Alexandre Ferrieux for the hard work on this.

2010-06-03  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: Safer (and faster) computation of [uplevel]
	* tests/error.test:    offsets in TIP 348. Toplevel offsets no longer
	* tests/result.test:   overestimated.

2010-06-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.h:  BUILD_tcloo is never defined (leftover)
	* win/makefile.bc:  Don't set BUILD_tcloo (leftover)
	See also entry below: 2008-06-01  Joe Mistachkin

2010-06-01  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: Fix computation of [uplevel] offsets in TIP 348
	* tests/error.test:    Only depend on callerPtr chaining now.
	* tests/result.test:   Needed for upcoming coro patch.

2010-05-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c:        Eliminate some casts to (Tcl_HashTable *)
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/fileSystem.test:   Fix filesystem-5.1 test failure on CYGWIN

2010-05-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: [Patch 3008541]: Order of TIP #348 fields in
	Interp structure

2010-05-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (IssueTryFinallyInstructions): [3007374]:
	Corrected error in handling of catch contexts to prevent crash with
	chained handlers.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Restore correct operation
	of instruction-level execution tracing (had been broken by NRE).

2010-05-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/opt/optParse.tcl: Don't generate spaces at the end of a
	* library/opt/pkgIndex.tcl: line, eliminate ';' at line end, bump to
	* tools/uniParse.tcl:       v0.4.6
	* generic/tclUniData.c:
	* tests/opt.test:
	* tests/safe.test:

2010-05-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/installData.tcl: Make sure that copyDir only receives
	normalized paths, otherwise it might result in a crash on CYGWIN.
	Restyle according to the Tcl style guide.
	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 3005233]: Fix for build on OpenBSD vax

2010-05-19  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tests/dict.test: Add missing tests for [Bug 3004007], fixed under
	the radar on 2010-02-24 (dkf): EIAS violation in list-dict conversions

2010-05-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regcomp.c:     Don't use arrays of length 1, just use a
	* generic/tclFileName.c: single element then, it makes code more
	* generic/tclLoad.c:     readable. (Here it even prevents a type cast)

2010-05-17  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 2996549]: Failure in expr.test on Win32

2010-05-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (TclInfoFrame): Change this code to use
	Tcl_GetCommandFullName rather than rolling its own. Discovered during
	the hunting of [Bug 3001438] but unlikely to be a fix.

2010-05-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c: [Patch 2997087]: Unnecessary type casts.
	* win/tclWinDde.c:
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:
	* win/tclWinNotify.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* win/tclWinTime.c:
	* win/tclWinPort.h: Don't duplicate CYGWIN timezone #define from

2010-05-07  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Fix cpu name for Solaris/Intel 64bit.
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: Package updated to version 1.0.8.
	* unix/
	* win/

2010-05-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPkg.c:   Unnecessary type casts, see [Patch 2997087]

2010-05-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinNotify.c:	TCHAR-related fixes, making those two files
	* win/tclWinSock.c:	compile fine when TCHAR != char. Please see
	comments in [FRQ 2965056] (2965056-1.patch).

2010-05-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c:   Use "tclIO.h" and "tclTomMathDecls.h"
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c:  everywhere
	* generic/tclTomMath.h:
	* tools/fix_tommath_h.tcl:
	* libtommath/tommath.h:   Formatting (# should always be first char on
	* win/tclAppInit.c:       For MINGW/CYGWIN, use GetCommandLineA
	* unix/.cvsignore:        Add pkg, *.dll

	* libtommath/tommath.h:       CONSTify various useful internal
	* libtommath/bn_mp_cmp_d.c:   functions (TclBignumToDouble, TclCeil,
	* libtommath/bn_mp_cmp_mag.c: TclFloor), and related tommath functions
	* libtommath/bn_mp_cmp.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_copy.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_count_bits.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_div_2d.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_mod_2d.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_mul_2d.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_neg.c:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:        Handle TODO: const correctness ?
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclTomMath.decls:
	* generic/tclTomMath.h:
	* generic/tclTomMathDecls.h:

2010-04-30  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:	Bump patchlevel to 8.6b1.2 to distinguish
	* library/init.tcl:	CVS snapshots from earlier snapshots as well
	* unix/	as the 8.6b1 and 8.6b2 releases.
	* win/

	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:

	* generic/tclBinary.c (TclAppendBytesToByteArray):	Add comments
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclAppendBytesToByteArray):	placing overflow
	protection responsibility on caller.  Convert "len" argument to signed
	int which any value already vetted for overflow issues will fit into.
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Update caller; standardize panic msg.

	* generic/tclBinary.c (UpdateStringOfByteArray): [Bug 2994924]:	Add
	panic when the generated string representation would grow beyond Tcl's
	size limits.

2010-04-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (TclAppendBytesToByteArray): Add extra armour
	against buffer overflows.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (NRInterpCoroutine): Corrected handling of
	* tests/coroutine.test (coroutine-6.4):   arguments to deal with
						  trickier cases.

2010-04-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/coroutine.test: testing coroutine arguments after [yield]:
	check that only 0/1 allowed

2010-04-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (NRInterpCoroutine): Corrected handling of
	arguments to deal with trickier cases.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileVariableCmd): Slightly tighter
	issuing of instructions.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Add peephole optimization
	of the fact that INST_DICT_FIRST and INST_DICT_NEXT always have a
	conditional jump afterwards.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNRYieldObjCmd, TclNRYieldmObjCmd)
	(NRInterpCoroutine): Replace magic values for formal argument counts
	for coroutine command implementations with #defines, for an increase
	in readability.

2010-04-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c: Unnecessary TCL_STORAGE_CLASS re-definition. It
	was used for an ancient dummy reference to Tcl_LinkVar(), but that's
	already gone since 2002-05-29.

2010-04-29  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c: Slight change in the literal sharing
	* generic/tclCompile.c:  mechanism to avoid shimmering of
	* generic/tclCompile.h:  command names.
	* generic/tclLiteral.c:

2010-04-29  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Another stab at getting the /lib,
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: /lib64 difference right for linux.
	* unix/		 Package updated to version 1.0.7.
	* win/

2010-04-29  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Macquarie:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Casablanca:
	* library/tzdata/Africa/Tunis:
	* library/tzdata/America/Santiago:
	* library/tzdata/America/Argentina/San_Luis:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Casey:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Davis:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Anadyr:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Damascus:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Dhaka:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Kamchatka:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Karachi:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Taipei:
	* library/tzdata/Europe/Samara:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Easter:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:   Olson's tzdata2010i.

2010-04-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c (TclAppendBytesToByteArray): [Bug 2992970]: Make
	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendObjToObj): an append of a byte
	array to another into an efficent operation. The problem was the (lack
	of) a proper growth management strategy for the byte array.

2010-04-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/dirent2.h:	Include "tcl.h", not <tcl.h>, like everywhere
	* compat/dlfcn.h:	else, to ensure that the version in the Tcl
	* compat/stdlib.h:	distribution is used, not some version from
	* compat/string.h:	somewhere else.
	* compat/unistd.h:

2010-04-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/	Remove unused @[email protected]
	* win/tclWinPort.h:	Move <limits.h> include from tclInt.h to
	* generic/tclInt.h:	tclWinPort.h, and eliminate unneeded
	* generic/tclEnv.c:	<stdlib.h>, <stdio.h> and <string.h>, which
				are already in tclInt.h
	* generic/regcustom.h:	Move "tclInt.h" from regcustom.h up to
	* generic/regex.h:	regex.h.
	* generic/tclAlloc.c:	Unneeded <stdio.h> include.
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	Fix gcc warning: comparison between signed and

2010-04-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h (TclIsVarDirectUnsettable): Corrected flags so that
	deletion of traces is not optimized out...

	* generic/tclExecute.c (ExecuteExtendedBinaryMathOp)
	[Patch 2981677]: Move the less common arithmetic operations (i.e.,
	exponentiation and operations on non-longs) out of TEBC for a big drop
	in the overall size of the stack frame for most code. Net effect on
	speed is minimal (slightly faster overall in tclbench). Also extended
	the number of places where TRESULT handling is replaced with a jump to
	dedicated code.

2010-04-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Rearrange location of an
	assignment to shorten the object code.

2010-04-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_FSGetNativePath): [Bug 2992292]:
	tclIOUtil.c assignment type mismatch compiler warning
	* generic/regguts.h:     If tclInt.h or tclPort.h is already
	* generic/tclBasic.c:    included, don't include <limits.h>
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  again. Follow-up to [Bug 2991415]:
	* generic/tclIORChan.c:  tclport.h #included before limits.h
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c: See comments in [Bug 2991415]
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclOOInt.h:
	* generic/tclStrToD.c:
	* generic/tclTomMath.h:
	* generic/tclTomMathInterface.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* compat/strtod.c:
	* compat/strtol.c:

2010-04-27  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDl.c (FindSymbol): [Bug 2992295]: Simplified the logic
	so that the casts added in Donal Fellows's change for the same bug are
	no longer necessary.

2010-04-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDl.c (FindSymbol): [Bug 2992295]: Added an explicit cast
	because auto-casting between function and non-function types is never
	naturally warning-free.

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:   Add a small amount of gcc-isms (with #ifdef
	* generic/tclOOStubInit.c: guards) to ensure that warnings are issued
	when these files are older than the various *.decls files.

2010-04-25  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    Add unsupported [yieldm] command. Credit
	* generic/tclInt.h:      Lars Hellstrom for the basic idea.

2010-04-24  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    Modify api of TclSpliceTailcall() to fix
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  [yieldTo], which had not survived the latest
	* generic/tclInt.h:      mods to tailcall. Thanks kbk for detecting
	the problem.

2010-04-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: [Bug 2991415]: tclport.h #included before

2010-04-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:  Move TCHAR fallback typedef from tcl.h to
	* generic/tcl.h:           tclPlatDecls.h (as suggested by dgp)
	* generic/tclInt.h:        fix typo
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:     Eliminate various unnecessary
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:      type casts.
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:

2010-04-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c:  Use function prototypes from the FS API.
	* compat/zlib/*:      Upgrade to zlib 1.2.5

2010-04-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Improve commenting and
	reduce indentation for the Invocation Block.

2010-04-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/unset.n: [Bug 2988940]: Fix typo.

2010-04-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h:       Move inclusion of <tchar.h> from
	* generic/tcl.h:          tclPlatDecls.h to tclWinPort.h, where it
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: belongs. Add fallback in tcl.h, so TCHAR is
				  available in win32 always.

2010-04-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/try.n: [Bug 2987551]: Fix typo.

2010-04-14  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Linux platform identification:
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: Check /lib64 for existence of files
	* unix/ matching libc* before accepting it as base
	* win/  directory. This can happen on weirdly installed
	32bit systems which have an empty or partially filled /lib64 without
	an actual libc. Bumped to version 1.0.6.

2010-04-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Fix [Patch 2986105]: conditionally defining
	* win/tclWinFile.c: strcasecmp/strncasecmp
	* win/tclWinLoad.c: Fix gcc warning: comparison of unsigned expression
	>= 0 is always true

2010-04-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclSubstCompile): If the first token does
	not result in a *guaranteed* push of a Tcl_Obj on the stack, we must
	push an empty object. Otherwise it is possible to get to a 'concat1'
	or 'done' without enough values on the stack, resulting in a crash.
	Thanks to Joe Mistachkin for identifying a script that could trigger
	this case.

2010-04-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/catch.n, doc/info.n, doc/return.n: Formatting.

2010-04-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Load.3: Minor corrections of formatting and cross links.

2010-04-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/configure:       (regenerate with autoconf-2.59)
	* unix/configure:
	* unix/installManPage: [Bug 2982540]: configure and install* script
	* unix/install-sh:     files should always have LF line ending.
	* doc/Load.3:          Fix signature of Tcl_LoadFile in documentation.

2010-04-05  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclBasic.c: [Patch 2868499]: Substituted error stack
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclResult.c:
	* doc/catch.n:
	* doc/info.n:
	* doc/return.n:
	* tests/cmdMZ.test:
	* tests/error.test:
	* tests/execute.test:
	* tests/info.test:
	* tests/init.test:
	* tests/result.test:

2010-04-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_THREADS): Flip the default for whether to
	* win/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_THREADS):  build in threaded mode. Part of
	* win/			   TIP #364.

	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c (FindSymbol): Better human-readable error message
	generation to match code in tclLoadDl.c.

2010-04-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c, unix/tclLoadDl.c: Minor changes to enforce
	Engineering Manual style rules.

	* doc/FileSystem.3, doc/Load.3: Documentation for TIP#357.

	* macosx/tclMacOSXBundle.c (OpenResourceMap): [Bug 2981528]: Only
	define this function when HAVE_COREFOUNDATION is defined.

2010-04-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_LoadFile): Add missing "const" in signature,
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_LoadFile): and some formatting fixes
	* generic/tclDecls.h:  (regenerated)

2010-04-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_LoadFile): Corrections to previous commit
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c (TclpDlopen):    to make it build on OSX.

2010-04-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 2952904]: Defer creation of the smallest
	floating point number until it is actually used. (This change avoids a
	bogus syslog message regarding a 'floating point software assist
	fault' on SGI systems.)

	* library/reg/pkgIndex.tcl:	[TIP #362]: Fixed first round of bugs
	* tests/registry.test:		resulting from the recent commits of
	* win/tclWinReg.c:		changes in support of the referenced

	* generic/tcl.decls:		[TIP #357]: First round of changes
	* generic/tclDecls.h:		to export Tcl_LoadFile,
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:		Tcl_FindSymbol, and Tcl_FSUnloadFile
	* generic/tclInt.h:		to the public API.
	* generic/tclLoad.c:
	* generic/tclLoadNone.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* tests/fileSystem.test:
	* tests/load.test:
	* tests/unload.test:
	* unix/tclLoadDl.c:
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c:
	* unix/tclLoadNext.c:
	* unix/tclLoadOSF.c:
	* unix/tclLoadShl.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:
	* win/
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:

2010-03-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/registry.n: Added missing documentation of TIP#362 flags.

	* doc/package.n: [Bug 2980210]: Document the arguments taken by
	the [package present] command correctly.

	* doc/Thread.3: Added some better documentation of how to create and
	use a thread using the C-level thread API, based on realization that
	no such tutorial appeared to exist.

2010-03-31  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* test/cmdMZ.test:    [FRQ 2974744]: share exception codes (ObjType?):
	* test/error.test:    Revised test cases, making sure that abbreviated
	* test/proc-old.test: codes are checked resulting in an error, and
	                      checking for the exact error message.

2010-03-30  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c (ReflectClose, ReflectInput, ReflectOutput,
	(ReflectSeekWide, ReflectWatch, ReflectBlock, ReflectSetOption,
	(ReflectGetOption, ForwardProc): [Bug 2978773]: Preserve
	ReflectedChannel* structures across handler invokations, to avoid
	crashes when the handler implementation induces nested callbacks and
	destruction of the channel deep inside such a nesting.

2010-03-30  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetCommandFromObj):     [Bug 2979402]: Reorder
	the validity tests on internal rep of a "cmdName" value to avoid
	invalid reads reported by valgrind.

