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1999-12-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* changes: updated changes file
	* tools/tclSplash.bmp: updated to show 8.3

1999-12-21  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* mac/README:
	* unix/
	* tools/
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/ updated to patch level 8.3b1

	* unix/ added -srcdir=... for 'make html'

	* doc/Hash.3: fixed reference to ckfree [Bug 3912]
	* doc/RegExp.3: fixed calling params for Tcl_RegExecFromObj
	* doc/open.n: fixed minor formatting errors
	* doc/string.n: fixed minor formatting errors

	* doc/lsort.n: added -unique docs
	* tests/cmdIL.test:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: added -unique option to lsort

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: changed thread ids to longs [Bug 3902]

	* mac/tclMacOSA.c: fixed applescript for I18N [Bug 3644]

	* win/mkd.bat:
	* win/rmd.bat: removed necessity of tag.txt [Bug 3874]

	* win/tclWinThrd.c: changed CreateThread to _beginthreadex and
	ExitThread to _endthreadex

1999-12-12  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/glob.n:
	* tests/fileName.test:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: enhanced the glob command with the new options
	-types -path -directory and -join. Deprecated TclpMatchFiles with
	TclpMatchFilesTypes, extended TclGlob and TclDoGlob and added
	GlobTypeData structure. [Bug 2363]

1999-12-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/var.test:
	* generic/tclCompile.c: fixed problem where setting to {} array would
	intermittently not work. [Bug 3339] (Fontaine)

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c: optimized INST_TRY_CVT_TO_NUMERIC to recognize
	boolean objects. [Bug 2815] (Spjuth)

	* tests/info.test:
	* tests/parseOld.test:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c: changed Tcl_UplevelObjCmd (uplevel) and
	Tcl_EvalObjCmd (eval) to use TCL_EVAL_DIRECT in the single arg case as
	well, to take advantage of potential pure list input optimization.
	This means that it won't get byte compiled though, which should be
	* generic/tclBasic.c: made Tcl_EvalObjEx pure list object aware in the
	TCL_EVAL_DIRECT case for efficiency.
	* generic/tclUtil.c: made Tcl_ConcatObj pure list object aware, and
	return a list object in that case [Bug 2098 2257]

	* generic/tclMain.c: changed Tcl_Main to not constantly reuse the
	commandPtr object (interactive case) as it could be shared. (Fellows)

	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c: removed checking for compatible vfork function
	and use of the vfork function. Modern VM systems rarely suffer any
	performance degradation when fork is used, and it solves multiple
	problems with vfork. Users that still want vfork can add -Dfork=vfork
	to the compile flags. [Bug 942 2228 1312]

1999-12-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/aclocal.m4: made it just include tcl.m4

	* doc/exec.n:
	* doc/open.n:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinInit.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c: removed all code that supported Win32s. It was no
	longer officially supported, and likely didn't work anyway.
	* win/ removed 16 bit stuff, cleaned up.

	* win/tcl16.rc:
	* win/tclWin16.c:
	* win/winDumpExts.c: these files have been removed from the source
	tree (no longer necessary to build)

1999-12-07  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/io.test: removed 'knownBug' tests that were for unsupported0,
	which is now fcopy (that already has tests)

	* mac/tclMacPort.h: added utime.h include

	* generic/tclDate.c:
	* unix/ fixed make gendate to swap const with CONST so it
	uses the Tcl defined CONST type [Bug 3521]

	* generic/tclIO.c: removed panic that could occur in FlushChannel when
	a "blocking" channel would receive EAGAIN, instead treating it the
	same as non-blocking. [Bug 3773]

	* generic/tclUtil.c: fixed Tcl_ScanCountedElement to not step beyond
	the end of the counted string. [Bug 3336]

1999-12-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/load.n: added note about NT's buggy handling of './' with

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: fixed error handling in http::Event. [Bug

	* tests/env.test: removed knownBug limitation from working test
	* tests/all.tcl: ensured that ::tcltest::testsDirectory would be set
	to an absolute path

	* tests/expr-old.test:
	* tests/parseExpr.test:
	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclGet.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclParseExpr.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c: added TclCheckBadOctal routine to enhance
	error message checking for when users use invalid octal numbers (like
	08), as well as replumbed the Expr*Funcs with a new VerifyExprObjType
	to simplify type handling. [Bug 2467]

	* tests/expr.test:
	* generic/tclCompile.c: fixed 'bad code length' error for 'expr +
	{[incr]}' case, with new test case [Bug 3736] and seg fault on 'expr
	+ {[error]}' (different cause) that was caused by a correct
	optimization that didn't correctly track how it was modifying the
	source string in the opt. The optimization was removed, which means
		expr 1 + {[string length abc]}
	will be not be compiled inline as before, but this should be written:
		expr {1 + [string length abc]}
	which will be compiled inline for speed. This prevents:
		expr 1 + {[mindless error]}
	from seg faulting, and only affects optimizations for degenerate cases
	[Bug 3737]

1999-12-01  Scott Redman <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclMain.c:
	* unix/tclAppInit.c:
	* win/tclAppInit.c: Added two new internal functions,
	TclSetStartupScriptFileName() and TclGetStartupScriptFileName() and
	added hooks into the main() code for supporting TclPro and other "big"
	shells more easily without requiring a copy of the main() code.

	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* generic/tclEvent.c: Moved encoding-related startup code from
	tclEvent.c into the more appropriate tclEncoding.c.

1999-11-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c: fix from Kupries for	Tcl_UnstackChannel that
	correctly handles resetting translation and encoding.

	* generic/tclLoad.c: #def'd out the unloading of DLLs at finalize time
	for Unix in TclFinalizeLoad. [Bug 2560 3373] Should be parametrized
	to allow for user to specify unload or not.

	* win/tclWinTime.c: fixed handling of %Z on NT for time zones that
	don't have DST.

1999-11-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/dde1.1/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/reg1.0/pkgIndex.tcl: added supported for debugged versions
	of the libraries

	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c: fixed PipeBlockModeProc to properly set
	isNonBlocking flag on pipe. [Bug 1356 710]
	removed spurious fcntl call from PipeBlockModeProc

	* tests/scan.test:
	* generic/tclScan.c: fixed scan where %[..] didn't match anything and
	added test case. [Bug 3700]

1999-11-24  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/open.n:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: adopted patch from Schroedter to handle
	fconfigure $sock -lasterror on Windows. [RFE 3368]

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: made SORTMODE_INTEGER work with Longs [Bug 3652]

1999-11-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Fixed bug where tcltest output went
	to stdout instead of the specified output file in some cases.

1999-11-19  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c: backed out change from 1999-11-18 as it could
	affect return string from upvar as well.

	* tools/ added tcltest1.0 library to distribution list

	* doc/http.n:
	* library/http2.1/http.tcl:
	* library/http2.1/pkgIndex.tcl: updated http package to 2.2

1999-11-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: added defined for _THREAD_SAFE in --enable-threads
	case; added check for pthread_mutex_init in libc; in AIX case, with
	--enable-threads ${CC}_r is used; fixed flags when using gcc on SCO

	* generic/tclProc.c: corrected error reporting for default case at the
	global level for uplevel command.

	* generic/tclIOSock.c: changed int to size_t type for len in

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: fixed Tcl_DbCkfree to return a value on NULL
	input. [Bug 3400]

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: fixed support for passing in negative length
	to Tcl_SetUnicodeObj, et al handling routines. [Bug 3380]

	* doc/scan.n:
	* tests/scan.test:
	* generic/tclScan.c: finished support for inline scan by supporting
	XPG identifiers.

	* doc/http.n:
	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: added register and unregister commands to
	http:: package (better support for tls/SSL), as well as -type argument
	to http::geturl. [RFE 2617]

	* generic/tclBasic.c: removed extra decr of numLevels in Tcl_EvalObjEx
	that could cause seg fault. ([email protected])

	* generic/tclEvent.c: fixed possible lack of MutexUnlock in
	Tcl_DeleteExitHandler. [Bug 3545]

	* unix/tcl.m4: Added better pthreads library check and inclusion of
	_THREAD_SAFE in --enable-threads case
	Added support for gcc config on SCO

	* doc/glob.n: added note about ..../ glob behavior on Win9*
	* doc/tcltest.n: fixed minor example errors. [Bug 3551]

1999-11-17 Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Correctly fixed the -timeout problem
	mentioned in the 10-29 change. Also added error handling for failed
	writes on the socket during the protocol.

1999-11-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/open.n: corrected docs for 'a' open mode.

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: changed Tcl_Alloc to ckalloc

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c: rolled back changes from 1999-10-29
	Purify noted new leaks with that code

	* generic/tclParse.c: added code in Tcl_ParseBraces to test for
	possible unbalanced open brace in a comment

	* library/init.tcl: removed the installed binary directory from the
	auto_path variable

	* tools/ updated to 8.3a1, fixed install of twind.tcl and
	koi8-r.enc files

	* unix/tcl.m4: added recognition of pthreads library for AIX

1999-10-29  Brent Welch <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Modified the TclNewObj and TclDecrRefCount in two
	ways. First, in the case of TCL_THREADS, we do not use the special
	Tcl_Obj allocator because that is a source of lock contention. Second,
	general code cleanup to eliminate duplicated code. In particular,
	TclDecrRefCount now uses TclFreeObj instead of duplicating that code,
	so it is now identical to Tcl_DecrRefCount.

	* generic/tclObj.c: Changed Tcl_NewObj so it uses the TclNewObj macro
	instead of duplicating the code. Adjusted TclFreeObj so it understands
	the TCL_THREADS case described above.

