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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.

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2002-12-18  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/ some uses of xcopy swapped to the @$(CPY) macro.
	Reported by Joe Mistachkin <[email protected]>.

2002-12-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNotify.c (TclFinalizeNotifier, Tcl_SetServiceMode):
	(Tcl_ThreadAlert): Check that the stub functions are non-NULL before
	calling them. They could be set to NULL by Tcl_SetNotifier.

2002-12-16  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPipe.c (TclCleanupChildren):
	* tests/winPipe.test:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (Tcl_WaitPid):
	* win/tclWinTest.c:  Gave Tcl_WaitPid the ability to return a Win32
	exception code translated into a posix style SIG*. This allows [close]
	to report "CHILDKILLED" without the meaning getting lost in a
	truncated exit code. In TclCleanupChildren(), TclpGetPid() had to get
	moved to before Tcl_WaitPid() as the the handle is removed from the
	list taking away the ability to get the process id after the wait is
	done. This shouldn't effect the unix implimentaion unless waitpid is
	called with a pid of zero, meaning "any". I don't think it is..

2002-12-13  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Updated configure of CVS snapshots to reflect
	* win/	the patchlevel.

	* unix/configure:	autoconf
	* win/configure		autoconf

2002-12-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (ProcessProcResultCode): Fix failure to propagate
	negative return codes up the call stack. [Bug 647307]
	* tests/proc.test (proc-6.1): Test for Bug 647307

	* generic/tclParseExpr.c (TclParseInteger):  Return 1 for the string
	"0x" (recognize leading "0" as an integer). [Bug 648441]
	* tests/parseExpr.test (parseExpr-19.1): Test for Bug 648441.

2002-12-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinThrd.c (TclpMasterUnlock):
	* generic/tclThread.c (TclFinalizeThreadData): TclpMasterUnlock must
	exist and be called unconditional of TCL_THREADS. [Bug 651139]

2002-12-08  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSock.c (SocketThreadExitHandler, InitSockets):  Check
	that the tsdPtr is valid before dereferencing as we call it from the
	exit handler, too [Bug 650353]. Another WSAStartup() loaded version
	comparison byte swap issue fixed. Although 0x0101 byte swapped is
	still 0x0101, properly claiming which is major/minor is more correct.

2002-12-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubInit.c: regen
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h: regen
	* generic/tclInt.decls: added TclWinResetInterface

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (TclWinResetInterfaces):
	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclpSetInitialEncodings, WinEncodingsCleanup):
	add exit handler that resets the encoding information to a state where
	we can reuse Tcl. Following these changes, it is possible to reuse Tcl
	(following Tcl_FindExecutable or Tcl_CreateInterp) following a

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (TclFinalizeFilesystem): reset statics to their
	original values on finalize to allow reuse of the library.

2002-12-04  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c: reverted back to -r1.27 due to numerous test
	failures that need to be resolved first. The idea was good, but the
	details aren't.

2002-12-04  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (Tcl_WaitPid):  When a process exits with an
	exception, pass this notice on to the caller with a SIG* code rather
	than truncating the exit code and missing the meaning. This allows
	TclCleanupChildren() to report "CHILDKILLED".

	This has a different behavior than unix in that closing the read pipe
	to a process sends the SIGPIPE signal which is returned as a SIGPIPE
	exit status. On windows, we send the process a CTRL_BREAK_EVENT and
	get back a CONTROL_C_EXIT which is documented to mean a SIGINT which
	seems wrong as a system, but is the correct exit status.

2002-12-04  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: fix to redirected 'load' in virtual filesystem
	for some Unix systems.

	* generic/tclEvent.c: the filesystem must be cleaned up before the
	encoding subsystem because it needs access to encodings. Fixes crash
	on exit observed in embedded applications.

	* generic/tclTestObj.c: patch omitted from previous change of

2002-12-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclStubLib.c (Tcl_InitStubs): prevent the cached check of
	tclStubsPtr to allow for repeated load/unload of the Tcl dll by
	hosting apps. [Bug 615304]

2002-12-03  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c (sigHandler): Protect from trying to close a NULL

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (PipeClose2Proc, TclpCreateProcess): Send a real
	Win32 signal (CTRL_C_EVENT) when the read channel is brought down to
	alert the child to close on its side. Start the process with
	CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP to allow the ability to send these signals.
	The following test case now brings down the child without the use of
	an external [kill] command.

	% set p [open "|[info name]" w+]
	% pid $p
	% close $p     <- now doesn't block in Tcl_WaitPid()

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (PipeClose2Proc): Changed CTRL_C_EVENT to
	CTRL_BREAK_EVENT as it can't be ignored by the child and proved to
	work on [open "|netstat 1" w+] where CTRL_C_EVENT didn't.

2002-11-27  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Don't turn off winsock prototypes!  TclX didn't
	like it. Even though the core doesn't use the prototypes, do offer

	* win/tclWinSock.c: Removed shutdown() from the function table as it
	wasn't referenced anywhere and cleaned-up some casting that that
	wasn't needed.

	* win/tclWinSock.c: WSAStartup() loaded version comparison error which
	resulted in 2.0 looking less than 1.1.

	* win/tclWinChan.c (Tcl_MakeFileChannel): return of DuplicateHandle()
	incorrectly used. [Bug 618852]

2002-11-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (TclFinalizeEncodingSubsystem): properly
	cleanup all encodings by using Tcl_FirstHashEntry in the while loop.

	* unix/ (valgrind): add simple valgrind target

	* tests/exec.test: unset path var to allow singleproc testing

	* generic/tclInterp.c (AliasCreate): preserve/release interps to
	prevent possible FMR error in bad alias cases.

2002-11-26  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:  This patch does two things:

	1) Cleans-up the winsock typedefs by using the typedefs provided by
	winsock2.h. This has no effect on how winsock is initialized; just
	makes the source code easier to read. [Patch 561305 561301]

	2) Revamps how the socket message handler thread is brought up and
	down to allow for cleaner exits without the use of TerminateThread().
	TerminateThread is evil. No attempt has been made to resolve [Bug
	593810] which may need a new channel driver version for adding a
	registering function within the transfered thread to init the handler
	thread. IOW, initialization of the TSD structure is getting bypassed
	through the thread extension's [thread::transfer] command.

2002-11-26  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinConsole.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* win/tclWinSerial.c:
	* win/tclWinSock.c:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c:
	* win/tclWinTime.c:  General cleanup of all worker threads used by the
	channel drivers. Eliminates the normal case where the worker thread is
	terminated ('cept the winsock one). Instead, use kernel events to
	signal a clean exit. Only when the worker thread is blocked on an I/O
	call is the thread terminated. Essentially, this makes all other
	channel worker threads behave like the PipeReaderThread() function for
	it's cleaner exit behavior. This appears to fix [Bug 597924] but needs
	3rd party confirmation to close the issue.

2002-11-26  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/README: Update msys build env URL. This release #4 build both
	tcl and tk without problems.

2002-11-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/init.tcl:         code cleanup to reduce use of
	* library/opt/optparse.tcl: string compare

	* tests/interp.test: interp-14.4
	* generic/tclInterp.c (TclPreventAliasLoop): prevent seg fault when
	creating an alias command over the interp name. [Bug 641195]

2002-11-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (SetEndOffsetFromAny): handle integer offset
	after the "end-" prefix.

	* generic/get.test:
	* generic/string.test:
	* generic/tclObj.c (SetIntFromAny, SetWideIntFromAny):
	* generic/tclGet.c (TclGetLong, Tcl_GetInt): simplify sign handling
	before calling strtoul(l). [Bug 634856]

2002-11-18  David Gravereaux  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinThrd.c (Tcl_CreateThread/TclpThreadExit): Fixed improper
	compiler macros that missed the VC++ compiler. This resulted in VC++
	builds using CreateThread()/ExitThread() in place of the proper
	_beginthreadex()/_endthreadex(). This was a large error and am
	surprised I missed seeing it earlier.

2002-11-13  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regexpComp.test: added tests 22.*
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileRegexpCmd): add left and right
	anchoring (^ and $) recognition and check starting or ending .* to
	extend the number of REs that can be compiled to string match or
	string equal.

2002-11-13  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* tests/trace.test: applied patch from Hemang Levana to fix [Bug
	615043] in execution traces with 'return -code error'.

	* generic/tclTestObj.c:
	* tests/stringObj.test: added 'knownBug' test for [Bug 635200]
	* generic/tclStringObj.c: corrected typos in comments

	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* tests/fileName.test: applied patch for bug reported against tclvfs
	concerning handling of Windows serial ports like 'com1', 'lpt3' by the
	virtual filesystem code.

	* doc/RegExp.3: clarification of the 'extendMatch' return values.

2002-11-11  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_Backslash): use TclUtfToUniChar.
	(Tcl_StringCaseMatch): use TclUtfToUniChar and add further
	optimizations for the one-byte/char case.

	* generic/tclUtf.c: make use of TclUtfToUniChar macro throughout the
	functions, and add extra optimization to Tcl_NumUtfChars for
	one-byte/char case.

	* generic/tclVar.c (DisposeTraceResult, CallVarTraces): add proper
	static declarations.

	* generic/tclStringObj.c (Tcl_GetCharLength): optimize for the ascii
	char case.
	(Tcl_GetUniChar): remove unnecessary use of Tcl_UtfToUniChar.
	(FillUnicodeRep): Use TclUtfToUniChar.

	* generic/tclHash.c (HashStringKey): move string++ lower to save an

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): improve INST_STR_CMP to
	use memcmp in the one-byte/char case, also use direct index for
	INST_STR_INDEX in that case.

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (UtfToUtfProc, UtfToUnicodeProc):
	(TableFromUtfProc, EscapeFromUtfProc): Use TclUtfToUniChar.
	(UnicodeToUtfProc, TableToUtfProc): add 1-byte char optimizations for
	Tcl_UniCharToUtf call. These improve encoded channel conversion speeds
	by up to 20%.

	* tests/split.test: added 1-char string split tests
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SplitObjCmd): Use TclUtfToUniChar. Also
	added a special case for single-ascii-char splits.
	(Tcl_StringObjCmd): Use TclUtfToUniChar. For STR_RANGE, support
	getting ranges of ByteArrays (reverts change from 2000-05-26).
	(TraceExecutionProc) add proper static declaration.

	* generic/tclInt.h: add macro version of Tcl_UtfToUniChar
	(TclUtfToUniChar) that does the one-byte utf-char check without
	calling Tcl_UtfToUniChar, for use by the core. This brings notable
	speedups for primarily ascii string handling.

	* generic/tcl.h (TCL_PATCH_LEVEL): bump to for patchlevel
	only. This interim number will only be reflected by [info patchlevel].

2002-11-11  Kevin Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n: Corrected indentation of the new language. Oops.

2002-11-10  Kevin Kenny <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n: Added language to the Endekalogue to make it clear that
	substitutions always take place from left to right. [Bug 635644]

2002-11-06  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* changes: Note TclInExit TclInThreadExit changes.
	* generic/tclEvent.c (TclInExit, TclInThreadExit): Split out
	functionality of TclInExit to make it clear which one should be called
	in each situation.
	* generic/tclInt.decls: Declare TclInThreadExit.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: Regen.
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Regen.
	* mac/tclMacChan.c (StdIOClose):
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (FileCloseProc):
	* win/tclWinChan.c (FileCloseProc):
	* win/tclWinConsole.c (ConsoleCloseProc):
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpCloseFile):
	* win/tclWinSerial.c (SerialCloseProc): Invoke the new TclInThreadExit
	method instead of TclInExit.

2002-11-06  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Generate a fatal configure error if
	no ar program can be found on the path. [Bug 582039]
	* win/configure: Regen.
	* win/ Check that AR, RANLIB, and RC are found on the
	path when building with gcc.

2002-11-03  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c:  Calls Registry_Init() and Dde_Init() when

	* win/
	* win/  linkexten option now sets the TCL_USE_STATIC_PACKAGES
	macro which also adds the registry and dde object files to the link
	of the shell. [Patch 479697] Also factored some additional macros that
	will be helpful for extension authors. Version grepping of tcl.h will
	need to be added to complete this.

	* win/ Added more descriptive commentary.

2002-11-01  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinReg.c:  Changed the Tcl_PkgProvide() line to declare the
	registry extension at version 1.1 from 1.0.

2002-10-31  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/word.tcl: Changed $tcl_platform to $::tcl_platform to avoid
	possible scope trouble.

2002-10-29  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInt.h:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: added comments about certain NULL function
	pointers which will be filled in when Tcl_FindExecutable is called, so
	that users don't report invalid bugs on this topic. (No code changes
	at all).

2002-10-29  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c (TclpFindSymbol): pass all dyld error messages
	upstream [Bug 627546].

2002-10-28  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* library/dde/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/reg/pkgIndex.tcl: Changed the hardwired debug suffix (d) to
	the correct suffix (g).

2002-10-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl:	Converted the Mac-specific [package unknown]
	* library/init.tcl:	behavior to use a chaining mechanism to extend
	* library/package.tcl:	the default [tclPkgUnknown]. [Bug 627660]
	* library/tclIndex:	[Patch 624509] (steffen)

2002-10-26  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/ xcopy on NT 4.0 doesn't support the /Y switch
	(overwrite). Added logic to handle this. [Bug 618019]

2002-10-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: Removed definitions of obsolete HistoryEvent and
	HistoryRev structures (the history mechanism has been written in Tcl
	for some time now.)

2002-10-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.4.1 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* changes: updated for 8.4.1 release

	* win/ removed @[email protected] subst.
	* win/configure: regen
	* win/ removed SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG call
	* win/tcl.m4: replaced SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG with a more intelligent
	SC_ENABLE_SYMBOLS that takes yes|no|mem|compile|all as options now.

2002-10-22  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* library/auto.tcl (tcl_findLibrary):
	* library/package.tcl (tclPkgUnknown): on macosx, search inside the
	Resources/Scripts subdirectory of any potential package directory.
	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj: add standard Frameworks dirs to
	TCL_PACKAGE_PATH make argument.
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpSetVariables): on macosx, add embedded
	framework dirs to tcl_pkgPath: @executable_path/../Frameworks and
	@executable_path/../PrivateFrameworks (if they exist), as well as the
	dirs in DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH (if set). [Patch 624509]
	use standard MAXPATHLEN instead of literal 1024

2002-10-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/StringObj.3, doc/Object.3: Documented that Tcl_Obj's standard
	string form is a modified UTF-8; apparently, this was not mentioned
	anywhere in the main docs, and lead to [Bug 624919].

2002-10-21  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj: bumped version to 8.4.1
	* generic/tcl.h: Added reminder comment to edit
	macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj when version number changes.

2002-10-18  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/reg/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* win/configure:
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/
	* win/makefile.bc:    Updated to reg1.1

	* doc/registry.n:      Added support for broadcasting changes to the
	* tests/registry.test: registry Environment. Noted proper code in the
	* win/tclWinReg.c:     docs. [Patch 625453]

	* unix/ (dist): add any mac/tcl*.sea.hqx files

2002-10-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c:	Fixed code that check for proper # of args to
	* tests/var.test:	[array names]. Added test. [Bug 624755]

2002-10-16  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/configure:                 add workaround for cygwin windres
	* win/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): problem. [Patch 624010] (howell)

2002-10-15  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* README: added note

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4: Correct AIX-5 ppc build flags. Correct HP 11 64-bit gcc
	building. [Patch 601051] (martin)

2002-10-15  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* tests/trace.test: applied patch from Hemang Levana to fix [Bug
	615043] in execution traces with idle tasks firing.

2002-10-14  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnv.c (Tcl_PutEnv): correct possible mem leak. [Patch
	623269] (brouwers)

2002-10-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Need a different strategy through the maze of
	#defines to let people building with Cygwin build correctly. Also made
	some comments less misleading...

2002-10-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* README: fixed minor nits [Bug 607776] (virden)

	* win/configure:
	* win/tcl.m4: enable USE_THREAD_ALLOC (new threaded allocator) by
	default in cygwin configure on Windows.

2002-10-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n:	Clarified that namespace separators are legal in the
			variable names during $-subtitution. [Bug 615139]

	* doc/regexp.n:	Typo correction. Thanks Ronnie Brunner. [Bug 606826]

2002-10-10  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadAout.c
	* unix/tclLoadDl.c
	* unix/tclLoadDld.c
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c
	* unix/tclLoadNext.c
	* unix/tclLoadOSF.c
	* unix/tclLoadShl.c
	* win/tclWinLoad.c: allow either full paths or simply dll names to be
	specified when loading files (the latter will be looked up by the OS
	on your PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH as appropriate). Fixes [Bug 611108]

2002-10-09  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/README: doc'ed --enable-symbols options.
	* unix/ removed @[email protected] subst.
	* unix/configure: regen
	* unix/ removed SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG call
	* unix/tcl.m4: replaced SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG with a more intelligent
	SC_ENABLE_SYMBOLS that takes yes|no|mem|compile|all as options now.

2002-10-09  Kevin B. Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinTime.c: Added code to set an exit handler that terminates
	the thread that calibrates the performance counter, so that the thread
	won't outlive unloading the Tcl DLL. [Bug 620735]

2002-10-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/binary.n: More clarification of [binary scan]'s behaviour.

2002-10-09  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: fixed botched regen.

2002-10-09  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls: made TclSetPreInitScript() declaration
	generic as it is used on mac & aqua as well.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: regen.
	* generic/tclCompile.h: added prototype for TclCompileVariableCmd.

	* mac/tclMacPort.h: removed incorrect <fcntl.h> definitions and
	obsolete <stat.h> definitions.
	* mac/tclMacChan.c: removed obsolete GetOpenMode() and replaced
	associated constants with the <fcntl.h> analogues (they existing defs
	were inconsistent with <fcntl.h> which was causing havoc when
	Tcl_GetOpenMode was used instead of private GetOpenMode).

	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c: removed GenerateUniqueName(), use equivalent (and
	identically named) routine from MoreFiles instead.

	* mac/tclMacLoad.c: CONSTification, fixes to Vince's last changes.

	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacTest.c:
	* mac/tclMacUnix.c: CONSTification.

	* mac/tclMacOSA.c: CONSTification, sprintf fixes, UH 3.4.x changes;
	fix for missing autoname token from TclOSACompileCmd. (bdesgraupes)
	* mac/AppleScript.html(AppleScript delete): doc fix. (bdesgraupes)

	* mac/tcltkMacBuildSupport.sea.hqx: updated MoreFiles to 1.5.3,
	updated build instructions for 8.4.
	* mac/tclMacProjects.sea.hqx: rebuilt archive.

2002-10-09  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Alloc.3: Added a note to mention that attempting to allocate a
	zero-length block can return NULL. [Tk Bug 619544]

2002-10-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/binary.n: Doc improvements [Patch 616480]

	* tests/fCmd.test, tests/winFCmd.test:
	* tools/eolFix.tcl, tools/genStubs.tcl: [file exist] -> [file exists]
	Thanks to David Welton.