2010-03-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIndexObj:	[FRQ 2974744]: share exception codes
	* generic/tclResult.c:	further optimization, making use of indexType.
	* generic/tclZlib.c:    [Bug 2979399]: uninitialized value troubles

2010-03-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	* win/tclWinReg.c: [Patch 2960976]: Apply patch from Damon Courtney to
	* tests/registry.test:	allow the registry command to be told to work
	* win/	with both 32-bit and 64-bit registries. Bump
	* win/	version of registry package to 1.3.
	* win/makefile.bc:
	* win/
	* win/configure:	autoconf-2.59

2010-03-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:            Only test for -visibility=hidden with gcc
	                          (Second remark in [Bug 2976508])
	* unix/configure:         regen

2010-03-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:       Fix array overrun in test format-1.12
	caught by valgrind testing.

2010-03-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	[FRQ 2974744]: share exception codes
	* generic/tclResult.c:	(ObjType?)
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c:

2010-03-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: [Bug 2976508]: Tcl HEAD fails on HP-UX

2010-03-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (TclUnixCopyFile): [Bug 2976504]: Corrected
	number of arguments to fstatfs() call.

	* macosx/tclMacOSXBundle.c, macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c:
	* macosx/tclMacOSXNotify.c: Reduce the level of ifdeffery in the
	functions of these files to improve readability. They need to be
	audited for whether complexity can be removed based on the minimum
	supported version of OSX, but that requires a real expert.

2010-03-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclResult.c:  [Bug 2383005]: Revise [return -errorcode] so
	* tests/result.test:    that it rejects illegal non-list values.

2010-03-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOInfo.c (InfoObjectMethodTypeCmd)
	(InfoClassMethodTypeCmd): Added introspection of method types so that
	it is possible to find this info out without using errors.
	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (procMethodType): Now that introspection can
	reveal the name of method types, regularize the name of normal methods
	to be the name of the definition type used to create them.

	* tests/async.test (async-4.*): Reduce obscurity of these tests by
	putting the bulk of the code for them inside the test body with the
	help of [apply].

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TryPostBody, TryPostHandler): Make sure that the
	[try] command does not trap unwinding due to limits.

2010-03-23  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 2973361]: Revised fix for computing
	indices of script arguments to [try].

2010-03-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:      Make error message in "try" implementation
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c: exactly the same as the one in "return"
	* tests/error.test:
	* libtommath/mtests/mpi.c: Single "const" addition

2010-03-22  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 2973361]: Compute the correct integer
	values to identify the argument indices of the various script
	arguments to [try]. Passing in -1 led to invalid memory reads.

2010-03-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/exec.n: Make it a bit clearer that there is an option to run a
	pipeline in the background.

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_FcopyObjCmd):		Lift the restriction
	* generic/tclIO.c (TclCopyChannel, CopyData):	on the [fcopy] command
	* generic/tclIO.h (CopyState):			that forced it to only
	copy up to 2GB per script-level callback. Now it is anything that can
	fit in a (signed) 64-bit integer. Problem identified by Frederic
	Bonnet on comp.lang.tcl. Note that individual low-level reads and
	writes are still smaller as the optimal buffer size is smaller.

2010-03-20  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/stub16.c:         Don't hide that we use the ASCII API here.
	                        (does someone still use that?)
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:     2 unnecessary type casts.

2010-03-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (TclCompileThrowCmd): Added compilation for
	the [throw] command.

2010-03-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclListObj.c:	[Bug 2971669]: Prevent in overflow trouble in
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:	ListObjReplace operations. Thanks to kbk for
	* tests/listObj.test:	fix and test.

2010-03-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c (IssueTryFinallyInstructions):
	[Bug 2971921]: Corrected jump so that it doesn't skip into the middle
	of an instruction! Tightened the instruction issuing. Moved endCatch
	calls closer to their point that they guard, ensuring correct ordering
	of result values.

2010-03-17  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c (ReflectInput, ReflectOutput)
	(ReflectSeekWide): [Bug 2921116]: Added missing TclEventuallyFree
	calls for preserved ReflectedTransform* structures. Reworked
	ReflectInput to preserve the structure for its whole life, not only in

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_GetsObj): [Bug 2921116]: Regenerate topChan,
	may have been changed by a self-modifying transformation.

	* tests/ioTrans/test (iortrans-4.8, iortrans-4.9, iortrans-5.11)
	(iortrans-7.4, iortrans-8.3): New test cases.

2010-03-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* compat/zlib/*:	Upgrade zlib to version 1.2.4.
	* win/
	* unix/
	* win/tclWinChan.c:	Don't cast away "const" without reason.

2010-03-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ [Bug 2967340]: Static build was failing.
	* win/.cvsignore:

2010-03-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c:	Remove unnecessary '&' decoration for
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:	function pointers
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:	Double declaration of TclNativeDupInternalRep
	* unix/tclIOUtil.c:
	* unix/dltest/.cvsignore: Ignore *.so here

2010-03-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c: [Bug 2936225]: Thanks to Alexandre Ferrieux
	* doc/refchan.n:    <[email protected]> for debugging and
	* tests/ioCmd.test: fixing the problem. It is the write-side
	equivalent to the bug fixed 2009-08-06.

2010-03-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/America/Matamoros: New locale
	* library/tzdata/America/Ojinaga: New locale
	* library/tzdata/America/Santa_Isabel: New locale
	* library/tzdata/America/Asuncion:
	* library/tzdata/America/Tijuana:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Casey:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Davis:
	* library/tzdata/Antarctica/Mawson:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Dhaka:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Fiji:
	Olson tzdata2010c.

2010-03-07  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c:	  Test that tclOO stubs are present in stub
	* generic/tclOOMethod.c:  Applied missing part of [Patch 2961556]
	* win/tclWinInt.h:	  Change all tclWinProcs signatures to use
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:	  TCHAR* in stead of WCHAR*. This is meant
	* win/tclWinDde.c:	  as preparation to make [Enh 2965056]
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:	  possible at all.
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:

2010-03-06  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubLib.c:	Remove presence of tclTomMathStubsPtr here.
	* generic/tclTest.c:	Test that tommath stubs are present in stub

2010-03-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c (ForwardProc): [Bug 2964425]: When cleaning
	the stables, it is sometimes necessary to do more than the minimum. In
	this case, rationalizing the variables for a forwarded limit? method
	required removing an extra Tcl_DecrRefCount too.

	* generic/tclOO.h, generic/tclOOInt.h: [Patch 2961556]: Change TclOO
	to use the same style of function typedefs as Tcl, as this is about
	the last chance to get this right.

	Source code that uses function typedefs from TclOO will need to update
	variables and argument definitions so that pointers to the function
	values are used instead. Binary compatibility is not affected.

	* generic/*.c, generic/tclInt.h, unix/*.c, macosx/*.c: Applied results
	of doing a Code Audit. Principal changes:
	  * Use do { ... } while (0) in macros
	  * Avoid shadowing one local variable with another
	  * Use clearer ';' instead of ';' where result not
	    required (i.e., semantically equivalent); clarity is increased
	    because it is bar that is incremented, not foo.
	  * Follow Engineering Manual rules on spacing and declarations

2010-03-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (ObjectRenamedTrace): [Bug 2962664]: Add special
	handling so that when the class of classes is deleted, so is the class
	of objects. Immediately.

	* generic/tclOOInt.h (ROOT_CLASS): Add new flag for specially marking
	the root class. Simpler and more robust than the previous technique.

2010-03-04  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGetDate.y:    3 unnecessary MODULE_SCOPE
	* generic/tclDate.c:       symbols
	* generic/tclStubLib.c:    Split tommath stub lib
	* generic/tclTomMathStubLib.c:  in separate file.
	* win/makefile.bc:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/tcl.dsp:
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4:          Cygwin only gives warning
	* unix/configure:       using -fvisibility=hidden
	* compat/strncasecmp.c: A few more const's
	* compat/strtod.c:
	* compat/strtoul.c:

2010-03-03  Andreas Kupries <[email protected]>

	* doc/refchan.n: Followup to ChangeLog entry 2009-10-07
	(generic/tclIORChan.c). Fixed the documentation to explain that errno
	numbers are operating system dependent, and reworked the associated

2010-03-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:     [FRQ 2959069]: Support for -fvisibility=hidden
	* unix/configure   (regenerated with autoconf-2.59)

2010-03-01  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c: Refrain from a possibly lengthy reverse-DNS
	lookup on when calling [fconfigure -sockname] on an
	universally-bound (default) server socket.

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c: fix [AT 86258]: special-casing of empty
	tables when generating error messages for [::tcl::prefix match].

2010-02-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: More additions of {TCL LOOKUP} error-code
	generation to various subcommands of [info] as part of long-term
	project to classify all Tcl's generated errors.

2010-02-28  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c: [Bug 2959713]: Link error with gcc 4.1

2010-02-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringFirstCmd, StringLastCmd): [Bug 2960021]:
	Only search for the needle in the haystack when the needle isn't
	larger than the haystack. Prevents an odd crash from sometimes
	happening when things get mixed up (a common programming error).

	* generic/tclMain.c (Tcl_Main): [Bug 801429]: Factor out the holding
	of the client-installed main loop function into thread-specific data.

	Code that previously tried to set the main loop from another thread
	will now fail. On the other hand, there is a fairly high probability
	that such programs would have been failing before due to the lack of
	any kind of inter-thread memory barriers guarding accesses to this
	part of Tcl's state.

2010-02-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:   Split this file into two pieces to make it
	* generic/tclCompCmdsSZ.c: easier to work with. It's still two very
				   long files even after the split.

2010-02-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* doc/safe.n: Name the installed file after the command it documents.
	Use "Safe Tcl" instead of the "Safe Base", "Safe Tcl" mixture.

2010-02-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ (NATIVE_TCLSH): Added this variable to allow for
	better control of what tclsh to use for various scripts when doing
	cross compiling. An imperfect solution, but works.

	* unix/installManPage: Remap non-alphanumeric sequences in filenames
	to single underscores (especially colons).

2010-02-26  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/zlib.test: Add tests for [Bug 2818131] which was crashing with
	mismatched zlib algorithms used in combination with gets. This issue
	has been fixed by Andreas's last commit.

2010-02-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclHash.c:	[FRQ 2958832]: Further speed-up of the
	* generic/tclLiteral.c:	ouster-hash function.
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c:	Eliminate various unnecessary (ClientData)
	* generic/tclTest.c:	type casts.
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:
	* generic/tclTestProcBodyObj.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTest.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTime.c:
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:

2010-02-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c (SetDictFromAny): Prevent the list<->dict
	* generic/tclListObj.c (SetListFromAny): conversion code from taking
	too many liberties. Stops loss of duplicate keys in some scenarios.
	Many thanks to Jean-Claude Wippler for finding this.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Reduce ifdef-fery and
	size of activation record. More variables shared across instructions
	than before.

	* doc/socket.n: [Bug 2957688]: Clarified that [socket -server] works
	with a command prefix. Extended example to show this in action.

2010-02-22  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformInput): [Bug 2762041]: Added a hack
	to work around the general problem, early EOF recognition based on the
	base-channel, instead of the data we have ready for reading in the
	transform. Long-term we need a proper general fix (likely tracking EOF
	on each level of the channel stack), with attendant complexity.
	Furthermore, Z_BUF_ERROR can be ignored, and must be when feeding the
	zlib code with single characters.

2010-02-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:   Remove unnecessary EXTERN's, which already are
	                        in the global stub table.
	* unix/    Use @[email protected] in stead of @[email protected]
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/     Use -DBUILD_tcl for CYGWIN
	* unix/configure:       (regenerated)
	* unix/dltest/pkg*.c:   Use EXTERN to control CYGWIN exported symbols
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:   Remove some unnecessary type casts.
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:

2010-02-21  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexp.test: Add test cases back ported from Jacl regexp work.

2010-02-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDate.c:    Some more const tables.
	* generic/tclGetDate.y:
	* generic/regc_lex.c:
	* generic/regerror.c:
	* generic/tclStubLib.c:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Fix [Bug 2954959] expr abs(0.0) is -0.0
	* tests/expr.test:

2010-02-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileStringLenCmd): Make [string length]
	of a constant string be handled better (i.e., handle backslashes too).

2010-02-19  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* tcl.m4: Correct compiler/linker flags for threaded builds on
	* configure: (regenerated).

2010-02-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/installManPage: [Bug 2954638]: Correct behaviour of manual page
	installer. Also added armouring to check that assumptions about the
	initial state are actually valid (e.g., look for existing input file).

2010-02-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclHash.c (HashStringKey):	Restore these hash functions
	* generic/tclLiteral.c (HashString):	to use the classic algorithm.
	* generic/tclObj.c (TclHashObjKey):	Community felt normal case
	speed to be more important than resistance to malicious cases. For
	now, hashes that need to deal with the malicious case can use a custom
	hash table and install their own hash function, though that is not
	functionality exposed to the script level.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileDictUpdateCmd): Stack depth must be
	correctly described when compiling a body to prevent crashes in some
	debugging modes.

2010-02-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Change order of various struct members,
	fixing potential binary incompatibility with Tcl 8.5

2010-02-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/, generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_Stat): Updated so that
	we do not assume that all unix systems have the POSIX blkcnt_t type,
	since OpenBSD apparently does not.

	* generic/tclLiteral.c (HashString): Missed updating to FNV in one
	place; the literal table (a copy of the hash table code...)

2010-02-15  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:   Reverted earlier rename from tcl*Stubs to
	* generic/tclBasic.c:   tcl*ConstStubs, it's not necessary at all.
	* generic/tclOO.c:
	* generic/tclTomMathInterface.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: (regenerated)
	* generic/tclOOStubInit.c: (regenerated)
	* generic/tclEnsemble.c:Fix signed-unsigned mismatch
	* win/tclWinInt.h:      make tclWinProcs "const"
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:     Eliminate all internal Tcl_WinUtfToTChar
	* win/tclWinFile.c:     and Tcl_WinTCharToUtf calls, needed
	* win/tclWinInit.c:     for mslu support.
	* win/tclWinLoad.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/.cvsignore:
	* compat/unicows/readme.txt:  [FRQ 2819611]: Add first part of MSLU
	* compat/unicows/license.txt: support.
	* compat/unicows/unicows.lib:

2010-02-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (AllocObject, SquelchedNsFirst, ObjectRenamedTrace):
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_DeleteNamespace): [Bug 2950259]: Revised
	the namespace deletion code to provide an additional internal callback
	that gets triggered early enough in namespace deletion to allow TclOO
	destructors to run sanely. Adjusted TclOO to take advantage of this,
	so making tearing down an object by killing its namespace appear to
	work seamlessly, which is needed for Itcl. (Note that this is not a
	feature that will ever be backported to 8.5, and it remains not a
	recommended way of deleting an object.)

2010-02-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileSwitchCmd): Divided the [switch]
	compiler into three pieces (after the model of [try]): a parser, an
	instruction-issuer for chained tests, and an instruction-issuer for
	jump tables.

	* generic/tclEnsemble.c: Split the ensemble engine out into its own
	file rather than keeping it mashed together with the namespace code.

2010-02-12  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4:		Use -pipe for gcc on win32
	* win/configure:	(mingw/cygwin) (regenerated)
	* win/.cvsignore:	Add .lib, .exp and .res here

2010-02-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* tests/list.test: Add tests for explicit \0 in a string argument to
	the list command.

2010-02-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_OpenObjCmd): [Bug 2949740]: Make sure that
	we do not try to put a NULL pipeline channel into binary mode.