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Fixed a bug in the handling of the
	state(status) variable when the -timeout flag is specified. Previously
	it was possible to leave the status undefined instead of empty, which
	caused errors in http::status

1999-10-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/aclocal.m4: made it just include tcl.m4

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: updated makeFile to return full
	pathname of file created

	* generic/tclStringObj.c: fixed Tcl_AppendStringsToObjVA so it only
	iterates once over the va_list (avoiding a memcpy of it, which is not

	* generic/tclEnv.c: fixed possible ABR error in environ array

	* tests/scan.test:
	* generic/tclScan.c: added support for use of inline scan, XPG3
	currently not included

	* tests/incr.test:
	* tests/set.test:
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c: fixed improper bytecode handling of 'eval
	{set array($unknownvar) 5}' (also for incr). [Bug 3184]

	* win/tclWinTest.c: added testvolumetype command, as atime is
	completely ignored for Windows FAT file systems
	* win/tclWinPort.h: added sys/utime.h to includes
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: added utime.h to includes
	* doc/file.n:
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: added time arguments to atime and mtime file
	command methods (support 'touch' functionality)

1999-10-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: fixed event/io threading problems by making
	triggerPipe non-blocking. [Bug 2792]

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: fixed mem leaks in threads

	* generic/tclResult.c: fixed Tcl_AppendResultVA so it only iterates
	once over the va_list (avoiding a memcpy of it, which is not

	* generic/regc_color.c: fixed mem leak and assertion, from HS

	* generic/tclCompile.c: removed savedChar trick that appeared to be
	causing a segv when the literal table was released

	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: fixed [string index] to return ByteArrayObj when
	indexing into one (test case string-5.16). [Bug 2871]

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: protected gets with catch. [Bug 2665]

1999-10-19  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Removed the extra return at the end
	of the tcltest.tcl file, added version information about tcl.

	Applied patches sent in by Andreas Kupries to add helper procs for
	debug output, add 3 new flags (-testsdir, -load, -loadfile), and
	internally refactors common code for dealing with paths into separate
	procedures. [Bug 2838, 2842]

	Merged code from core-8-2-1 branch that changes the checks for the
	value of tcl_interactive to also incorporate a check for the existence
	of the variable.

	* tests/autoMkindex.test:
	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test: Explicitly cd to ::tcltest::testsDirectory at
	the beginning of the test run

	* tests/basic.test: Use version information defined in tcltest instead
	of hardcoded version number

	* tests/socket.test: package require tcltest before attempting to use
	variable defined in tcltest namespace

	* tests/unixInit.test:
	* tests/unixNotfy.test: Added explicit exits needed to avoid problems
	when the tests area run in wish.

1999-10-12  Jim Ingham  <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacLoad.c: Stupid bug - we converted the filename to
	external, but used the unconverted version.
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c: Fix a merge error in the bug fix for [Bug 2869]

1999-10-12  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_color.c:
	* generic/regc_cvec.c:
	* generic/regc_lex.c:
	* generic/regc_locale.c:
	* generic/regcomp.c:
	* generic/regcustom.h:
	* generic/regerrs.h:
	* generic/regex.h:
	* generic/regexec.c:
	* generic/regguts.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* tests/reg.test: updated to Henry Spencer's new regexp engine
	(mid-Sept 99). Should greatly reduce stack space reqs.

	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl: fixed procs in pkgIndex.tcl file

	* generic/tclEnv.c: fixed mem leak with putenv and DStrings
	* doc/Encoding.3: corrected docs
	* tests/basic.test: updated test cases for 8.3
	* tests/encoding.test: fixed test case that change system encoding to
	a double-byte one (this causes a bogus mem read error for purify)
	* unix/ purify has to use -best-effort to instrument
	* unix/tclAppInit.c: identified potential mem leak when compiling
	tcltest (not critical)
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c: fixed mem leak in TclpCreateProcess when doing
	alloc between vfork and execvp.
	* unix/tclUnixTest.c: fixed mem leak in findexecutable test command

1999-10-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* {win,mac,unix,tools,}/README:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/
	* {win,unix}/
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* library/init.tcl: updated to 8.3a1 from 8.2.0.

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: fixed possible use of global c var.

	* win/tclWinReg.c: fixed registry command to properly 'get'
	HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA root key data. Needs more work.

	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: fixed comment typos

	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c: fixed filename stuff to support UTF-8. [Bug 2869]

	* win/tclWinSerial.c: changed SerialSetOptionProc to return TCL_OK by
	default. (patch from Rolf Schroedter)

1999-09-21  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Applied patches sent in by Andreas
	Kupries to fix typos in comments and ::tcltest::grep, fix hook
	redefinition problems, and change "string compare" to "string equal".
	[Bug 2836, 2837, 2839, 2840]

1999-09-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/env.test:
	* unix/ added support for AIX LIBPATH env var. [Bug 2793]
	removed second definition of INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR (the one that
	referenced @[email protected]) [Bug 2805]
	* unix/dltest/ added -lc to LIBS. [Bug 2794]

1999-09-16  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/timer.test: changed after delay in timer test 6.29 from 1 to
	10. [Bug 2796]

	* tests/pkg.test:
	* generic/tclPkg.c: fixed package version check to disallow 1.2..3
	[Bug 2539]

	* unix/ fixed gendate target - this never worked since RCS
	was intro'd.
	* generic/tclGetDate.y: updated to reflect previous changes to
	tclDate.c (leap year calc) and added CEST and UCT time zone
	recognition. Fixed 4 missing UCHAR() casts. [Bug 2717, 954, 1245,

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: changed Tcl_DumpActiveMemory to really dump to
	stderr and close it [Bug 725] and changed Tcl_Ckrealloc and
	Tcl_Ckfree to not bomb when NULL was passed in [Bug 1719] and changed
	Tcl_Alloc, et al to not panic when a alloc request for zero came
	through and NULL was returned (valid on AIX, Tru64) [Bug 2795, etc]

	* tests/clock.test:
	* doc/clock.n:
	* generic/tclClock.c: added -milliseconds switch to clock clicks to
	guarantee that the return value of clicks is in the millisecs
	granularity. [Bug 2682, 1332]

1999-09-15  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c: fixed potential core dump in conjunction with
	stacked channels with result obj manipulation in Tcl_ReadChars. [Bug

	* tests/format.test:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: fixed translation of %0#s in format. [Bug 2605]

	* doc/msgcat.n: fixed \\ bug in example. [Bug 2548]

	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/aclocal.m4: added fix for FreeBSD-[1-2] recognition [Bug 2070]
	and fix for IRIX SHLIB_LB_LIBS. [Bug 2610]

	* doc/array.n:
	* tests/var.test:
	* tests/set.test:
	* generic/tclVar.c: added an array unset operation, with docs and
	tests. Variation of [Bug 1775]. Added fix in TclArraySet to check
	when trying to set in a non-existent namespace. [Bug 2613]

1999-09-14  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/linsert.test:
	* doc/linsert.n:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: fixed end-int interpretation of linsert to
	correctly calculate value for end, added test and docs. [Bug 2693]

	* doc/regexp.n:
	* doc/regsub.n:
	* tests/regexp.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: add -start switch to regexp and regsub with docs
	and tests

	* doc/switch.n: added proper use of comments to example.
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: changed switch to complain when an error occurs
	that seems to be due to a misplaced comment.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: fixed illegal ref for \[0-9] substitutions in
	regsub. [Bug 2723]

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: changed [string equal] to return an Int type
	object (was a Boolean)

1999-09-01  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Process command-line arguments only
	::tcltest doesn't have a child namespace (requires that command-line
	args are processed in that namespace)

1999-09-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclParseExpr.c: changed '"' to '\"' to make FreeBSD happy.
	[Bug 2625]
	* generic/tclProc.c: moved static buf to better location and changed
	static msg that would overflow in ProcessProcResultCode [Bug 2483]
	and added Tcl_DStringFree to Tcl_ProcObjCmd. Also reworked size of
	static buffers.
	* tests/stringObj.test: added test 9.11
	* generic/tclStringObj.c: changed Tcl_AppendObjToObj to properly
	handle the 1-byte dest and mixed src case where both had had Unicode
	string len checks made on them. [Bug 2678]
	* unix/aclocal.m4:
	* unix/tcl.m4: adjusted fix from 8-21 to add -bnoentry to the AIX-*
	case and readjusted the range

1999-08-31  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* tests/README: Modified testConstraints variable so that it isn't
	unset every time ::tcltest::initConstraints is called and cleaned up
	documentation in the README file and the man page.

1999-08-27  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/env.test:
	* tests/exec.test:
	* tests/io.test:
	* tests/event.test:
	* tests/tcltest.test: Added 'exit' calls to scripts that the tests
	themselves write, and removed accidental checkin of knownBugThreaded
	constraints for Solaris and Linux.

	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Modified tcltest so that variables
	are only initialized to their default values if they did not
	previously exist.

1999-08-26  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Added a -args flag that sets a
	variable named ::tcltest::parameters based on whatever's being sent in
	as the argument to the -args flag.

1999-08-23  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test: Added additional tests for -tmpdir, marked all
	tests that use exec as unixOrPc.

	* tests/encoding.test:
	* tests/interp.test:
	* tests/macFCmd.test:
	* tests/parseOld.test:
	* tests/regexp.test: Applied patches from Jim Ingham to add encoding
	to a Mac only interp test, change an error message in macFCmd.tet, put
	a comment in parseOld.test, fix tests using the testencoding path
	command, and put unixOrPc constraints on tests that use exec.