2002-10-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n: fixed typo [Bug 618018]. Thanks to "JJM".

2002-10-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/man2help2.tcl:
	* tests/http.test, tests/httpd, tests/httpold.test:
	* tests/env.test, tests/binary.test, tests/autoMkindex.test:
	* library/init.tcl, library/http/http.tcl: [info exist] should really
	be [info exists]. [Bug 602566]

	* doc/lsearch.n: Better specification of what happens when -sorted is
	mixed with other options. [Bug 617816]

2002-10-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c (TclCreateProc): mask out VAR_UNDEFINED for
	precompiled locals to support 8.3 precompiled code.
	(Tcl_ProcObjCmd): correct 2002-09-26 fix to look for tclProcBodyType.

2002-10-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/socket.n: Mentioned that ports may be specified as serivce names
	as well as integers. [Bug 616843]

2002-09-30  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileRegexpCmd): correct the checking
	for bad re's that didn't terminate the re string. Resultant compiles
	were correct, but much slower than necessary.

2002-09-29  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/tclAppInit.c: Added proper exiting conditions using Win32
	console signals. This handles the existing lack of a Ctrl+C exit to
	call exit handlers when built for thread support. Also, properly
	handles exits from other conditions such as CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT,
	CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT, and CTRL_SHUTDOWN_EVENT signals. In all cases,
	exit handlers will be called. [Bug 219355]

	* win/ Added missing tclThreadAlloc.c to the build rules
	and defines USE_THREAD_ALLOC when TCL_THREADS is defined to get the
	new behavior by default.

2002-09-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* README:		Bumped to version 8.4.1 to avoid confusion of
	* generic/tcl.h:	CVS snapshots with the actual 8.4.0 release.
	* tools/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/

	* unix/configure:	autoconf
	* win/configure:

2002-09-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: regen.
	* unix/tcl.m4: improve AIX-4/5 64bit compilation support.

	* generic/tclProc.c (Tcl_ProcObjCmd): correct overeager optimization
	of noop proc to handle the precompiled case. (sofer)

	* unix/ldAix (nmopts): add -X32_64 to make it work for 32 or 64bit
	mode compilation.

	* library/encoding/koi8-u.enc: removed extraneous spaces that confused
	encoding reader. [Bug 615115]

	* unix/ generate source dists with -src designator and do
	not generate .Z anymore (just .gz and .zip).

2002-09-18  Mumit Khan <[email protected]>

	Added basic Cygwin support.

	* win/tcl.m4 (SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG): Support one-tree build.
	(SC_PATH_TKCONFIG): Likewise.
	(SC_PROG_TCLSH): Likewise.
	(SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Assume real Cygwin port and remove -mno-cygwin
	flags. Add -mwin32 to extra_cflags and extra_ldflags. Remove ``-e
	[email protected]'' from LDFLAGS_WINDOW.
	* win/ Allow Cygwin build.
	(SEH test): Define to be 1 instead of empty value.
	* win/configure: Regenerate.

	* generic/tcl.h: Don't explicitly define __WIN32__ for Cygwin, let the
	user decide whether to use Windows or POSIX personality.
	(TCL_WIDE_INT_TYPE, TCL_LL_MODIFIER, struct Tcl_StatBuf): Define for
	* generic/tclEnv.c (Tcl_CygwinPutenv): putenv replacement for Cygwin.
	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_TranslateFileName): Convert POSIX to
	native format.
	(TclDoGlob): Likewise.
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h (TCHAR): Define for Cygwin.
	* win/tclWinPort.h (putenv, TclpSysAlloc, TclpSysFree,
	(TclpSysRealloc): Define for Cygwin.

2002-09-26  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/Makefile: preserve environment value of INSTALL_ROOT. When
	embedding only use deployment build. Force relink before embedded
	build to ensure new linker flags are picked up.

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj: add symbolic links to debug lib,
	stub libs and in framework toplevel. Configure target
	dependency fix. Fix to 'clean' action. Added private tcl headers to
	framework. Install tclsh symbolic link. Html doc build works when no
	installed tclsh available. Made html doc structure in framework more
	like in Apple frameworks.

2002-09-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_TCL_64BIT_FLAGS): Yet more robust 64-bit value
	detection to close [Bug 613117] on more systems.

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclPrintSource): More CONSTifying.
	* generic/tclExecute.c (EvalStatsCmd): Object-ify to reduce warnings.
	Thanks to 'CoderX2' on the chat for bringing this to my attention...

	* unix/tcl.m4: Forgot to define TCL_WIDE_INT_IS_LONG at the
	appropriate moment. I believe this is the cause of [Bug 613117]

	* doc/lset.n: Changed 'list' to 'varName' for consistency with lappend
	documentation. Thanks to Glenn Jackman [Bug 611719]

2002-09-22  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Corrected [puts -nonewline] within
	test bodies. Thanks to Harald Kirsch. [Bug 612786, Patch 612788] Also
	corrected reporting of body return code. Thanks to David Taback [Bug
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl: Bump to version 2.2.1.
	* tests/tcltest.test: added tests for these bugs.

2002-09-15  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Add PEEK_XCLOSEIM define under
	Linux. This is used by Tk to double check that an X input context is
	cleaned up before it is closed.

2002-09-12  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/coffbase.txt: Added BLT to the virtual base address listings
	table should BLT's build tools decide to use it.

2002-09-12  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* mac/tclMacApplication.r:
	* mac/tclMacLibrary.r:
	* mac/tclMacResource.r: unified use of the two equivalent resource
	compiler header inclusion defines RC_INVOKED and RESOURCE_INCLUDED,
	now use RC_INVOKED throughout.

2002-09-10  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/README: Add note about building extensions with the same
	compiler Tcl was built with. [Tk Bug 592096]

2002-09-10  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj: disabled building html
	documentation during embedded build.

2002-09-10  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ added DYLIB_INSTALL_DIR variable for macosx and
	set it to default value ${LIB_RUNTIME_DIR}
	* unix/tcl.m4 (Darwin): use DYLIB_INSTALL_DIR instead of
	LIB_RUNTIME_DIR in the -install_name argument to ld.
	* unix/configure: regen.

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj:
	* macosx/Makefile: added support for building Tcl as an embedded
	framework, i.e. using an dyld install_name containing
	@executable_path/../Frameworks via the new DYLIB_INSTALL_DIR
	unix/Makefile variable.

2002-09-10  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.4.0 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

2002-09-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n:  Format correction, and clarified [file normalize]
	returns an absolute path.

	* doc/tcltest.n:  Added examples section, as long promised.

2002-09-06  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test: Added nonRoot flag to tests 8.3, 8.4, and 8.12.

2002-09-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n:  Clarified phrasing.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclRenameCommand,CallCommandTraces):
	* tests/trace.test (trace-27.1): Corrected memory leak when a rename
	trace deleted the command being traced. Test added. Thanks to Hemang
	Lavana for the fix. [Bug 604609]

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclDeleteVars):  Corrected logic for setting the
	TCL_INTERP_DESTROYED flag when calling variable traces. [Tk Bug 605121]

2002-09-04  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (DeleteArray): leak plug [Bug 604239]. Thanks to
	dkf and dgp for the long and difficult discussion in the chat.

2002-09-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_UpVar2): code cleanup to not use goto

	* unix/configure: remove -pthread from LIBS on FreeBSD in thread
	* unix/tcl.m4:    enabled build. [Bug 602849]

2002-09-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c (AliasCreate): a Tcl_Obj was leaked on error
	return from TclPreventAliasLoop.

2002-09-03  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Bumped version number to 8.4.0
	and updated copyright info.

2002-09-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_UpVar2): a Tcl_Obj was being leaked on error
	return from TclGetFrame.

2002-09-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes:  Updated changes for 8.4.0 release.

2002-09-02  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFile.c (TclpObjLink): removed unnecessary/unfreed extra
	native char*.

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (Tcl_MakeTcpClientChannel): make sure to init
	flags field of TcpState ptr to 0.

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4: added 64-bit gcc compilation support on HP-11.
	[Patch 601051] (martin)

	* README:		Bumped version number to 8.4.0
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* tools/
	* unix/configure:
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/configure:
	* win/

	* generic/tclInterp.c (SlaveCreate): make sure that the memory and
	checkmem commands are initialized in non-safe slave interpreters when
	TCL_MEM_DEBUG is used. [Bug 583445]

	* win/tclWinConsole.c (ConsoleCloseProc): only wait on writable pipe
	if there was something to write. This may prevent infinite wait on

	* tests/exec.test: marked exec-18.1 unixOnly until the Windows
	incompatibility (in the test, not the core) can be resolved.

	* tests/http.test (http-3.11): added close $fp that was causing an
	error on Windows because the file was not closed before deleting.

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (Tcl_MacOSXGetLibraryPath): made this static
	function only appear when HAVE_CFBUNDLE is defined.

2002-08-31  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4: added TK_SHLIB_LD_EXTRAS analogue of existing
	TCL_SHLIB_LD_EXTRAS for linker settings only used when linking Tk.

	* unix/configure: regen

2002-08-31  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	*** macosx-8-4-branch merged into the mainline [Patch 602770] ***

	* generic/tcl.decls: added new macosx specific entry to stubs table.

	* tools/genStubs.tcl: added generation of platform guards for
	macosx. This is a little more complex than it seems, because MacOS X
	IS "unix" plus a little bit, for the purposes of Tcl. BUT
	unfortunately, Tk uses "unix" to mean X11. So added platform keys for
	macosx (the little added to "unix"), "aqua" and "x11" to distinguish
	these for Tk.

	* generic/tcl.h: added a #ifnded RESOURCE_INCLUDED so that tcl.h can
	be passed to the resource compiler.

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclNotify.c: added a few Notifier procs, to be able to
	modify more bits of the Tcl notifier dynamically. Required to get Mac
	OS X Tk to live on top of the Tcl Unix threaded notifier. Changes the
	size of the Tcl_NotifierProcs structure, but doesn't move any elements

	* unix/tclUnixNotfy.c: moved the call to Tcl_ConditionNotify till
	AFTER we are done mucking with the pointer swap. Fixes cases where the
	thread waiting on the condition wakes & accesses the waitingListPtr
	before it gets reset, causing a hang.

	* library/auto.tcl (tcl_findLibrary): added checking the directories
	in the tcl_pkgPath for library files on macosx to enable support of
	the standard Mac OSX library locations.

	* unix/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.m4: added MAC_OSX_DIR. Added PLAT_OBJS to the OBJS: there
	are some MacOS X specific files now for Tcl, and when I get the
	resource & applescript stuff ported over, and restore support for
	FindFiles, etc, there will be a few more. Added LD_LIBRARY_PATH_VAR
	configure variable to avoid having to set all possible LD_LIBRARY_PATH
	analogues on all platforms. LD_LIBRARY_PATH_VAR is "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
	by default, "LIBPATH" on AIX, "SHLIB_PATH" on HPUX and
	"DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" on Mac OSX. Added configure option to package Tcl
	as a framework on Mac OSX.

	* macosx/tclMacOSXBundle.c (new): support for finding Tcl extension
	packaged as 'bundles' in the standard Mac OSX library locations.

	* unix/tclUnixInit.c: added support for findig the tcl script library
	inside Tcl packaged as a framework on Mac OSX.

	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/jingham.pbxuser (new):
	* macosx/Tcl.pbproj/project.pbxproj (new): project for Apple's
	ProjectBuilder IDE.

	* macosx/Makefile (new): simple makefile for building the project from
	the command line via the ProjectBuilder tool 'pbxbuild'.

	* unix/configure:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: regen

2002-08-29  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinThrd.c (TclpFinalizeThreadData, TclWinFreeAllocCache):
	Applied patch for [Bug 599428], provided by Miguel Sofer
	<[email protected]>.

2002-08-28  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnv.c:
	* unix/
	* win/tclWinPort.h:  putenv() on some systems copies the buffer rather
	than taking reference to it. This causes memory leaks and is know to
	effect mswindows (msvcrt) and NetBSD 1.5.2 . This patch tests for this
	behavior and turns on -DHAVE_PUTENV_THAT_COPIES=1 when approriate.
	Thanks to David Welton for assistance. [Bug 414910]

	* unix/configure: regen'd

2002-08-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/eval.n: Added mention of list command and corrected "SEE ALSO".

	* unix/ Cache handling of ac_cv_type_socklen_t was wrong.
	[Bug 600931] reported by John Ellson. Fixed by putting the brackets
	where they belong.

2002-08-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c: fix for [Bug 599788] (error in element name
	causing segfault), reported by Tom Wilkason. Fixed by copying the
	tokens instead of the source string.

2002-08-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c: small optimisation, reducing the new
	allocator's overhead.

2002-08-23  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (USE_THREAD_ALLOC): fixed leak [Bug 597936]. Thanks
	to Zoran Vasiljevic.

2002-08-23  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c (USE_THREAD_ALLOC): moving objects between
	caches as a block, instead of one-by-one.

2002-08-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: fix for freed memory r/w in delete traces [Bug
	589863], patch by Hemang Lavana.

2002-08-20  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/ (CFLAGS):
	* unix/ (MEM_DEBUG_FLAGS): Added usage of @[email protected]
	* win/
	* unix/ Added usage of SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG.
	* win/tcl.m4:
	* unix/tcl.m4: Added macro SC_ENABLE_MEMDEBUG. Allows a user of
	configure to (de)activate memory validation and debugging
	(TCL_MEM_DEBUG). No need to modify the makefile anymore.

2002-08-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c:	CONSTified MemoryCmd and CheckmemCmd.

	* README:		Bumped version number to 8.4b3 to distinguish
	* generic/tcl.h:	HEAD from the 8.4b2 release.
	* tools/
	* unix/
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/

	* unix/configure:	autoconf
	* win/configure:

	* library/http/http.tcl:	Corrected installation directory of
	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:	the package tcltest 2.2. Added
	* library/opt/optparse.tcl:	comments in other packages to remind
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	that installation directories need
	* unix/		updates to match increasing version
	* win/		numbers. [Bug 597450]
	* win/makefile.bc:
	* win/

2002-08-19  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixTest.c (TestfilehandlerCmd): Changed readable/writable
	to the more common readable|writable. Fixes [Bug 596034] reported by
	Larry Virden <[email protected]>.

2002-08-16  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test: Added test to make sure that the cause of the
	problem is detectable with an unpatched Tcl.
	* doc/ObjectType.3: Added note on the root cause of this problem to
	the documentation, since it is possible for user code to trigger this
	sort of behaviour too.
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (SetFsPathFromAny): Objects should only have
	their old representation deleted when we know that we are about to
	install a new one. This stops a weird TclX bug under Linux with
	certain kinds of memory debugging enabled which essentally came down
	to a double-free of a string.

2002-08-14  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c: (code cleanup) factored the parts in the macros
	TclNewObj() / TclDecrRefCount() into a common part for all
	memory allocators and two new macros TclAllocObjStorage() /
	TclFreeObjStorage() that are specific to each allocator and fully
	describe the differences. Removed allocator-specific code from
	tclObj.c by using the macros.

2002-08-12  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: fixing UMR in delete traces, [Bug 589863].

2002-08-08  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* tools/man2help.tcl: Fixed $argv handling bug where if -bitmap wasn't
	specified $argc was off by one.

2002-08-08  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/uplevel.test: added 6.1 to test [uplevel] with shadowed
	commands [Bug 524383]

	* tests/subst.test: added 5.8-10 as further tests for [Bug 495207]

2002-08-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/README: Noted removal of defs.tcl.

2002-08-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/lsearch.n: corrected lsearch docs to use -inline in examples.

	*** 8.4b2 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* tests/unixFCmd.test: updated tests for new link copy behavior.
	* generic/tclFCmd.c (CopyRenameOneFile): changed the behavior to
	follow links to endpoints and copy that file/directory instead of just
	copying the surface link. This means that trying to copy a link that
	has no endpoint (danling link) is an error. [Patch 591647] (darley)
	(CopyRenameOneFile): this is currently disabled by default until
	further issues with such behavior (like relative links) can be
	handled correctly.

	* tests/README: slight wording improvements

2002-08-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* docs/BoolObj.3: added description of valid string reps for a
	boolean object. [Bug 584794]
	* generic/tclObj.c: optimised Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj and
	SetBooleanFromAny to avoid parsing the string rep when it can be
	avoided. [Bugs 584650, 472576]

2002-08-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c: making tclCmdNameType static ([Bug 584567], Don

2002-08-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_NewObj): added conditional code for
	USE_THREAD_ALLOC; objects allocated through Tcl_NewObj() were
	otherwise being leaked. [Bug 587488] reported by Sven Sass.

2002-08-06  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: Added stubs and implementations for
	non-threaded build for the tclUnixThrd.c procs TclpReaddir,
	TclpLocaltime, TclpGmtime and TclpInetNtoa. Fixes link errors in
	stubbed & threaded extensions that include tclUnixPort.h and use any
	of the procs readdir, localtime, gmtime or inet_ntoa (e.g. TclX 8.4)
	[Bug 589526]
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Regen.

2002-08-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	The setup and cleanup scripts are now
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl:	skipped when a test is skipped, fixing
	* tests/tcltest.test:		[Bug 589859]. Test for bug added, and
	corrected tcltest package bumped to version 2.2.

	* generic/tcl.decls:	Restored Tcl_Concat to return (char *). Like
	* generic/tclDecls.h:	Tcl_Merge, it transfers ownership of a dynamic
	* generic/tclUtil.c:	allocated string to the caller.

2002-08-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CmdCmplt.3:	Applied Patch 585105 to fully CONST-ify all
	* doc/Concat.3:		remaining public interfaces of Tcl. Notably,
	* doc/CrtCommand.3:	the parser no longer writes on the string it
	* doc/CrtSlave.3:	is parsing, so it is no longer necessary for
	* doc/CrtTrace.3:	Tcl_Eval() to be given a writable string. Also
	* doc/Eval.3:		the refactoring of the Tcl_*Var* routines by
	* doc/ExprLong.3:	by Miguel Sofer is included, so that the
	* doc/LinkVar.3:	"part1" argument for them no longer needs to
	* doc/ParseCmd.3:	be writable either.
	* doc/SetVar.3:
	* doc/TraceVar.3:
	* doc/UpVar.3:		Compatibility support has been enhanced so
	* generic/tcl.decls:	that a #define of USE_NON_CONST will remove
	* generic/tcl.h:	all possible source incompatibilities with the
	* generic/tclBasic.c:	8.3 version of the header file(s). The new
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:	#define of USE_COMPAT_CONST now does what
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:USE_NON_CONST used to do -- disable only those
	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:new CONST's that introduce irreconcilable
	* generic/tclCompile.c:	incompatibilities.
	* generic/tclCompile.h:
	* generic/tclDecls.h:	Several bugs are also fixed by this patch.
	* generic/tclEnv.c:	[Bugs 584051,580433] [Patches 585105,582429]
	* generic/tclEvent.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclInterp.c:
	* generic/tclLink.c:
	* generic/tclObj.c:
	* generic/tclParse.c:
	* generic/tclParseExpr.c:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* mac/tclMacTest.c:
	* tests/expr-old.test:
	* tests/parseExpr.test:
	* unix/tclUnixTest.c:
	* unix/tclXtTest.c:
	* win/tclWinTest.c:

2002-08-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: bugfix (reading freed memory). Testsuite
	passed on linux/i386, compile-13.1 hung on linux/alpha.