2010-02-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	[Bug 2826551, Patch 2948425]: Assorted regexp bugs related to -all,
	-line and -start options and newlines.
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd): If -offset is given, treat it
	as the start of the line if the previous character was a newline. Fix
	nasty edge case where a zero length match would not advance the index.
	* tests/regexp.test: Add regression tests back ported from Jacl.
	Checks for a number of issues related to -line and newline handling. A
	few of tests were broken before the patch and continue to be broken,
	marked as knownBug.

2010-02-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (ObjectRenamedTrace): [Bug 2949397]: Prevent
	destructors from running on the two core class objects when the whole
	interpreter is being destroyed.

2010-02-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileTryCmd, IssueTryInstructions)
	(IssueTryFinallyInstructions): Added compiler for the [try] command.
	It is split into three pieces that handle the parsing of the tokens,
	the issuing of instructions for finally-free [try], and the issuing of
	instructions for [try] with finally; there are enough differences
	between the all cases that it was easier to split the code rather than
	have a single function do the whole thing.

2010-02-09  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Remove dependency on 8.5+ idiom "in" in

2010-02-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (Tcl_ZlibDeflate, Tcl_ZlibInflate): [Bug 2947783]:
	Make sure that the result is an unshared object before appending to it
	so that nothing crashes if it is shared (use in Tcl code was not
	affected by this, but use from C was an issue).

2010-02-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclHash.c (HashStringKey):	Replace Tcl's crusty old hash
	* generic/tclObj.c (TclHashObjKey):	function with the algorithm
	due to Fowler, Noll and Vo. This is slightly faster (assuming the
	presence of hardware multiply) and has somewhat better distribution
	properties of the resulting hash values. Note that we only ever used
	the 32-bit version of the FNV algorithm; Tcl's core hash engine
	assumes that hash values are simple unsigned ints.

	Code that depends on hash iteration order (especially tests) may well
	be disrupted by this. Where a definite order is required, the fix is
	usually to just sort the results after extracting them from the hash.
	Where this is insufficient, the code that has ceased working was
	always wrong and was only working by chance.

2010-02-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileErrorCmd): Added compilation of the
	[error] command. No new bytecodes.

2010-02-05  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtman[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:	Follow-up to earlier commit today:
	          Eliminate the need for an extra Stubs Pointer for adressing
	          a static stub table: Just change the exported table from
	          static to MODULE_SCOPE.
	* generic/tclBasic.c
	* generic/tclOO.c
	* generic/tclTomMathInterface.c
	* generic/tcl*Decls.h (regenerated)
	* generic/tclStubInit.c (regenerated)
	* generic/tclOOStubInit.c (regenerated)
	* generic/tclTest.c (minor formatting)

2010-02-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: More consistency in errorcode generation.

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_Destroy): Rewrote to be NRE-aware
	when calling destructors. Note that there is no guarantee that
	destructors will always be called in an NRE context; that's a feature
	of the 'destroy' method only.

	* generic/tclEncoding.c: Add 'const' to many function-internal vars
	that are never pointing to things that are written to.

2010-02-05  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:	Follow-up to [2010-01-29] commit:
		prevent space within stub table function parameters if the
		parameter type is a pointer.
	* win/tclWinInt.h:	Minor Formatting
	* generic/tcl.h:	VOID -> void and other formatting
	* generic/tclInt.h:	Minor formatting
	* generic/tclInt.decls: Change signature of TclNRInterpProcCore,
	* generic/tclOO.decls:	and TclOONewProc(Instance|)MethodEx,
	* generic/tclProc.c:	indicating that errorProc is a function,
	* generic/tclOOMethod.c:pointer, and other formatting
	* generic/tcl*Decls.h:	(regenerated)
	* generic/tclVar.c:	gcc warning(line 3703): 'pattern' may be used
				uninitialized in this function
				gcc warning(line 3788): 'matched' may be used
				uninitialized in this function

2010-02-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: Added more use of error-codes and reduced the
	stack overhead of older interfaces.
	(ArrayGetCmd): Stop silly crash when using a trivial pattern due to
	error in conversion to ensemble.
	(ArrayNamesCmd): Use the object RE interface for faster matching.

2010-02-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (ArrayUnsetCmd): More corrections.

2010-02-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: Turned the [array] command into a true ensemble.

	* generic/tclOO.c (AllocObject, MyDeleted): A slightly faster way to
	handle the deletion of [my] is with a standard delete callback. This
	is because it doesn't require an additional memory allocation during
	object creation. Also reduced the amount of string manipulation
	performed during object creation to further streamline memory
	handling; this is not backported to the 8.5 package as it breaks a
	number of abstractions.

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_Destroy): [Bug 2944404]: Do not
	crash when a destructor deletes the object that is executing that

2010-02-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd): [Bug 2939073]: Stop the [array
	unset] command from having dangling pointer problems when an unset
	trace deletes the element that is going to be processed next. Many
	thanks to Alexandre Ferrieux for the bulk of this fix.

	* generic/regexec.c (ccondissect, crevdissect): [Bug 2942697]: Rework
	these functions so that certain pathological patterns are matched much
	more rapidly. Many thanks to Tom Lane for dianosing this issue and
	providing an initial patch.

2010-01-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (tclInstructionTable):	Bytecode instructions
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileUnsetCmd):	to allow the [unset]
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode):	command to be compiled
	with the compiler being a complete compilation for all compile-time
	decidable uses.

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclPtrUnsetVar): Var reference version of the code
	to unset a variable. Required for INST_UNSET bytecodes.

2010-01-29  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: [Bug 2942081]: Reverted Tcl_ThreadDataKey type change
				Changed some Tcl_CallFrame fields from "char *"
				to "void *". This saves unnecessary space on
				Cray's (and it's simply more correct).

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:	No longer generate a space after "*" and
				immediately after a function name, so the
				format of function definitions in tcl*Decls.h
				match all other tcl*.h header files.
	* doc/ParseArgs.3:	Change Tcl_ArgvFuncProc, Tcl_ArgvGenFuncProc
	* generic/tcl.h:	and GetFrameInfoValueProc to be function
	* generic/tclInt.h:	definitions, not pointers, for consistency
	* generic/tclOOInt.h:	with all other Tcl function definitions.
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/regguts.h:	CONST -> const
	* generic/tcl.decls:	Formatting
	* generic/tclTomMath.decls: Formatting
	* generic/tclDecls.h:	(regenerated)
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclOODecls.h:
	* generic/tclOOIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclTomMathDecls.h:

2010-01-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_Destroy): Move the execution of
	destructors to a point where they can produce an error. This will not
	work for all destructors, but it does mean that more failing calls of
	them will be caught.
	* generic/tclOO.c (AllocObject, MyDeletedTrace, ObjectRenamedTrace):
	(ObjectNamespaceDeleted): Stop various ways of getting at commands
	with dangling pointers to the object. Also increases the reliability
	of calling of destructors (though most destructors won't benefit; when
	an object is deleted namespace-first, its destructors are not run in a
	nice state as the namespace is partially gone).

2010-01-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOStubInit.c:   Remove double includes (which causes a
	* generic/tclOOStubLib.c:    warning in CYGWIN compiles)
	* unix/.cvsignore:	     add confdefs.h

2010-01-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/proc.n: [Bug 1970629]: Define a bit better what the current
	namespace of a procedure is.

2010-01-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:	     Don't use DWORD and HANDLE here.
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:	     Revert [2009-12-21] change, instead
	* generic/tclPort.h:	     resolve the CYGWIN inclusion problems by
	* win/tclWinPort.h:	     re-arranging the inclusions at other
	* win/tclWinError.c
	* win/tclWinPipe.c
	* win/tcl.m4:		     Make cygwin configuration error into
	* win/	     a warning: CYGWIN compilation works
	* win/configure:	     although there still are test failures.

2010-01-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Improve error code
	generation from some of the tailcall-related bits of TEBC.

2010-01-21  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.h: [Bug 2910748]: NRE-enable direct eval on BC
	* generic/tclExecute.c: spoilage.
	* tests/nre.test:

2010-01-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dict.n: [Bug 2929546]: Clarify just what [dict with] and [dict
	update] are doing with variables.

2010-01-18  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (CreateScriptRecord): [Bug 2918110]: Initialize
	the EventScriptRecord (esPtr) fully before handing it to
	Tcl_CreateChannelHandler for registration. Otherwise a reflected
	channel calling 'chan postevent' (== Tcl_NotifyChannel) in its
	'watchProc' will cause the function 'TclChannelEventScriptInvoker'
	to be run on an uninitialized structure.

2010-01-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendFormatToObj): [Bug 2932421]: Stop
	the [format] command from causing argument objects to change their
	internal representation when not needed. Thanks to Alexandre Ferrieux
	for this fix.

2010-01-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl:	  More factoring out of special cases
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl: so that they are described outside
	the engine file. Now there is only one real set of special cases in
	there, to handle the .SO/.OP/.SE directives.

2010-01-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:      Fix TCL_LL_MODIFIER for Cygwin
	* generic/tclEnv.c:   Fix CYGWIN compilation problems,
	* generic/tclInt.h:   and remove some unnecessary
	* generic/tclPort.h:  double includes.
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* win/cat.c:
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:
	* win/tclWinPort.h:   Put win32 includes first
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: Forgot one CONST change

2010-01-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl: Make the generation of the list of things
	to process the docs from simpler and more flexible. Also factored out
	the lists of special cases.

2010-01-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:      VC++ 6.0 doesn't have
	* win/tclWinReg.c:      PDWORD_PTR
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:     Fix various minor gcc warnings.
	* win/tclWinTime.c:
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:  Put channel type definitions
	* win/tclWinChan.c:     in static const memory
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* generic/tclIOGT.c:
	* generic/tclIORChan.c:
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c:
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:
	* unix/configure:       (regenerated with autoconf 2.59)
	* tests/info.test:      Make test independant from
	                        tcltest implementation.

2010-01-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/namespace.test (namespace-51.17): [Bug 2898722]: Demonstrate
	that there are still bugs in the handling of resolution epochs. This
	bug is not yet fixed.

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl:	  Split the man->html converter into
	* tools/tcltk-man2html-utils.tcl: two pieces for easier maintenance.
	Also made it much less verbose in its printed messages by default.

2010-01-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl: Added basic support for building the docs
	for contributed packages into the HTML versions. Prompted by question
	on Tcler's Chat by Tom Krehbiel. Note that there remain problems in
	the documentation generated due to errors in the contributed docs.

2010-01-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c (TclPathPart):   [Bug 2918610]: Correct
	* tests/fileName.test (filename-14.31): inconsistency between the
	string rep and the intrep of a path value created by [file rootname].
	Thanks to Vitaly Magerya for reporting.

2010-01-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): [Bug 1636685]: Use the configuration
	for modern FreeBSD suggested by the FreeBSD porter.

2010-01-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	[Bug 2724403]: Fix leak of coroutines on
	* generic/tclCompile.h: namespace deletion. Added a test for this
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:	leak, and also a test for leaks on namespace
	* tests/coroutine.test: deletion.
	* tests/namespace.test:

2009-12-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (AliasSource): [Bug 2923613]: Make the safer
	* tests/safe.test (safe-8.9):	  [source] handle a [return] at the
					  end of the file correctly.

2009-12-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl (unknown): [Bug 2824981]: Fix infinite recursion of
	::unknown when [set] is undefined.

2009-12-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclHistory.c (Tcl_RecordAndEvalObj): Reduce the amount of
	allocation and deallocation of memory by caching objects in the
	interpreter assocData table.

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetCommandFromObj): Rewrite the logic so that
	it does not require making assignments part way through an 'if'
	condition, which was deeply unclear.

	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_MakeSafe): [Bug 2895741]: Make sure that
	the min() and max() functions are supported in safe interpreters.

2009-12-29  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c:	[Bug 2922555]: Handle completely invalid input
	* tests/binary.test:	to the decode methods.

2009-12-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ (trace-shell, trace-test): [FRQ 1083288]: Added
	targets to allow easier tracing of shell and test invokations.

	* unix/ [Bug 942170]:	Detect the st_blocks field of
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (StoreStatData):	'struct stat' correctly.
	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_GetBlocksFromStat):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_Stat):

	* generic/tclInterp.c (TimeLimitCallback): [Bug 2891362]: Ensure that
	* tests/interp.test (interp-34.13):	   the granularity ticker is
	reset when we check limits because of the time limit event firing.

2009-12-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/namespace.n (SCOPED SCRIPTS): [Bug 2921538]: Updated example to
	not be quite so ancient.

2009-12-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:      CONST -> const
	* generic/tclParse.c

2009-12-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (AliasSource, AliasExeName): [Bug 2913625]: Stop
	information about paths from leaking through [info script] and [info

2009-12-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:		Install libtcl8.6.dll in bin directory
	* unix/
	* unix/configure:	(regenerated)

2009-12-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsortObjCmd): [Bug 2918962]: Stop crash when
	-index and -stride are used together.

2009-12-21  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadStorage.c: Fix gcc warning, using gcc-4.3.4 on
				      cygwin: missing initializer
	* generic/tclOOInt.h:	      Prevent conflict with DUPLICATE
				      definition in WINAPI's nb30.h
	* generic/rege_dfa.c:	      Fix macro conflict on CYGWIN: don't use
	* generic/tcl.h:	      Include <winsock2.h> before <stdio.h> on
	* generic/tclPathObj.c
	* generic/tclPort.h
	* tests/env.test:	      Don't unset WINDIR and TERM, it has a
				      special meaning on CYGWIN (both in UNIX
				      and WIN32 mode!)
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:     Include <tchar.h> through tclPlatDecls.h
	* win/tclWinPort.h:	      stricmp -> strcasecmp
	* win/tclWinDde.c:	      _wcsicmp -> wcscasecmp
	* win/tclWinFile.c
	* win/tclWinPipe.c
	* win/tclWinSock.c
	* unix/tcl.m4:		      Add dynamic loading support to CYGWIN
	* unix/configure (regenerated)
	* unix/

2009-12-19  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	[Bug 2917627]: Fix for bad cmd resolution by
	* tests/coroutine.test:	coroutines. Thanks to schelte for finding it.

2009-12-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (::safe::AliasGlob): Upgrade to correctly support a
	larger fraction of [glob] functionality, while being stricter about
	directory management.

2009-12-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c:	Fix gcc warning: ignoring return value of
	* unix/tclUnixNotify.c:	"write", declared with attribute
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:	warn_unused_result.
	* generic/tclInt.decls:	CONSTify functions TclpGetUserHome and
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:TclSetPreInitScript (TIP #27)
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:

2009-12-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tm.n: [Bug 1911342]: Formatting rewrite to avoid bogus crosslink
	to the list manpage when generating HTML.

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl (Init): [Bug 2913616]: Do not use platform
	tests that are not needed and which don't work in safe interpreters.

2009-12-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n (file tempfile): [Bug 2388866]: Note that this only ever
	creates files on the native filesystem. This is a design feature.

2009-12-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Release TclPopCallFrame() from its
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	tailcall-management duties
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Moving TclBCArgumentRelease call from
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	TclNRTailcallObjCmd to TEBC, so that the
	pairing of the Enter and Release calls is clearer.

2009-12-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestconcatobjCmd): [Bug 2895367]: Stop memory
	leak when testing. We don't need extra noise of this sort when
	tracking down real problems!