1999-08-21  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/aclocal.m4: Changed AIX-4.[2-9] check to AIX-4.[1-9] [Bug 1909]

1999-08-20  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c: fixed typo. [Bug 2592]

	* doc/*: fixed various nroff bugs in man pages. [Bug 2503 2588]

1999-08-19  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/README.binary: fixed version info and some typos. [Bug 2561]

	* doc/interp.n: updated list of commands available in a safe
	interpreter. [Bug 2526]

	* generic/tclIO.c: changed Tcl_GetChannelNames* to use style guide
	headers (pleases HP cc)

1999-08-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Eval.3: fixed doc on input args. [Bug 2114]

	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3:
	* doc/file.n:
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* tclIO.c:
	* tclCmdAH.c: added "file channels ?pattern?" tcl command, with
	associated Tcl_GetChannelNames and Tcl_GetChannelNamesEx public C APIs
	(added to tcl.decls as well), with docs and tests.

	* tests/expr.test:
	* generic/tclCompile.c: add TCL_TOKEN_VARIABLE to the part types that
	cause differed compilation for exprs, to correct the expr
	double-evaluation problem for vars. Added test cases. Related to [Bug

	* unix/ changed the dependency structure so that install-*
	is dependent on * (ie - install-binaries is dependent on binaries).

	* library/auto.tcl:
	* library/init.tcl:
	* library/ldAout.tcl:
	* library/package.tcl:
	* library/safe.tcl:
	* library/word.tcl:
	* library/http2.1/http.tcl:
	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: updated libraries to better Tcl style
	guide (no more string comparisons with == or !=, spacing changes).

1999-08-05  Jim Ingham  <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacProjects.sea.hqx: Rearrange the projects so that the build
	directory is separate from the sources. Much more convenient!

1999-08-13  Scott Redman <[email protected]>

	* /: 8.2.0 tagged for final release

1999-08-12  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Added COMPILE_DEBUG_FLAGS macro to make it easier
	to turn on compiler tracing.

	* tests/parse.test:
	* generic/tclParse.c: Fixed bug in Tcl_EvalEx where the termOffset was
	not being updated in cases where the evaluation returned a non TCL_OK
	error code. [Bug 2535]

1999-08-12  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Applied patch from Petteri Kettunen to remove
	compiler warning.

1999-08-10  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAlloc.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclThread.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: Fixed Brent's changes so that they work on
	Windows (and he fixed the bug in the Unix thread implementation).

1999-08-09  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclAlloc.c:
	* generic/tclCkalloc.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* mac/tclMacThrd.c:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c: Added use of Tcl_GetAllocMutex to tclAlloc.c and
	tclCkalloc.c so they can be linked against alternate thread packages.
	Added Tcl_GetChannelNames to tclIO.c. Added TclVarTraceExists hook so
	"info exists" triggers read traces exactly like it did in Tcl 7.6.
	Stubs table changes to reflect new internal and external APIs.

1999-08-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/string.test: added largest_int proc to adapt for >32 bit
	machines and int overflow testing.
	* tests/tcltest.test: fixed minor error in 8.2 result (from dgp)

	* doc/Object.3: clarified Tcl_DecrRefCount docs. [Bug 1952]
	* doc/array.n: clarified array pattern docs. [Bug 1330]
	* doc/clock.n: fixed clock docs. [Bug 693]
	* doc/lindex.n: clarified to account for new end-int behavior.
	* doc/string.n: fixed formatting errors. [Bug 2188 2189]
	* doc/tclvars.n: fixed doc error. [Bug 2042]
	* library/init.tcl: fixed path handling in auto_execok (it could miss
	including the normal path on some Windows machines). [Bug 1276]

1999-08-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclvars.n: Made it clear that tcl_pkgPath was not set for
	Windows (already mentioned in init.tcl). [Bug 2455]
	* generic/tclLiteral.c: fixed reference to bytes that might not be
	null terminated (using objPtr->bytes, which is). [Bug 2496]
	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: Made use of "i" in init section use local
	var and start at 0 (was 1). [Bug 2502]

1999-08-04  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/reg.test: Added test for REG_EXPECT bug fixed by Henry's

	* generic/regc_nfa.c:
	* generic/regcomp.c:
	* generic/rege_dfa.c:
	* generic/regexec.c:
	* generic/regguts.h: Applied patches supplied by Henry Spencer to
	greatly enhance the performance of certain classes of regular
	expressions. [Bug 2440, 2447]

1999-08-03  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInt.h: Remove function declarations in header that was
	moved to tclInt.decls file in previous changes.

1999-08-02  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* win/ Change beta level to b2.

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Move some exported public and internal
	functions to the stub tables. Removed functions that are in the stub
	tables (from this and previous changes) from the original header

1999-08-01  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Added comment block to SocketThread() function.
	Added code to avoid calling TerminateThread(), but instead to send a
	message to the socket event window to tell it to terminate its thread.

1999-07-30  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Exit with non-zero status if there
	were problems with the way the test suite was started (e.g. wrong #

1999-07-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: added declaractions necessary for the Tcl test
	code to work wth stubs. [Bug 2445]

1999-07-30  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/ Fixing launching of 16-bit apps on Win9x from wish.
	The command line was primed with tclpip82.dll, but it was ignored.
	Fixed that, then fixed the gmake makefile to build tclpip82.dll as an

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Applied small patch to get thread-specific data
	after initializing the socket driver.

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: Applied patch to fix threads on Irix 6.5. Patch
	from James Dennett. [Bug 2450]

	* tests/info.test: Enable test for tclParse.c change (info complete).

1999-07-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tclIO.c: added fix for Kupries' trf patch. [Bug 2386]

	* tclParse.c: fixed bug in info complete regarding nested square
	brackets. [Bug 2382, 2466]

1999-07-29  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c: Allow tcl to open CON and NUL, even for std
	channels. Checking for bad/unusable std channels was moved to Tk since
	its only purpose was to check whether to use the Tk Console Window for
	the std channels. [Bug 2393 2392 2209 2458]

	* unix/mkLinks.tcl: Applied patch to avoid linking pack.n to
	pack-old.n. Patch from Don Porter. [Bug 2469]

	* doc/Encoding.n: Applied patch to fix typo in .SH NAME line. Patch
	from Don Porter. [Bug 2451]

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Free Win32 Event handles when destroying the
	socket helper thread.

1999-07-28  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Fixed the condition under which
	::tcltest::PrintError had an infinite loop problem and added a test
	case for it. Added an optional argument to ::tcltest::getMatchingFiles
	telling it where to search for test files.

1999-07-27  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tclSplash.bmp: Updated Windows installer bitmap to ready
	Tcl/Tk Version 8.2.

1999-07-26  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test: Need to close the new core file, there seems to
	be a hang in threaded WinNT if the file isn't closed. Open issue, need
	to fix that hang.

	* tests/httpold.test: Add time delay in response from Http server so
	that test cases can properly detect timeout conditions with threads
	enabled on multi-CPU WinNT.

	* tests/winFCmd.test: Test case winFcmd-1.33 was looking for
	c:\windows, which may not exist. Instead, create a new directory on
	c:\ and use it for the test.

	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c: Fix terminating helper threads by holding any
	mutexes from the primary thread while waiting for the helper thread to
	terminate. Without these changes, the test suite hangs on WinNT with 2
	CPUs and threads enabled. Open issue, seems to be a sporadic hang on
	dual CPU systems still (very rare).

1999-07-26  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* doc/tcltest.n: Cleaned up code in ::tcltest::PrintError, revised
	documentation, and added tests for the tcltest package.

1999-07-23  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tests/info.test:
	* generic/tclParse.c: Removed patch for info command, breaks test
	cases on Unix. Patch was bad and needs to be redone properly. [Bug

1999-07-22  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* Changed version to 8.2b2.

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Fixed hang with threads enabled, fixed semaphores
	with threads disabled.

	* win/safe.test: Fixed safe-6.3 with threads enabled.

	* win/ Fixed calling of tcltest to fix safe.test failures
	due to path TCL_LIBRARY path.

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Block out include of sys/*.h in order to build
	extensions with MetroWerks compiler for Win32. [Bug 2385]

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c: Fix ANSI-style prototypes based on patch from
	Ulrich Ring. [Bug 2391]

	* unix/ Need to make install-sh executable before calling
	(with chmod +x). [Bug 2413]

	* tests/var.test:
	* generic/tclVar.c: Fixed bug that caused a seg. fault when using
	"array set a(b) {}", which is a bad array name anyway. Now the "array
	set" command will return an error in this case. Added test case and
	fixed existing test. [Bug 2427]

1999-07-21  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tests/info.test:
	* generic/tclParse.c: Applied patch to fix "info complete" for the
	string {[a [b]}. Patch from Peter Spjuth. [Bug 2382]

	* doc/Utf.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclUtf.c: Changed function declarations in
	non-platform-specific public APIs to use "unsigned long" instead of
	"size_t", which may not be defined on certain compilers (rather than
	include sys/types.h, which may not exist).

	* unix/ Added the Windows configure script to the
	distribution file list, already shipping and the .m4
	files, but needed the configure script itself.

	* win/ Changed version number of DDE package in VC++
	makefile to use 1.1 instead of 1.0.

	* doc/open.n: Added documentation of \\.\comX notation for opening
	serial ports on Windows (alternative to comX:).

	* tests/ioCmd.test:
	* doc/open.n:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Applied patch from Rolf Schroedter to add
	-pollinterval option to fconfigure to modify the maxblocktime used in
	the fileevent polling. Added documentation and fixed the test case as

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Modified 8.1.0 version of the Win32 socket driver
	to move the handling of the socket event window in a separate thread.
	It also turned out that Win95 & Win98 were, in some cases, getting
	multiple FD_ACCEPTs but only handling one. Added a count for the
	FD_ACCEPT to take care of this. Tested on NT4 SP3, NT4 SP4, Win95, and
	Win98. [Bug 2178 2256 2259 2329 2323 2355]

1999-07-21  Jerry Peek  <[email protected]>

	* README: Small tweaks to clean up typos and wording.