2002-08-01  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: added a reference count for the complete
	execution stack, instead of Tcl_Preserve/Tcl_Release.

2002-08-01  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c (TclFinalizeMemorySubsystem): Don't lock the
	ckalloc mutex before invoking the Tcl_DumpActiveMemory function since
	it also locks the same mutex. This code is only executed when "memory
	onexit filename" has been executed and Tcl is compiled with

2002-08-01  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPort.h: The windows headers don't provide socklen_t, so we
	have to do it.

2002-07-31  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h (USE_THREAD_ALLOC): for unshared objects,
	TclDecrRefCount now frees the internal rep before the string rep -
	just like the non-macro Tcl_DecrRefCount/TclFreeObj [Bug 524802]. For
	the other allocators the fix was done on 2002-03-06.

2002-07-31  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInterp.c: signed/unsigned comparison warning fixed
	(Vince Darley).

2002-07-31  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_BUGGY_STRTOD): Enabled caching of test results.

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_BUGGY_STRTOD): Solaris 2.8 still has a buggy
	strtod() implementation; make sure we detect it.

	* tests/expr.test (expr-22.*): Marked as non-portable because it seems
	that these tests have an annoying tendency to fail in unexpected ways.
	[Bugs 584825, 584950, 585986]

2002-07-30  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/io.test:
	* generic/tclIO.c (WriteChars): Added flag to break out of loop if
	nothing of the input is consumed at all, to prevent infinite looping
	of called with a non-UTF-8 string. Fixes Bug 584603 (partially). Added
	new test "io-60.1". Might need additional changes to Tcl_Main so that
	unprintable results are printed as binary data.

2002-07-29  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Use CC_SEARCH_FLAGS instead of LD_SEARCH_FLAGS
	when linking with ${CC}.
	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/ Don't subst CC_SEARCH_FLAGS or LD_SEARCH_FLAGS
	since this is now done in tcl.m4.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Document and set CC_SEARCH_FLAGS
	whenever LD_SEARCH_FLAGS is set. [Patch 588290]

2002-07-29  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_SERIAL_PORT): Fixed detection for cases when
                                        configure's stdin is not a tty.

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* generic/tclIOSock.c:          Changed size_t to socklen_t in
                                        socket-related function calls.

	* unix/            Added test and fallback definition
                                        for socklen_t.

	* unix/configure:               generated.

2002-07-29  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclObj.c: fixed a comment

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclInterp.c: added the new flag TCL_EVAL_INVOKE to the
	interface of the Tcl_Eval* functions, removing the
	TCL_EVAL_NO_TRACEBACK added yesterday: alias invocations not only
	require no tracebacks, but also look up the command name in the global
	scope - see new test interp-9.4
	* tests/interp.test: added 9.3 to test for safety of aliases to hidden
	commands, 9.4 to test for correct command lookup scope.

2002-07-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/regc_locale.c (cclass): [[:xdigit:]] is only a defined
	concept on western characters, so should not allow any unicode digit,
	and hence number of ranges in [[:xdigit:]] is fixed.
	* tests/reg.test: Added test to detect the bug.
	* generic/regc_cvec.c (newcvec): Corrected initial size value in
	character vector structure. [Bug 578363] Many thanks to
	[email protected] for tracking this down.

2002-07-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c: added the new flag TCL_EVAL_NO_TRACEBACK to the
	interface of the Tcl_Eval* functions. Modified the error message for
	too many nested evaluations.
	* generic/tclInterp.h: changed the Alias struct to be of variable
	length and store the prefix arguments directly (instead of a pointer
	to a Tcl_Obj list). Made AliasObjCmd call Tcl_EvalObjv instead of
	TclObjInvoke - thus making aliases trigger execution traces [Bug
	* tests/interp.test:
	* tests/stack.test: adapted to the new error message.
	* tests/trace.test: added tests for aliases firing the exec traces.

2002-07-27  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Revert fix for Tcl bug 529801 since it was
	incorrect and broke the build on other systems. Fix [Bug 587299]. Add
	variables to support more generic library build/install rules.
	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/ Move AC_PROG_RANLIB into tcl.m4. Move shared
	build test and setting of MAKE_LIB and MAKE_STUB_LIB into tcl.m4. Move
	subst of a number of variables into tcl.m4 where they are defined.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_ENABLE_SYMBOLS, SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Subst vars where
	they are defined. Add MAKE_LIB, MAKE_STUB_LIB, INSTALL_LIB, and
	INSTALL_STUB_LIB rules to deal with the ugly details of running ranlib
	on static libs at build and install time. Replace TCL_SHLIB_LD_EXTRAS
	with SHLIB_LD_FLAGS and use it when building a shared library.

2002-07-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: fixed Tcl_Obj leak in code corresponding to
	the macro NEXT_INST_V(x, 0, 1) [Bug 587495].

2002-07-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclObjLookupVar): leak fix and improved comments.

2002-07-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclLookupVar): removed early returns that
	prevented the parens from being restored. Also removed goto label as
	it was not necessary.

2002-07-24  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/expr-old.test: fix for erroneous error messages in [expr],
	[Bug 587140] reported by Martin Lemburg.

2002-07-25  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c: fix for [Tk Bug 219218] "error handling with
	bgerror in Tk"

2002-07-24  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: restoring full TCL_COMPILE_DEBUG

2002-07-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/unixInit.test: relaxed unixInit-3.1 to accept iso8859-15 as a
	valid C encoding. [Bug 575336]

2002-07-24  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: restoring the tcl_traceCompile functionality
	while I repair tcl_traceExec. The core now compiles and runs also
	under TCL_COMPILE_DEBUG, but execution in the bytecode engine can
	still not be traced.

2002-07-24  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* unix/ corrected fix for [Bug 529801]: ranlib only
	needed for static builds on Mac OS X.
	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c: fixed small bugs introduced by Vince,
	implemented library unloading correctly (needs OS X 10.2).

2002-07-23  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3: (Updates from Larry Virden)
	* doc/open.n:
	* doc/tclsh.1: Fix section numbers in Unix man page references.
	* doc/lset.n:  In EXAMPLES section, include command to set the initial
	value used in subsequent examples.
	* doc/http.n: Package version updated to 2.4.

2002-07-23  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Enable 64 bit compilation when using
	the native compiler on a 64 bit version of IRIX. [Bug 219220]

2002-07-23  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Combine ranlib tests and avoid printing unless
	ranlib is actually run.

2002-07-23  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_PATH_X): Set XINCLUDES to "" instead of "# no
	special path needed" or "# no include files found" when x headers
	cannot be located.

2002-07-22  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: made tclNativeFilesystem static (since 07-19
	changes removed its usage elsewhere), and added comments about its
	* generic/tclLoad.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* doc/FileSystem.3: converted last load-related ClientData parameter
	to Tcl_LoadHandle opaque structure, removing a couple of casts in the

	* generic/tclInt.h: removed tclNativeFilesystem declaration since it
	is now static again.

2002-07-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/expr.test (expr-22.*): Added tests to help detect the
	corrected handling.
	* generic/tclExecute.c (IllegalExprOperandType): Improved error
	message generated when attempting to manipulate Inf and NaN values.
	* generic/tclParseExpr.c (GetLexeme): Allowed parser to recognise
	'Inf' as a floating-point number. [Bug 218000]

2002-07-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tclIOUtil.c: Silence compiler warning. [Bug 584408].

2002-07-19  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: fix to GetFilesystemRecord
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c: fix to subtle problem with links shown up by
	latest tclkit builds.

2002-07-19  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/
	* win/configure:
	* win/ Add AC_PREREQ(2.13) in an attempt to make it more
	clear that the configure scripts must be generated with autoconf
	version 2.13. [Bug 583573]

2002-07-19  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ fix to build on MacOS X [Bug 529801], bug report
	and fix from jcw.

2002-07-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c (no_timeout): Made this variable static.

	* generic/tclExecute.c, generic/tclCompile.c, generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.h (builtinFuncTable, instructionTable): Added
	prefix to these symbols because they are visible outside the Tcl

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c (operatorTable):
	* unix/tclUnixTime.c (tmKey):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (theFilesystemEpoch, filesystemWantToModify,
	filesystemIteratorsInProgress, filesystemOkToModify): Made these
	variables static.

	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:		Renamed nativeFilesystem to
	* win/tclWinFile.c:		tclNativeFilesystem and declared
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:		it properly in tclInt.h
	* generic/tclInt.h:

	* generic/tclUtf.c (totalBytes): Made this array static and const.

	* generic/tclParse.c (typeTable): Made this array static and const.
	(Tcl_ParseBraces): Simplified error handling case so that scans are
	only performed when needed, and flags are simpler too.

	* license.terms: Added AS to list of copyright holders; it's only
	fair for the current gatekeepers to be listed here!

	* tests/cmdMZ.test: Renamed constraint for clarity. [Bug 583427]
	Added tests for the [time] command, which was previously only
	indirectly tested!

2002-07-18  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* */*Load*.c: added comments on changes of 07/17 and replaced
	clientData with Tcl_LoadHandle in all locations.

	* generic/tclFCmd.c:
	* tests/fileSystem.test: fixed a 'knownBug' with 'file attributes ""'
	* tests/winFCmd.test:
	* tests/winPipe.test:
	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* tessts/winFile.test: added 'pcOnly' constraint to some tests to make
	for more useful 'tests skipped' log from running all tests on
	non-Windows platforms.

2002-07-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (CallCommandTraces): delete traces now receive
	the FQ old name of the command. [Bug 582532] (Don Porter)

2002-07-18  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/ioUtil.test: added constraints to 1.4,2.4 so they don't run
	outside of tcltest. [Bugs 583276, 583277]

2002-07-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (DupParsedVarName): nasty bug fixed, reported by
	Vince Darley.

2002-07-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c (TclPtrIncrVar): missing CONST in declarations,
	inconsistent with tclInt.h. Thanks to Vince Darley for reporting, boo
	to gcc for not complaining.

2002-07-17  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclLoadNone.c:
	* unix/tclLoadAout.c:
	* unix/tclLoadDl.c:
	* unix/tclLoadDld.c:
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c:
	* unix/tclLoadNext.c:
	* unix/tclLoadOSF.c:
	* unix/tclLoadShl.c:
	* mac/tclMacLoad.c:
	* win/tclWinLoad.c: modified to move more functionality to the generic
	code and avoid duplication. Partial replacement of internal uses of
	clientData with opaque Tcl_LoadHandle. A little further work still
	needed, but significant changes are done.

2002-07-17  D. Richard Hipp    <[email protected]>

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl: fix a comment that was causing problems
	for programs (ex: mktclapp) that embed the initialization scripts in

2002-07-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c: removing the now redundant functions to access
	indexed variables: Tcl(Get|Set|Incr)IndexedScalar() and

2002-07-17  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): Minor fixes to make this
	file compile with SunPro CC...

2002-07-17  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: modified to do variable lookup explicitly, and
	then either inlining the variable access or else calling the new
	TclPtr(Set|Get|Incr)Var functions in tclVar.c
	* generic/tclInt.h: declare some functions previously local to
	tclVar.c for usage by TEBC.
	* generic/tclVar.c: removed local declarations; moved all special
	accessor functions for indexed variables to the end of the file -
	they are unused and ready for removal, but left there for the time
	being as they are in the internal stubs table.

	TCL_COMPILE_DEBUG is currently not functional; will be fixed ASAP.

2002-07-16  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/
	* win/ Add a more descriptive warning in the event `make
	genstubs` needs to be rerun.

2002-07-16  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Use dltest.marker file to keep track of when the
	dltest package is up to date. This fixes [Bug 575768] since tcltest is
	no longer linked every time.
	* unix/dltest/ Create ../dltest.marker after a successful
	`make all` run in dltest.

2002-07-16  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/ Remove useless subst of TCL_BIN_DIR.

2002-07-15  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: inaccurate comment fixed

2002-07-15  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_AddObjErrorInfo):
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclUpdateReturnInfo):
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclProc.c:
	Added two Tcl_Obj to the ExecEnv structure to hold the fully qualified
	names "::errorInfo" and "::errorCode" to cache the addresses of the
	corresponding variables. The two most frequent setters of these
	variables now profit from the new variable name caching.

2002-07-15  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: refactorisation to reuse already looked-up Var
	pointers; definition of three new Tcl_Obj types to cache variable name
	parsing and lookup for later reuse; modification of internal functions
	to profit from the caching.

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclNamesp.c: adding CONST qualifiers to variable names
	passed to Tcl_FindNamespaceVar and to variable resolvers; adding CONST
	qualifier to the 'msg' argument to TclLookupVar. Needed to avoid code
	duplication in the new tclVar.c code.

	* tests/set-old.test:
	* tests/var.test: slight modification of error messages due to the
	modifications in the tclVar.c code.

2002-07-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/unixInit.test:	Improved constraints to protect /tmp. [Bug

2002-07-15  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/winFCmd.test: renamed 'win2000' and 'notWin2000' to more
	appropriate constraint names.
	* win/tclWinFile.c: updated comments to reflect 07-11 changes.
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c: made ConvertFileNameFormat static again, since no
	longer used in tclWinFile.c
	* mac/tclMacFile.c: completed TclpObjLink implementation which was
	previously lacking.
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: comment cleanup and code speedup.

2002-07-14  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:	Removed declarations that duplicated entries
	in the (internal) stub table.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Corrected errors in handling of
	configuration options -constraints and -limitconstraints.

	* README:		Bumped HEAD to version 8.4b2 so we can
	* generic/tcl.h:	distinguish it from the 8.4b1 release.
	* tools/
	* unix/configure*:
	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* win/README.binary:
	* win/configure*:

2002-07-11  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: on Win 95/98/ME the long form of the path is used
	as a normalized form. This is required because short forms are not a
	robust representation. The file normalization function has been sped
	up, but more performance gains might be possible, if speed is still an
	issue on these platforms.

2002-07-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Corrected reaction to existing but
	false ::tcl_interactive.

	* doc/Hash.3: Overlooked CONST documentation update.

2002-07-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c: ckalloc() and friends take the block size as
	an unsigned, so we should use %ud when reporting it in fprintf() and

2002-07-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c: now setting local vars undefined at compile
	time, instead of waiting until the proc is initialized.
	* generic/tclProc.c: use macro TclSetVarUndefined instead of directly
	setting the flag.

2002-07-11  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test: [file attr -perm] is Unix-only, so add [catch]
	when not inside a suitably-protected test.

2002-07-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/unixFCmd.test, tests/fileName.test:
	* tests/fCmd.test: Removed [exec] of Unix utilities that have
	equivalents in standard Tcl. [Bug 579268] Also simplified some of
	unixFCmd.test while I was at it.

2002-07-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:  Greatly reduced the number of [exec]s, using
	slave interps instead.
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Fixed bug uncovered in the conversion
	where a message was written to stdout instead of [outputChannel].

	* tests/basic.test:	Cleaned up, constrained, and reduced the
	* tests/compile.test:	amount of [exec] usage in the test suite.
	* tests/encoding.test:
	* tests/env.test:
	* tests/event.test:
	* tests/exec.test:
	* tests/io.test:
	* tests/ioCmd.test:
	* tests/regexp.test:
	* tests/regexpComp.test:
	* tests/socket.test:
	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* tests/unixInit.test:
	* tests/winDde.test:
	* tests/winPipe.test:

2002-07-10  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test: Removed [exec] of Unix utilities. [Bug 579211]

	* tests/expr.test: Added tests to make sure that this works.
	* generic/tclExecute.c (ExprCallMathFunc): Functions should also be
	able to return wide-ints. [Bug 579284]

2002-07-08  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test: Fixed [Bug 578164]. The original reason for the
	was a DNS outage while running the testsuite. Changed [info hostname]
	to to bypass DNS, knowing that we operate on the local host.

2002-07-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n:		Fixed incompatibility in [viewFile].
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Corrected docs. Bumped to 2.2.1.
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl: [Bug 578163]

2002-07-08  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* tests/fileName.test: tests which rely on 'file link' need a
	constraint so they don't run on older Windows OS. [Bug 578158]
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* mac/tclMacChan.c:
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:
	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* doc/FileSystem.3: cleaned up internal handling of
	Tcl_FSOpenFileChannel to remove duplicate code, and make writing
	external vfs's clearer and easier. No functionality change. Also
	clarify that objects with refCount zero should not be passed in to the
	Tcl_FS API, and prevent segfaults from occuring on such user errors.
	[Bug 578617]

2002-07-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test:  Constrained tests of [load] package indexing
	to those platforms where the testing shared libraries have been built.
	[Bug 578166]

2002-07-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes: added recent changes

2002-07-05  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclClock.c (FormatClock): Convert the format string to UTF8
	before calling TclpStrftime, so that non-ASCII characters don't get
	mangled when the result string is being converted back.
	* tests/clock.test: Added a test for that.

2002-07-05  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ (ro-test,ddd,GDB,DDD): Created new targets to
	allow running the test suite with a read-only current directory,
	running under ddd instead of gdb, and factored out some executable
	names for broken sites (like mine) where gdb and ddd are installed
	with non-standard names...

	* tests/httpold.test: Altered test names to httpold-* to avoid clashes
	with http.test, and stopped tests from failing when the current
	directory is not writable...

	* tests/event.test:		Stop these tests from failing when the
	* tests/ioUtil.test:		current directory is not writable...
	* tests/regexp.test:
	* tests/regexpComp.test:
	* tests/source.test:
	* tests/unixFile.test:
	* tests/unixNotfy.test:

	* tests/unixFCmd.test:		Trying to make these test-files not
	* tests/macFCmd.test:		bomb out with an error when the
	* tests/http.test:		current directory is not writable...
	* tests/fileName.test:
	* tests/env.test:

2002-07-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.4b1 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

2002-07-04  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdMZ.test (cmdMZ-1.4):
	* tests/cmdAH.test: More fixing of writable-current-dir assumption.
	[Bug 575824]

2002-07-04  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/basic.test: Same issue as below; fixed [Bug 575817]

2002-07-04  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test:
	* tests/winPipe.test:
	* tests/pid.test: Fixed [Bug 575848]. See below for a description the
	general problem.

	* All the bugs below are instances of the same problem: The testsuite
	assumes [pwd] = [temporaryDirectory] and writable.

	* tests/iogt.test: Fixed [Bug 575860].
	* tests/io.test:   Fixed [Bug 575862].
	* tests/exec.test:
	* tests/ioCmd.test: Fixed [Bug 575836].

2002-07-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/pkg1/direct1.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg1/pkgIndex.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test:  Imported auxilliary files from tests/pkg1
	into the test file pkgMkIndex.test itself. Formatting fixes.