2009-12-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c:	Fix gcc warning, using gcc-4.3.4 on cygwin
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:warning: array subscript has type 'char'
	* generic/tclPkg.c:
	* libtommath/bn_mp_read_radix.c:
	* win/	[Bug 2912773]: Revert to version 1.203
	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c:	Fix gcc warning: signed and unsigned type
				in conditional expression.

2009-12-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (long-toc, cross-reference): [FRQ 2897296]:
	Added cross links to sections within manual pages.

2009-12-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   [Bug 2806407]: Full nre-enabling of coroutines
	* generic/tclExecute.c:

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Small cleanup

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Fix panic in http11.test caused by buggy
	earlier commits in coroutine management.

2009-12-10  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (TclContinuationsEnter): [Bug 2895323]: Updated
	comments to describe when the function can be entered for the same
	Tcl_Obj* multiple times. This is a continuation of the 2009-11-10
	entry where a memory leak was plugged, but where not sure if that was
	just a band-aid to paper over some other error. It isn't, this is a
	legal situation.

2009-12-10  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Reducing the # of moving parts for coroutines
	* generic/tclExecute.c: by delegating more to tebc; eliminate the
	special coroutine CallFrame.

2009-12-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: [Bug 2901998]: Applied Alexandre Ferrieux's patch
	fixing the inconsistent buffered I/O. Tcl's I/O now flushes buffered
	output before reading, discards buffered input before writing, etc.

2009-12-09  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Ensure right lifetime of varFrame's (objc,objv)
	for coroutines.

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Code regrouping

2009-12-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Added some of the missing setting of errorcode

2009-12-08  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclStackFree): Improved panic msg.

2009-12-08  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Partial nre-enabling of coroutines. The
	* generic/tclExecute.c: initial call still requires its own
	* generic/tclInt.h:     instance of tebc, but on resume coros can
	execute in the caller's tebc.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBC): Silence warning about pcAdjustment.

2009-12-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Make the dict opcodes
	more sparing in their use of C variables, to reduce size of TEBC
	activiation record a little bit.

2009-12-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBC): Grouping "slow" variables into structs,
	to reduce register pressure and help the compiler with variable

2009-12-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Start cleaning the TEBC stables
	* generic/tclInt.h:

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:   [Bug 2910094]: Fix by aku
	* tests/coroutine.test:

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Arrange for [tailcall] to be created with the
	other builtins: was being created in a separate call, leftover from
	pre-tip days.

2009-12-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStrToD.c: [Bug 2902010]: Correct conditional compile
	directives to better detect the toolchain that needs extra work for
	proper underflow treatment instead of merely detecting the MIPS

2009-12-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: [Patch 2910056]: Add ::tcl::unsupported::yieldTo
	* generic/tclInt.h:

2009-12-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TryPostBody): [Bug 2910044]: Close off memory
	leak in [try] when a variable-free handler clause is present.

2009-12-05  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Small changes for clarity in tailcall
	* generic/tclExecute.c: and coroutine code.
	* tests/coroutine.test:

	* tests/tailcall.test: Remove some old unused crud; improved the
	stack depth tests.

	* generic/tclBasic.c:  Fixed things so that you can tailcall
	* generic/tclNamesp.c: properly out of a coroutine.
	* tests/tailcall.test:

	* generic/tclInterp.c: Fixed tailcalls for same-interp aliases (no

2009-12-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (::safe::AliasEncoding): Make the safe encoding
	command behave more closely like the unsafe one (for safe ops).
	(::safe::AliasGlob): [Bug 2906841]: Clamp down on evil use of [glob]
	in safe interpreters.
	* tests/safe.test: Rewrite to use tcltest2 better.

2009-12-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:	Add support for win32 CALLBACK functions and
	remove obsolete "emitStubs" and "genStubs" functions.
	* win/	Use tcltest86.dll for all tests, and add
	.PHONY rules to preemptively stop trouble that plagued Tk from hitting
	Tcl too.

2009-11-30  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:	Don't use EXPORT for Tcl_InitStubs
	* win/	Better dependancies in case of static build.

2009-11-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n: [Bug 2901433]: Improved description of expansion to
	mention that it is using list syntax.

2009-11-27  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c (Tcl_AppInit): [Bug 2902965]: Reverted Jan's change
	that added a call to Tcl_InitStubs. The 'tclsh' and 'tcltest' programs
	are providers, not consumers of the Stubs table, and should not link
	with the Stubs library, but only with the main Tcl library. (In any
	case, the presence of Tcl_InitStubs broke the build.)

2009-11-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/BoolObj.3, doc/Class.3, doc/CrtChannel.3, doc/DictObj.3:
	* doc/DoubleObj.3, doc/Ensemble.3, doc/Environment.3:
	* doc/FileSystem.3, doc/Hash.3, doc/IntObj.3, doc/Limit.3:
	* doc/Method.3, doc/NRE.3, doc/ObjectType.3, doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* doc/SetChanErr.3, doc/SetResult.3: [Patch 2903921]: Many small
	spelling fixes from Larry Virden.

	BUMP VERSION OF TCLOO TO 0.6.2. Too many people need accumulated small
	versions and bugfixes, so the version-bump removes confusion.

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_LinkVar): [Bug 2903811]: Remove
	unneeded restrictions on who can usefully call this method.

2009-11-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Add .PHONY rules and documentation to preemptively
	stop trouble that plagued Tk from hitting Tcl too, and to make the
	overall makefile easier to understand. Some reorganization too to move
	related rules closer together.

2009-11-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/	[Bug 2902965]: Fix stub related changes that
	* win/	caused tclkit build to break.
	* win/tclAppInit.c
	* unix/tcl.m4
	* unix/
	* unix/tclAppInit.c
	* unix/configure:	(regenerated)

2009-11-25  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* win/	Added a 'test-tcl' rule that is identical to
	'test' except that it does not go spelunking in 'pkgs/'. (This rule
	has existed in unix/ for some time.)

2009-11-25  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	[Patch 2892871]: Remove unneeded
	* unix/tcl.m4:		AC_STRUCT_TIMEZONE and use
	* unix/	AC_CHECK_MEMBERS([struct stat.st_blksize])
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c:	instead of AC_STRUCT_ST_BLKSIZE.
	* unix/configure:	Regenerated with autoconf-2.59.

2009-11-24  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/tclIndex: Manually redone the part of tclIndex dealing with
	safe.tcl and tm.tcl. This part passes the testsuite. Note that
	automatic regeneration of this part is not possible because it wrongly
	puts 'safe::Setup' on the list, and wrongly leaves out 'safe::Log'
	which is more dynamically created than the generator expects.

	Further note that the file "clock.tcl" is explicitly loaded by
	"init.tcl", the first time the clock command is invoked. The relevant
	code can be found at line 172ff, roughly, the definition of the
	procedure 'clock'. This means none of the procedures of this file
	belong in the tclIndex. Another indicator that automatic regeneration
	of tclIndex is ill-advised.

2009-11-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (FinalizeAlloc, Tcl_NewObjectInstance):
	[Bug 2903011]: Make it an error to destroy an object in a constructor,
	and also make sure that an object is not deleted twice in the error

2009-11-24  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test: [Bug 2893771]: Teach [file stat] to handle locked
	* win/tclWinFile.c: files so that [file exists] no longer lies.

2009-11-23  Kevin Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test (fCmd-30.1): Changed registry location of the 'My
	Documents' folder to the one that's correct for Windows 2000, XP,
	Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7. (See

2009-11-23  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c:	#undef STATIC_BUILD, in order to make sure
	* win/tclWinReg.c:	that Xxxxx_Init is always exported even when
	* generic/tclTest.c:	Tcl is built static (otherwise we cannot
				create a DLL).
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: Make all functions static, except
	* tests/fCmd.test:	Enable fCmd-30.1 when registry is available.
	* win/tcl.m4:		Fix ${SHLIB_LD_LIBS} definition, fix conflicts
	* win/	Simplifications related to tcl.m4 changes.
	* win/	Between static libraries and import library on
	* win/configure:	(regenerated)
	* win/	Add stub library to necessary link lines.

2009-11-23  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (NewTestThread): [Bug 2901803]: Further
	machinations to get NewTestThread actually to launch the thread, not
	just compile.

2009-11-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (NewTestThread): [Bug 2901803]: Fix small
	error in function naming which blocked a threaded test build.

2009-11-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/	Create tcltest86.dll as dynamic Tcltest
	* generic/tclTest.c:	Remove extraneous prototypes, follow-up to
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:	[Bug 2883850]
	* tests/chanio.test:	Test-cases for fixed [Bug 2849797]
	* tests/io.test:
	* tests/safe.test:	Fix safe-10.1 and safe-10.4 test cases, making
				the wrong assumption that Tcltest is a static
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:[Bug 2857044]: Updated freeIntRepProc routines
	* generic/tclVar.c:	so that they set the typePtr field to NULL so
				that the Tcl_Obj is not left in an
				inconsistent state.
	* unix/tcl.m4:		[Patch 2883533]: tcl.m4 support for Haiku OS
	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59

2009-11-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclAppInit.c:	[Bug 2883850, 2900542]: Repair broken build of
	* win/tclAppInit.c:	the tcltest executable.

2009-11-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl (tcl_findLibrary):
	* library/clock.tcl (MakeUniquePrefixRegexp, MakeParseCodeFromFields)
	(SetupTimeZone, ProcessPosixTimeZone):	Restored the use of a literal
	* library/history.tcl (HistAdd):	'then' when following a multi-
	* library/safe.tcl (interpConfigure):	line test expresssion. It's an
	* library/tm.tcl (UnknownHandler):	aid to readability then.

2009-11-19  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:      Make all internal initialization
	* generic/tclTest.c:     routines MODULE_SCOPE
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:
	* generic/tclTestProcBodyObj.c:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c:
	* unix/      Fix [Bug 2883850]: pkgIndex.tcl doesn't
	* unix/tclAppInit.c:     get created with static Tcl build
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:
	* unix/tclXtNotify.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTest.c:
	* win/
	* win/tcl.m4:
	* win/configure:         (regenerated)
	* win/tclAppInit.c:
	* win/tclWinDde.c:       Always compile with Stubs.
	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* win/tclWinTest.c:

2009-11-18  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtChannel.3:	[Bug 2849797]: Fix channel name inconsistences
	* generic/tclIORChan.c:	as suggested by DKF.
	* generic/tclIO.c:	Minor *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
				because Tcl_CreateChannel() and derivatives
				now sometimes ignore their "chanName"

	* generic/tclAsync.c:	Eliminate various gcc warnings (with -Wextra)
	* generic/tclBasic.c
	* generic/tclBinary.c
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c
	* generic/tclCompile.c
	* generic/tclDate.c
	* generic/tclExecute.c
	* generic/tclDictObj.c
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c
	* generic/tclOO.c
	* generic/tclZlib.c
	* generic/tclGetDate.y
	* win/tclWinInit.c
	* win/tclWinChan.c
	* win/tclWinConsole.c
	* win/tclWinNotify.c
	* win/tclWinReg.c
	* library/auto.tcl:		Eliminate "then" keyword
	* library/clock.tcl
	* library/history.tcl
	* library/safe.tcl
	* library/tm.tcl
	* library/http/http.tcl:	Eliminate unnecessary spaces
	* library/http1.0/http.tcl
	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl
	* library/opt/optparse.tcl
	* library/platform/platform.tcl
	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl
	* tools/tclZIC.tcl
	* tools/tsdPerf.c

2009-11-17  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TtyParseMode): Partial undo of Donal's tidy-up
	from a few days ago (2009-11-9, not in ChangeLog). It seems that
	strchr is apparently a macro on AIX and reacts badly to pre-processor
	directives in its arguments.

2009-11-16  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c:  [Bug 2891556]: Fix and improve test to
	* generic/tclTest.c:	  detect similar manifestations in the future.
	* tests/encoding.test:    Add tcltest support for finalization.

2009-11-15  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: Avoid gcc compiler warning by explicitly casting
	DdeCreateStringHandle argument.

2009-11-12  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (CopyData): [Bug 2895565]: Dropped bogosity which
	* tests/io.test: used the number of _written_ bytes or character to
	update the counters for the read bytes/characters. New test io-53.11.
	This is a forward port from the 8.5 branch.

2009-11-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclClock.c (TclClockInit):    Do not create [clock] support
	commands in safe interps.

2009-11-11  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::geturl): [Bug 2891171]: URL checking
	too strict when using multiple question marks.
	* tests/http.test
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl:  Bump to http 2.8.2
	* unix/
	* win/

2009-11-11  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: Fix [Bug 2888099] (close discards ENOSPC error) by
	saving the errno from the first of two FlushChannel()s. Uneasy to
	test; might need specific channel drivers. Four-hands with aku.

2009-11-10  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/winFCmd.test: Cleanup directories that have been set chmod
	000. On Windows7 and Vista we really have no access and these were
	getting left behind.
	A few tests were changed to reflect the intent of the test where
	setting a directory chmod 000 should prevent any modification. This
	restriction was ignored on XP but is honoured on Vista

2009-11-10  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: Plug another leak in TCL_EVAL_DIRECT evaluation.
	Forward port from Tcl 8.5 branch, change by Don Porter.

	* generic/tclObj.c: [Bug 2895323]: Plug memory leak in
	TclContinuationsEnter(). Forward port from Tcl 8.5 branch, change by
	Don Porter.

2009-11-09  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* win/README: [bug 2459744]: Removed outdated Msys + Mingw info.

2009-11-09  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclEvalObjEx): Moved the #280 decrement of
	refCount for the file path out of the branch after the whole
	conditional, closing a memory leak. Added clause on structure type to
	prevent seg.faulting. Forward port from valgrinding the Tcl 8.5

	* tests/info.test: Resolve ambiguous resolution of variable "res".
	Forward port from 8.5

2009-11-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/string.n (bytelength): Noted that this command is not a good
	thing to use, and suggested a better alternatve. Also factored out the
	description of the indices into its own section.

2009-11-07  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test: [Bug 2891026]: Exclude tests using chmod 555
	directories on vista and win7. The current user has access denied and
	so cannot rename the directory without admin privileges.

2009-11-06  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (::safe::Setup): Added documentation of the
	contents of the state array. Also killed the 'InterpState' procedure
	with its upleveled variable/upvar combination, and replaced all uses
	with 'namespace upvar'.

2009-11-05  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl: A series of patches which bring the SafeBase up to
	date with code guidelines, Tcl's features, also eliminating a number
	of inefficiencies along the way.
	(1) Changed all procedure names to be fully qualified.
	(2) Moved the procedures out of the namespace eval. Kept their
	locations. IOW, broke the namespace eval apart into small sections not
	covering the procedure definitions.
	(3) Reindented the code. Just lots of whitespace changes.
	Functionality unchanged.
	(4) Moved the multiple namespace eval's around. Command export at the
	top, everything else (var decls, argument parsing setup) at the
	(5) Moved the argument parsing setup into a procedure called when the
	code is loaded. Easier management of temporary data.
	(6) Replaced several uses of 'Set' with calls to the new procedure
	'InterpState' and direct access to the per-slave state array.
	(7) Replaced the remaining uses of 'Set' and others outside of the
	path/token handling, and deleted a number of procedures related to
	state array access which are not used any longer.
	(8) Converted the path token system to cache normalized paths and path
	<-> token conversions. Removed more procedures not used any longer.
	Removed the test cases 4.3 and 4.4 from safe.test. They were testing
	the now deleted command "InterpStateName".
	(9) Changed the log command setup so that logging is compiled out
	completely when disabled (default).
	(10) Misc. cleanup. Inlined IsInterp into CheckInterp, its only user.
	Consistent 'return -code error' for error reporting. Updated to use
	modern features (lassign, in/ni, dicts). The latter are used to keep a
	reverse path -> token map and quicker check of existence.
	(11) Fixed [Bug 2854929]: Recurse into all subdirs under all TM root
	dirs and put them on the access path.