1999-07-20  Melissa Hirschl  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInitScript.h:
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: merged code with 8.0.5. We now use an
	intermediate global tcl var "tclDefaultLibrary" to keep the
	"tcl_library" var from being set by the default value in the Makefile.
	Also fixed a bug in which caused the value of TCL_LIBRARY env var to
	be ignored.
	* unix/tclWinInit.c: just updated some comments.

1999-07-19  Melissa Hirschl  <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.1/http.tcl: updated -useragent text to say version

1999-07-16  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Add Tcl_SetNotifier to stub table. [Bug 2364]

	* unix/aclocal.m4:
	* unix/tcl.m4: Add check for Alpha/Linux to correct the IEEE floating
	flag to the compiler, should be -mieee. Patch from Don Porter.

	* tools/ Change version number of .cnt file referenced in
	.HPJ file.

1999-07-15  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tools/ Fixed naming of target files for Windows.

1999-07-14  Jerry Peek  <[email protected]>

	* doc/re_syntax.n: Deleted sentence as suggested by Scott S.

1999-07-12  Jerry Peek  <[email protected]>

	* doc/re_syntax.n: Removed two notes to myself (oops), cleaned up
	wording, fixed changebars, made two examples easier to read.

1999-07-11  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Since the should continue to work while
	we're working out bugs/issues in the new TEA-style
	autoconf/configure/gmake build mechanism for Windows, the version
	numbers of the Tcl libraries need to remain in sync. Modified the
	version numbers in the makefile to reflect the change to 8.2b1.

1999-07-09  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	configure script so that substitutions get expanded before being
	placed in the Makefile. The "d" portion for debug libraries and DLLs
	was not being set properly.

1999-07-08  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Fixed bug in string range bounds checking code.

1999-07-08  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl: Removed -asidefromdir and
	-relateddir flags, removed unused ::tcltest::dotests proc, cleaned up
	implementation of core file checking, and fixed the code that checks
	for 1-letter flag abbreviations.

1999-07-08  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Added tcltest target so runtest works properly.
	Added missing names to the clean/distclean targets.

	* tests/reg.test:
	* generic/rege_dfa.c: Applied fix supplied by Henry Spencer for bug in
	DFA state caching under lookahead conditions. [Bug 2318]

1999-07-07  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* doc/fconfigure.n: Clarified default buffering behavior for the
	standard channels. [Bug 2335]

1999-07-06  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c: New implementation of serial port driver from
	Rolf Shroedter ([email protected]) that allows more than one byte
	to be read from the port. Implemented using polling instead of
	threads, there is a max. 10ms latency between checking the port for
	file events. [Bug 1980 2217]

1999-07-06  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* library/http2.0/http.tcl: Fixed the -timeout option so it handles
	timeouts that occur during connection attempts to hosts that are down
	(the only case that really matters!)

1999-07-03  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* doc/ChnlStack.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclIO.c: Added a new variant of the "Trf patch" from Andreas
	Kupres that adds new C APIs Tcl_StackChannel, Tcl_UnstackChannel, and

1999-07-03  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNotify.c:
	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:
	* unix/tclXtNotify.c:
	* win/tclWinNotify.c:
	* mac/tclMacNotify.c: Added Tcl_SetNotifier and the associated hook
	points in the notifiers to be able to replace the notifier calls at
	runtime. The Xt notifier and test program use this hook.

1999-07-03  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclParse.c: Changed parsing of variable names to allow empty
	array names. Now "$(foo)" is a variable reference! Previous you had to
	use something like $::(foo), which is slower. This change is requested
	by Jean-Luc Fontaine for his STOOOP package.

1999-07-01  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclFCmd.c: Call TclStat instead of TclpStat in order to
	allow Tcl_Stat hooks to work properly.

1999-06-29  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* tests/all.tcl: Added -preservecore, -limitconstraints, -help, -file,
	-notfile, -relateddir and -asidefromdir flags to the tcltest package
	along with exported proc ::tcltest::getMatchingFiles. The
	documentation was modified to match and all.tcl was modified to use
	the new functionality instead of implementing -file itself.

1999-06-28  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c:
	* doc/GetIndex.3:
	* tests/binary.test:
	* tests/winDde.test: Applied patch from Peter Hardie (with changes) to
	fix problem with Tcl_GetIndexFromObj() when the key being passed is
	the empty string. It used to match "" and return TCL_OK, but it should
	have returned TCL_ERROR instead. Added test case to "binary" and "dde"
	commands to check the behavior. Added documentation note as well.

1999-06-26  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: Applied patch from Peter Hardie to add poke command
	to dde. Also rev'd version of dde package to 1.1. [Bug 1738]

1999-06-25  Jennifer Hom  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* win/
	* library/tcltest1.0/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/tcltest1.0/tcltest.tcl:
	* library/tcltest1.0: Added initial implementation of the Tcl test
	harness package. This package was based on the defs.tcl file that was
	part of the tests directory. Reversed the way that tests were
	evaluated to fix a problem with false passes.

	* doc/tcltest.n: Added documentation for the tcltest package.

	* tests/README:
	* tests/defs.tcl:
	* tests/all.tcl: Modified all test files (tests/*.test) and all.tcl to
	use the new tcltest package and removed references to the defs.tcl
	file. Modified the README file to point to the man page for tcltest.

1999-06-25  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/reg.test:
	* generic/regexec.c: Fixed bugs in non-greedy quantifiers.

1999-06-23  Jerry Peek  <[email protected]>

	* doc/re_syntax.n:
	* doc/switch.n:
	* doc/lsearch.n:
	* doc/RegExp.3:
	* doc/regexp.n:
	* doc/regsub.n: Moved information about syntax of 8.1 regular
	expressions from regexp(n) manpage into new re_syntax(n) page. Added
	pointers from other manpages to new re_syntax(n) page.

1999-06-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Changed install-doc to install-man.

	* tools/uniParse.tcl:
	* tools/uniClass.tcl:
	* tools/README:
	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/regc_locale.c:
	* generic/tclUniData.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* doc/string.n: Updated Unicode character tables to reflect latest
	Unicode 2.1 data. Also rationalized "regexp" and "string is"
	definitions of character classes.

1999-06-21  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c (TclpThreadCreate): Fixed memory leak where
	thread attributes were not being released. [Bug 2254]

1999-06-17  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexp.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: Changed to use new regexp interfaces. Added
	-expanded, -line, -linestop, and -lineanchor switches to regsub.

	* doc/RegExp.3: Documented the new regexp interfaces and the
	compile/execute flags.

	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Renamed Tcl_RegExpMatchObj to Tcl_RegExpExecObj
	and added a new Tcl_RegExpMatchObj that is equivalent to
	Tcl_RegExpMatch. Added public macros for the regexp compile/execute
	flags. Changed to store either an object pointer or a string pointer
	in the TclRegexp structure. Changed to avoid adding a reference to the
	object or copying the string.

	* generic/regcomp.c: lint

	* tests/reg.test:
	* generic/regex.h:
	* generic/regc_lex.c: Added REG_BOSONLY flag to allow Expect to
	iterate through a string an only find matches that start at the
	current position within the string.

1999-06-16  Michael Thomas  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4:
	* unix/aclocal.m4: Numerous build changes to make Tcl conform to the
	proposed TEA spec

1999-06-16  Melissa Hirschl  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_VariableObjCmd): fixed premature increment in
	loop that was causing out-of-bounds reads on array "varName".

1999-06-16  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/execute.test:
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Fixed crash caused by a
	bug in INST_LOAD_SCALAR1 where the scalar index was read as a signed 1
	byte value instead of unsigned. [Bug 2243]

1999-06-14  Melissa Hirschl  <[email protected]>

	* doc/StringObj.3
	* test/stringObj.test
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:
	Merged String and Unicode object types. Added new functions to the
	puplic API: Tcl_NewUnicodeObj, Tcl_SetUnicodeObj, Tcl_GetUnicode,
	Tcl_GetUniChar, Tcl_GetCharLength, Tcl_GetRange,

1999-06-09  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUnicodeObj.c: Lots of cleanup and simplification. Fixed
	several memory bugs. Added TclAppendUnicodeToObj.

	* generic/tclInt.h: Added declarations for various Unicode string

	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Changed to use new Unicode string interfaces for
	better performance.

	* generic/tclRegexp.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Added Tcl_RegExpMatchObj and Tcl_RegExpGetInfo
	calls to access lower level regexp API. These features are needed by
	Expect. This is a preliminary implementation pending final review and

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* tests/string.test: Fixed bug where string map failed on null strings

	* generic/regexec.c:
	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: lint

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Changed to always write output in LF mode.

1999-06-08  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Rolled back to the 8.1.0 implementation because of
	serious problems with the new driver. Basically no incoming socket
	connections would be reported to a server port. The 8.1.1 code needs
	to be redesigned and fixed correctly.

1999-06-07  Melissa Hirschl  <[email protected]>

	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_SetVar2Ex):
	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendObjToObj):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): optimized the string index,
	string length, string range, and append command in cases where the
	object's internal rep is a bytearray. Objects with other internal reps
	are converted to have the new unicode internal rep.

	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/
	* tests/unicode.test:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclUnicodeObj.c: added a new object type to store the
	unicode representation of a string.

	* generic/tclTestObj.c: added the objtype option to the testobj
	command. This option returns the name of the type of internal rep an
	object has.

1999-06-04  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/ Windows build now handles static/dynamic
	debug/nodebug builds and supports the standard targets using Cygwin
	user tools plus GNU make and autoconf.