	* unix/ removed tests/pkg/* from `make dist`

	* tests/pkg/circ1.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/circ2.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/circ3.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/global.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/import.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg1.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg2_a.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg2_b.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg3.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg4.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkg5.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/pkga.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/samename.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/simple.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/spacename.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkg/std.tcl: removed
	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test: Fixed [Bug 575857] where this test file
	expected to be able to write to [file join [testsDirectory] pkg]. Part
	of the fix was to import several auxilliary files into the test file

	* tests/main.test:	Cheap fix for [Bugs 575851, 575858]. Avoid
	* tests/tcltest.test:	non-writable . by [cd [temporaryDirectory]].

	* library/auto.tcl: Fix [tcl_findLibrary] to be sure it sets $varName
	only if a successful library script is found. [Bug 577033]

2002-07-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileCatchCmd): return
	TCL_OUT_LINE_COMPILE instead of TCL_ERROR: let the failure happen at
	runtime so that it can be caught [Bug 577015].

2002-07-02  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n: Markup fixes, spellcheck.

2002-07-02  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n: more refinements of the documentation.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Added trace to be sure the stdio
	constraint is updated whenever the [interpreter] changes.

	* doc/tcltest.n:		Reverted [makeFile] and [viewFile] to
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	their former behavior, and documented
	* tests/cmdAH.test:		it. Corrected misspelling of hook
	* tests/event.test:		procedure. Restored tests.
	* tests/http.test:
	* tests/io.test:

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Simplified logic of [GetMatchingFiles]
	and [GetMatchingDirectories], removing special case processing.

	* doc/tcltest.n: More documentation updates. Reference sections are
	complete. Only examples need adding.

2002-07-02  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: clearer error msgs for 'file link', as per the
	man page.

2002-07-01  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Access.3:
	* doc/AddErrInfo.3:
	* doc/Alloc.3:
	* doc/Backslash.3:
	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* doc/CrtSlave.3:
	* doc/Encoding.3:
	* doc/Eval.3:
	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* doc/Notifier.3:
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3:
	* doc/ParseCmd.3:
	* doc/RegExp.3:
	* doc/Tcl_Main.3:
	* doc/Thread.3:
	* doc/TraceCmd.3:
	* doc/Utf.3:
	* doc/WrongNumArgs.3:
	* doc/binary.n:
	* doc/clock.n:
	* doc/expr.n:
	* doc/fconfigure.n:
	* doc/glob.n:
	* doc/http.n:
	* doc/interp.n:
	* doc/lsearch.n:
	* doc/lset.n:
	* doc/msgcat.n:
	* doc/packagens.n:
	* doc/pkgMkIndex.n:
	* doc/registry.n:
	* doc/resource.n:
	* doc/safe.n:
	* doc/scan.n:
	* doc/tclvars.n:  Spell-check, fixed typos (Updates from Larry Virden).

2002-07-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Made Solaris use gcc for linking
	when building with gcc to resolve problems with undefined symbols
	being present when tcl library used with non-gcc linker at later
	stage. Symbols were compiler-generated, so it is the compiler's
	business to define them. [Bug 541181]

2002-07-01  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n: more work in progress updating tcltest docs.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Change [configure -match] to stop
	treating an empty list as a list of the single pattern "*". Changed
	the default value to [list *] so default operation remains the same.

	* tests/pkg/samename.tcl: restored. needed by pkgMkIndex.test.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: restored writeability testing of
	-tmpdir, augmented by a special exception for the deafault value.

2002-07-01  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/concat.n: Documented the *real* behaviour of [concat]!

2002-06-30  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n: more work in progress updating tcltest docs.

	* tests/README:		Updated the instructions on running and
	* tests/cmdMZ.test:	adding to the test suite. Also updated
	* tests/encoding.test:	several tests, mostly to correctly create
	* tests/fCmd.test:	and destroy any temporary files in the
	* tests/info.test:	[temporaryDirectory] of tcltest.
	* tests/interp.test:

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Stopped checking for writeability of
	-tmpdir value because no default directory can be guaranteed to be

	* tests/autoMkindex.tcl: removed.
	* tests/pkg/samename.tcl: removed.
	* tests/pkg/magicchar.tcl: removed.
	* tests/pkg/magicchar2.tcl: removed.
	* tests/autoMkindex.test: Updated auto_mkIndex tests to use [makeFile]
	and [removeFile] so tests are done in [temporaryDirecotry] where write
	access is guaranteed.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Fixed [makeFile] and [viewFile] to
	* tests/cmdAH.test:		accurately reflect a file's contents.
	* tests/event.test:		Updated tests that depended on buggy
	* tests/http.test:		behavior. Also added warning messages
	* tests/io.test:		to "-debug 1" operations to debug test
	* tests/iogt.test:		calls to (make|remove)(File|Directory)

	* unix/mkLinks: `make mklinks` on 6-27 commits.

2002-06-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.h: modified the macro TclEmitPush to not call its
	first argument repeatedly or pass it to other macros, [Bug 575194]
	reported by Peter Spjuth.

2002-06-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* docs/tcltest.n:	Doc revisions in progress.
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Corrected -testdir default value. Was
	not reliable, and disagreed with docs! Thanks to Hemang Lavana. [Bug

2002-06-28  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:	Renamed the Tcl_Platform* #defines to TclOS*
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:	because they are only used internally. Also
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:	stopped double-#def of TclOSlstat [Bug 566099,
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c:	post-rename]
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:

	* doc/string.n: Improved documentation for [string last] along lines
	described in [Bug 574799] so it indicates that the supplied index
	marks the end of the search space.

2002-06-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/dde.n:		Work in progress updating the documentation
	* doc/http.n:		of the packages that come bundled with
	* doc/msgcat.n:		the Tcl source distribution, notably tcltest.
	* doc/registry.n:
	* doc/tcltest.n:

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Made sure that the TCLTEST_OPTIONS
	environment variablle configures tcltest at package load time.

2002-06-26  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fileSystem.test:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: fix to handling of empty paths "" which are not
	claimed by any filesystem [Bug 573758]. Ensure good error messages
	are given in all cases.
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c: fix to bug reported as part of [Patch 566669].
	Thanks to Taguchi, Takeshi for the report.

2002-06-26  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixTime.c: Make [clock format] respect locale settings.
	* tests/clock.test:   [Bug 565880]. ***POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY***

2002-06-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtInterp.3:
	* doc/StringObj.3: clarifications by Don Porter, [Bug 493995] and [Bug

2002-06-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Corrected suppression of -verbose skip
	* tests/tcltest.test:		and start by [test -output]. Also
	corrected test suite errors exposed by corrected code. [Bug 564656]

2002-06-25  Reinhard Max  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4:       New macro SC_CONFIG_MANPAGES.
	* unix/ Added support for symlinks and compression when
	* unix/  installing the manpages. [Patch 518052]
	* unix/mkLinks.tcl:  Default is still hardlinks and no compression.

	* unix/mkLinks:      generated
	* unix/configure:

	* unix/README:       Added documentation for the new features.

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG): Replaced ${exec_prefix}/lib by

2002-06-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclGetIntForIndex): Fix of critical [Bug 533364]
	generated when the index is bad and the result is a shared object. The
	T_ASTO(T_GOR, ...) idiom likely exists elsewhere though. Also removed
	some cruft that just complicated things to no advantage.
	(SetEndOffsetFromAny): Same fix, though this wasn't on the path
	excited by the bug.

2002-06-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Implementation of TIP 101. Adds abd
	* tests/parseOld.test:		exports a [configure] command from
	* tests/tcltest.test:		tcltest.

2002-06-22  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* changes: updated changes file for 8.4b1 release.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:	Corrections to tcltest and the Tcl
	* tests/basic.test:		test suite so that a test with options
	* tests/cmdInfo.test:		-constraints knownBug
	* tests/compile.test:		-limitConstraints 1 only tests the
	* tests/encoding.test:		knownBug tests. Mostly involves
	* tests/env.test:		replacing direct access to the
	* tests/event.test:		testConstraints array with calls to
	* tests/exec.test:		the testConstraint command (which
	* tests/execute.test:		requires tcltest version 2)
	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* tests/format.test:
	* tests/http.test:
	* tests/httpold.test:
	* tests/ioUtil.test:
	* tests/link.test:
	* tests/load.test:
	* tests/namespace.test:
	* tests/pkgMkIndex.test:
	* tests/reg.test:
	* tests/result.test:
	* tests/scan.test:
	* tests/stack.test:

2002-06-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tools/ (Disk Label), unix/tcl.spec (version):
	* win/README.binary, README, win/, unix/
	* generic/tcl.h (TCL_RELEASE_*, TCL_PATCH_LEVEL): Bump to beta1.

2002-06-21  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:
	* generic/tclParseExpr.c: LogSyntaxError() should reset the
	interpreter result [Bug 550142 "Tcl_ExprObj -> abort"]

2002-06-21  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/	Updated all package install directories
	* win/	to match current Major.minor versions
	* win/makefile.bc:	of the packages. Added tcltest package
	* win/	to installation on Windows.

	* library/init.tcl:  Corrected comments and namespace style issues.
	Thanks to Bruce Stephens. [Bug 572025]

2002-06-21  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/cmdAH.test:          Added TIP#99 implementation of 'file
	* tests/fCmd.test:           link'. Supports creation of symbolic and
	* tests/fileName.test:       hard links in the native filesystems and
	* tests/fileSystem.test:     in vfs's, when the individual filesystem
	* generic/tclTest.c:         supports the concept.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* doc/file.n:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: Also enhanced speed of 'file normalize' on

2002-06-20  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (TclEvalObjvInternal): fix for [Bug 571385] in
	the implementation of TIP#62 (command tracing). Vince Darley, Hemang
	Lavana & Don Porter: thanks.

2002-06-20  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompEvalObj): clarified and simplified the
	logic for compilation/recompilation.

2002-06-19  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n: Fixed indentation. No substantive changes.

2002-06-19  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd): get the resultPtr again as
	the Tcl_ObjSetVar2 may cause the result to change. [Patch 558324]

2002-06-19  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBC): removing unused "for(;;)" loop;
	improved comments; re-indentation.

2002-06-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBC):
	- elimination of duplicated code in the non-immediate INST_INCR
	- elimination of 103 (!) TclDecrRefCount macros. The different
	  instructions now jump back to a common "DecrRefCount zone" at the
	  top of the loop. The macro "ADJUST_PC" was replaced by two macros
	  "NEXT_INST_F" and "NEXT_INST_V" that take three params
	  (pcAdjustment, # of stack objects to discard, resultObjPtr handling
	  flag). The only instructions that retain a TclDecrRefCount are
	  INST_POP (for speed), the common code for the non-immediate

	The object size of tclExecute.o was reduced by approx 20% since the
	start of the consolidation drive, while making room for some peep-hole
	optimisation at runtime.

2002-06-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TEBC, INST_DONE): small bug in the panic code
	for tcl-stack corruption.

2002-06-17  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	Trims to support the removal of RESOURCE_INCLUDED from rc scripts from
	[FRQ 565088].

	* generic/tcl.h: moved the #ifndef RC_INVOKED start block up in the
	file. rc scripts don't need to know thread mutexes.

	* win/tcl.rc:
	* win/tclsh.rc: removed the #define RESOURCE_INCLUDED to let the
	built-in -DRC_INVOKED to the work.

2002-06-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtTrace.3:        Added TIP#62 implementation of command
	* doc/trace.n:           execution tracing [FRQ 462580] (lavana).
	* generic/tcl.h:         This includes enter/leave tracing as well
	* generic/tclBasic.c:    as inter-procedure stepping.
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclVar.c:
	* tests/trace.test:

2002-06-17  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinPipe.c (BuildCommandLine): Fixed [Bug 554068] ([exec] on
	windows did not treat { in filenames well.). Bug reported by Vince
	Darley <[email protected]>, patch provided by Vince

2002-06-17  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: #ifdef logic for K&R C backwards compatibility
	changed to assume modern C by default. See [FRQ 565088] for full

2002-06-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/msgcat.n: Corrected en_UK references to en_GB. UK is not a
	country designation recognized in ISO 3166.

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:  More Windows Registry locale codes from
	Bruno Haible.

	* doc/msgcat.n:
	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* tests/msgcat.test:  Revised locale initialization to interpret
	environment variable locale values according to XPG4, and to recognize
	the LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES values over that of LANG. Also added many
	Windows Registry locale values to those recognized by msgcat. Revised
	tests and docs. Bumped to version 1.3. Thanks to Bruno Haible for the
	report and assistance crafting the solution. [Bug 525522, 525525]

2002-06-16  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclCompileTokens): a better algorithm for the
	previous bug fix.

2002-06-16  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclCompileTokens):
	* tests/compile.test: [Bug 569438] in the processing of dollar
	variables; report by Georgios Petasis.

2002-06-16  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: bug in the consolidation of the INCR_..._STK
	instructions; the bug could not be exercised as the (faulty)
	instruction INST_INCR_ARRAY_STK was never compiled-in (related to [Bug

2002-06-14  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): runtime peep-hole
	optimisation of variables (INST_STORE, INST_INCR) and commands
	(INST_INVOKE); faster check for the existence of a catch.
	(TclExecuteByteCode): runtime peep-hole optimisation of comparisons.
	(TclExecuteByteCode): runtime peep-hole optimisation of INST_FOREACH -
	relies on peculiarities of the code produced by the bytecode compiler.

2002-06-14  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/ The test for compiler optimizations was in error.
	Thanks goes to Roy Terry <[email protected]> for his assistance
	with this.

2002-06-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/trace.n, tests/trace.test:
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_TraceObjCmd,TclTraceCommandObjCmd)
	(TclTraceVariableObjCmd): Changed references to "trace list" to
	"trace info" as mandated by TIP#102.

2002-06-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): consolidated code for the
	conditional branch instructions.

2002-06-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): fixed the previous patch;
	wouldn't compile with TCL_COMPILE_DEBUG set.

2002-06-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): consolidated the handling
	of exception returns to INST_INVOKE and INST_EVAL, as well as most of
	the code for INST_CONTINUE and INST_BREAK, in the new jump target

2002-06-13  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): consolidated variable
	handling opcodes, replaced redundant code with some 'goto'. All
	store/append/lappend opcodes on the same data type now share the main
	code; same with incr opcodes.
	* generic/tclVar.c: added the bit TCL_TRACE_READS to the possible
	flags to Tcl_SetVar2Ex - it causes read traces to be fired prior to
	setting the variable. This is used in the core for [lappend].

	***NOTE*** the usage of TCL_TRACE_READS in Tcl_(Obj)?GetVar.* is not
	documented; there, it causes the call to create the variable if it
	does not exist. The new usage in Tcl_(Obj)?SetVar.* remains
	undocumented too ...

2002-06-13  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* tests/fCmd.test:
	* tests/winFile.test:
	* tests/fileSystem.test:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: fixed up further so both compiles and actually
	works with VC++ 5 or 6.
	* win/tclWinInt.h:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c: cleaned up code and vfs tests and added tests for
	the internal changes of 2002-06-12, to see whether WinTcl on NTFS can
	coexist peacefully with links in the filesystem. Added new test
	command 'testfilelink' to enable the newer code to be tested.
	* tests/fCmd.test: (made certain tests of 'testfilelink' not run on

2002-06-12  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tclBasic.c (Tcl_DeleteTrace): fixed [Bug 568123] (thanks to Hemang

2002-06-12  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c: corrected the symbolic link handling code to allow
	it to compile. Added real definition of REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER (found in
	winnt.h). Most of the added definitions appear to have correct,
	cross-Win-version equivalents in winnt.h and should be removed, but
	just making things "work" for now.

2002-06-12  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclDecls.h: made code for Tcl_FSNewNativePath agree with man

	* doc/FileSystem.3: clarified the circumstances under which certain
	functions are called in the presence of symlinks.

	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinPort.h:
	* win/tclWinInt.h:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:  Fix for Windows to allow 'file lstat', 'file
	type', 'glob -type l', 'file copy', 'file delete', 'file normalize',
	and all VFS code to work correctly in the presence of symlinks
	(previously Tcl's behaviour was not very well defined). This also
	fixes possible serious problems in all versions of WinTcl where 'file
	delete' on a NTFS symlink could delete the original, not the symlink.
	Note: symlinks cannot yet be created in pure Tcl.

2002-06-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h: reverted the new compilation functions; replaced
	by a more general approach described below.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c: made *all* compiled variable access attempts
	create an indexed variable - even get or incr without previous set.
	This allows indexed access to local variables that are created and set
	at runtime, for example by [global], [upvar], [variable], [regexp],

2002-06-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/global.n:
	* doc/info.n:
	* test/info.test:
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c: fix for [Bug 567386], [info locals] was
	reporting some linked variables.

	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h: added compile functions for [global], [variable]
	and [upvar]. They just declare the new local variables, the commands
	themselves are not compiled-in. This gives a notably faster read
	access to these linked variables.

2002-06-11  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: optimised algorithm for exception range
	lookup; part of [Patch 453709].

2002-06-10  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c: fixed [Bug 566669]
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: improved and sped up handling of native paths
	(duplication and conversion to normalized paths), particularly on
	* modified part of above commit, due to problems on Linux. Will
	re-examine bug report and evaluate more closely.

2002-06-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:  More corrections to test suite so that tests of
	failing [test]s don't show up themselves as failing tests.

2002-06-07  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Tidied up headers in relation to float.h to
	cut the cruft and ensure DBL_MAX is defined since doubles seem to be
	the same size everywhere; if the assumption isn't true, the variant
	platforms had better have run configure...

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h (EOVERFLOW): Added code to define it if it
	wasn't previously defined. Also some other general tidying and adding
	of comments. [Bugs 563122, 564595]
	* compat/tclErrno.h: Added definition for EOVERFLOW copied from
	Solaris headers; I've been unable to find any uses of EFTYPE, which
	was the error code previously occupying the slot, in Tcl, or any
	definition of it in the Solaris headers.

2002-06-06  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/dltest/ Remove hard coded CFLAGS=-g and add

2002-06-06  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/tcltest.test:  Corrections to test suite so that tests of
	failing [test]s don't show up themselves as failing tests.

	* tests/io.test: Fixed up namespace variable resolution issues
	revealed by running test suite with "-singleproc 1".

	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest.test: Several updates to tcltest.
	  1) changed to lazy initialization of test constraints
	  2) deprecated [initConstraintsHook]
	  3) repaired badly broken [limitConstraints].
	  4) deprecated [threadReap] and [mainThread]
	[Patch 512214, Bug 558742, Bug 461000, Bug 534903]

2002-06-06  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c (TclpReaddir, TclpLocaltime, TclpGmtime): added
	mutex wrapped calls to readdir, localtime & gmtime in case their
	thread-safe *_r counterparts are not available.
	* unix/tcl.m4: added configure check for readdir_r
	* unix/tcl.m4 (Darwin): set TCL_DEFAULT_ENCODING to utf-8 on MacOSX
	(where posix file apis expect utf-8, not iso8859-1).
	* unix/configure: regen
	* unix/ set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in parallel to
	LD_LIBRARY_PATH for MacOSX dynamic linker.
	* generic/tclEnv.c (TclSetEnv): fix env var setting on MacOSX (adapted
	from [Patch 524352] by jkbonfield).