2009-11-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Novokuznetsk: New tzdata locale for Kemerovo
	oblast', which now keeps Novosibirsk time and not Kranoyarsk time.
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Damascus: Syrian DST changes.
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Hong_Kong: Hong Kong historic DST corrections.
	Olson tzdata2009q.

2009-11-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/object.n (DESCRIPTION): Substantive revision to make it clearer
	what the fundamental semantics of an object actually are.

2009-11-01  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Cancel.3: Minor cosmetic fixes.
	* win/ Make htmlhelp target work again.  An extra set of
	double quotes around the definition of the HTML help compiler tool
	appears to be required.  Previously, there was one set of double
	quotes around the definition of the tool and one around the actual
	invocation.  This led to confusion because it was the only such tool
	path to include double quotes around its invocation.  Also, it was
	somewhat inflexible in the event that somebody needed to override the
	tool command to include arguments.  Therefore, even though it may look
	"wrong", there are now two double quotes on either side of the tool
	path definition.  This fixes the problem that currently prevents the
	htmlhelp target from building and maintains flexibility in case
	somebody needs to override it via the command line or an environment

2009-11-01  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Eval.3, doc/Cancel.3: Move TIP#285 routines out of Eval.3 into
	their own manpage.

2009-10-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (ExprRoundFunc): [Bug 2889593]: Correctly report
	the expected number of arguments when generating an error for round().

2009-10-30  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test: When creating the notwritabledir we deny the
	current user access to delete the file. We must grant this right when
	we cleanup. Required on Windows 7 when the user does not automatically
	have administrator rights.

2009-10-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:        Changed the typedef for the mp_digit type
		typedef unsigned long mp_digit;
		typedef unsigned int mp_digit;
	For 32-bit builds where "long" and "int" are two names for the same
	thing, this is no change at all.  For 64-bit builds, though, this
	causes the dp[] array of an mp_int to be made up of 32-bit elements
	instead of 64-bit elements.  This is a huge improvement because
	details elsewhere in the mp_int implementation cause only 28 bits of
	each element to be actually used storing number data.  Without this
	change bignums are over 50% wasted space on 64-bit systems.  [Bug

	For 64-bit builds, callers of routines with (mp_digit) or (mp_digit *)
	arguments *will*, and callers of routines with (mp_int *) arguments
	*may* suffer both binary and stubs incompatibilities with Tcl releases
	8.5.0 - 8.5.7.  Such possibilities should be checked, and if such
	incompatibilities are present, suitable [package require] requirements
	on the Tcl release should be put in place to keep such built code
	[load]-ing only in Tcl interps that are compatible.

2009-10-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/dict.test: Make variable-clean and simplify tests by utilizing
	the fact that dictionaries have defined orders.

	* generic/tclZlib.c (TclZlibCmd): Remove accidental C99-ism which
	reportedly makes the AIX native compiler choke.

2009-10-29  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (LocalizeFormat):
	* tests/clock.test (clock-67.1):
	[Bug 2819334]: Corrected a problem where '%%' followed by a letter in
	a format group could expand recursively: %%R would turn into %%H:%M:%S

2009-10-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLiteral.c:	[Bug 2888044]: Fixed 2 bugs.
	* tests/info.test:	First, as noted in the comments of the
	TclCleanupLiteralTable routine, since the teardown of the intrep of
	one Tcl_Obj can cause the teardown of others in the same table, the
	full table cleanup must be done with care, but the code did not
	contain the same care demanded in the comment.  Second, recent
	additions to the info.test file had poor hygiene, leaving an array
	variable ::a lying around, which breaks later interp.test tests during
	a -singleproc 1 run of the test suite.

2009-10-28  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fileName.test (fileName-20.[78]): Corrected poor test
	hygiene (failure to save and restore the working directory) that
	caused these two tests to fail on Windows (and [Bug 2806250] to be

2009-10-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c: [Bug 2884203]: Missing refcount on cached
	normalized path caused crashes.

2009-10-27  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (ParseClockScanFormat): [Bug 2886852]: Corrected a
	problem where [clock scan] didn't load the timezone soon enough when
	processing a time format that lacked a complete date.
	* tests/clock.test (clock-66.1):
	Added a test case for the above bug.
	* library/tzdata/America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires:
	* library/tzdata/America/Argentina/Cordoba:
	* library/tzdata/America/Argentina/San_Luis:
	* library/tzdata/America/Argentina/Tucuman:
	New DST rules for Argentina. (Olson's tzdata2009p.)

2009-10-26  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Remove $(PACKAGE).* and prototype from the
	`make distclean` target.  Completes 2009-10-20 commit.

2009-10-24  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (ProcessPosixTimeZone):
	Corrected a regression in the fix to [Bug 2207436] that caused
	[clock] to apply EU daylight saving time rules in the US.
	Thanks to Karl Lehenbauer for reporting this regression.
	* tests/clock.test (clock-52.4):
	Added a regression test for the above bug.
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Dhaka:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Karachi:
	New DST rules for Bangladesh and Pakistan. (Olson's tzdata2009o.)

2009-10-23  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (FlushChannel): Skip OutputProc for low-level
	0-length writes. When closing pipes which have already been closed
	not skipping leads to spurious SIG_PIPE signals. Reported by
	Mikhail Teterin <[email protected]>.

2009-10-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOO_Object_VarName): [Bug 2883857]: Allow
	the passing of array element names through this method.

2009-10-21  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c: [Bug 2882561]: Work around oddity on Haiku OS
	where SIGSEGV and SIGBUS are the same value.

	* generic/tclTrace.c (StringTraceProc): [Bug 2881259]: Added back cast
	to work around silly bug in MSVC's handling of auto-casting.

2009-10-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Removed the long outdated and broken targets
	package-* that were for building Solaris packages.  Appears that the
	pieces needed for these targets to function have never been present in
	the current era of Tcl development and belong completely to Tcl

2009-10-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c:      [Patch 2107634]: Revised ReadChars and
	FilterInputBytes routines to permit reads to continue up to the string
	limits of Tcl values.  Before revisions, large read attempts could
	panic when as little as half the limiting value length was reached.
	Thanks to Sean Morrison and Bob Parker for their roles in the fix.

2009-10-18  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (TclDbDumpActiveObjects, TclDbInitNewObj)
	(Tcl_DbIncrRefCount, Tcl_DbDecrRefCount, Tcl_DbIsShared):
	[Bug 2871908]: Enforce separation of concerns between the lineCLPtr
	and objThreadMap thread specific data members.

2009-10-18  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* tests/thread.test (thread-4.[345]): [Bug 1565466]: Correct tests to
	save their error state before the final call to threadReap just in
	case it triggers an "invalid thread id" error.  This error can occur
	if one or more of the target threads has exited prior to the attempt
	to send it an asynchronous exit command.

2009-10-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (UnsetVarStruct, TclDeleteNamespaceVars)
	(TclDeleteCompiledLocalVars, DeleteArray):
	* generic/tclTrace.c (Tcl_UntraceVar2): [Bug 2629338]: Stop traces
	that are deleted part way through (a feature used by tdom) from
	causing freed memory to be accessed.

2009-10-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictIncrCmd): [Bug 2874678]: Don't leak any
	bignums when doing [dict incr] with a value.
	* tests/dict.test (dict-19.3): Memory leak detection code.

2009-10-07  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: [Bug 2871908]: Plug memory leaks of objThreadMap
	and lineCLPtr hashtables.  Also make the names of the continuation
	line information initialization and finalization functions more
	consistent. Patch supplied by Joe Mistachkin <[email protected]>.

	* generic/tclIORChan.c (ErrnoReturn): Replace hardwired constant 11
	with proper errno #define, EAGAIN. What was I thinking? The BSD's have
	a different errno assignment and break with the hardwired number.
	Reported by emiliano on the chat.

2009-10-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c (SlaveEval): Agressive stomping of internal reps
	was added as part of the NRE patch of 2008-07-13.  This doesn't appear
	to actually be needed, and it hurts quite a bit when large lists lose
	their intreps and require reparsing.  Thanks to Ashok Nadkarni for
	reporting the problem.

	* generic/tclTomMathInt.h (new): Public header tclTomMath.h had
	* generic/tclTomMath.h:	dependence on private headers, breaking use
	* generic/tommath.h:	by extensions [Bug 1941434].

2009-10-05  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/safe.tcl (AliasGlob): Fixed conversion of catch to
	try/finally, it had an 'on ok msg' branch missing, causing a silent
	error immediately, and bogus glob results, breaking search for Tcl

2009-10-04  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/tclMacOSXBundle.c:	[Bug 2569449]: Workaround CF memory
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c:		managment bug in Mac OS X 10.4 &

2009-10-02  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Gaza:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Karachi:
	* library/tzdata/Pacific/Apia:	Olson's tzdata2009n.

2009-09-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c:		[Bug 2857044]: Updated freeIntRepProc
	* generic/tclExecute.c:		routines so that they set the typePtr
	* generic/tclIO.c:		field to NULL so that the Tcl_Obj is
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:	not left in an inconsistent state.
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclOOCall.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclPathObj.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:

	* generic/tclAlloc.c:           Cleaned up various routines in the
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c:         call stacks for memory allocation to
	* generic/tclInt.h:             guarantee that any size values computed
	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c:     are within the domains of the routines
	they get passed to.  [Bugs 2557696 and 2557796].

2009-09-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	Replaced TclProcessReturn() calls with
	* tests/error.test:	Tcl_SetReturnOptions() calls as a simple fix
	for [Bug 2855247].  Thanks to Anton Kovalenko for the report and fix.
	Additional fixes for other failures demonstrated by new tests.

2009-09-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/error.test (error-15.8.*):	Coverage tests illustrating
	flaws in the propagation of return options by [try].

2009-09-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/, win/ [Bug 2026844]: Added dummy
	versions of that make it easier to build extensions
	against both Tcl8.5+TclOO-standalone and Tcl8.6.

2009-09-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>


	* generic/tcl.decls:	Promote internal routine TclNRSubstObj()
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	to public Tcl_NRSubstObj().  Still needs docs.
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:

	* generic/tclDecls.h:	make genstubs
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2009-09-23  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/namespace.n: the description of [namespace unknown] failed
	to mention [namespace path]: fixed. Thx emiliano.

2009-09-21  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexp.test: Added check for error message from
	unbalanced [] in regexp. Added additional simple test cases
	of basic regsub command.

2009-09-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	Correct botch in the conversion of
	Tcl_SubstObj().  Thanks to Kevin Kenny for detection and report.

2009-09-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c:	Re-implement Tcl_SubstObj() as a simple
	* generic/tclParse.c:	wrapper around TclNRSubstObj().  This has
	* tests/basic.test:	the effect of caching compiled bytecode in
	* tests/parse.test:	the value to be substituted.  Note that
	Tcl_SubstObj() now exists only for extensions.  Tcl itself no longer
	makes any use of it.  Note also that TclSubstTokens() is now reachable
	only by Tcl_EvalEx() and Tcl_ParseVar() so tests aiming to test its
	functioning needed adjustment to still have the intended effect.

2009-09-16  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c:   Extended ::tcl::unsupported::representation.

2009-09-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Completed the NR-enabling of [subst].
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 2314561].
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* tests/coroutine.test:
	* tests/parse.test:

2009-09-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test: Added in cleaning up of http tokens for each test
	to reduce amount of global-variable pollution.

2009-09-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl (http::Event): [Bug 2849860]: Handle charset
	names in double quotes; some servers like generating them like that.

2009-09-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclParse.c:	[Bug 2850901]: Corrected line counting error
	* tests/into.test:	in multi-command script substitutions.

2009-09-07  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c:	Fix potential uninitialized variable use and
	* generic/tclFCmd.c:	null dereference flagged by clang static
	* generic/tclProc.c:	analyzer.
	* generic/tclTimer.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:

	* generic/tclExecute.c:	Silence false positives from clang static
	* generic/tclIO.c:	analyzer about potential null dereference.
	* generic/tclScan.c:
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:

2009-09-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileSubstCmd): [Bug 2314561]:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Added a bytecode compiler routine for the
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[subst] command. This is a partial solution to
	* generic/tclCompile.c:	the need to NR-enable [subst] since bytecode
	* generic/tclCompile.h:	execution is already NR-enabled. Two new
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	bytecode instructions, INST_NOP and
	* generic/tclInt.h:	INST_RETURN_CODE_BRANCH were added to support
	* generic/tclParse.c:	the new routine.  INST_RETURN_CODE_BRANCH is
	* tests/basic.test:	likely to be useful in any future effort to
	* tests/info.test:	add a bytecode compiler routine for [try].
	* tests/parse.test:

2009-09-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/LinkVar.3: [Bug 2844962]: Added documentation of issues relating
	to use of this API in a multi-threaded environment.

2009-09-01  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORTrans.c (ReflectInput): Remove error response to
	0-result from method 'limit?' of transformations. Return the number of
	copied bytes instead, which is possibly nothing. The latter then
	triggers EOF handling in the higher layers, making the 0-result of
	limit? the way to inject artificial EOF's into the data stream.

2009-09-01  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Bump to tcltest 2.3.2 after revision
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl: to verbose error message.
	* unix/
	* win/

2009-08-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:       [Bug 2845535]: A few more string
	overflow cases in [format].

2009-08-25  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_CreateInterp, Tcl_EvalTokensStandard)
	(Tcl_EvalEx, TclEvalEx, TclAdvanceContinuations, TclNREvalObjEx):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SwitchObjCmd, TclListLines):
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (*):
	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclSetByteCodeFromAny, TclInitCompileEnv)
	(TclFreeCompileEnv, TclCompileScript, TclCompileTokens):
	* generic/tclCompile.h (CompileEnv):
	* generic/tclInt.h (ContLineLoc, Interp):
	* generic/tclObj.c (ThreadSpecificData, ContLineLocFree)
	(TclThreadFinalizeObjects, TclInitObjSubsystem, TclContinuationsEnter,
	(TclContinuationsEnterDerived, TclContinuationsCopy, TclFreeObj)
	* generic/tclParse.c (TclSubstTokens, Tcl_SubstObj):
	* generic/tclProc.c (TclCreateProc):
	* generic/tclVar.c (TclPtrSetVar):
	* tests/info.test (info-30.0-24):

	Extended the parser, compiler, and execution engine with code and
	attendant data structures tracking the position of continuation lines
	which are not visible in the resulting script Tcl_Obj*'s, to properly
	account for them while counting lines for #280.

2009-08-24  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Annotate Tcl_Panic as noreturn for clang static
	analyzer in PURIFY builds, replacing preprocessor/assert technique.

	* macosx/tclMacOSXNotify.c: Fix multiple issues with nested event loops
	when CoreFoundation notifier is running in embedded mode. (Fixes
	problems in TkAqua Cocoa reported by Youness Alaoui on tcl-mac)

2009-08-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c: Correct regression in [Bug 2837800] fix.
	* tests/fileName.test:

2009-08-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c: [Bug 2837800]: Correct the result produced by
	[glob */test] when * matches something like ~foo.