1999-06-03  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd):
	* tests/string.test: Fixed bug where string equal/compare -nocase
	reported wrong result on null strings. [Bug 2138]

1999-06-02  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtf.c (Tcl_UtfNcasecmp): Fixed incorrect computation of
	relative ordering. [Bug 2135]

1999-06-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Fixed various small patches
	submitted by Jan Nijtmans. [Bug 2121]

	* tests/reg.test:
	* generic/regc_color.c:
	* generic/regc_cvec.c:
	* generic/regc_lex.c:
	* generic/regc_locale.c:
	* generic/regc_nfa.c:
	* generic/regcomp.c:
	* generic/regcustom.h:
	* generic/rege_dfa.c:
	* generic/regerror.c:
	* generic/regerrs.h:
	* generic/regex.h:
	* generic/regexec.c:
	* generic/regfree.c:
	* generic/regfronts.c:
	* generic/regguts.h:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.h:
	* generic/tclTest.c: Applied Henry Spencer's latest regexp patches
	that fix an infinite loop bug and add support for testing whether a
	string could match with additional input. [Bug 2117]

1999-05-28  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: Changed to eliminate use of isupper/tolower in
	favor of the Unicode versions.

	* win/
	* win/ Added preliminary TEA implementation.

	* win/tclWinDde.c: Fixed bug where dde calls were being passed an
	invalid dde handle because Initialize had not been called. [Bug 2124]

1999-05-26  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c: Fixed race condition in testthread code
	that showed up in the WinNT test suite intermittently.

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Fixed a hang in the WinNT socket driver, wake up
	the socket thread every 100ms to check for events on the sockets that
	did not wake up the thread (race condition).

1999-05-24  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Changed to allow a list of platforms instead of
	just one at a time.

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPort.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclStubLib.c: Various header file related changes and other
	lint to try to get the Mac builds working.

1999-05-21  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c: Fix bug when launching on Win95/98.
	Need to wait for the procInfo.hProcess of the process that was
	created, not the hProcess of the current process. [Bug 2105]

1999-05-20  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl: Add the directory where the executable is, and the
	../lib directory relative to that, to the auto_path variable.

1999-05-19  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	Merged in various changes submitted by Jeff Hobbs:

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclUtf.c: Added Tcl_UniCharIs* functions for control, graph,
	print, and punct classes.

	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* doc/StrMatch.3: Added Tcl_StringCaseMatch() implementation to
	support case-insensitive globbing.

	* doc/string.n:
	* unix/mkLinks:
	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Added additional character class tests, added
	-nocase switch to "string match", changed string first/last to use

1999-05-19  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Add extern "C" block around entire header file for
	C++ compilers to fix linkage issues. Submitted by Don Porter and Paul

	* generic/tclRegexp.c: Fix bug when the regexp cache is empty and an
	empty pattern is used in regexp ( such as {} or "" ).

1999-05-18  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c: Modified initialization code to avoid inherenting
	closed or invalid channels. If the standard input is anything other
	than a console, file, serial port, or pipe, then we fall back to the
	standard Tk window console.

1999-05-14  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_ForObjCmd): Fixed crash caused by failure to
	reset the result before evaluating the test expression.

1999-05-14  Bryan Surles  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_CreateInterp): Added introspection variable
	for threaded interps. If the interp was compiled with threads enabled,
	the tcl_platform(threaded) variable will exist.

1999-05-14  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclDate.c: Applied patch to fix 100-year and 400-year
	boundaries in leap year code, from Isaac Hollander. [Bug 2066]

1999-05-13  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/tclAppInit.c: Minor cleanup related to Xt notifier.

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpSetInitialEncodings): Tcl now looks for an
	encoding subfield in the LANG/LC_ALL variables in cases where the
	locale is not found in the locale table. Ensure that setlocale() is
	called at least once so X11 will initialize properly. Also, forces the
	LC_NUMERIC locale to be "C" so numeric processing in scripts is not
	affected by the current locale setting. [Bug 1989]

	* generic/tclRegexp.c: Increased per-thread regexp cache to 30 slots.
	This seems to be about the right number for larger applications like
	exmh. [Bug 1063]

1999-05-12  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tclsh.1: Updated references to rc script names to accurately
	reflect the platform differences on Windows.

	* tests/regexp.test:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclRegexp.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c: Replaced the per-interpreter regexp cache with
	a per-thread cache. Changed the Regexp object to take advantage of
	this extra cache. Added a reference count to the TclRegexp type so
	regexps can be shared by multiple objects. Removed the per-interp
	regexp cache from the interpreter. Now regexps can be used with no
	need for an interpreter. [Bug 1063]

	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclpSetVariables): Avoid calling GetUserName if
	the value can be determined from the USERNAME environment variable.
	GetUserName is very slow.

1999-05-07  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/winDumpExts.c:
	* win/ Removed incorrect patch. [Bug 1998]

	* generic/tcl.decls: Replaced const with CONST.

	* generic/tclResult.c (Tcl_AppendResultVA):
	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_AppendStringsToObjVA): Fixed to copy
	arglist using memcpy instead of assignment so it works properly on
	OS/390. [Bug 1997]

	* generic/tclLoadNone.c: Updated to use current interfaces, added
	TclpUnloadFile. [Bug 2003]

	* win/winDumpExts.c:
	* win/ Changed to emit library name in defs file. [Bug

	* unix/ Added fix for OS/390. [Bug 1976]

1999-05-06  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* doc/string.n: Fixed bug in string equal/compare code when using
	-length option. Cleaned up docs a bit more.

	* tests/http.test: Unset "data" array before running tests to avoid
	failures due to previous tests.

	* doc/string.n:
	* tests/cmdIL.test:
	* tests/cmdMZ.test:
	* tests/error.test:
	* tests/ioCmd.test:
	* tests/lindex.test:
	* tests/linsert.test:
	* tests/lrange.test:
	* tests/lreplace.test:
	* tests/string.test:
	* tests/cmdIL.test:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: Replaced "string icompare/iequal" with -nocase
	and -length switches to "string compare/equal". Added a -nocase option
	to "string map". Changed index syntax to allow integer or
	end?-integer? instead of a full expression. This is much simpler with
	safeTcl scripts since it avoids double substitution issues.

	* doc/Utf.3:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Added Tcl_UtfNcmp and Tcl_UtfNcasecmp.

1999-05-05  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Added encoding directory to install-libraries

1999-05-03  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* doc/string.n:
	* tests/cmdMZ.test:
	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): Changed "string length" to
	avoid regenerating the string rep of a ByteArray object.

	* tests/cmdIL.test:
	* tests/cmdMZ.test:
	* tests/error.test:
	* tests/lindex.test:
	* tests/linsert.test:
	* tests/lrange.test:
	* tests/lreplace.test:
	* tests/string.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclGetIntForIndex): Applied Jeff Hobbs's string
	patch which includes the following changes [Bug 1845]:
	- string compare now takes optional length arg (for strncmp behavior)
	- added string equal (just a few lines of code blended in with string
	- added string icompare/iequal for case-insensitive comparisons
	- string index's index can now be ?end[+-]?expression
	  I made this change in the private TclGetIntForIndex, which means
	  that the list commands also benefit, as well as string range, et al.
	- added [string repeat string count]
	  Repeats given string number of times
	- added string replace, string equiv to lreplace
	  (quasi opposite of string range):
		string replace first last ?string?
	  Example of use, replacing end of string with ... should the string
	  be more than 16 chars long:
		string replace $string 16 end "..."
	  This just returns the string len < 16, so it will only affect the
	  long strings.
	- added optional first and last args to string to*
	  This allows you to just affect certain regions of a string with the
	  command (like just capping the first letter). I found the original
	  totitle to be too draconian to be useful.
	- added [string map charMap string]
	  where charMap is a {from to from to} list that equates to what one
	  might get from [array get]. Each and can be multiple chars (or none
	  at all). For Tcl/CGI users, this is a MAJOR speed booster.

	* generic/tclParse.c (Tcl_ParseCommand): Changed to avoid modifying
	eval'ed strings that are already null terminated. [Bug 1793]

	* tests/binary.test:
	* generic/tclBinary.c (DupByteArrayInternalRep): Fixed bug where type
	was not being set in duplicated object. [Bug 1975, 2047]

1999-04-30  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Changed version to 8.1.1.

1999-04-30  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Merged changes from 8.1.0 branch:

	* generic/tclParse.c: Fixed memory leak in CommandComplete.

	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Added 'extern "C" {}' block around the stub
	table pointer declaration so the stub library can be used from C++.
	[Bug 1934]

	* Lots of documentation and other release engineering fixes.

1999-04-28  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacResource.c:
	* generic/tclListObj.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c: Changed to avoid freeing the string
	representation before freeing the internal rep. This helps with
	debugging since the string rep will still be valid when the free proc
	is invoked.

1999-04-27  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLiteral.c (TclHideLiteral): Fixed so hidden literals get
	duplicated to avoid accidental sharing in the global object table.

1999-04-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl: Changed to avoid the need for forward
	declarations in stub initializers.

1999-04-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/encoding/koi8-r.enc:
	* tools/encoding/koi8-r.txt: Added support for the koi8-r Cyrillic
	encoding. [Bug 1771]

1999-04-22  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Changed uses of "try" to "__try", since that is
	the actual keyword. This eliminates the need for some -D flags from
	the makefile.

	* generic/tclPort.h: Added include of tcl.h since it defines various
	Windows macros that are needed before deciding which platform porting
	file to use.

	* generic/tclEvent.c: lint

	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclpInitPlatform): Added call to TclWinInit when
	building a static library since DllMain will not be invoked. This
	could break old code that explicitly called TclWinInit, but should be
	simpler in the long run.

1999-04-22  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclCompile.c: Added TclSetByteCodeFromAny that takes a hook
	procedure to invoke after compilation but before the byte codes are
	emitted. This makes it possible to do postprocessing on the compiled
	byte codes before the ByteCode is generated.