2002-06-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl_Main.3: Documented $tcl_rcFileName and added more
	clarifications about the intended use of Tcl_Main(). [Bug 505651]

2002-06-05  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c (TclGlob): mac specific fix to recent changes
	in 'glob -tails' handling.
	* mac/tclMacPort.h:
	* mac/tclMacChan.c: fixed TIP#91 bustage.
	* mac/tclMacResource.c (Tcl_MacConvertTextResource): added utf
	conversion of text resource contents.
	* tests/macFCmd.test (macFCmd-1.2): allow CWIE creator.

2002-06-04  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* tests/init.test:
	* tests/tcltest.test:	Added more TIP 85 tests from Arjen Markus.
	Converted tcltest.test to use a private namespace. Fixed bugs in
	[tcltest::Eval] revealed by calling [tcltest::test] from a non-global
	namespace, and namespace errors in init.test.

2002-06-04  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/README: Update msys+mingw URL.

2002-06-03  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest.test:  Implementation of TIP 85. Allows tcltest users
	to add new legal values of the -match option to [test], associating
	each with a Tcl command that does the matching of expected results
	with actual results of tests. Thanks to Arjen Markus. => tcltest 2.1
	[Patch 521362]

2002-06-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/namespace.n: added description of [namepace forget] behaviour
	for unqualified patterns. [Bug 559268]

2002-06-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: reverting an accidental modification in the
	last commit.

2002-06-03  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl.n: clarify the empty variable name issue ([Bug 549285]
	reported by Tom Krehbiel, patch by Don Porter).

2002-05-31  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/package.tcl:  Fixed leak of slave interp in [pkg_mkIndex].
	Thanks to Helmut for report. [Bug 550534]

	* tests/io.test:
	* tests/main.test:  Use the "stdio" constraint to control whether an
	[open "|[interpreter]"] is attempted.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclMathInProgress,TclExecuteByteCode
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclMathInProgress):
	* unix/ (tclMtherr.*):
	* unix/ (NEED_MATHERR):
	* unix/tclAppInit.c (matherr):
	* unix/tclMtherr.c (removed file):
	* win/tclWinMtherr.c (_matherr): Removed internal routine
	TclMathInProgress and Unix implementation of matherr(). These are now
	obsolete, dealing with very old versions of the C math library.
	Windows version is retained in case Borland compilers require it, but
	it is inactive. Thanks to Joe English. [Bug 474335, Patch 555635]

	* unix/configure: regen

2002-05-30  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompExpr.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.c:
	* generic/tclCompile.h: removed exprIsJustVarRef and
	exprIsComparison from the ExprInfo and CompileEnv structs. These
	were set, but not used since dec 1999 [Bug 562383].

2002-05-30  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c (TclGlob): fix to longstanding 'knownBug' in
	fileName tests 15.2-15.4, and fix to a new Tcl 8.4 bug in certain uses
	of 'glob -tails'.
	* tests/fileName.test: removed 'knownBug' flag from some tests, added
	some new tests for above bugs.

2002-05-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: regen'ed
	* unix/ replaced bigendian check with autoconf standard
	AC_C_BIG_ENDIAN, which defined WORDS_BIGENDIAN on bigendian systems.
	* generic/tclUtf.c (Tcl_UniCharNcmp):
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclUniCharNcmp): use WORDS_BIGENDIAN instead of
	TCL_OPTIMIZE_UNICODE_COMPARE to enable memcmp alternative.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode INST_STR_CMP):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): changed the case for choosing
	the Tcl_UniCharNcmp compare to when both objs are of StringType, as
	benchmarks show that is the optimal check (both bigendian and
	littleendian systems).

2002-05-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c: Removed "dummy" reference to Tcl_LinkVar. It is
	no longer needed since Tcl_Main() now actually calls Tcl_LinkVar().
	Thanks to Joe English for pointing that out.

2002-05-29  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): Use the macro version.
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclUniCharNcmp): Optimised still further with a
	macro for use in sensitive places like tclExecute.c

	* generic/tclUtf.c (Tcl_UniCharNcmp): Use new flag to figure out when
	we can use an optimal comparison scheme, and default to the old scheme
	in other cases which is at least safe.
	* unix/ (TCL_OPTIMIZE_UNICODE_COMPARE): New optional flag
	that indicates when we can use memcmp() to compare Unicode strings
	(i.e. when the high-byte of a Tcl_UniChar precedes the low-byte.)

2002-05-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c: added TclpUtfNcmp2 private command that
	mirrors Tcl_UtfNcmp, but takes n in bytes, not utf-8 chars. This
	provides a faster alternative for comparing utf strings	internally.
	(Tcl_UniCharNcmp, Tcl_UniCharNcasecmp): removed the explicit end of
	string check as it wasn't correct for the function (by doc and logic).

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd): reworked the string equal
	comparison code to use TclpUtfNcmp2 as well as short-circuit for
	equal objects or unequal length strings in the equal case.
	Removed the use of goto and streamlined the other parts.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode): added check for object
	equality in the comparison instructions. Added short-circuit for !=
	length strings in INST_EQ, INST_NEQ and INST_STR_CMP. Reworked
	INST_STR_CMP to use TclpUtfNcmp2 where appropriate, and only use
	Tcl_UniCharNcmp when at least one of the objects is a Unicode obj with
	no utf bytes.

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileStringCmd): removed error creation
	in code that no longer throws an error.

	* tests/string.test:
	* tests/stringComp.test: added more string comparison checks.

	* tests/clock.test: better qualified 9.1 constraint check for %s.

2002-05-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c (TclpRealloc, TclpFree): protect
	against the case when NULL is based.

	* tests/clock.test: added clock-9.1
	* compat/strftime.c:
	* generic/tclClock.c:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* unix/tclUnixTime.c: fix for Windows msvcrt mem leak caused by using
	an env(TZ) setting trick for in clock format -gmt 1. This also makes
	%s seem to work correctly with -gmt 1 as well as making it a lot
	faster by avoid the env(TZ) hack. TclpStrftime now takes useGMT as an
	arg. [Bug 559376]

2002-05-28  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: fixes to Tcl_FSLoadFile when called on a file
	inside a vfs. This should avoid leaving temporary files sitting
	around on exit. [Bug 545579]

2002-05-27  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinError.c: Added comment on conversion of
	ERROR_NEGATIVE_SEEK because that is a mapping that really belongs,
	and not a catch-all case.
	* win/tclWinPort.h (EOVERFLOW): Should be either EFBIG or EINVAL
	* generic/tclPosixStr.c (Tcl_ErrnoId, Tcl_ErrnoMsg): EOVERFLOW can
	potentially be a synonym for EINVAL.

2002-05-24  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	=== Changes due to TIP#91 ===

	* win/tclWinPort.h: Added declaration of EOVERFLOW.
	* doc/CrtChannel.3: Added documentation of wideSeekProc.
	* generic/tclIOGT.c (TransformSeekProc, TransformWideSeekProc):
	Adapted to use the new channel mechanism.
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (FileSeekProc, FileWideSeekProc): Renamed
	FileSeekProc to FileWideSeekProc and created new FileSeekProc which
	has the old-style interface and which errors out with EOVERFLOW when
	the returned file position can't fit into the return type (int for
	historical reasons).
	* win/tclWinChan.c (FileSeekProc, FileWideSeekProc): Renamed
	FileSeekProc to FileWideSeekProc and created new FileSeekProc which
	has the old-style interface and which errors out with EOVERFLOW when
	the returned file position can't fit into the return type (int for
	historical reasons).
	* mac/tclMacChan.c (FileSeek): Reverted to old interface; Macs lack
	large-file support because I can't see how to add it.
	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_Seek, Tcl_Tell): Given these functions
	knowledge of the new arrangement of channel types.
	(Tcl_ChannelVersion): Added recognition of new version code.
	(HaveVersion): New function to do version checking.
	(Tcl_ChannelBlockModeProc, Tcl_ChannelFlushProc)
	(Tcl_ChannelHandlerProc): Made these functions use HaveVersion for
	ease of future maintainability.
	(Tcl_ChannelBlockModeProc): Obvious lookup function.
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_ChannelType): New wideSeekProc field, and
	seekProc type restored to old interpretation.
	(TCL_CHANNEL_VERSION_3): New channel version.

2002-05-24  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/winPipe.test: Applied patch for [Bug 549617]. Patch and bug
	report by Kevin Kenny <[email protected]>.

	* win/tclWinSock.c (TcpWatchProc): Fixed [Bug 557878]. We are not
	allowed to mess with the watch mask if the socket is a server socket.
	I believe that the original reporter is George Peter Staplin.

2002-05-21  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/ Invoke SC_ENABLE_SHARED before calling
	SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS so that the SHARED_BUILD variable can be checked
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Pass -non_shared instead of -shared
	to ld when configured with --disable-shared under OSF. [Bug 540390]

2002-05-20  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: added prototype for TclpFilesystemPathType().
	* mac/tclMacChan.c: use MSL provided creator type if available instead
	of the default 'MPW '.

2002-05-16  Joe English  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtObjCmd.3: Added Tcl_GetCommandFromObj, Tcl_GetCommandFullName
	[Bugs 547987, 414921]

2002-05-14  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TtyOutputProc): #if/#endif-ed this function out
	to stop compiler warnings. Also much general tidying of comments in
	this file and removal of whitespace from blank lines.

2002-05-13  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (SETBREAK): Solaris thinks ioctl() takes a signed
	second argument, and Linux thinks ioctl() takes an unsigned second
	argument. So need a longer definition of this macro to get neither to
	spew warnings...

2002-05-13  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h: clean up all memory allocated by the filesystem,
	via introduction of 'TclFinalizeFilesystem'.
	Move TclFinalizeLoad into TclFinalizeFilesystem so we can be sure it
	is called at just the right time.
	Fix bad comment also. [Bug 555078 and 'fs' part of 543549]
	* win/tclWinChan.c: fix comment referring to wrong function.

2002-05-10  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/load.test:
	* tests/safe.test:
	* tests/tcltest.test: Corrected some list-quoting issues and other
	matters that cause tests to fail when the patch includes special
	characters. Report from Vince Darley. [Bug 554068]

2002-05-08    David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* doc/file.n:
	* tools/man2tcl.c:
	* tools/man2help2.tcl:  Thanks to Peter Spjuth
	<[email protected]>, again. My prior fix for single-quote macro
	mis-understanding was wrong. Reverted to reimpliment the 'macro2' proc
	which handles single-quote macros and restored file.n text arrangement
	to avoid single-quotes on the first line. Sorry for all the confusion.

2002-05-08  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* tools/man2tcl.c:
	* tools/man2help2.tcl: Proper source of macro error misunderstanding
	single-quote as the leading macro command found and repaired.

	* doc/file.n: Reverted to prior state before I messed with it.

2002-05-08  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Corrected [uplevel] quoting when
	[source]-ing test script in subdirectories.
	* tests/fileName.test:
	* tests/load.test:
	* tests/main.test:
	* tests/tcltest.test:
	* tests/unixInit.test: Fixes to test suite when there's a space in the
	working path. Thanks to Kevin Kenny.

2002-05-07  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	-- Changes from Peter Spjuth <[email protected]>
	* tools/man2tcl.c: Increased line buffer size and a bail-out if that
	should ever be over-run.
	* tools/man2help.tcl: Include Courier New font in rtf header.
	* tools/man2help2.tcl: Improved handling of CS/CE fields. Use Courier
	New for code samples and indent better.

	* doc/file.n:
	* doc/TraceCmd.3:  winhelp conversion tools where understanding
	a ' as the first character on a line to be an unknown macro.
	Not knowing how to repair tools/man2tcl.c, I decided to rearrange
	the text in the docs instead.

2002-05-07  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c: fix to similar segfault when using 'glob
	-types nonsense -dir dirname -join * *'. [Bug 553320]

	* doc/FileSystem.3: further documentation on vfs.
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* tests/fileSystem.test:
	* tests/pkgMkindex.test: Fix to testsuite bugs when running out of
	directory whose name contains '{' or '['.

2002-05-07  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/basic.test: Fix for [Bug 549607]
	* tests/encoding.test: Fix for [Bug 549610]
	These are testsuite bugs that caused failures when the filename
	contained spaces. Report & fix by Kevin Kenny.

2002-05-02  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFileName.c: fix to freeing a bad object (i.e. segfault)
	when using 'glob -types nonsense -dir dirname'.
	* generic/tclWinFile.c: fix to [Bug 551306], also wrapped some long
	* tests/fileName.test: added several tests for the above bugs.
	* doc/FileSystem.3: clarified documentation on refCount requirements
	of the object returned by the path type function.
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c: moved TclpFilesystemPathType to the platform-
	specific directories, so we can add missing platform-specific
	implementations. On Windows, 'file system' now returns useful results
	like "native NTFS", "native FAT" for that system. Unix and MacOS still
	only return "native".
	* doc/file.n: clarified documentation.
	* tests/winFile.test: test for 'file system' returning correct values.
	* tests/fileSystem.test: test for 'file system' returning correct
	values. Clean up after failed previous test run.

2002-04-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4: change HP-11 SHLIB_LD_LIBS from "" to ${LIBS} so that
	the .sl knows its dependent libs.

2002-04-26  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/obj.test (obj-11.[56]): Test conversion to boolean more
	* generic/tclObj.c (SetBooleanFromAny): Was not calling an integer
	parsing function on native 64-bit platforms! [Bug 548686]

2002-04-24  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: corrected TclRememberJoinableThread decl to use
	VOID instead of void.
	* generic/tclThreadJoin.c: noted that this code isn't needed on Unix.

2002-04-23  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/exec.n:
	* doc/tclvars.n: doc updates [Patch 509426] (gravereaux)

2002-04-24  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacResource.r: added check of TCLTK_NO_LIBRARY_TEXT_RESOURCES
	#define to allow disabling the inclusion of the tcl library code in
	the resource fork of Tcl executables and shared libraries.

2002-04-23  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/TraceCmd.3: New file that documents Tcl_CommandTraceInfo,
	Tcl_TraceCommand and Tcl_UntraceCommand [Bug 414927]

2002-04-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclAlloc.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclThreadAlloc.c (new):
	* unix/
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c:
	* win/
	* win/tclWinInt.h:
	* win/tclWinThrd.c: added new threaded allocator contributed by AOL
	that significantly reduces lock contention when multiple threads are
	in use. Only Windows and Unix implementations are ready, and the
	Windows one may need work. It is only used by default on Unix for now,
	and requires that USE_THREAD_ALLOC be defined (--enable-threads on
	Unix will define this).

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_FSRegister, Tcl_FSUnregister): corrected
	calling of Tcl_ConditionWait to ensure that there would be a condition
	to wait upon.

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_FileObjCmd): added cast in FILE_SIZE.

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (DoDeleteFile): check return of setattr API calls
	in file deletion for correct Win32 API handling.

	* win/ correct dependencies for shell, gdb, runtest

	* doc/clock.n:
	* compat/strftime.c (_fmt): change strftime to correctly handle
	localized %c, %x and %X on Windows. Added some notes about how the
	other values could be further localized.

2002-04-19  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclMain.c (Tcl_Main):  Free the memory allocated for the
	startup script path. [Bug 543549]

	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:  [mcmax] wasn't using the caller's
	namespace when determining the max translated length. Also made
	revisions for better use of namespace variables and more efficient

	* doc/msgcat.n:
	* library/msgcat/msgcat.tcl:
	* library/msgcat/pkgIndex.tcl:  Added [mcload] to the export list of
	msgcat; bumped to 1.2.3. [Bug 544727]

2002-04-20  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c:
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacUtil.c: Modified TclpObjNormalizePath to be alias file
	aware, and replaced various calls to FSpLocationFrom*Path by calls to
	new alias file aware versions FSpLLocationFrom*Path. The alias file
	aware routines don't resolve the last component of a path if it is an
	alias. This allows [file copy/delete] etc. to act correctly on alias
	files. (c.f. discussion in [Bug 511666])

2002-04-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/lindex.test (lindex-3.7):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclGetIntForIndex): Stopped indexes from hitting
	wide ints. [Bug 526717]

2002-04-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c:
	* tests/info.test: [Bug 545325] info level didn't report namespace
	eval, bug report by Richard Suchenwirth.

2002-04-18  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/subst.n:  Clarified documentation on handling unusual return
	codes during substitution, and on variable substitutions implied by
	command substitution, and vice versa. [Bug 536838]

2002-04-18  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoBodyCmd):
	* tests/info.test (info-2.6): Proc bodies without string reps would
	report as empty. [Bug 545644]

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SubstObj): More clarification for comment on
	behaviour when substitutions are not well-formed, prompted by [Bug
	536831]; alas, removing the ill-defined behaviour is a lot of work.

2002-04-18  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/expr-old.test: fix for [Bug 542588] (Phil Ehrens), where "too
	large integers" were reported as "floating-point value" in [expr]
	error messages.

2002-04-17  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c (EscapeFromUtfProc):
	* generic/tclIO.c (WriteChars, Tcl_Close): corrected the handling of
	outputting end escapes for escape-based encodings.
	[Bug 526524] (yamamoto)

2002-04-17  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n:  Removed [saveState] and [restoreState] from tcltest
	2 documentation, effectively deprecating them. [Bug 495660]
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: Made separate export for commands kept
	only for tcltest 1 compatibility.

	* tests/iogt.test: Revised to run tests in a namespace, rather than
	use the useless and buggy [saveState] and [restoreState] commands of
	tcltest. Updated to use tcltest 2 as well. [Patch 544911]

2002-04-16  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/io.test: Revised to run tests in a namespace, rather than use
	the useless and buggy [saveState] and [restoreState] commands of
	tcltest. Updated to use tcltest 2 as well. [Patch 544546]

2002-04-15  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclProc.c:
	* tests/proc-old.test: Improved stack trace for TCL_BREAK and
	TCL_CONTINUE returns from procs. Patch by Don Porter [Bug 536955].

	* generic/tclExecute.c:
	* tests/compile.test: made bytecodes check for a catch before
	returning; the compiled [return] is otherwise non-catchable. [Bug
	542142] reported by Andreas Kupries.

2002-04-15  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test:  Increased timeout values so that tests have
	time to successfully complete even on slow/busy machines. [Bug 523470]

	* doc/tcltest.n:
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest.test:  Revised [tcltest::test] to return errors when
	called with invalid syntax and to accept exactly two arguments as
	documented. Improved error messages. [Bug 497446, Patch 513983]
	***POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY***: Incompatible with previous tcltest
	2.* releases, found only in alpha releases of Tcl 8.4.

2002-04-11  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNotify.c (TclFinalizeNotifier): remove remaining
	unserviced events on finalization.