	* generic/tclPathObj.c: [Bug 2806250]: Prevent the storage of strings
	starting with ~ in the "tail" part (normPathPtr field) of the path
	intrep when PATHFLAGS != 0.  This establishes the assumptions relied
	on elsewhere that the name stored there is a relative path.  Also
	refactored to make an AppendPath() routine instead of the cut/paste
	stanzas that were littered throughout.

2009-08-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (TclNRIfObjCmd): [Bug 2823276]: Make [if]
	NRE-safe on all arguments when interpreted.
	(Tcl_LsortObjCmd): Close off memory leak.

2009-08-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclNRForObjCmd, etc.): [Bug 2823276]: Make [for]
	and [while] into NRE-safe commands, even when interpreted.

2009-08-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c: [Bug 2837800]: Added NULL check to prevent
	* tests/fileName.test:  crashes during [glob].

2009-08-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/dltest/pkge.c:  const addition
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:  Use <pthread.h> in stead of "pthread.h"
	* win/tclWinDde.c:     Eliminate some more gcc warnings
	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:    Change ForIterData, make it const-safe.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:

2009-08-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>


	* doc/NRE.3:		New public routine Tcl_NRExprObj() permits
	* generic/tcl.decls:	extension commands to evaluate Tcl expressions
	* generic/tclBasic.c:	in NR-enabled command procedures.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* tests/expr.test:

	* generic/tclDecls.h:		make genstubs
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

2009-08-06  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* doc/refchan.n [Bug 2827000]: Extended the implementation of
	* generic/tclIORChan.c: reflective channels (TIP 219, method
	* tests/ioCmd.test: 'read'), enabling handlers to signal EAGAIN to
	indicate 'no data, but not at EOF either', and other system
	errors. Updated documentation, extended testsuite (New test cases

2009-08-02  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/coroutine.test: fix testfile cleanup

2009-08-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_RepresentationCmd): Added an unsupported
	command for reporting the representation of an object. Result string
	is deliberately a bit obstructive so that people are not encouraged to
	make code that depends on it; it's a debugging tool only!

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (GetOwnerAttribute, SetOwnerAttribute)
	(GetGroupAttribute, SetGroupAttribute): [Bug 1942222]: Stop calling
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c (TclpGetUserHome): endpwent() and endgrent();
	they've been unnecessary for ages.

2009-08-02  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Eliminate TclWinResetInterfaceEncodings, since it
	* win/tclWinInit.c:  does exactly the same as TclWinEncodingsCleanup,
	* win/tclWinInt.h:   make sure that tclWinProcs and
			     tclWinTCharEncoding are always set and reset
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:  Correct check for win95

2009-07-31  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: [Bug 2830354]:	Corrected failure to
	* tests/format.test:		grow buffer when format spec request
	large width floating point values.  Thanks to Clemens Misch.

2009-07-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl (tcl_findLibrary, auto_mkindex):
	* library/package.tcl (pkg_mkIndex, tclPkgUnknown, MacOSXPkgUnknown):
	* library/safe.tcl (interpAddToAccessPath, interpDelete, AliasGlob):
	(AliasSource, AliasLoad, AliasEncoding):
	* library/tm.tcl (UnknownHandler): Simplify by swapping some [catch]
	gymnastics for use of [try].

2009-07-26 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Forced LF translation when generating .h's to
	avoid spurious diffs when regenerating on a Windows box.

2009-07-26  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/ [Bug 2827066]: msys build --enable-symbols broken
	* win/tcl.m4:	   And modified the same for unicows.dll, as a
	* win/configure:   preparation for [Enh 2819611].

2009-07-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* library/history.tcl (history): Reworked the history mechanism in
	terms of ensembles, rather than the ad hoc ensemble-lite mechanism
	used previously.

2009-07-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/self.n (self class): [Bug 2704302]: Add some text to make it
	clearer how to get the name of the current object's class.

2009-07-23  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_GetChannelHandle): [Bug 2826248]: Do not crash
	* generic/tclPipe.c (FileForRedirect): for getHandleProc == NULL, this
	is allowed. Provide a nice error message in the bypass area. Updated
	caller to check the bypass for a mesage. Bug reported by Andy
	Sonnenburg <[email protected]>

2009-07-23  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNotify.c: [Bug 2820349]: Ensure that queued events are
	freed once processed.

2009-07-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c: CONST -> const
	* generic/tclGetDate.y:
	* generic/tclDate.c:
	* generic/tclLiteral.c: (char *) cast in ckfree call
	* generic/tclPanic.c: [Feature Request 2814786]: remove TclpPanic
	* generic/tclInt.h
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h
	* win/tclWinPort.h

2009-07-22 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c: [Bug 2001201 again]: Refined the 20090617 patch
	on [exit] streamlining, so that it now correctly calls thread exit
	handlers for the calling thread, including <Destroy> bindings in Tk.

2009-07-21  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Dhaka:
	* library/tzdata/Indian/Mauritius: Olson's tzdata2009k.

2009-07-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringIsCmd): Reorganize so that [string is] is
	more efficient when parsing things that are correct, at a cost of
	making the empty string test slightly more costly. With this, the cost
	of doing [string is integer -strict $x] matches [catch {expr {$x+0}}]
	in the successful case, and greatly outstrips it in the failing case.

2009-07-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.decls, generic/tclOO.c (Tcl_GetObjectName): Expose a
	function for efficiently returning the current name of an object.

2009-07-18  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Define NDEBUG in optimized (non-symbols) build to
	disable NRE assert()s and threaded allocator range checks.

2009-07-16  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBinary.c:	Removed unused variables.
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclHash.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:

	* generic/tclBasic.c:	Silence compiler warnings about ClientData.
	* generic/tclProc.c:

	* generic/tclScan.c:    Typo in ACCEPT_NAN configuration.

	* generic/tclStrToD.c:  [Bug 2819200]: Set floating point control
	register on MIPS systems so that the gradual underflow expected by Tcl
	is in effect.

2009-07-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h (Namespace):		   Added machinery to allow
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (many functions):	   reduction of memory used
	* generic/tclResolve.c (BumpCmdRefEpochs): by namespaces. Currently
	#ifdef'ed out because of compatibility concerns.

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Added four functions for better integration
	with itcl-ng.

2009-07-14  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h (TclNRSwitchObjCmd):
	* generic/tclBasic.c (builtInCmds):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SwitchObjCmd):
	* tests/switch.test (switch-15.1):
	[Bug 2821401]: Make non-bytecoded [switch] command aware of NRE.

2009-07-13  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclInitCompileEnv, EnterCmdWordIndex)
	(TclCleanupByteCode, TclCompileScript):
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompileObj, TclExecuteByteCode):
	* tclCompile.h (ExtCmdLoc):
	* tclInt.h (ExtIndex, CFWordBC, CmdFrame):
	* tclBasic.c (DeleteInterpProc, TclArgumentBCEnter)
	(TclArgumentBCRelease, TclArgumentGet, SAVE_CONTEXT)
	(RESTORE_CONTEXT, NRCoroutineExitCallback, TclNRCoroutineObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (TclNRForObjCmd, TclNRForIterCallback,
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TclNRWhileObjCmd):

	Extended the bytecode compiler initialization to recognize the
	compilation of whole files (NRE enabled 'source' command) and switch
	to the counting of absolute lines in that case.

	Further extended the bytecode compiler to track the start line in the
	generated information, and modified the bytecode execution to
	recompile an object if the location as per the calling context doesn't
	match the location saved in the bytecode. This part could be optimized
	more by using more memory to keep all possibilities which occur
	around, or by just adjusting the location information instead of a
	total recompile.

	Reworked the handling of literal command arguments in bytecode to be
	saved (compiler) and used (execution) per command (See the
	TCL_INVOKE_STK* instructions), and not per the whole bytecode. This,
	and the previous change remove the problems with location data caused
	by literal sharing (across whole files, but also proc bodies).
	Simplified the associated datastructures (ExtIndex is gone, as is the
	function EnterCmdWordIndex).

	The last change causes the hashtable 'lineLABCPtr' to be state which
	has to be kept per coroutine, like the CmdFrame stack. Reworked the
	coroutine support code to create, delete and switch the information as
	needed. Further reworked the tailcall command as well, it has to pop
	its own arguments when run in a bytecode context to keep a proper
	stack in 'lineLABCPtr'.

	Fixed the mishandling of line information in the NRE-enabled 'for' and
	'while' commands introduced when both were made to share their
	iteration callbacks without taking into account that the loop body is
	found in different words of the command. Introduced a separate data
	structure to hold all the callback information, as we went over the
	limit of 4 direct client-data values for NRE callbacks.

	The above fixes [Bug 1605269].

2009-07-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringIndexCmd, StringEqualCmd, StringCmpCmd):
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): [Bug 2637173]: Factor out
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclIsPureByteArray):     the code to determine if
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclStringMatchObj):     it is safe to work with
	byte arrays directly, so that we get the check correct _once_.

	* generic/tclOOCall.c (TclOOGetCallContext): [Bug 1895546]: Changed
	* generic/tclOO.c (TclOOObjectCmdCore):	     the way that the cache is
	managed so that when itcl does cunning things, those cunning things
	can be cached properly.

2009-07-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/vwait.n: Substantially increased the discussion of issues and
	work-arounds relating to nested vwaits, following discussion on the
	tcl-core mailing list on the topic.

2009-07-10  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/zlib.test:   ZlibTransformClose may be called with a NULL
	* generic/tclZlib.c: interpreter during finalization and
	Tcl_SetChannelError requires a list. Added some tests to ensure error
	propagation from the zlib library to the interp.

2009-07-09  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/zlib.test: [Bug 2818131]: Added tests and fixed a typo that
	broke [zlib push] for deflate format.

2009-07-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* compat/mkstemp.c (mkstemp): [Bug 2819227]: Use rand() for random
	numbers as it is more portable.

2009-07-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ZlibTransformWatch): Correct the handling of
	events so that channel transforms work with things like an asynch
	[chan copy]. Problem reported by Pat Thoyts.

2009-07-01  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInt.h:   [Bug 2806622]: Handle the GetUserName API call
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: via the tclWinProcs indirection structure. This
	* win/tclWinInit.c:  fixes a problem obtaining the username when the
	USERNAME environment variable is unset.

2009-06-30  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:		Add assert macros for clang static
	* generic/tclPanic.c:		analyzer and redefine Tcl_Panic to
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:	assert after panic in clang PURIFY

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:		Add clang assert for false positive
					from static analyzer.

2009-06-26  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/Tcl-Common.xcconfig:	 Update projects for Xcode 3.1 and
	* macosx/Tcl.xcode/*:		 3.2, standardize on gcc 4.2, remove
	* macosx/Tcl.xcodeproj/*:	 obsolete configurations and pre-Xcode
	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/* (removed): project.

	* macosx/README:		 Update project docs, cleanup.

	* unix/		 Update dist target for project

2009-06-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/oo.test (oo-19.1): [Bug 2811598]: Make more resilient.

2009-06-24  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http11.test: [Bug 2811492]: Clean up procs after testing.

2009-06-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c (MemoryCmd): [Bug 988703]:
	* generic/tclObj.c (ObjData, TclFinalizeThreadObjects): Add mechanism
	for discovering what Tcl_Objs are allocated when built for memory
	debugging. Developed by Joe Mistachkin.

2009-06-17 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c: Applied a patch by George Peter Staplin
	drastically reducing the ambition of [exit] wrt finalization, and
	thus solving many multi-thread teardown issues. [Bugs 2001201,
	486399, and possibly 597575, 990457, 1437595, 2750491]

2009-06-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: sprintf() -> Tcl_ObjPrintf() conversion.

2009-06-15  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: Move all socket-related code from tclUnixChan.c
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: to tclUnixSock.c.
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c:

2009-06-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl (make-man-pages): [Patch 557486]: Apply
	last remaining meaningful part of this patch, a clean up of some
	closing tags.

2009-06-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c: [Bug 2802881]: The value stashed in
	* generic/tclProc.c:    iPtr->compiledProcPtr when compiling a proc
	* tests/execute.test:   survives too long. We only need it there long
	enough for the right TclInitCompileEnv() call to re-stash it into
	envPtr->procPtr.  Once that is done, the CompileEnv controls.  If we
	let the value of iPtr->compiledProcPtr linger, though, then any other
	bytecode compile operation that takes place will also have its
	CompileEnv initialized with it, and that's not correct.  The value is
	meant to control the compile of the proc body only, not other compile
	tasks that happen along.  Thanks to Carlos Tasada for discovering and
	reporting the problem.

2009-06-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:       [Bug 2801413]: Revised [format] to not
	overflow the integer calculations computing the length of the %ll
	formats of really big integers.  Also added protections so that
	[format]s that would produce results overflowing the maximum string
	length of Tcl values throw a normal Tcl error instead of a panic.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	[Bug 2803109]: Corrected failures to
	deal with the "pure unicode" representation of an empty string.
	Thanks to Julian Noble for reporting the problem.

2006-06-09  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclGetDate.y: Fixed a thread safety bug in the generated
	* library/clock.tcl:    Bison parser (needed a %pure-parser
	* tests/clock.test:     declaration to avoid static variables).
				Discovered that the %pure-parser declaration
	                        allowed for returning the Bison error message
	                        to the Tcl caller in the event of a syntax
	                        error, so did so.
	* generic/tclDate.c: bison 2.3

2006-06-08  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Dhaka: New DST rule for Bangladesh. (Olson's

2009-06-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/copy.n: Fix error in example spotted by Venkat Iyer.

2009-06-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Replace dynamically-initialized table with a
	table of static constants in the lookup table for exponent operator
	computations that fit in a 64 bit integer result.

	* generic/tclExecute.c: [Bug 2798543]: Corrected implementations and
	selection logic of the INST_EXPON instruction.

2009-06-01  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/expr.test:      [Bug 2798543]: Added many tests demonstrating
	the broken cases.

009-05-30  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Africa/Cairo:
	* library/tzdata/Asia/Amman: Olson's tzdata2009h.

2009-05-29  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Fixed handling of cpu ia64,
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: taking ia64_32 into account
	* unix/ now. Bumped version to 1.0.5. Updated the
	* win/ installation commands.

2009-05-26 Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* doc/expr.n: Fixed documentation of the right-associativity of
	the ** operator. (spotted by kbk)

2009-05-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOInfo.c (InfoObjectNsCmd): Added introspection mechanism
	for finding out what an object's namespace is. Experience suggests
	that it is just too useful to be able to do without it.

2009-05-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/vwait.n: Added more words to make it clear just how bad it is to
	nest [vwait]s.

	* compat/mkstemp.c: Add more headers to make this file build on IRIX
	6.5. Thanks to Larry McVoy for this.

2009-05-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (TclNRNewObjectInstance):  [Bug 2414858]: Add a
	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclPushTailcallPoint): marker to the stack of
	NRE callbacks at the right point so that tailcall works correctly in a

	* tests/exec.test (cat): [Bug 2788468]: Adjust the scripted version of
	cat so that it does not perform transformations on the data it is
	working with, making it more like the standard Unix 'cat' program.

2009-05-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetCommandFromObj): [Bug 2785893]: Ensure that
	a command in a deleted namespace can't be found through a cached name.