	* generic/tclLiteral.c: Added TclHideLiteral and TclAddLiteralObj to
	make it possible to create local unshared literal objects.

	* win/tclWinInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: Changed initial search path to match that
	found used by tcl_findLibrary.

1999-04-22  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/tclWinSock.c: Added code to use WinSock 2.0 API on NT to avoid
	creating a window to handle sockets. API not available on Win95 and
	needs to be fixed on Win98, until then continue to use the older
	(window-based) scheme on those two OSes.

1999-04-15  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Merged 8.1 back into the main trunk

1999-04-13  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/encoding/gb2312.enc:
	* library/encoding/euc-cn.enc:
	* tools/encoding/gb2312.txt:
	* tools/encoding/cp950.txt:
	* tools/encoding/Makefile: Restored the double byte definition of
	GB2312 and added the EUC-CN encoding. EUC-CN is a variant of GB2312
	that shifts the characters into bytes with the high bit set and
	includes ASCII as a subset. [Bug 632]

1999-04-13  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Apply patch to allow write access to a socket if
	FD_WRITE is sent but FD_CONNECT is not. Some strange problem with
	either Win32 or a socket driver. [Bug 1664 1776]

1999-04-09  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: Fixed notifier deadlock situation when the pipe
	used to talk back notifier thread is filled with data. When calling
	the write() function to feed data down that pipe, unlock the
	notifierMutex to allow the notifier to wake up again. Found as a
	result of the focus.test for Tk hanging. [Bug 1700]

1999-04-06  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/unixNotfy.test: Fixed hang in tests when built with thread

	* tests/httpold.test: Fixed broken test that didn't wait long enough
	for events to arrive.

	* tests/unixInit.test: Fixed race condition in test.

	* tests/unixInit.test:
	* tests/fileName.test: Minor test nits.

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpSetInitialEncodings): Fixed bad initial
	encoding string.

1999-04-06  Bryan Surles  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* generic/tclEnv.c: Moved the "array set" C level code into a common
	routine (TclArraySet). The TclSetupEnv routine now uses this API to
	create an env array w/ no elements.

	* generic/tclEnv.c:
	* generic/tclWinInit.h:
	* generic/tclUnixInit.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h: Made the Env module I18N compliant. Changed the
	FindVariable routine to TclpFindVariable, that now does a case
	insensitive string comparison on Windows, and not on UNIX. [Bug 1299,

1999-04-05  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/io.test: Minor test cleanup.

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (Tcl_CreateEncoding): Minor lint to make it
	easier to compile on Digital-unix. [Bug 1659]

	* unix/
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: Applied patch for OS/390 to handle lack of
	sys/param.h. [Bug 1725]

	* unix/ Fixed BSD/OS 4.* configuration to support shared
	libraries properly. [Bug 1730]

1999-04-05  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinDde.c: decrease timeout value for DDE calls to 30k. [Bug

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c: Added more functions to the Tcl stubs table,
	including all Tcl_ functions not already in it (except Cmd functions)
	and Tcl_GetCwd() and Tcl_Chdir() (new functions).

	* tests/safe.test:
	* doc/safe.n:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* library/safe.tcl: The encoding command is not safe as-is, so create
	a safe alias to mask out the "encoding system <name>" but allow all
	other uses including "encoding system". Added test cases and updated
	the man page for Safe Tcl.

1999-04-05  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/winTime.test:
	* win/tclWinTime.c: Fixed crash in clock command that occurred when
	manipulating negative time values in timezones east of GMT. [Bug
	1142, 1458]

	* tests/platform.test:
	* tests/fileName.test: Fixed broken tests.

	* generic/tclFileName.c: Moved global regexps into thread local

	* tests/socket.test: Changed so tests don't reuse sockets, since
	Windows is slow to release sockets.

	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Fixed race condition where background threads
	were terminated while they still held a lock in the notifier.

1999-04-02  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/http.test: Fixed bad test initialization code.

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (ThreadExitProc): Fixed bug where static
	memory was being returned instead of a dynamically allocated result in
	error cases.

1999-04-02  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dde.n:
	* tools/
	* win/
	* win/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* win/tclWinDde.c: Add new DDE package, code removed from Tk now
	separated into its own package. Changed DDE-based send code into "dde
	eval" command. Can be loaded into tclsh (not just wish). Windows only.

1999-04-02  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/expr.test:
	* tests/for-old.test:
	* tests/for.test:
	* tests/foreach.test:
	* tests/format.test:
	* tests/httpold.test:
	* tests/if.test:
	* tests/init.test:
	* tests/interp.test:
	* tests/while.test: Added some tests for known bugs (marked with
	knownBug constraint), and cleaned up a few bad tests.

	* generic/regc_locale.c:
	* generic/regcustom.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclScan.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: Made various Unicode utility functions public. The
	following functions were made public and added to the stubs table:
		Tcl_UtfToUniCharDString, Tcl_UniCharToUtfDString,
		Tcl_UniCharLen, Tcl_UniCharNcmp, Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum,
		Tcl_UniCharIsAlpha, Tcl_UniCharIsDigit, Tcl_UniCharIsLower,
		Tcl_UniCharIsSpace, Tcl_UniCharIsUpper, Tcl_UniCharIsWordChar

1999-04-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/registry.test:
	* win/tclWinReg.c: Internationalized the registry code. It now uses
	Unicode interfaces on NT. [Bug 1197]

	* tests/parse.test:
	* generic/tclParse.c: Fixed crash due to multiple frees in parser
	during error cleanup when parsing commands with more tokens than will
	fit in the static area of the parse structure. [Bug 1681]

	* generic/tclInt.h: Removed duplicate declarations.

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Added Tcl_WinUtfToTChar and Tcl_WinTCharToUtf to
	the tclPlat table.

1999-04-01  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/StubInit.c:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl:
	* unix/
	* win/ Applied patch from Jan Nijtmans to fix Ultrix
	multiple symbol definition problem. Now, even Tcl includes a copy of
	the Tcl stub library. Also fixed TCL_MEM_DEBUG mode (for Tk).

1999-03-31  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c: WinNT has a bug when reading a single character
	from the console. Rewrote the code for the console to read an entire
	line at a time using the reader thread.

1999-03-30  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Removed trailing backslash that broke the "depend"

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpSetInitialEncodings): Changed to avoid
	calling setlocale(). We now look directly at env(LANG) and
	env(LC_CTYPE) instead. [Bug 1636]

	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Removed CONST from Tcl_JoinPath and
	Tcl_TranslateFileName because it changes the signature of Tcl_JoinPath
	in an incompatible manner.

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclLoad.c (TclFinalizeLoad):
	* generic/tclEvent.c (Tcl_Finalize): Defer unloading of loadable
	modules until all exit handlers have been invoked. [Bug 998, 1273,
	1573, 1593]

1999-03-29  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Added CONST to Tcl_JoinPath and

1999-03-29  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* tools/genStubs.tcl:
	* unix/
	* unix/
	* win/
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: Removed the stub functions and changed
	the stub macros to just use the name without params. Pass &tclStubs
	into the interp (don't use tclStubsPtr because of collisions with the
	stubs on Solaris).

1999-03-27  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/makefile.bc: Removed makefile for Borland compiler, no longer

1999-03-26  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c: Don't close the Win32 handle for a channel if it's
	a stdio handle (GetStdHandle()) during shutdown of a thread to prevent
	it from destroying the stdio of other threads.

1999-03-26  Suresh Ankolekar  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ --nameble-shared is now the default and build Tcl
	as a shared library; specify --disable-shared to build a static Tcl
	library and shell.

1999-03-25  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/interp.test:
	* generic/tclInterp.c (AliasObjCmd): Changed so aliases are invoked at
	current scope in the target interpreter instead of at the global
	scope. This was an incompatibility introduced in 8.1 that is being
	removed. [Bug 1153, 1556]

	* library/encoding/big5.enc:
	* library/encoding/gb2312.enc:
	* tools/encoding/big5.enc:
	* tools/encoding/gb2312.enc: Added ASCII to big5 and gb2312 encodings.
	[Bug 632]

	* generic/tclPkg.c (Tcl_PkgRequireEx): Fixed broken clientData
	initialization in package code.

	* unix/ (dist): Added tcl.decls and tclInt.decls to source
	distribution. [Bug 1571]

	* doc/Thread.3: Updated documentation of Tcl_MutexLock to indicate
	that the recursive locking behavior is undefined. On Windows, it does
	not block, on Unix it deadlocks. [Bug 1275]

1999-03-24  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/execute.test:
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Fixed expression code
	that incorrectly returned floating point values for integers if the
	internal rep happened to be a double. Now we check to see if the
	object has a string rep that looks like an integer before using the
	double internal rep. [Bug 1516]

1999-03-24  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAlloc.c:
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* unix/tclUnixTime.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Fixed compilation warnings/errors for VC++ 5.0
	and 6.0 and HP-UX native compiler without -Aa or -Ae. [Bug 1323 1518
	1324 1583 1585 1586]

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Make sockets thread-safe on Windows. The current
	implementation uses windows to handle events on the socket, one for
	each thread (thread local storage). Previously, there was only one
	window shared between threads, which didn't work. [Bug 1326]

1999-03-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tools/tcl.wse: Fixed file association to look in the right place for
	the wish icon. [Bug 1544]

	* tests/winNotify.test:
	* tests/ioCmd.test:
	* tests/event.test: Changed to use new style conditionals.

	* tests/encoding.test: Fixed nonportable test.