	* win/tcl.m4: Enabled COFF as well as CV style debug info with
	--enable-symbols to allow Dr. Watson users to see function info. More
	info on debugging levels can be obtained at:

	* tests/ioCmd.test: fixed iocmd-8.15 to have mac and unixPc variants.

	* generic/tclParse.c (Tcl_ParseVar): conditionally incr obj refcount
	to prevent possible mem leak.

2002-04-08  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: no <sys/types.h> on mac.
	* mac/tclMacFile.c: minor fixes to Vince's changes from 03-24.
	* mac/tclMacOSA.c:
	* mac/tclMacResource.c: added missing Tcl_UtfToExternalDString
	conversions of resource file names.
	* mac/tclMacSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc): fixed bug introduced by Andreas
	on 02-25; changed strcmp's to strncmp's so that option comparison
	behaves like on other platforms.
	* mac/tcltkMacBuildSupport.sea.hqx (CW Pro6 changes): added support to
	allow Tk to hookup C library stderr/stdout to TkConsole.
	* tests/basic.test:
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* tests/encoding.test:
	* tests/fileSystem.test:
	* tests/ioCmd.test: fixed tests failing on mac: check for existence of
	[exec], changed some result strings.

2002-04-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (Realpath): added a little extra code to
	initialize a realpath arg when compiling in PURIFY mode in order to
	prevent spurious purify warnings. We should really create our own
	realpath implementation, but this will at least quiet purify for now.

2002-04-05  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_SubstObj):
	* tests/subst.test:  Corrected [subst] so that return codes TCL_BREAK
	and TCL_CONTINUE returned by variable substitution have the same
	effect as when those codes are returned by command substitution. [Bug

2002-04-03  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl: added getMatchingFiles back (alias to
	GetMatchingFiles), which was a public function in tcltest 1.0.

2002-04-01  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEnv.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: invalidate filesystem cache when the user
	changes env(HOME). Fixes [Bug 535621]. Also cleaned up some of the
	* tests/fileSystem.test: added test for bug just fixed.

2002-04-01  Kevin Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinTime.c (Tcl_GetTime): made the checks of clock frequency
	more permissive to cope with the fact that Win98SE is observed to
	return 1.19318 in place of 1.193182 for the performance counter

2002-03-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_TraceObjCmd, TraceVarProc)
	(TraceCommandProc, TclTraceCommandObjCmd):  corrected potential
	double-free of traces on variables by flagging in Trace*Proc that it
	will free the var in case the eval wants to delete the var trace as
	well. [Bug 536937] Also converted Tcl_UntraceVar -> Tcl_UntraceVar2
	and Tcl_Eval to Tcl_EvalEx in Trace*Proc for slight efficiency

2002-03-29  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/AllowExc.3:
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalObjv,Tcl_EvalEx,Tcl_EvalObjEx):
	* generic/tclCompile.h (TclCompEvalObj):
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompEvalObj,TclExecuteByteCode):
	* tests/basic.test: Corrected problems with Tcl_AllowExceptions having
	influence over the wrong scope of Tcl_*Eval* calls. Patch from Miguel
	Sofer. Report from Jean-Claude Wippler. [Bug 219181]

2002-03-28  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclVar.c: Refactored CallTraces to collect repeated handling
	of its returned value into CallTraces itself.

2002-03-28  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* tools/feather.bmp:
	* tools/man2help.tcl:
	* tools/man2help2.tcl:
	* win/ More winhelp target fixups. Added a feather bitmap
	to the non-scrollable area and changed the color to be yellow from a
	plain white. The colors can be whatever we want them to be, but
	thought I would start with something bold. [Bug 527941]

	* doc/SetVar.3:
	* doc/TraceVar.3:
	* doc/UpVar.3:  .AP macro syntax repair.

2002-03-27  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* tools/man2help.tcl:
	* win/  winhelp target now copies all needed files from
	tools/ to a workarea under $(OUT_DIR) and builds it from there. No
	build cruft is left in tools/ anymore. All paths used in man2help.tcl
	are now relative to where the script is. [Bug 527941]

2002-03-27  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/.cvsignore:
	* win/
	* win/coffbase.txt:
	* win/
	* win/nmakehlp.c (new):
	* win/  First draft fix for [Bug 527941]. More changes need
	to done to the makehelp target to get to stop leaving build files in
	the tools/ directory. This does not address the syntax errors in the
	man files. Having the contents of tcl.hpj(.in) inside
	allows for version numbers to be replaced with macros.

	The new nmakehlp.c is built by in preprocessing and removes
	the need to use tricky shell syntax that wasn't compatible on Win9x
	systems. Clean targets made Win9x complient. This is a first draft
	repair for [Bug 533862].

2002-03-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalEx): passing the correct commandSize to
	TclEvalObjvInternal. [Bug 219362], fix by David Knoll.

2002-03-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalEx):
	* tests/basic.test: avoid exceptional returns at level 0. [Bug 219181]

2002-03-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/tcltest.n ([mainThread]):
	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* tests/tcltest.test:  Major code cleanup to deal with whitespace,
	coding conventions, and namespace issues, with several minor bugs
	fixed in the process.

	* tests/main.test: Added missing [after cancel]s.

2002-03-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* tests/main.test: Removed workarounds for Bug 495977.

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Keep the value of $::auto_path
	unchanged, so that the tcltest package can test code that depends on
	auto-loading. If a testing application needs $::auto_path pruned, it
	should do that itself. [Bug 495726]
	Improve the processing of the -constraints option to [test] so that
	constraint lists can have arbitrary whitespace, and non-lists don't
	blow things up. [Bug 495977]
	Corrected faulty variable initialization. [Bug 534845]

2002-03-25  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtTrace.3: small doc correction
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_DeleteTrace): Allow NULL callback on trace
	deletions. [Bug 534728] (Hemang Lavana)

2002-03-24  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalObjv): replaced obscure, incorrect code
	as described in [Bug 533907] (Don Porter).

2002-03-24  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Use [interpreter] to set/query the
	executable currently running the tcltest package. [Bug 454050]

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:  Allow non-proc commands to be used as
	the customization hooks. [Bug 495662]

2002-03-24  Vince Darley  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclFilename.c:
	* generic/tclFCmd.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinPipe.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* doc/file.n:
	* tests/cmdAH.test:
	* tests/fileName.test:
	* tests/fileSystem.test: (new file)
	* tests/winFCmd.test: fix [Bug 511666] and [Bug 511658], and improved
	documentation of some aspects of the filesystem, particularly
	'Tcl_FSMatchInDirectory' which now might match a single file/directory
	only, and 'file normalize' which wasn't very clear before. Removed
	inconsistency betweens docs and the Tcl_Filesystem structure. Also
	fixed [Bug 523217] and corrected file normalization on Unix so that
	it expands symbolic links. Added some new tests of the filesystem
	code (in the new file 'fileSystem.test'), and some extra tests for
	correct handling of symbolic links. Fix to [Bug 530960] which shows up
	on Win98. Made comparison with ".com" case insensitive in tclWinPipe.c

	***POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY***: But only between alpha releases
	(users of the new Tcl_Filesystem lookup table in Tcl 8.4a4 need to
	handle the new way in which Tcl may call Tcl_FSMatchInDirectory, and
	'file normalize' on unix now behaves correctly). Only known impact is
	with the 'tclvfs' extension.

2002-03-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* tests/basic.test (basic-46.1): adding test for [Bug 533758], fixed
	earlier today.

2002-03-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinInt.h: moved undef of TCL_STORAGE_CLASS. [Bug 478579]

2002-03-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalObjEx):
	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclCompEvalObj): fixed the errorInfo for
	return codes other than (TCL_OK, TCL_ERROR) to runLevel 0.[Bug 533758]
	Removed the static RecordTracebackInfo(), as its functionality is
	easily replicated by Tcl_LogCommandInfo. Bug and redundancy noted by
	Don Porter.

2002-03-21  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/expr.n: Improved documentation for ceil and floor. [Bug 530535]

2002-03-20  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/SetVar.3:
	* doc/TraceVar.3:
	* doc/UpVar.3:
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_VarTraceProc):
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_GetVar2, Tcl_SetVar2, Tcl_TraceVar2,
	(Tcl_UnsetVar2, Tcl_UntraceVar2, Tcl_UpVar2, Tcl_VarTraceInfo2,
	(Tcl_GetVar2Ex, TclSetVar2Ex):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TraceVarProc):
	* generic/tclEnv.c (EnvTraceProc):
	* generic/tclEvent.c (VwaitVarProc):
	* generic/tclInt.decls (TclLookupVar,TclPrecTraceProc):
	* generic/tclLink.c (LinkTraceProc):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclPrecTraceProc):
	* generic/tclVar.c (CallTraces, MakeUpvar, VarErrMsg, TclLookupVar,
	(Tcl_GetVar2, Tcl_SetVar2, Tcl_TraceVar2, Tcl_UnsetVar2,
	(Tcl_UntraceVar2, Tcl_UpVar2, Tcl_VarTraceInfo2, Tcl_GetVar2Ex,
	(TclSetVar2Ex): Updated interfaces of generic/tclVar.c according to
	TIP 27. In particular, the "part2" arguments were CONSTified. [Patch
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-03-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/compile.test (compile-12.3): Test to detect bug 530320.
	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclCompileTokens): Fixed buffer overrun
	reported in bug 530320.

2002-03-14  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/configure: Regen.
	* win/ Add configure time test for SEH support in the
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (ESP, EBP, TclpCheckStackSpace,
	* win/tclWinChan.c (ESP, EBP, Tcl_MakeFileChannel,
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (ESP, EBP, DoRenameFile, DoCopyFile,
	(_except_dorenamefile_handler, _except_docopyfile_handler):
	Implement SEH support under gcc using inline asm. Tcl and Tk should
	now compile with Mingw 1.1. [Patch 525746]

2002-03-14  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (DoRenameFile, DoCopyFile): Handle an SEH exception
	with EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER instead of restarting the faulting
	instruction with EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_EXECUTION. [Bug 466102] provides
	an example of how restarting could send Tcl into an infinite loop.
	[Patch 525746]

2002-03-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (DoRenameFile, DoCopyFile, DoDeleteFile,
	(DoRemoveJustDirectory): Make sure we don't pass NULL or "" as a path
	name to Win32 API functions since this was crashing under Windows 98.

2002-03-11  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl:
	* library/tcltest/pkgIndex.tcl: Bumped tcltest package to 2.0.2.

2002-03-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* library/tcltest/tcltest.tcl (getMatchingFiles): Pass a proper list
	to foreach to avoid munging a Windows patch like D:\Foo\Bar into
	D:FooBar before the glob.

2002-03-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEncoding.c: Fix typo in comment.
	* generic/tclIO.c (DoReadChars, ReadBytes, ReadChars): Use NULL value
	instead of pointer set to NULL to make things more clear. Reorder
	arguments so that they match the function signatures. Cleanup little
	typos and add more descriptive comment.

2002-03-08  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/README: Update to indicate that Mingw 1.1 is required to build
	Tcl. Add section describing new msys based build process. Update
	Cygwin build instructions so users know where to find Mingw 1.1.

2002-03-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (DoCopyFile): correctly set retval to TCL_OK.

2002-03-07  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (TclpCheckStackSpace):
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (DoRenameFile, DoCopyFile): Replace hard coded
	constants with Win32 symbolic names. Move control flow statements out
	of __try blocks since the documentation indicates it is frowned upon.

2002-03-07  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/interp.n:
	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_InterpObjCmd, SlaveObjCmd,
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* tests/interp.test: Added the [interp recursionlimit] command to
	set/query the recursion limit of an interpreter. Proposal and
	implementation from Stephen Trier. [TIP 87, Patch 522849]

2002-03-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h, tools/, unix/,
	* unix/tcl.spec, win/README.binary, win/, README:
	Bumped patchlevel; this might need to change in the future, but it
	will help us distinguish between the CVS version and the most recent
	released version.

2002-03-06  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h: for unshared objects, TclDecrRefCount now frees
	the internal rep before the string rep - just like the non-macro
	Tcl_DecrRefCount/TclFreeObj. [Bug 524802]

2002-03-06  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/lsearch.n: Documentation of new features, plus examples.
	* tests/lsearch.test: Tests of new features.
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_LsearchObjCmd): TIP#80 support. See for details.

2002-03-05  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	*** 8.4a4 TAGGED FOR RELEASE ***

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: initial remedy for [Bug 525783] flush problem
	introduced by TIP #35. This may not satisfy true serial channels, but
	it restores the correct flushing of std* channels on exit.

	* unix/README: added --enable-langinfo doc.

	* unix/tcl.spec:
	* tools/ fixed URL refs to use or SF.

2002-03-04  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* mac/README:
	* unix/
	* unix/README:
	* win/README:
	* win/README.binary: updated to use URL.

	* unix/ added older ChangeLogs to dist target.

	* tests/io.test:
	* tests/encoding.test: corrected iso2022 encoding results.
	added encoding-24.*
	* generic/tclEncoding.c (EscapeFromUtfProc): corrected output of
	escape codes as per RFC 1468. [Patch 474358] (taguchi)
	(TclFinalizeEncodingSubsystem): corrected potential double-free
	when encodings were finalized on exit. [Bugs 219314, 524674]

2002-03-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/encoding/iso2022-jp.enc:
	* library/encoding/iso2022.enc:
	* tools/encoding/iso2022-jp.esc:
	* tools/encoding/iso2022.esc: gave <ESC>$B precedence over <ESC>[email protected],
	based on comments (point 1) in [Bug 219283] (rfc 1468)

	* tests/encoding.test: added encoding-23.* tests
	* generic/tclIO.c (FilterInputBytes): reset the TCL_ENCODING_START
	flags in the ChannelState when using 'gets'. [Bug 523988]
	Also reduced the value of ENCODING_LINESIZE from 30 to 20 as this
	seems to improve the performance of 'gets' according to tclbench.

2002-02-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (TraceCommandProc): ensure that TraceCommandInfo
	structure was also deleted when a command was deleted to prevent a
	mem leak.

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_CreateObjTrace): set tracePtr->flags

	* generic/tclTimer.c (TimerExitProc): remove remaining events in
	tls on thread exit.

2002-02-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclNamesp.c: allow cached fully-qualified namespace names to
	be usable from different namespaces within the same interpreter
	without forcing a new lookup [Patch 458872].

2002-02-28  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclExecute.c: Replaced a few direct stack accesses with the
	POP_OBJECT() macro [Bug 507181] (Don Porter).

2002-02-27  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* doc/GetIndex.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct):
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct):  Revised the
	prototype of the Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct to take its struct table as
	a (CONST VOID *) argument, better describing what it is, maintaining
	source compatibility, and adding CONST correctness according to TIP
	27. Thanks to Joe English for an elegant solution. [Bug 520304]

	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tclMain.c (Tcl_Main,StdinProc):  Corrected some reference
	count management errors on the interactive command Tcl_Obj found by
	Purify. Thanks to Jeff Hobbs for the report and assistance.

2002-02-27  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalTokensStandard): corrected mem leak in
	error case.

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestStatProc[123]): correct harmless UMRs.

	* generic/tclLink.c (Tcl_LinkVar): correct mem leak in error case.

2002-02-27  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/socket.test (2.7): Accepted and applied patch for [Bug 523470]
	provided by Don Porter <[email protected]> to avoid timing
	problems in that test.

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel): Added code to regonize
	"/dev/tty" (by name) and to not handle it as tty / serial line. This
	is the controlling terminal and is special. Setting it into raw mode
	as is done for other tty's is a bad idea. This is a hackish fix for
	expect [Bug 520624]. The fix has limitation: Tcl_MakeFileChannel
	handles tty's specially too, but is unable to recognize /dev/tty as it
	only gets a file descriptor, and no name for it.

2002-02-26  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (StoreStatData): corrected mem leak.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegsubObjCmd): prevent obj leak in
	remedial regsub case.

	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_TranslateFileName): decr refcount for
	error case to prevent mem leak.

	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd): removed extra obj allocation.

	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (Tcl_GetHostName): added an extra
	gethostbyname check to guard against failure with truncated
	names returned by uname.

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_SERIAL_PORT): added sys/modem.h check and defined
	_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED for HP-11 to get updated header decls.

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c: added Unix implementation of TIP #35, serial
	port support. [Patch 438509] (schroedter)

2002-02-26  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmpCmds.c: (bugfix to the bugfix, hopefully the last)
	Bugfix to the new [for] compiling code: was setting a exceptArray
	parameter using another param which wasn't yet initialised, thus
	filling it with noise.

2002-02-25  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc): Changed to recognize the option
	"-error". Essentially ignores the option, always returning an empty

2002-02-25  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* doc/Alloc.3:
	* doc/LinkVar.3:
	* doc/ObjectType.3:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* doc/Preserve.3:
	* doc/TCL_MEM_DEBUG.3: Updated documentation to describe the ckalloc,
	ckfree, ckrealloc, attemptckalloc, and attemptckrealloc macros, and
	to accurately describe when and how they are used. [Bug 497459] (dgp)

	* generic/tclHash.c (AllocArrayEntry, AllocStringEntry):
	Before invoking ckalloc when creating a Tcl_HashEntry,
	check that the amount of memory being allocated is
	at least as large as sizeof(Tcl_HashEntry). The previous
	code was allocating memory regions that were one
	or two bytes short. [Bug 521950] (dejong)

2002-02-25  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_EvalEx): avoiding a buffer overrun
	reported by Joe English, and restoring tcl7.6 behaviour for
	[subst]: badly terminated nested scripts will raise an error
	and not be evaluated. [Bug 495207]

2002-02-25  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: corrected strtoll prototype mismatch on Tru64.
	* compat/strtod.c (strtod): simplified #includes
	* compat/strtol.c (strtol): gather result in a long before returning
	as a long: necessary on platforms where sizeof(int) != sizeof(long).

2002-02-25  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c: updated to use Mac OS X 10.1 dyld APIs that
	have more libdl-like semantics. [Bug 514392]

2002-02-25  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds: fixing a bug in patch dated 2002-02-22, in the
	code for [for] and [while]. Under certain conditions, for long bodies,
	the exception range parameters were badly computed. Tests forthcoming:
	I still can't reproduce the conditions in the testsuite (!), although
	the bug (with assorted segfault or panic!)  can be triggered from the
	console or with the new parse.bench in tclbench.

2002-02-25  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* compat/strtoul.c, compat/strtol.c, compat/strtod.c: Added UCHAR,
	CONST and #includes to clean up GCC output.

2002-02-23  Don Porter  <[email protected]>

	* compat/strtoull.c (strtoull):
	* compat/strtoll.c (strtoll):
	* compat/strtoul.c (strtoul): Fixed failure to handle leading
	sign symbols '+' and '-' and '0X' and raise overflow errors.
	[Bug 440916]  Also corrects prototype and errno problems.