	* generic/tclBasic.c:    Let coroutines start with a much smaller
	* generic/tclCompile.h:  stack: 200 words (previously was 2000, the
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  same as interps).

2009-05-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected].net>

	* tests/env.test (printenvScript, env-4.3, env-4.5): [Bug 1513659]:
	* tests/exec.test (exec-2.6): These tests had subtle dependencies on
	being on platforms that were either ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8. Stabilized
	the results by forcing the encoding.

2009-05-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 2582327]: Improve overflow error message
	from [string repeat].

	* tests/interp.test: interp-20.50 test for Bug 2486550.

2009-05-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOO.c (InitFoundation, AllocObject, AllocClass):
	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c (InitDefineContext): Make sure that when
	support namespaces are deleted, nothing bad can subsequently happen.
	Issue spotted by Don Porter.

2009-05-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n: [Bug 2538432]: Clarified exact treatment of ${arr(idx)}
	form of variable substitution. This is not a change of behavior, just
	an improved description of the current situation.

2009-04-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclObjInvoke): [Bug 2486550]: Make sure that a
	null objProc is not used, use Tcl_NRCallObjProc instead.

2009-05-01  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* win/   Fix 64-bit detection for zlib on Win64
	* win/configure      (regenerated)

2009-04-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4, unix/configure (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): harden the check to
	add _r to CC on AIX with threads.

2009-04-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/concat.n (EXAMPLES): [Bug 2780680]: Rewrote so that the spacing
	of result messages is correct. (The exact way they were wrong was
	different when rendered through groff or as HTML, but it was still
	wrong both ways.)

2009-04-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:  Reset internal INTERP_ALTERNATE_WRONG_ARGS
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:     flag inside the Tcl_WrongNumArgs function,
	                          so the caller no longer has to do the reset.

2009-04-24  Stuart Cassoff  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ [Patch 2769530]: Don't chmod/exec installManPage.

2009-04-19  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl: [Bug 2715421]: Removed spurious newline added
	* tests/http11.test:     after POST and added tests to detect excess
	* tests/httpd11.tcl:     bytes being POSTed.
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* makefiles:             package version now 2.8.1

2009-04-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/chan.n, doc/close.n: Tidy up documentation of TIP #332.

2009-04-14  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* library/tzdata/Asia/Karachi: Updated rules for Pakistan Summer
				       Time (Olson's tzdata2009f)

2009-04-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOMethod.c (InvokeForwardMethod): Clarify the resolution
	behaviour of the name of the command that is forwarded to: it's now
	resolved using the object's namespace as context, which is much more
	useful than the previous (somewhat random) behaviour of using the
	caller's current namespace.

2009-04-10  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl:     Improved HTTP/1.1 support and added
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl: specific HTTP/1.1 testing to ensure
	* tests/http11.test:         we handle chunked+gzip for the various
	* tests/httpd11.test:        modes (normal, -channel and -handler)
	* makefiles:                 package version set to 2.8.0

2009-04-10  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:		TclUnixWaitForFile(): use FD_* macros
	* macosx/tclMacOSXNotify.c:	to manipulate select masks (Cassoff).
					[FRQ 1960647] [Bug 3486554]

	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c:		Use RTLD_GLOBAL instead of RTLD_LOCAL.
					[Bug 1961211]

	* macosx/tclMacOSXNotify.c:	revise CoreFoundation notifier to allow
					embedding into applications that
					already have a CFRunLoop running and
					want to run the tcl event loop via

	* macosx/tclMacOSXNotify.c:	add CFRunLoop based Tcl_Sleep() and
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:		TclUnixWaitForFile() implementations
	* unix/tclUnixEvent.c:		and disable select() based ones in
					CoreFoundation builds.

	* unix/tclUnixNotify.c:		simplify, sync with tclMacOSXNotify.c.

	* generic/tclInt.decls: 	add TclMacOSXNotifierAddRunLoopMode()
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:	internal API, regen.
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:

	* unix/ (Darwin):	use Darwin SUSv3 extensions if
					available; remove /Network locations
					from default tcl package search path
					(NFS mounted locations and thus slow).
	* unix/configure:		autoconf-2.59
	* unix/		autoheader-2.59

	* macosx/tclMacOSXBundle.c:	on Mac OS X 10.4 and later, replace
					deprecated NSModule API by dlfcn API.

2009-04-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/StringObj.3: [Bug 2089279]: Corrected example so that it works
	on 64-bit machines as well.

2009-04-10  Pat Thoyts  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test: [Bug 26245326]: Added specific check for problem
	* tests/httpd: (return incomplete HTTP response header).

2009-04-08  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tclZIC.tcl: Always emit files with Unix line termination.
	* library/tzdata: Olson's tzdata2009e

2009-04-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl:	[Bug 26245326]: Handle incomplete
	lines in the "connecting" state. Thanks to Sergei Golovan.

2009-04-08  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/platform/platform.tcl: Extended the darwin sections to add
	* library/platform/pkgIndex.tcl: a kernel version number to the
	* unix/ identifier for anything from Leopard (10.5) on up.
	* win/ Extended patterns for same. Extended cpu
	* doc/platform.n: recognition for 64bit Tcl running on a 32bit kernel
	on a 64bit processor (By Daniel Steffen). Bumped version to 1.0.4.
	Updated Makefiles.

2009-04-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  [Bug 2570363]: Converted [eval]s (some
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl: unsafe!) to {*} in tcltest package.
	* unix/     => tcltest 2.3.1
	* win/

2009-04-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Correction so that value of
	TCL_GROWTH_MIN_ALLOC is everywhere expressed in bytes as comment

2009-04-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/vwait.n: [Bug 1910136]: Extend description and examples to make
	it clearer just how this command interprets variable names.

2009-03-30  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Alloc.3: [Bug 2556263]:	Size argument is "unsigned int".

2009-03-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c (TclPathPart): [Bug 2710920]: TclPathPart()
	* tests/fileName.test:	was computing the wrong results for both [file
	dirname] and [file tail] on "path" arguments with the PATHFLAGS != 0
	intrep and with an empty string for the "joined-on" part.

2009-03-25  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclsh.1:		 Bring doc and tools in line with
	* tools/installData.tcl:
	* tools/str2c
	* tools/tcltk-man2html.tcl

2009-03-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/coroutine.n: [Bug 2152285]: Added basic documentation for the
	coroutine and yield commands.

2009-03-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOOBasic.c (TclOOSelfObjCmd): [Bug 2704302]: Make 'self
	class' better defined in the context of objects that change class.

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_UpvarObjCmd): [Bug 2673163] (ferrieux)
	* generic/tclProc.c (TclObjGetFrame): Make the upvar command more able
	to handle its officially documented syntax.

2009-03-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c: [Bug 2502037]: NR-enable the handling of unknown

2009-03-21  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Fixed "leaks" in aliases, imports and
	* generic/tclInt.h:     ensembles. Only remaining known leak is in
	* generic/tclInterp.c:  ensemble unknown dispatch (as it not
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:  NR-enabled)
	* tests/tailcall.test:

	* tclInt.h: comments

	* tests/tailcall.test: Added tests to show that [tailcall] does not
	currently always execute in constant space: interp-alias, ns-imports
	and ensembles "leak" as of this commit.

	* tests/nre.test: [foreach] has been NR-enabled for a while, the test
	was marked 'knownBug': unmark it.

	* generic/tclBasic.c:   Fix for (among others) [Bug 2699087]
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:   Tailcalls now perform properly even from
	* generic/tclExecute.c: within [eval]ed scripts.
	* generic/tclInt.h:     More tests missing, as well as proper
	exploration and testing of the interaction with "redirectors" like
	interp-alias (suspect that it does not happen in constant space)
	and pure-eval commands.

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Proper fix for [Bug 2415422]. Reenabled
	* tests/nre.test:       the failing assertion that was disabled on
	2008-12-18: the assertion is correct, the fault was in the
	management of expansions.

	* generic/tclExecute.c:  Fix both test and code for tailcall
	* tests/tailcall.test:   from within a compiled [eval] body.

	* tests/tailcall.test: Slightly improved tests

2009-03-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/stringObj.test:         [Bug 2597185]: Test stringObj-6.9
	checks that Tcl_AppendStringsToObj() no longer crashes when operating
	on a pure unicode value.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (INST_CONCAT1):  [Bug 2669109]: Panic when
	appends overflow the max length of a Tcl value.

2009-03-19  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_PopCallFrame): Rewritten tailcall
	implementation, ::unsupported::atProcExit is (temporarily?) gone. The
	new approach is much simpler, and also closer to being correct. This
	commit fixes [Bug 2649975] and [Bug 2695587].

	* tests/coroutine.test:    Moved the tests to their own files,
	* tests/tailcall.test:     removed the unsupported.test. Added
	* tests/unsupported.test:  tests for the fixed bugs.

2009-03-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tailcall.n: Added documentation for tailcall command.

2009-03-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpObjNormalizePath):	[Bug 2688184]:
	Corrected Tcl_Obj leak. Thanks to Joe Mistachkin for detection and

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupSimpleVar):	[Bug 2689307]: Shift
	all calls to Tcl_SetErrorCode() out of TclLookupSimpleVar and onto its
	callers, where control with TCL_LEAVE_ERR_MSG flag is more easily

2009-03-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TryPostBody): [Bug 2688063]: Extract information
	from list before getting rid of last reference to it.

2009-03-15  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThread.c: [Bug 2687952]: Modify fix for TSD leak to match
	* generic/tclThreadStorage.c: Tcl 8.5 (and prior) allocation semantics

2009-03-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadStorage.c (TSDTableDelete):	[Bug 2687952]: Ensure
	* generic/tclThread.c (Tcl_GetThreadData):	that structures in
	Tcl's TSD system are all freed. Use the correct matching allocator.

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c (Tcl_SignalId,Tcl_SignalMsg): [Patch 1513655]:
	Added support for SIGINFO, which is present on BSD platforms.

2009-03-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ (new file):		[Patch 2243948] (hat0)
	* unix/, unix/ Added support for reporting
	Tcl's public build configuration via the pkg-config system. TEA is
	still the official mechanism though, in part because pkg-config is not
	universally supported across all Tcl's supported platforms.

2009-03-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclNRCoroutineObjCmd): fix Tcl_Obj leak.
	Diagnosis and fix thanks to GPS.

2009-03-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_TryObjCmd, TclNRTryObjCmd): Moved the
	implementation of [try] from Tcl code into C. Still lacks a bytecode
	version, but should be better than what was before.

2009-03-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (TclZlibCmd): Checksums are defined to be unsigned
	32-bit integers, use Tcl_WideInt to pass to scripts. [Bug 2662434]
	(ZlibStreamCmd, ChanGetOption): A few other related corrections.

2009-02-27  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:    [Bug 218977]: Tcl_DbCkfree needs return value
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c
	* generic/tclDecls.h:   (regenerated)
	* generic/tclInt.decls: don't use CONST84/CONST86 here
	* generic/tclCompile.h: don't use CONST86 here, comment fixing.
	* generic/tclIO.h:      don't use CONST86 here, comment fixing.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h (regenerated)

2009-02-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclStringMatchObj):	[Bug 2637173]: Revised
	the branching on the strObj->typePtr so that untyped values get
	converted to the "string" type and pass through the Unicode matcher.
	[Bug 2613766]: Also added checks to only perform "bytearray"
	optimization on pure bytearray values.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	Since Tcl_GetCharLength() has its own
	* generic/tclExecute.c:	optimizations for the tclByteArrayType, stop
	having the callers do them.

2009-02-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/clock.n, doc/fblocked.n, doc/format.n, doc/lsort.n,
	* doc/pkgMkIndex.n, doc/regsub.n, doc/scan.n, doc/tclvars.n:
	General minor documentation improvements.

	* library/http/http.tcl (geturl, Eof): Added support for 8.6's built
	in zlib routines.

2009-02-22  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* tests/lrange.test:	Revert commits of 2008-07-23. Those were speed
	* tests/binary.test:	tests, that are inherently brittle.

2009-02-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Several revisions to the shimmering
	patterns between Unicode and UTF string reps.  Most notably the
	call: objPtr = Tcl_NewUnicodeObj(...,0); followed by a loop of calls:
	Tcl_AppendUnicodeToObj(objPtr, u, n); will now grow and append to
	the Unicode representation.  Before this commit, the sequence would
	convert each append to UTF and perform the append to the UTF rep.
	This is puzzling and likely a bug.  The performance of [string map]
	is significantly improved by this change (according to the MAP
	collection of benchmarks in tclbench).  Just in case there was some
	wisdom in the old ways that I missed, I left in the ability to restore
	the old patterns with a #define COMPAT 1 at the top of the file.

2009-02-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPathObj.c:	[Bug 2571597]: Fixed mistaken logic in
	* tests/fileName.test:	TclFSGetPathType() that assumed (not
	"absolute") => "relative". This is a false assumption on Windows,
	where "volumerelative" is another possibility.

2009-02-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Simplify the logic of the
	Tcl_*SetObjLength() routines.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Rewrite GrowStringBuffer() so that it
	has parallel structure with GrowUnicodeBuffer().  The revision permits
	allocation attempts to continue all the way up to failure, with no
	gap. It also directly manipulates the String and Tcl_Obj internals
	instead of inefficiently operating via Tcl_*SetObjLength() with all of
	its extra protections and underdocumented special cases.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Another round of simplification on
	the allocation macros.

2009-02-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tcl.m4, win/configure: Check if cl groks _WIN64 already to
	avoid CC manipulation that can screw up later configure checks.
	Use 'd'ebug runtime in 64-bit builds.

2009-02-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Pare back the length of the unicode
	array in a non-extended String struct to one Tcl_UniChar, meant to
	hold the terminating NUL character.  Non-empty unicode strings are
	then stored by extending the String struct by stringPtr->maxChars
	additional slots in that array with sizeof(Tcl_UniChar) bytes per
	slot. This revision makes the allocation macros much simpler.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Factor out common GrowUnicodeBuffer()
	and solve overflow and growth algorithm fallbacks in it.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Factor out common GrowStringBuffer().

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Convert Tcl_AppendStringsToObj into
	* tests/stringObj.test:		a radically simpler implementation
	where we just loop over calls to Tcl_AppendToObj.  This fixes [Bug
	2597185].  It also creates a *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY *** in
	that T_ASTO can now allocate more space than is strictly required,
	like all the other Tcl_Append* routines.  The incompatibility was
	detected by test stringObj-6.5, which I've updated to reflect the
	new behavior.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Revise buffer growth implementation
	in ExtendStringRepWithUnicode.  Use cheap checks to determine that
	no reallocation is necessary without cost of computing the precise
	number of bytes needed.  Also make use of the string growth algortihm
	in the case of repeated appends.

2009-02-16  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c:	Hack needed for official zlib1.dll build.
	* win/	fix [Feature Request 2605263] use official
	* win/	zlib build.
	* win/configure:	(regenerated)
	* compat/zlib/zdll.lib:	new files
	* compat/zlib/zlib1.dll:

	* win/  [Bug 2605232]: tdbc doesn't build when Tcl is
	compiled with --disable-shared.