	* unix/dltest/
	* unix/dltest/ Added missing DBGX macros. [Bug 1564]

	* tests/winNotify.test:
	* mac/tclMacNotify.c:
	* win/tclWinNotify.c:
	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* generic/tclNotify.c: Added a new Tcl_ServiceModeHook interface that
	is invoked whenever the service mode changes. This is needed to allow
	the Windows notifier to create a communication window the first time
	Tcl is about to enter an external modal event loop instead of at
	startup time. This will avoid the various problems that people have
	been seeing where the system hangs when tclsh is running outside of
	the event loop. [Bug 783]

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Renamed TclpAlertNotifier back to
	Tcl_AlertNotifier since it is part of the public notifier driver API.

1999-03-23  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Fixed problem with fileevent on the serial port
	and nonblocking mode. Gets no longer hangs, fileevents fire whenever
	there is any character data on the port.

	* tests/winConsole.test:
	* win/tclWinConsole.c: Fixed problem with fileevents and gets from a
	console stdin. Previously, fileevents were firing before an entire
	line was available for reading, which meant that when you did a gets
	or read, it blocked (even in nonblocking mode). Now, it should work
	the same as Unix: fileevents fire when an entire line is ready, and
	gets and read do not block in non-blocking mode. Added an interactive
	test case to check for this.

1999-03-22  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tests/reg.test:
	* generic/regc_color.c: Applied regexp bug fix from Henry Spencer.

1999-03-19  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: Fixed the initialization of an array so that the
	Sun 5.0 C compiler wouldn't complain.

	* unix/ Added support for --enable-64bit. For now, this
	is only supported on Solaris 7 64bit (SunOS 5.7) using the Sun
	compiler (not gcc).

1999-03-18  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel, Tcl_MakeFileChannel): Changed
	to only test for console or comm handles when the type is
	FILE_TYPE_CHAR to avoid useless tests on simple files. Also reordered
	tests so consoles are tested first as this is more common.

	* win/ Regularized usage of mkd and rmd and rm.

	* library/encoding/shiftjis.enc:
	* tools/encoding/shiftjis.txt: Missing/incorrect characters in
	shift-jis table. [Bug 1008, 1526]

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Eliminated use of "string" and "list" from
	argument lists to avoid conflicts with C++ STL. [Bug 1181]

	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpMatchFiles): Changed to ignore the
	FS_CASE_IS_PRESERVED bit and always return exactly what we get from
	the system.

1999-03-17  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/README.binary:
	* win/README:
	* unix/
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* README: Updated version to 8.1b3.

1999-03-14  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c: Changed so channel drivers wait for the
	reader/writer threads to exit before returning during a close
	operation. This ensures that the main thread is the last thread to
	exit, so the process return value is set properly.

	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatStubs.c:
	* generic/tclIntStubs.c:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPlatStubs.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclStubs.c: Fixed bad eol characters.

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Changed "const" to "CONST" in declarations for
	better portability.

	* generic/tcl.decls: Renamed panic and panicVA to Tcl_Panic and
	Tcl_PanicVA in the stub files.

	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_MakeSafe): Remove tcl_platform(user) from
	safe interps.

1999-03-11  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/ Include compat files in the stub library in
	addition to the main library. Compat files are now built for dynamic
	use in all cases.

	* generic/tcl.h: Changed magic number so it doesn't match the plus
	patch, at Jan's request.

	* unix/
	* unix/dltest/
	* unix/dltest/
	* unix/dltest/pkga.c:
	* unix/dltest/pkgb.c:
	* unix/dltest/pkgc.c:
	* unix/dltest/pkgd.c:
	* unix/dltest/pkge.c:
	* unix/dltest/pkgf.c: Changed package tests to build against the stubs

1999-03-10  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls: Changed Tcl_ReleaseType from an enum to macros so
	it can be used in .rc files. Added Tcl_GetString.

	* mac/tclMacNotify.c:
	* generic/tclNotify.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* win/tclWinNotify.c:
	* generic/tcl.h: Renamed Tcl_AlertNotifier to TclpAlertNotifier.

	* generic/tclInt.decls: Added TclWinAddProcess to make it possible for
	expect to use Tcl_WaitForPid(). This patch is from Gordon Chaffee.

	* mac/tclMacPort.h:
	* win/tclWinInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* generic/tclAsync.c: Added TclpAsyncMark to fix bug in async handling
	on Windows where async events don't wake up the event loop. This patch
	comes from Gordon Chaffee.

	* generic/tcl.decls: Fixed declarations of reserved slots.

1999-03-10  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.h: Ensure that the ByteCode struct is binary
	compatible with the version in 8.0.6.

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c: Add Tcl_GetVersion() function to the public C
	API to allow programs to check the version number of the Tcl library
	at runtime. Also added an enum to clarify the release level (alpha,
	beta, final).

1999-03-09  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Integrated changes from Tcl 8.0 including:
		stubs mechanism
		configure patches from Jan Nijtmans
		rename of panic to Tcl_Panic

1999-03-08  Lee Bernhard  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: Removed Dll instance from thread-local storage.

1999-03-08  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Moved Tcl_Mutex, etc. macros above the inclusion of
	tclDecls.h to avoid macro conflicts.

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/regc_color.c:
	* generic/regcomp.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclParse.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:
	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: Cleaned up various compiler warnings,
	eliminated UCHAR bugs.

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c:
	* mac/tclMacThrd.c: Changed TclpCondition*() to Tcl_Condition*().


	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntPlatStubs.c:
	* generic/tclIntStubs.c:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPlatStubs.c:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclStubLib.c:
	* generic/tclStubs.c:
	* tools/genStubs.tcl:
	* unix/
	* unix/
	* unix/
	* win/
	* win/tclWinPort.h: Added Tcl stubs implementation. There are now two
	new macros USE_TCL_STUBS and USE_TCL_STUB_PROCS that enable use of
	stubs and disable stub macros respectively. All of the public and
	private function declarations from tcl.h and tclInt.h have moved into
	the *.decls files and the *Stubs.c and *Decls.h files are generated
	using the genStubs.tcl script.

	* unix/
	* unix/
	* unix/ldAix: Enhanced AIX shared library support.

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Removed a bunch of extraneous PASCAL FAR
	attributes from internal functions.

	* win/tclWinReg.c: Changed registry package to use stubs mechanism so
	it no longer depends on the specific version of Tcl.

	* doc/AddErrInfo.3:
	* doc/Eval.3:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* doc/SetResult.3:
	* doc/StringObj.3:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclPanic.c:
	* generic/tclStringObj.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* unix/mkLinks: Added va_list versions of all VARARGS functions so
	they can be invoked from the stub functions.

	* doc/package.n:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* generic/tclPkg.c: Added Tcl_PkgProvideEx, Tcl_RequireEx,
	Tcl_PresentEx, and Tcl_PkgPresent. Added "package present" command.

	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacShLib.exp:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: Changed so TclGetUserHome is defined on all
	platforms, even though it is currently a noop on mac and windows, and
	renamed it to TclpGetUserHome.

	* generic/tclPanic.c:
	* generic/panic.c: Renamed panic to Tcl_Panic.

1999-02-25  Scott Redman  <[email protected]>

	* win/ Added tclWinConsole.c and tclWinSerial.c

	* win/tclWinConsole.c: New code to properly deal with fileevents and
	nonblocking mode on consoles.

	* win/tclWinSerial.c: New code to properly deal with fileevents and
	nonblocking mode on serial ports.

	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinPort.h: Exported functions to allow creation of pipe
	channels from tclWinChan.c

	* win/tclWinChan.c: Check the type of a channel, including for the
	standard (stdin/stdout/stderr), and use the correct channel type to
	create the channel (file, serial, console, or pipe).

1999-02-11  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/README:
	* unix/
	* mac/README: Updated version numbers to 8.1b2.

1999-02-10  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl: Fixed auto_mkindex so it handles .tbc files. Did
	some general cleanup to handle bad eval statements that didn't use

	* unix/mkLinks:
	* doc/SetVar.3:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclVar.c: Restored Tcl_ObjGetVar2 and Tcl_ObjSetVar2 from
	8.0. Renamed Tcl_Get/SetObjVar2 to Tcl_GetVar2Ex and Tcl_SetVar2Ex.

1999-02-10  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>


	* test/winPipe.test: Changed to remove echoArgs.tcl temporary file
	when done.

	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* generic/tclFileName.c (TclGetExtension): Changed behavior so the
	split happens at the last period in the name instead of the first
	period of the last run of periods. So, "foo..o" is split into "foo."
	and ".o" now. [Bug 1126]

	* win/ Added better support for paths with spaces in the
	name. Added .lib and support .dlls to the install-binaries target.
	Added generate of a pkgIndex.tcl script to the install-libraries

	* win/tclAppInit.c:
	* unix/tclAppInit.c:
	* mac/tclMacAppInit.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c: Changed some EXTERN declarations to extern since
	they are not defining exported interfaces. This avoids generating
	useless declspec() attributes and makes the windows makefile simpler.

	* generic/tcl.h: Moved Tcl_AppInit declaration to end and cleared out
	TCL_STORAGE_CLASS so it is not declared with a declspec().

	* tests/interp.test:
	* generic/tclInterp.c (DeleteAlias): Changed to use
	Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken so we handle renames properly. This avoids
	senseless panic. [Bug 736]

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* doc/socket.n: Applied Gordon Chaffee's patch to handle failures
	during asynchronous socket connection operations. This adds a new
	"-error" fconfgure option to socket channels. [Bug 893]

	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c: Applied patch from Viktor Dukhovni to rationalize
	TCL_LEAVE_ERR_MSG behavior when creating variables.

	* generic/tclVar.c: Fixed bug in namespace tail computation. Fixed bug
	where upvar could resurrect a namespace variable whose namespace had
	been deleted.