2002-02-23  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* configure: Regen.
	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Link with -n32 instead of -32 when
	building on IRIX64-6.* system. [Bug 521707]

2002-02-22  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclObj.c: renamed global variable emptyString ->
	tclEmptyString because it is no longer static.
	* generic/tclPkg.c: Fix for panic when library is loaded on a
	platform without backlinking without proper use of stubs. [Bug 476537]

2002-02-22  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexpComp.test: updated regexp-11.[1-4] to match changes in
	regexp.test for new regsub syntax

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4: added --enable-64bit support for AIX-4 (using -q64
	flag) when using IBM's xlc compiler.

	* tests/safe.test: updated safe-8.5 and safe-8.7
	* library/safe.tcl (CheckFileName): removed the limit on
	sourceable file names (was only *.tcl or tclIndex files with no more
	than one dot and 14 chars). There is enough internal protection in a
	safe interpreter already. [Tk Bug 521560]

2002-02-22  Miguel Sofer  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCompCmds: [FR 465811]. Optimising [if], [for] and [while]
	for constant conditions; in addition, [for] and [while] are now
	compiled with the "loop rotation" optimisation (thanks to Kevin

2002-02-22  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	--- TIP#76 CHANGES ---
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegsubObjCmd): Final-argument-less
	[regsub] returns the modified string.
	* doc/regsub.n: Updated docs.
	* tests/regexp.test: Updated and added tests.

	* compat/strtoll.c (strtoll):
	* compat/strtoull.c (strtoull):
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* win/tclWinPort.h: Const-ing 64-bit compatibility declarations. Note
	that the return pointer is non-const because it is entirely legal for
	the functions to be called from somewhere that owns the string being
	passed. Fixes problem reported by Larry Virden.

2002-02-21  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/mkd.bat (removed):
	* win/coffbase.txt (new):
	* win/makefile.bc:
	* win/  Changed the 'setup' target to stop using the
	mkd.bat file and just make the directory right in the rule. Same
	change to makefile.bc. Neither nor use it.

	coffbase.txt will be the master list for our "prefered base addresses"
	set by the linker. This should improve load-time (NT only) by avoiding
	relocations. Submissions to the list by extension authors are

	Added a 'tidy' target to compliment 'clean' and 'hose' to remove just
	the outputs. Also removed the $(winlibs) macro as it wasn't being

	Stuff left to do:
	1) get the winhelp target to stop building in the tools/ directory.
	2) stop using rmd.bat
	3) add more dependacy rules.

	* win/tclAppInit.c:  Reverted back to -r1.6, as the header file change
	to tclPort.h won't allow for easy embedded support outside of the
	source dist. Thanks to Don Porter for pointing this out to me.

2002-02-21  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/  Added a new "loimpact" option that sets the
	-ws:aggressive linker option. Off by default. It's said to keep the
	heap use low at the expense of alloc speed.

	* win/tclAppInit.c: Changed #include "tcl.h" to be tclPort.h to remove
	the raw windows.h include. tclPort.h brings in windows.h already and
	lessens the pre-compiled-header mush and the randomly useless #pragma
	comment (lib,...) references throughout the big windows.h tree (as
	observed at high linker warning levels).

2002-02-21  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Better guessing of LP64/ILP32 architecture, but now
	sensitive to presence of (suitable) <limits.h>

2002-02-20  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_RegExpRange,Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct):
	Overlooked a few source incompatibilities. Now using CONST84.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_CmdObjTraceProc): silence warning from Sun
	Workshop compiler.

2002-02-20  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/
	* win/
	* win/ General clean-ups. Added compiler and linker tests for
	a) the pentium 0x0F errata, b) optimizing (not all have this), and c)
	linker v6 section alignment confusion. All these are tested first to
	make sure any D4002 or LNK1117 warnings aren't displayed. The pentium
	0x0F errata is a recommended switch. The v5 linker's section alignment
	default is 512, but the v6 linker was changed to 4096 in an attempt to
	speed loading on Win98. I changed the default to always be 512 across
	both linkers, unless linking statically, then 4096 is used for the
	claimed speed effect. Using a 512 alignment saves 12k bytes of dead
	space in the DLL.

	Added IA64 B-stepping errata switch when the compiler supports it.

	Added profiling to $(lflags) when requested and also removed the
	explict -entry option as the default works fine as is.

	Removed win/tclWinInit.c from the special case section to let it use
	the common implicit rule as the $(EXTFLAGS) macro it had was never
	referenced anywhere.

2002-02-20  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.h: Added code to guess the correct settings for
	TCL_WIDE_INT_IS_LONG and TCL_WIDE_INT_TYPE when configure doesn't tell
	us them, as can happen with extensions.

2002-02-19  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* doc/format.n: Updated docs to list the specification.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_FormatObjCmd): Made behaviour on 64-bit
	platforms correctly meet the specification, that %d works with the
	native word-sized integer, instead of trying to guess (wrongly)
	from the value being passed.

2002-02-19  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* changes: First draft of updated changes for 8.4a4 release.

2002-02-15  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h: add strtoll/strtoull declarations for
	platforms that do not define them.

	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (STRING_AT): removed ptrdiff_t cast and
	use of VOID* in default case (GNU-ism).

2002-02-15  Kevin Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* compat/strtoll.c:
	* compat/strtoul.c:
	* compat/strtoull.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclPosixStr.c:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* generic/tclTestObj.c:
	* tests/get.test:
	* win/ Further tweaks to the TIP 72 patch to make it
	compile under VC++.

2002-02-15  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tclExecute.c:
	* tclIOGT.c:
	* tclIndexObj.c: Touchups to the TIP 72 patch to make it compileable
	under Windows again. The changes are not complete, there is one nasty
	regarding _stati64

2002-02-15  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>


	There are a lot of changes from this TIP, so please see for discussion of
	backward-compatibility issues, but the main ones modifications are in:

	* generic/tcl.h: New types.
	* generic/tcl.decls: New public functions.
	* generic/tclExecute.c: 64-bit aware bytecode engine.
	* generic/tclBinary.c: 64-bit handling in [binary] command.
	* generic/tclScan.c: 64-bit handling in [scan] command.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c: 64-bit handling in [file] and [format]
	* generic/tclBasic.c: New "wordSize" entry in ::tcl_platform.
	* generic/tclFCmd.c: Large-file support (with many consequences.)
	* generic/tclIO.c: Large-file support (with many consequences.)
	* compat/strtoll.c, compat/strtoull.c: New support functions.
	* unix/tcl.m4, unix/configure: 64-bit support and greatly enhanced

	Most other changes, including all those in doc/* and test/* as well as
	the majority in the platform directories, follow on from these.

	Also coming out of the woodwork:
	* generic/tclIndex.c: Better support for Cray PVP.
	* win/tclWinMtherr.c: Better Borland support.

	Note that, in a number of places through the Unix part of the platform
	support, there are Tcl_Platform* references. These are expanded into
	the correct way to call that particular underlying function, i.e. with
	or without a '64' suffix, and should be used by people working on the
	core in preference to the API functions they overlay so that the code
	remains portable depending on the presence or absence of 64-bit
	support on the underlying platform.

	***POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY***: Extracted from the TIP


	The behaviour of expressions containing constants that appear positive
	but which have a negative internal representation will change, as
	these will now usually be interpreted as wide integers. This is always
	fixable by replacing the constant with int(constant).

	Extensions creating new channel types will need to be altered as
	different types are now in use in those areas. The change to the
	declaration of Tcl_FSStat and Tcl_FSLstat (which are the new preferred
	API in any case) are less serious as no non-alpha releases have been
	made yet with those API functions.

	Scripts that are lax about the use of the l modifier in format and
	scan will probably need to be rewritten. This should be very uncommon
	though as previously it had absolutely no effect.

	Extensions that create new math functions that take more than one
	argument will need to be recompiled (the size of Tcl_Value changes),
	and functions that accept arguments of any type (TCL_EITHER) will need
	to be rewritten to handle wide integer values. (I do not expect this
	to affect many extensions at all.)

2002-02-14  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_GetsObjCmd): Trivial fix for [Bug 517503], a
	memory leak reported by Miguel Sofer <[email protected]>. The leak
	happens if an error occurs for "set var [gets $chan]" and leak one
	empty object.

2002-02-12  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* djgpp/ (new directory)
	* djgpp/Makefile (new):
	* unix/tclAppInit.c:
	* unix/tclMtherr.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:  Early stage of DJGPP support for building Tcl
	on DOS. Dynamic loading isn't working, yet. Requires watt32 for the
	TCP/IP stack. No autoconf, yet. Barely tested, but makes a working exe
	that runs Tcl in protected-mode, flat memory. [exec] and pipes will
	need the most work as multi-tasking on DOS has to be carefully.

2002-02-10  Kevin Kenny  <[email protected]>

	* doc/CrtObjCmd.3:
	* doc/CrtTrace.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclTest.c:
	* tests/basic.test: Added Tcl_CreateObjTrace,
	Tcl_GetCommandInfoFromToken and Tcl_SetCommandInfoFromToken.
	(TIPs #32 and #79.)

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: Regenerated Stubs tables.

2002-02-08  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure:
	* unix/tcl.m4: added -pthread for FreeBSD to EXTRA_CFLAGS and
	LDFLAGS. Also triggered nodots only for FreeBSD-3. Added

	* unix/tclUnixPort.h:
	* unix/tclUnixThrd.c: added thread-safe versions of readdir,
	localtime, gmtime and inet_ntoa for threaded build. (jgdavidson)

	* generic/tclScan.c (Tcl_ScanObjCmd): prevented ckfree being called on
	a pointer to NULL.

2002-02-07  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/DString.3:
	* doc/Encoding.3:
	* doc/GetCwd.3:
	* doc/SplitPath.3:
	* doc/Translate.3:
	* doc/Utf.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclEncoding.c:
	* generic/tclEnv.c:
	* generic/tclFileName.c:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:
	* generic/tclUtil.c:
	* mac/tclMacInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c:
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c:
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c:
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c:
	* win/tclWinInit.c: Partial TIP 27 rollback. Following routines
	restored to return (char *): Tcl_DStringAppend,
	Tcl_DStringAppendElement, Tcl_JoinPath, Tcl_TranslateFileName,
	Tcl_ExternalToUtfDString, Tcl_UtfToExternalDString,
	Tcl_UniCharToUtfDString, Tcl_GetCwd, Tcl_WinTCharToUtf. Also restored
	Tcl_WinUtfToTChar to return (TCHAR *) and Tcl_UtfToUniCharDString to
	return (Tcl_UniChar *). Modified some callers. This change recognizes
	that Tcl_DStrings are de-facto white-box objects.

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c: corrected use of C++-style comment.

2002-02-06  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/scan.test:
	* generic/tclScan.c (Tcl_ScanObjCmd): corrected scan 0x... %x handling
	that didn't accept the 0x as a prelude to a base 16 number. [Bug

	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileRegexpCmd): made early check for
	bad RE to stop checking further.

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegsubObjCmd): added special case to search
	for simple 'string map' style regsub calls. Delayed creation of
	resultPtr object until an initial match is made, as the input string
	object can then be reused for no matches.
	(Tcl_StringObjCmd): optimization improvements to the STR_MAP
	algorithm for zero-length and nocase cases.

	* tests/regexp.test:
	* tests/regexpComp.test: extra code coverage tests.

	* tests/string.test: added 10.18 and 10.19 extra tests.

	* generic/regc_locale.c (casecmp): slight performance improvement.

2002-02-05  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* library/http/http.tcl:
	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl:  Corrected use of http::error when
	::error was intended. Bump to http 2.4.2.

2002-02-04  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (FileOutputProc): Fixed [bug 465765] reported by
	Dale Talcott <[email protected]>. Avoid writing
	nothing into a file as STREAM based implementations will consider this
	a EOF (if the file is a pipe). Not done in the generic layer as this
	type of writing is actually useful to check the state of a socket.

	* doc/open.n: Fixed [Bug 511540], added cross-reference to 'pid' as
	the command to use to retrieve the pid of a command pipeline created
	via 'open'.

2002-02-01  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_RegexpObjCmd): handle quirky about case
	earlier to avoid shimmering problem.

2002-02-01  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* tests/io.test: io-39.22 split into two tests, one platform
	dependent, the other not. -eofchar is not empty on the windows

2002-02-01  Vince Darley <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c: fix to picky windows compiler problem with the
	'MainLoop' function declaration.

2002-01-31  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFCmd.c: TIP 27: Applied patch fixing CONST warnings on
	behalf of Don Porter <[email protected]>.

2002-01-30  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h: For each interface identified in the TIP 27
	changes below as a POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY, the source of the
	incompatibility has been parameterized so that it can be removed. When
	compiling extension code against the Tcl header files, use the
	compiler flag -DUSE_NON_CONST to remove the irresolvable source
	incompatibilities introduced by the TIP 27 changes. Resolvable changes
	are left for extension authors to resolve.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-01-30  Vince Darley <[email protected]>

	* doc/FileSystem.3: added documentation for 3 public functions which
	had been overlooked. [Bug 507701]
	* unix/mkLinks: make mklinks

2002-01-29  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* tests/regexpComp.test:
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileRegexpCmd): enhanced to support
	-nocase and -- options.

2002-01-28  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_LOAD_TCLCONFIG):
	and TCL_STUB_LIB_PATH to the values of TCL_BUILD_LIB_SPEC,
	is loaded from the build directory. A Tcl extension should make use of
	the non-build versions of these variables since they will work in both
	cases. This modification was described in TIP 34.

2002-01-28  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinReg.c (regConnectRegistryProc,RecursiveDeleteKey)
	redid the CONSTification as previous changes caused failing tests.

	* tests/regexpComp.test (new):
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* generic/tclBasic.c: added TclCompileRegexpCmd entry
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileStringCmd): corrected to return
	TCL_OUT_LINE_COMPILE instead of TCL_ERROR for parsing errors, so
	it only throws the error for runtime compile, in case the user
	modifies 'string'.
	(TclCompileRegexpCmd): first try at a byte-compiled regexp command. It
	handles static strings and ^$ bounded static strings.
	(TclCompileAppendCmd): made TclPushVarName call always use
	TCL_CREATE_VAR as numWords is always > 2 at that point.

	* generic/tclExecute.c (TclExecuteByteCode:INST_LIST): correct
	possibly dangerous decr in macro call.

	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclpFindVariable): CONSTification touch-up

	* win/tclWinReg.c (OpenSubKey): corrected bug introduced in
	CONSTification that dropped pointer reference.

	* ChangeLog.2000 (new file):
	* ChangeLog: broke changes from 2000 into ChangeLog.2000 to reduce
	size of the main ChangeLog.

2002-01-28  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h:  Added preprocessor logic to force a
	typedef of TCHAR when __STDC__ is defined when using the uncommon
	-Za compiler switch with the microsoft compiler.

2002-01-27  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/package.n: Documented global namespace context for script
	evaluation by [package require].

2002-01-27  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclIntPlatDecls.h:
	* mac/tclMacChan.c:
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacInit.c:
	* mac/tclMacLoad.c:
	* mac/tclMacResource.c:
	* mac/tclMacSock.c: TIP 27 CONSTification induced changes

	* tests/event.test:
	* tests/main.test: added catches/constraints to test that
	use features that don't exist on the mac.

2002-01-25  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	Make -eofchar and -translation options read only for server sockets.
	[Bug 496733]

	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_GetChannelOption, Tcl_SetChannelOption):
	Instead of returning nothing for the -translation option on a server
	socket, always return "auto". Return the empty string enclosed in
	quotes for the -eofchar option on a server socket. Fixup -eofchar
	usage message so that it matches the implementation.
	* tests/io.test: Add -eofchar tests and -translation tests to ensure
	options are read only on server sockets.
	* tests/socket.test: Update tests to account for -eofchar and
	-translation option changes.

2002-01-25  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* compat/strstr.c (strstr):
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_FormatObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoNameOfExecutableCmd):
	* generic/tclEnv.c (ReplaceString):
	* generic/tclFileName.c (ExtractWinRoot):
	* generic/tclIO.c (FlushChannel,Tcl_BadChannelOption):
	* generic/tclStringObj.c (AppendUnicodeToUtfRep):
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (TclCreateThread):
	* generic/tclUtf.c (Tcl_UtfPrev):
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c (TclpObjListVolumes):
	* mac/tclMacResource.c (TclMacRegisterResourceFork,
	* win/tclWinInit.c (AppendEnvironment):  Sought out and eliminated
	instances of CONST-casting that are no longer needed after the
	TIP 27 effort.

	* Following is [Patch 501006]
	* generic/tclInt.decls (Tcl_AddInterpResolvers, Tcl_Export,
	(Tcl_FindNamespace, Tcl_GetInterpResolvers, Tcl_ForgetImport,
	(Tcl_Import, Tcl_RemoveInterpResolvers):
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_Export, Tcl_Import, Tcl_ForgetImport,
	* generic/tclResolve.c (Tcl_AddInterpResolvers,Tcl_GetInterpResolvers,
	(Tcl_RemoveInterpResolvers): Updated APIs in generic/tclResolve.c and
	generic/tclNamesp.c according to the guidelines of TIP 27.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: make genstubs

	* Following is [Patch 505630]
	* doc/AddErrorInfo.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_LogCommandInfo):
	* generic/tclBasic.c (Tcl_LogCommandInfo): Updated interfaces
	of generic/ according to TIP 27.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* Following is [Patch 506818]
	* doc/Hash.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_HashStats):
	* generic/tclHash.c (Tcl_HashStats):  Updated APIs of generic/tclHash.c
	according to guidelines of TIP 27.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs
	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd): Updated callers.

	* Following is [Patch 506807]
	* doc/ObjectType.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_GetObjType):
	* generic/tclObj.c (Tcl_GetObjType): Updated APIs of generic/tclObj.c
	according to guidelines of TIP 27.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* Following is [Patch 507304]
	* doc/Encoding.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_WinUtfToTChar,Tcl_WinTCharToUtf):
	* win/tclWin32Dll.c (Tcl_WinUtfToTChar,Tcl_WinTCharToUtf):
	Updated interfaces in win/tclWin32Dll.c according to TIP 27.
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: make genstubs
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (TclpNativeToNormalized):
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (TclpObjNormalizePath):
	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpFindExecutable,TclpMatchInDirectory,
	* win/tclWinLoad.c (TclpLoadFile):
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpOpenFile,ApplicationType):
	* win/tclWinReg.c (regConnectRegistryProc,RecursiveDeleteKey,DeleteKey,
	* win/tclWinSerial.c (SerialSetOptionProc): Update callers.