2009-02-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	[Bug 2603158]: Added protections from
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:		invalid memory accesses when we append
	* tests/stringObj.test:		(some part of) a Tcl_Obj to itself.
	Added the appendself and appendself2 subcommands to the
	[teststringobj] testing command and added tests to the test suite.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Factor out duplicate code from

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Replace the 'size_t uallocated' field
	of the String struct, storing the number of bytes allocated to store
	the Tcl_UniChar array, with an 'int maxChars' field, storing the
	number of Tcl_UniChars that may be stored in the allocated space.
	This reduces memory requirement a small bit, and makes some range
	checks simpler to code.
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:	Replace the [teststringobj ualloc] testing
	* tests/stringObj.test:	command with [teststringobj maxchars] and
	update the tests.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Removed limitation in
	Tcl_AppendObjToObj where the char length of the result was only
	computed if the appended string was all single byte characters.
	This limitation was in place to dodge a bug in Tcl_GetUniChar.
	With that bug gone, we can take advantage of always recording the
	length of append results when we know it.

2009-02-14  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Revisions so that we avoid creating
	the strange representation of an empty string with
	objPtr->bytes == NULL and stringPtr->hasUnicode == 0.  Instead in
	the situations where that was being created, create a traditional
	two-legged stork representation (objPtr->bytes = tclEmptyStringRep
	and stringPtr->hasUnicode = 1).  In the situations where the strange
	rep was treated differently, continue to do so by testing
	stringPtr->numChars == 0 to detect it.  These changes make the code
	more conventional so easier for new maintainers to pick up.  Also
	sets up further simplifications.

	* generic/tclTestObj.c:	Revise updates to [teststringobj] so we don't
	get blocked by MODULE_SCOPE limits.

2009-02-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Rewrites of the routines
	Tcl_GetCharLength, Tcl_GetUniChar, Tcl_GetUnicodeFromObj,
	Tcl_GetRange, and TclStringObjReverse to use the new macro, and
	to more simply and clearly split the cases depending on whether
	a valid unicode rep is present or needs to be created.
	New utility routine UnicodeLength(), to compute the length of unicode
	buffer arguments when no length is passed in, with built-in
	overflow protection included.  Update three callers to use it.

	* generic/tclInt.h:	New macro TclNumUtfChars meant to be a faster
	replacement for a full Tcl_NumUtfChars() call when the string has all
	single-byte characters.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Simplified Tcl_GetCharLength by
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:		removing code that did nothing.
	Added early returns from Tcl_*SetObjLength when the desired length
	is already present; adapted test command to the change.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Re-implemented AppendUtfToUnicodeRep
	so that we no longer pass through Tcl_DStrings which have their own
	sets of problems when lengths overflow the int range.  Now AUTUR and
	FillUnicodeRep share a common core routine.

2009-02-12  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c (TclOOGetDefineCmdContext): Use the
	correct field in the Interp structure for retrieving the frame to get
	the context object so that people can extend [oo::define] without deep
	shenanigans. Bug found by Federico Ferri.

2009-02-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Re-implemented AppendUnicodeToUtfRep
	so that we no longer pass through Tcl_DStrings which have their own
	sets of problems when lengths overflow the int range.  Now AUTUR and
	UpdateStringOfString share a common core routine.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c:	Changed type of the 'allocated' field
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:		of the String struct (and the
	TestString counterpart) from size_t to int since only int values are
	ever stored in it.

2009-02-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c: Eliminate some unnessary type casts
	* generic/tclEvent.c:    some internal const decorations
	* generic/tclExecute.c:  spacing
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclIORChan.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclLiteral.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclOOBasic.c:
	* generic/tclPathObj.c:
	* generic/tclPkg.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclScan.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclTestProcBodyObj.c:
	* generic/tclThread.c:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c:
	* generic/tclTimer.c:
	* generic/tclTrace.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: (regenerated)

2009-02-10  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: [Bug 2502365]: Building of head on HPUX is broken when
	using the native CC.
	* unix/configure: (autoconf-2.59)

2009-02-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetString):	Added comments and validity
	checks following the call to an UpdateStringProc.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: Reduce code duplication in Tcl_GetUnicode*.
	Restrict AppendUtfToUtfRep to non-negative length appends.
	Convert all Tcl_InvalidateStringRep() calls into macros.
	Simplify Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength by removing unreachable code.
	Simplify SetStringFromAny() by removing unreachable and duplicate code.
	Simplify Tcl_SetObjLength by removing unreachable code.
	Removed handling of (objPtr->bytes != NULL) from UpdateStringOfString,
	which is only called when objPtr->bytes is NULL.

2009-02-09  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c: [Bug 2555129]: const compiler warning (as
	error) in tclCompile.c

2009-02-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (TclZlibCmd): [Bug 2573172]: Ensure that when
	invalid subcommand name is given, the list of valid subcommands is
	produced. This gives a better experience when using the command

2009-02-05  Joe Mistachkin  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c: [Bug 2544618]: Fix argument checking for
	[interp cancel].
	* unix/ Fix build issue with zlib on FreeBSD (and possibly
	other platforms).

2009-02-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (StringIndexCmd, StringRangeCmd, StringLenCmd):
	Simplify the implementation of some commands now that the underlying
	string API knows more about bytearrays.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): [Bug 2568434]: Make sure
	that INST_CONCAT1 will not lose string reps wrongly.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendObjToObj): Special-case the
	appending of one bytearray to another, which can be extremely rapid.
	Part of scheme to address [Bug 1665628] by making the basic string
	operations more efficient on byte arrays.
	(Tcl_GetCharLength, Tcl_GetUniChar, Tcl_GetRange): More special casing
	work for bytearrays.

2009-02-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: [Bug 2561794]: Added overflow protections to
	the AppendUtfToUtfRep routine to either avoid invalid arguments and
	crashes, or to replace them with controlled panics.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	[Bug 2561746]: Prevent crashes due to int
	overflow of the length of the result of [string repeat].

2009-02-03  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c: Eliminate some unnessary type casts
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c:	  some internal const decorations
	* unix/tclUnixCompat.c:	  spacing
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c
	* win/tclWinDde.c
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c
	* win/tclWinInit.c
	* win/tclWinLoad.c
	* win/tclWinPipe.c
	* win/tclWinReg.c
	* win/tclWinTest.c
	* generic/tclBasic.c
	* generic/tclBinary.c
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c
	* generic/tclDictObj.c

2009-02-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (tclCmdNameType): [Bug 2558422]: Corrected the type
	of this structure so that extensions that write it (yuk!) will still
	be able to function correctly.

2009-02-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (SetUnicodeObj):	[Bug 2561488]:
	Corrected failure of Tcl_SetUnicodeObj() to panic on a shared object.
	Also factored out common code to reduce duplication.

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetStringFromObj): Reduce code duplication.

2009-02-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c:	Reverted the conversion of [interp] into an
	* tests/interp.test:	ensemble.  Such conversion is not necessary
	* tests/nre.test:	(or even all that helpful) in the NRE-enabling
	of [interp invokehidden], and it has other implications -- including
	significant forkage of the 8.5 and 8.6 implementations -- that are
	better off avoided if there's no gain.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (STRING_NOMEM):  [Bug 2494093]: Add missing
	cast of NULL to (char *) that upsets some compilers.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_(Attempt)SetObjLength):	[Bug 2553906]:
	Added protections against callers asking for negative lengths.  It is
	likely when this happens that an integer overflow is to blame.

2009-02-01  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Allow nmake flags such as -a (rebuild all) to pass
	down to the pkgs targets, too.

2009-01-30  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/chan.n: [Bug 1216074]: Added another extended example.

	* doc/refchan.n: Added an example of how to build a scripted channel.

2009-01-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/stringObj.test: [Bug 2006888]: Remove non-ASCII chars from
	non-comment locations in the file, making it work more reliably in
	locales with a non-Latin-1 default encoding.

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_FindCommand): [Bug 2519474]: Ensure that
	the path is not searched when the TCL_NAMESPACE_ONLY flag is given.

	* generic/tclOODecls.h (Tcl_OOInitStubs): [Bug 2537839]: Make the
	declaration of this macro work correctly in the non-stub case.

2009-01-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c:	Convert the [interp] command into a
	* tests/interp.test:	[namespace ensemble].  Work in progress
	* tests/nre.test:	to NRE-enable the [interp invokehidden]

2009-01-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (TclMakeEnsemble): [Bug 2529117]: Make this
	function behave more sensibly when presented with a fully-qualified
	name, rather than doing strange stuff.

2009-01-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclInvokeObjectCommand): Made this understand
	what to do if it ends up being used on a command with no objProc; that
	shouldn't happen, but...

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (TclMakeEnsemble): [Bug 2529157]: Made this
	understand NRE command implementations better.
	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictForCmd): Eliminate unnecessary command

2009-01-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclOODefineCmds.c (Tcl_ClassSetConstructor):
	[Bug 2531577]: Ensure that caches of constructor chains are cleared
	when the constructor is changed.

2009-01-26  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:   [Bug 1028264]: WSACleanup() too early.
	* generic/tclEvent.c: The fix introduces "late exit handlers" for
	* win/tclWinSock.c:   similar late process-wide cleanups.

2009-01-26  Alexandre Ferrieux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c: [Bug 2446662]: Resync Win behavior on RST with
	that of unix (EOF).

2009-01-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclZlib.c (ChanClose): [Bug 2536400]: Only generate error
	messages in the interpreter when the thread is not being closed down.

2009-01-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/zlib.n: Added a note that 'zlib push' is reversed by 'chan pop'.

2009-01-22  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.h:	CONSTify TclPrintInstruction (TIP #27)
	* generic/tclCompile.c
	* generic/tclInt.h:	CONSTify TclpNativeJoinPath (TIP #27)
	* generic/tclFileName.c
	* generic/tcl.decls:	{unix win} is equivalent to {generic}
	* generic/tclInt.decls
	* generic/tclDecls.h:	(regenerated)
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h
	* generic/tclGetDate.y:	Single internal const decoration.
	* generic/tclDate.c:

2009-01-22  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: Corrected a typo ($(SHLIB_VERSION) should be
	* unix/configure: Autoconf 2.59

2009-01-21  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIORChan.c (ReflectClose): [Bug 2458202]:
	* generic/tclIORTrans.c (ReflectClose): Closing a channel may supply
	NULL for the 'interp'. Test for finalization needs to be different,
	and one place has to pull the interp out of the channel instead.

2009-01-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: New fix for [Bug 2494093] replaces the
	flawed attempt committed 2009-01-09.

2009-01-19  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ [Patch 907924]:Added a CONFIG_INSTALL_DIR
	* unix/tcl.m4:      parameter so that distributors can control where goes. Made the installation of 'ldAix' conditional upon
	actually being on an AIX system. Allowed for downstream packagers to
	customize SHLIB_VERSION on BSD-derived systems. Thanks to Stuart
	Cassoff for his help.
	* unix/configure: Autoconf 2.59

2009-01-19  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Improved tools detection and error message
	* win/ Reorganized the $(TCLOBJ) file list into seperate
	parts for easier maintenance. Matched all sources built using -GL to
	both $(lib) and $(link) to use -LTCG and avoid a warning message.
	Addressed the over-building nature of the htmlhelp target by moving
	from a pseudo target to a real target dependent on the entire docs/
	directory contents.
	* win/nmakehlp.c: Removed -g option and GrepForDefine() func as it
	isn't being used anymore. The -V option method is much better.

2009-01-16  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:	Bump patchlevel to 8.6b1.1 to distinguish
	* library/init.tcl:	CVS snapshots from the 8.6b1 and 8.6b2 releases
	* unix/	and to deal with the fact that the 8.6b1
	* win/	version of init.tcl will not [source] in the
	HEAD version of Tcl.

	* unix/configure:	autoconf-2.59
	* win/configure:

2009-01-14  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken):	Reverted most
	of the substance of my 2009-01-12 commit. NULLing the objProc field of
	a Command when deleting it is important so that tests for certain
	classes of commands don't return false positives when applied to
	deleted command tokens. Overall change is now just replacement of a
	false comment with a true one.

2009-01-13  Jan Nijtmans  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: [Bug 2502365]: Building of head on HPUX is broken when
	using the native CC.
	* unix/configure (autoconf-2.59)

2009-01-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_ThrowObjCmd):	Move implementation of [throw]
	* library/init.tcl (throw):		to C from Tcl.

2009-01-12  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken): One consequence of
	the NRE rewrite is that there are now situations where a NULL objProc
	field in a Command struct is perfectly normal. Removed an outdated
	comment in Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken that claimed we use
	cmdPtr->objPtr==NULL as a test of command validity. In fact we use
	cmdPtr->flags&CMD_IS_DELETED to perform that test. Also removed the
	setting to NULL, since any extension following the advice of the old
	comment is going to be broken by NRE anyway, and needs to shift to
	flag-based testing (or stop intruding into such internal matters).
	Part of [Bug 2486550].

2009-01-09  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (STRING_SIZE): [Bug 2494093]: Corrected
	failure to limit memory allocation requests to the sizes that can be
	supported by Tcl's memory allocation routines.

2009-01-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c (NamespaceEnsembleCmd): [Bug 1558654]: Error out
	when someone gives wrong # of args to [namespace ensemble create].

2009-01-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (STRING_UALLOC): [Bug 2494093]: Added missing
	parens required to get correct results out of things like
	STRING_UALLOC(num + append).

2009-01-08  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c, generic/tclIndexObj.c, generic/tclListObj.c,
	* generic/tclObj.c, generic/tclStrToD.c, generic/tclUtil.c,
	* generic/tclVar.c: Generate errorcodes for the error cases which
	approximate to "I can't interpret that string as one of those" and
	"You gave me the wrong number of arguments".

2009-01-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dict.n: [Tk Bug 2491235]: Added more examples.

	* tests/oo.test (oo-22.1): Adjusted test to be less dependent on the
	specifics of how [info frame] reports general frame information, and
	instead to focus on what methods add to it; that's really what the
	test is about anyway.

2009-01-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/stringObj.test:	Revise tests that demand a NULL Tcl_ObjType
	in certain values to construct those values with [testdstring] so
	there's no lack of robustness depending on the shimmer history of
	shared literals.

2009-01-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDictObj.c (DictIncrCmd): Corrected twiddling in internals
	of dictionaries so that literals can't get destroyed.

	* tests/expr.test: [Bug 2006879]: Eliminate non-ASCII char.

	* generic/tclOOInfo.c (InfoObjectMethodsCmd,InfoClassMethodsCmd):
	[Bug 2489836]: Only delete pointers that were actually allocated!

	* generic/tclOO.c (TclNRNewObjectInstance, Tcl_NewObjectInstance):
	[Bug 2481109]: Perform search for existing commands in right context.

2009-01-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TclNRSourceObjCmd): [Bug 2412068]: Make
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (TclNREvalFile):    implementation of the
	[source] command be NRE enabled so that [yield] inside a script
	sourced in a coroutine can work.

2009-01-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: Tidy up spacing and code style.

2009-01-03  Kevin B. Kenny  <kenn[email protected]>

	* library/clock.tcl (tcl::clock::add): Fixed error message formatting
	in the case where [clock add] is presented with a bad switch.
	* tests/clock.test (clock-65.1) Added a test case for the above
	problem [Bug 2481670].

2009-01-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): [Bug 878333]: Force the use of the
	compatibility version of mkstemp() on IRIX.
	* unix/, unix/ (mkstemp.o):
	* compat/mkstemp.c (new file): [Bug 741967]: Added a compatibility
	implementation of the mkstemp() function, which is apparently needed
	on some platforms.

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