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclCompileExprCmd): Eliminated yet another
	bogus optimization in expression compilation.

	* unix/ Added branch for BSD/OS-4* to shared library case
	statement. [Bug 975]
	Fixed to correctly handle IRIX 6.5 n32 library support. [Bug 1117]

	* win/winDumpExts.c: Patched to be pickier about stripping @'s. [Bug

	* library/http2.0/http.tcl: Added catch around eof test in CopyDone
	since the user may have already called http::reset. [Bug 1108]

	* unix/ Changed Linux and IRIX to set SHLIB_LIBS to LIBS
	so shared libraries are linked with the system libraries. [Bug 1018]

	* generic/tclCompile.c (CompileExprWord): Fixed exception stack
	overflow bug caused by missing statement. [Bug 928]

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c:
	* generic/tclBasic.c: Objectified the "open" command. [Bug 1113]

	* generic/tclPosixStr.c (Tcl_ErrnoId, Tcl_ErrnoMsg): When using egcs,
	ENOTSUP and EOPNOTSUPP are the same, so now we handle that case. [Bug

	* library/init.tcl: Various small changes requested by Jan Nijtmans.
	- If the variable $tcl_library contains the empty string, this empty
	  string will be put in $auto_path. This is not useful at all, it only
	  slows down later package processing.
	- If the variable tcl_pkgPath is not set, the "unset __dir" fails.
	  Thich makes init.tcl totally unusable. Better put a "catch" around
	- In the function tcl_findLibraries, the "string match" function only
	  works correctly if $tcl_patchLevel is in one of the forms "?.?a?",
	  "?.?b?" or "?.?.?". Could a "regexp" be used instead, then it allows
	  anything to be appended to the patchLevel string. And it is more
	- The tclPkgSetup function assumes that if $type != "load" then the
	  type must be "source". This needn't be true. Some users want to add
	  their own setup types.
	[RFE 1138] [Bug 978]

	* win/tclWinReg.c:
	* doc/registry.n: Added support for HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA and
	HKEY_DYN_DATA keys. [Bug 1109]

	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclPlatformInit): Added code to ensure tcl_pkgPath
	is set to "" when no registry entry is found. [Bug 978]

1999-02-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclHistory.c:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* generic/tclMain.c:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* generic/tclParse.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclTimer.c:
	* generic/tcl.h: Made eval interfaces compatible with 8.0 by renaming
	Tcl_EvalObj to Tcl_EvalObjEx, renaming Tcl_Eval2 to Tcl_EvalEx and
	restoring Tcl_EvalObj and Tcl_GlobalEvalObj interfaces so they match
	Tcl 8.0.

1999-01-28  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Merged Tcl 8.0.5b1 changes.

	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_DStringSetLength): Changed so the buffer
	overallocates in a manner similar to Tcl_DStringAppend. This should
	improve performance for TclUniCharToUtfDString.

1998-12-11    === Tcl 8.1b1 Release ===

1998-12-10  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* Fixed lots of files that used TCL_THREAD instead of TCL_THREADS.

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (Tcl_FreeEncoding): Moved most of the code
	into a static FreeEncoding routine that does not grab the
	encodingMutex to avoid deadlocks/races when called from other routines
	that already have the mutex.

1998-12-09  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: Fixed bad export list, fixed so all
	locale strings are converted to lower case, including file names.

	* generic/regcomp.c (makescan): Fixed bug in longest match case that
	caused anchored patterns to fail. [Bug 897]

1998-12-08  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: changed mc to invoke mcunknown in the
	calling context, changed locale lookups to be case insensitive

1998-12-07  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAlloc.c (TclpRealloc): Fixed a memory allocation bug
	where big blocks that were reallocated into a different heap location
	were not being placed into the bigBlocks list. [Bug 933]

	* tests/msgcat.test: Added message catalog test suite.

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: minor bug fixes, integrated latest
	changes from Mark Harrison.

1998-12-04  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat1.0/msgcat.tcl: Changed code to conform to Tcl coding
	standards. Changed to use file join for portability.

	* library/msgcat1.0: Added initial implementaion of Tcl message
	catalog package contributed by Mark Harrison.

1998-12-03  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (BuildCommandLine): Fixed bug that kept arguments
	containing spaces from being properly quoted.

	* tests/defs: Changed so auto_path is set to only contain the Tcl
	library directory. This keeps the tests from accidentally picking up
	stuff in installed packages.

	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_StringMatch): Changed to match 8.0 behavior
	in corner case where there is no closing bracket.

1998-12-02  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpCreateCommandChannel): Changed reader/writer
	threads to have THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST so they will have a chance to
	run whenever there is something to do.

	* generic/tclIO.c (WriteBytes, WriteChars): Fixed so extraneous
	flushes do not happen in line mode.
	(TranslateOutputEOL): Made translation more efficient in line mode and
	fixed a buffer overflow bug in CRLF translation. [Bug 887]

1998-12-02  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* Updated patchlevel to 8.1b1

1998-12-02  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_color.c (subcolor): Added check for error case to avoid
	an out of bounds array reference.

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_EncodingObjCmd): Changed to avoid using
	Tcl_DStringResult because it is not binary clean.

	* generic/tclParse.c (Tcl_ParseCommand): Fixed bug in comment parsing
	where a trailing comment looked like an incomplete command.

1998-12-02  Brent Welch  <[email protected]>

	* Merged changes from 8.0.4, especially the new pkg_mkIndex

1998-12-01  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_ReadChars): Added a call to UpdateInterest so
	we don't block when there is data sitting in the buffers.

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestevalobjvObjCmd): Updated for EvalObjv change.

	* tests/parse.test: Updated tests for EvalObjv change.

	* generic/tclParse.c (EvalObjv, Tcl_EvalObjv): Changed Tcl_EvalObjv
	interface to remove string and length arguments, preserved original
	interface as EvalObjv for internal use.

	* generic/tcl.h: Changed Tcl_EvalObjv interface to remove string and
	length arguments.

	* doc/Eval.3: Updated documentation for Tcl_EvalObjv to remove string
	and length arguments.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileForeachCmd): Fixed code that
	corrupted the exceptDepth value in the compile environment when
	foreach failed to compile inline. [Bug 884]

	* library/encoding/euc-kr.enc:
	* library/encoding/ksc5601.enc:
	* tools/encoding/ksc5601.txt:
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: Added support for Korean EUC.

	* win/tclWinChan.c (TclpGetDefaultStdChannel): added check for a
	failure during Tcl_MakeFileChannel.

1998-11-30  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c (Tcl_WaitForEvent): Fixed hang that occurs when
	trying to close a pipe that is currently being waited on by the
	notifier thread. [Bug 607]

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (GetPermissionsAttribute): Increase size of
	returnString buffer to avoid overflow. [Bug 584]

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (TclThreadSend): Fixed memory leak due to
	use of TCL_VOLATILE instead of TCL_DYNAMIC.

	* generic/tclThread.c (TclRememberSyncObject): Fixed memory leak
	caused by failure to reuse condition variables.

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c (Tcl_AlertNotifier, Tcl_WaitForEvent,
	(NotifierThreadProc, Tcl_InitNotifier): Fixed race condition caused by
	incorrect use of condition variables when sending messages between
	threads. [Bug 607]

	* generic/tclTestObj.c (TeststringobjCmd): MAX_STRINGS was off by one
	so the strings array was too small.

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c (Tcl_DbCkfree): Moved mutex lock so
	ValidateMemory is done inside the mutex to avoid a race condition when
	validate_memory is enabled. [Bug 880]

1998-11-23  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* regexec.c: more performance tuning from Henry Spencer.

1998-11-17  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tclScan.c: moved "scan" implementation out of tclCmdMZ.c and added
	Unicode support. This required a complete reimplementation of the
	command to avoid using scanf(), which isn't Unicode aware. Two new
	features were added in the process: %n to return the current number of
	characters consumed, and XPG3-style %n$ argument order specifiers
	similar to those provided by the "format" command. [Bug 833]

	* tclAlloc.c: changed so allocated memory is always 8-byte aligned to
	improve memory performance and to ensure that it will work on systems
	that don't like accessing 4-byte aligned values (e.g. Solaris and
	HP-UX). [Bug 834]

1998-11-06  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tclVar.c (TclGetIndexedScalar): Fixed bug 796, var name was getting
	lost before being passed to CallTraces.

1998-10-21  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* added "encoding" command

	* Moved internal regexp declarations from tclInt.h to tclRegexp.h

	* integrated regexp updates from Henry Spencer

1998-10-15  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* tclUtf.c: added Unicode character table support

	* tclInt.h: added TclUniCharIsWordChar

	* tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): added "totitle" subcommand, changed
	"wordend" and "wordstart" to properly handle Unicode word characters
	and connector punctuation

1998-10-05  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* auto.tcl, package.tcl: fixed SCCS strings

	* tclIndex: updated index to reflect 8.1 files

	* tclCompile.c (TclCompileScript): changed to avoid modifying the
	input string in place because name lookup operations could have
	arbitrary side effects

	* tclInterp.c: added guard against deleting current interpreter

	* tclMacFile.c, tclUnixFile.c, tclWinFile.c, tclFileName.c: added
	warnings around code that modifies strings in place

	* tclExecute.c: fixed off-by-one copying error, fixed merge bugs

	* tclEvent.c: changed so USE_TCLALLOC is tested for value instead of

	* tclCompCmds.c: replaced SCCS strings, added warnings around code
	that modifies strings in place

	* interp.test: added test for interp deleting itself

1998-09-30  Scott Stanton  <[email protected]>

	* fixed so TCL_LIBRARY is set before running tcltest

	* tclWin32Dll.c: removed TclpFinalize, cleanup of merges