	* Following is [Patch 505072]
	* doc/Concat.3:
	* doc/Encoding.3:
	* doc/Filesystem.3:
	* doc/Macintosh.3:
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3
	* doc/SetResult.3:
	* doc/SetVar.3:
	* doc/SplitList.3:
	* doc/SplitPath.3:
	* doc/Translate.3:
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_FSMatchInDirectoryProc):
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclpMatchInDirectory):
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_Concat,Tcl_GetStringResult,Tcl_GetVar,
	* generic/tclInt.decls (TclCreatePipeline,TclGetEnv,TclpGetCwd,
	* mac/tclMacFile.c (TclpGetCwd):
	* generic/tclEncoding.c (Tcl_GetDefaultEncodingDir,
	(Tcl_ExternalToUtfDString,Tcl_UtfToExternalDString, OpenEncodingFile,
	* generic/tclFileName.c (DoTildeSubst,Tcl_JoinPath,Tcl_SplitPath,
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_FSMatchInDirectory):
	* generic/tclPipe.c (FileForRedirect,TclCreatePipeline,
	* generic/tclResult.c (Tcl_GetStringResult):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_Concat,Tcl_SplitList,Tcl_Merge):
	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_GetVar,Tcl_GetVar2,Tcl_SetVar,Tcl_SetVar2):
	* mac/tclMacResource.c (Tcl_MacEvalResource,Tcl_MacFindResource):
	Updated interfaces of generic/tclEncoding, generic/tclFilename.c,
	generic/tclIOUtil.c, generic/tclPipe.c, generic/tclResult.c,
	generic/tclUtil.c, generic/tclVar.c and mac/tclMacResource.c according
	to TIP 27. Tcl_TranslateFileName rewritten as wrapper around VFS-aware
	Includes source incompatibilities: argv arguments of Tcl_Concat,
	Tcl_JoinPath, Tcl_OpenCommandChannel, Tcl_Merge; argvPtr arguments of
	Tcl_SplitList and Tcl_SplitPath.
	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tclCkalloc.c (MemoryCmd):
	* generic/tclClock.c (FormatClock):
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_CaseObjCmd,Tcl_EncodingObjCmd,Tcl_FileObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoLibraryCmd,InfoPatchLevelCmd,
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileForeachCmd):
	* generic/tclCompCmds.h (TclCompileForeachCmd):
	* generic/tclCompile.c (TclFindCompiledLocal):
	* generic/tclEnv.c (TclSetupEnv,TclSetEnv,Tcl_PutEnv,TclGetEnv,
	* generic/tclEvent.c (Tcl_BackgroundError):
	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_BadChannelOption,Tcl_SetChannelOption):
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_ExecObjCmd,Tcl_OpenObjCmd):
	* generic/tclIOSock.c (TclSockGetPort):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (SetFsPathFromAny):
	* generic/tclLink.c (LinkTraceProc):
	* generic/tclMain.c (Tcl_Main):
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (TclTeardownNamespace):
	* generic/tclProc.c (TclCreateProc):
	* generic/tclTest.c (TestregexpObjCmd,TesttranslatefilenameCmd,
	* generic/tclThreadTest.c (ThreadErrorProc,ThreadEventProc):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (TclPrecTraceProc):
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c (GetFileSpecs):
	* mac/tclMacFile.c (TclpMatchInDirectory):
	* mac/tclMacInit.c (TclpInitLibraryPath,Tcl_SourceRCFile):
	* mac/tclMacOSA.c (tclOSAStore,tclOSALoad):
	* mac/tclMacResource.c (Tcl_MacEvalResource):
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (TclpObjNormalizePath):
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c (TclpMatchInDirectory,TclpGetUserHome,TclpGetCwd,
	* unix/tclUnixInit.c (TclpInitLibraryPath,TclpSetVariables,
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c (TclpOpenFile,TclpCreateTempFile,
	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpGetCwd,TclpMatchInDirectory):
	* win/tclWinInit.c (TclpInitLibraryPath,Tcl_SourceRCFile,
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (TclpCreateProcess): Updated callers.

2002-01-24  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (SetFsPathFromAny):  Corrected tilde-substitution
	of pathnames where > 1 separator follows the ~. [Bug 504950]

2002-01-24  Jeff Hobbs  <[email protected]>

	* library/http/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* library/http/http.tcl: don't add port in default case to handle
	broken servers. http bumped to 2.4.1  [Bug 504508]

2002-01-23  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* unix/mkLinks: Regenerated.
	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* doc/ChnlStack.3: Moved documentation for 'Tcl_GetTopChannel' from
	'CrtChannel' to 'ChnlStack'. Added documentation of
	'Tcl_GetStackedChannel'. [Bug 506147] reported by Mark Patton
	<[email protected]>.

2002-01-23  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinFile.c (NativeAccess,NativeStat,NativeIsExec,
	* win/tclWinPort.h (TclWinSerialReopen):
	* win/tclWinSerial.c (TclWinSerialReopen):
	* win/tclWinSock.c (Tcl_OpenTcpServer):  Corrections to earlier TIP 27
	changes. Thanks to Andreas Kupries for the feedback.
	* generic/tclPlatDecls.h: make genstubs

	* doc/GetHostName.3:
	* doc/GetOpnFl.3:
	* doc/OpenTcp.3:
	* tcl.decls (Tcl_GetHostName,Tcl_GetOpenFile,Tcl_OpenTcpClient,
	* mac/tclMacSock.c (CreateSocket,Tcl_OpenTcpClient,Tcl_OpenTcpServer,
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (CreateSocket,CreateSocketAddress,
	* unix/tclUnixSock.c (Tcl_GetHostName):
	* win/tclWinSock.c (CreateSocket,CreateSocketAddress,
	Updated socket interfaces according to TIP 27.
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (InfoHostnameCmd): Updated callers.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-01-21  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclLoadNone.c: TclpLoadFile() didn't match proto of typedef
	Tcl_FSLoadFileProc. OK'd by vincentdarley. [Patch 502488]

2002-01-21  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIO.c (WriteChars): Fix for [Bug 506297], reported by
	Martin Forssen <[email protected]>. The encoding chosen in
	the script exposing the bug writes out three intro characters when
	TCL_ENCODING_START is set, but does not consume any input as
	TCL_ENCODING_END is cleared. As some output was generated the
	enclosing loop calls UtfToExternal again, again with START set. Three
	more characters in the out and still no use of input ... To break this
	infinite loop we remove TCL_ENCODING_START from the set of flags after
	the first call (no condition is required, the later calls remove an
	unset flag, which is a no-op). This causes the subsequent calls to
	UtfToExternal to consume and convert the actual input.

2002-01-21  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c: Converted declarations of TestReport file system
	to more portable form. [Bug 501417]

	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_TraceCommand,Tcl_UntraceCommand,
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_TraceCommand,Tcl_UntraceCommand,
	(Tcl_CommandTraceInfo): Updated APIs in generic/tclCmdMZ.c according
	to the guidelines of TIP 27.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-01-18  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinChan.c:
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c:
	* win/tclWinFile.c: Overlooked callers of Tcl_FSGetNativePath

	* win/tclWinDde.c:
	* win/tclWinReg.c: Overlooked callers of Tcl_GetIndexFromObj

2002-01-18  Daniel Steffen  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclThreadTest.c:
	* mac/tclMacChan.c:
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c:
	* mac/tclMacFile.c:
	* mac/tclMacLoad.c:
	* mac/tclMacResource.c: TIP 27 CONSTification broke the mac build in a
	number of places.

2002-01-17  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_GetsObjCmd): Fixed [Bug 504642] as reported
	by Brian Griffin <[email protected]>, using his
	patch. Before the patch the generic I/O layer held an unannounced
	reference to the interp result to store the read line into. This
	unfortunately has disastrous results if the channel driver executes a
	tcl script to perform its operation, this freeing the interp
	result. In that case we are dereferencing essentially a dangling
	reference. It is not truly dangling because the object is in the free
	list, but this only causes us to smash the free list and have the
	error occur later somewhere else. The patch simply creates a new
	object for the line and later sets it into the interp result when we
	are done with reading.

2002-01-16  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (SC_LOAD_TCLCONFIG):
	* win/tcl.m4 (SC_LOAD_TCLCONFIG): Subst TCL_DBGX into
	TCL_STUB_LIB_FILE and TCL_STUB_LIB_FLAG variables so that an extension
	does not need to subst TCL_DBGX into its makefile. [Tk Bug 504356]

2002-01-16  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* doc/GetCwd.3:
	* doc/GetIndex.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_GetIndexFromObj, Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct,
	(Tcl_GetCwd, Tcl_FSFileAttrStrings, Tcl_FSGetNativePath,
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_FSFileAttrStringsProc):
	* generic/tclFCmd.c (TclFileAttrsCmd):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_GetCwd,NativeFileAttrStrings,
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_GetIndexFromObj,
	More TIP 27 updates in tclIOUtil.c and tclIndexObj.c that were
	overlooked before. [Patch 504671]
	Includes a source incompatibility in the tablePtr arguments of the
	Tcl_GetIndexFromObj* routines.
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tclBinary.c (Tcl_BinaryObjCmd):
	* generic/tclClock.c (Tcl_ClockObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_EncodingObjCmd, Tcl_FileObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdIL.c (Tcl_InfoObjCmd,Tcl_LsearchObjCmd,Tcl_LsortObjCmd):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_TraceObjCmd,Tcl_RegexpObjCmd,Tcl_RegsubObjCmd,
	* generic/tclCompCmds.c (TclCompileStringCmd):
	* generic/tclEvent.c (Tcl_UpdateObjCmd):
	* generic/tclFileName.c (Tcl_GlobObjCmd):
	* generic/tclIO.c (Tcl_FileEventObjCmd):
	* generic/tclIOCmd.c (Tcl_SeekObjCmd,Tcl_ExecObjCmd,Tcl_SocketObjCmd,
	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_InterpObjCmd,SlaveObjCmd):
	* generic/tclNamesp.c (Tcl_NamespaceObjCmd):
	* generic/tclPkg.c (Tcl_PackageObjCmd):
	* generic/tclTest.c (Tcltest_Init,TestencodingObjCmd,TestgetplatformCmd,
	* generic/tclTestObj.c (TestindexObjCmd,TeststringObjCmd):
	* generic/tclTimer.c (Tcl_AfterObjCmd):
	* generic/tclVar.c (Tcl_ArrayObjCmd):
	* mac/tclMacFCmd.c (SetFileFinderAttributes):
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel):
	* unix/tclUnixFCmd.c (tclpFileAttrStrings):
	* unix/tclUnixFile.c (TclpObjAccess,TclpObjChdir,TclpObjStat,
	* win/tclWinFCmd.c (tclpFileAttrStrings): Updated callers.

	* doc/RegExp.3:
	* doc/Utf.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclInt.decls:
	* generic/tclRegexp.c:
	* generic/tclUtf.c:  Updated APIs in generic/tclUtf.c and
	generic/tclRegexp.c according to the guidelines of TIP 27.
	[Patch 471509]

	* generic/regc_locale.c (element,cclass):
	* generic/tclCmdMZ.c (Tcl_StringObjCmd):
	* generic/tclFileName.c (TclpGetNativePathType,SplitMacPath):
	* generic/tclIO.c (ReadChars):
	* mac/tclMacLoad.c (TclpLoadFile):
	* win/tclWinFile.c (TclpGetUserHome): Updated callers.

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: make genstubs

	* doc/ParseCmd.3 (Tcl_ParseVar):
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_ParseVar):
	* generic/tclParse.c (Tcl_ParseVar):
	* generic/tclTest.c (TestparsevarObjCmd): Updated APIs in
	generic/tclParse.c according to the guidelines of TIP 27. Updated
	callers. [Patch 501046]
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_RecordAndEval):
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs
	* generic/tclHistory.c (Tcl_RecordAndEval): Updated APIs in
	generic/tclHistory.c according to the guidelines of TIP 27.
	[Patch 504091]

	* doc/CrtSlave.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_CreateAlias, Tcl_CreateAliasObj,
	(Tcl_CreateSlave, Tcl_GetAlias, Tcl_GetAliasObj, Tcl_GetSlave):
	* generic/tclInterp.c (Tcl_CreateAlias, Tcl_CreateAliasObj,
	(Tcl_CreateSlave, Tcl_GetAlias, Tcl_GetAliasObj, Tcl_GetSlave):
	Updated APIs in the file generic/tclInterp.c according to the
	guidelines of TIP 27. [Patch 501371]
	Includes a source incompatibility in the targetCmdPtr arguments of the
	Tcl_GetAlias* routines.

	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-01-15  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/SetErrno.3 (Tcl_ErrnoMsg): Corrected documentation for
	Tcl_ErrnoMsg; it takes an integer argument. Thanks to Georgios
	Petasis. [Bug 468183]

	* doc/AddErrInfo.3 (Tcl_PosixError):
	* doc/Eval.3 (Tcl_EvalFile):
	* doc/FileSystem.c (Tcl_FSOpenFileChannel,Tcl_FSOpenFileChannelProc):
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3 (Tcl_OpenFileChannel):
	* doc/SetErrno.3 (Tcl_ErrnoId,Tcl_ErrnoMsg):
	* doc/Signal.3 (Tcl_SignalId,Tcl_SignalMsg):
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_ErrnoId,TclErrnoMsg,Tcl_EvalFile,
	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_FSOpenFileChannelProc):
	* generic/tclIO.c (FlushChannel):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (Tcl_OpenFileChannel,Tcl_EvalFile,TclGetOpenMode,
	* generic/tclInt.decls (TclGetOpenMode):
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclOpenFileChannelProc_,TclGetOpenMode,
	* generic/tclPipe.c (TclCleanupChildren):
	* generic/tclPosixStr.c (Tcl_ErrnoId,Tcl_ErrnoMsg,Tcl_SignalId,
	* generic.tclTest.c (PretendTclpOpenFileChannel,
	* mac/tclMacChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel):
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel):
	* win/tclWinChan.c (TclpOpenFileChannel): Updated APIs in
	generic/tclIOUtil.c and generic/tclPosixStr.c according to the
	guidelines of TIP 27. Updated callers. [Patch 499196]

	* generic/tclDecls.h:
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h: make genstubs

	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* doc/OpenFileChnl.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls:
	* generic/tclIO.h:
	* generic/tclIO.c (DoWrite, Tcl_RegisterChannel, Tcl_GetChannel,
	(Tcl_CreateChannel, Tcl_GetChannelName, CloseChannel, Tcl_Write,
	(Tcl_WriteRaw, Tcl_Ungets, Tcl_BadChannelOption, Tcl_GetChannelOption,
	(Tcl_SetChannelOption, Tcl_GetChannelNamesEx, Tcl_ChannelName):
	Updated APIs in the file generic/tclIO.c according to the guidelines
	of TIP 27. Several minor documentation corrections as well.
	[Patch 503565]
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

	* generic/tcl.h (Tcl_DriverOutputProc, Tcl_DriverGetOptionProc,
	* generic/tclIOGT.c (TransformOutputProc, TransformGetOptionProc,
	* mac/tclMacChan.c (FileOutput, StdIOOutput):
	* man/tclMacSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc, TcpOutput):
	* unix/tclUnixChan.c (FileOutputProc, TcpGetOptionProc, TcpOutputProc,
	(TtyGetOptionProc, TtySetOptionProc):
	* unix/tclUnixPipe.c (PipeOuputProc):
	* win/tclWinChan.c (FileOutputProc):
	* win/tclWinConsole.c (ConsleOutputProc):
	* win/tclWinPipe.c (PipeOuputProc):
	* win/tclWinSerial.c (SerialOutputProc, SerialGetOptionProc,
	* win/tclWinSock.c (TcpGetOptionProc, TcpOutput): Updated channel
	driver interface according to the guidelines of TIP 27. See also
	[Bug 500348].

	* doc/CrtChannel.3:
	* generic/tcl.h:
	* generic/tclIO.c:
	* generic/tclIO.h:
	* generic/tclInt.h:
	* tools/checkLibraryDoc.tcl:
	Moved Tcl_EolTranslation enum declaration from generic/tcl.h to
	generic/tclInt.h (renamed to TclEolTranslation). It is not used
	anywhere in Tcl's public interface.

2002-01-14  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/GetIndex.3:
	* doc/WrongNumArgs.3:
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_GetIndexFromObj, Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct,
	* generic/tclIndexObj.c (Tcl_GetIndexFromObj,Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct,
	(Tcl_WrongNumArgs): Updated APIs in the file generic/tclIndexObj.c
	according to the guidelines of TIP 27. [Patch 501491]
	* generic/tclDecls.h: make genstubs

2002-01-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/configure: Regen.
	* unix/
	* win/configure: Regen.
	* win/ Use ${libdir} instead of ${exec_prefix}/lib
	to properly support the --libdir option to configure. [Bug 489370]

2002-01-11  Andreas Kupries  <[email protected]>

	* win/tclWinSerial.c (SerialSetOptionProc): Applied patch for [Bug
	500348] supplied by Rolf Schroedter <[email protected]>. The
	function modified the contents of the the 'value' string and now does
	not do this anymore. This is a followup to the change made on

2002-01-11  David Gravereaux <[email protected]>

	* win/ Removed -GD compiler option. It was intended for
	future use, but MS is again changing the future at their whim. The
	D4002 warning was harmless though, but someone using VC .NET logged it
	as a concern. [Bug 501565]

2002-01-11  Mo DeJong  <[email protected]>

	* unix/ Burn Tcl build directory into tcltest executable
	to avoid crashes caused by ld loading a previously installed version
	of the tcl shared library. [Bug 218110]

2002-01-10  Don Porter <[email protected]>,
	Kevin Kenny <[email protected]>

	* unix/tclLoadDld.c (TclpLoadFile):  syntax error: unbalanced parens.
	Kevin notes that it's far from clear that this file is ever included
	in an actual build; Linux without dlopen appears to be a nonexistent

2002-01-08  Don Porter <[email protected]>,
	Kevin Kenny <[email protected]>

	* doc/StaticPkg.3 (Tcl_StaticPackage):
	* generic/tcl.decls (Tcl_StaticPackage):
	* generic/tclDecls.h (Tcl_StaticPackage):
	* generic/tclInt.decls (TclGuessPackageName):
	* generic/tclInt.h (TclGuessPackageName):
	* generic/tclLoad.c (Tcl_StaticPackage):
	* generic/tclLoadNone.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* mac/tclMacLoad.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadAout.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadDl.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadDld.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadDyld.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadNext.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadOSF.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* unix/tclLoadShl.c (TclGuessPackageName):
	* win/tclWinLoad.c (TclGuessPackageName):  Updated APIs in the files
	*/tcl*Load*.c according to the guidelines of TIP 27. [Patch 501096]

2002-01-09  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclTest.c (MainLoop):
	* tests/main.test (Tcl_Main-1.{3,4,5,6}):  Corrected some non-portable
	tests from the new Tcl_Main changes. Thanks to Kevin Kenny.

2002-01-07  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* generic/tclEvent.c (TclInExit):
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c (SetFsPathFromAbsoluteNormalized,
	* generic/tclListObj.c (TclLsetList,TclLsetFlat):  Added some type
	casts to satisfy picky compilers.

	* generic/tclMain.c:  Bug fix: neglected the NULL case in
	TclGetStartupScriptFileName(). Broke Tk/wish.

2002-01-05  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/Tcl_Main.3:
	* generic/tclMain.c:  Substantial rewrite and expanded documentation
	of Tcl_Main to correct a number of bugs and flaws:

	  - Interactive Tcl_Main can now enter a main loop, exit that loop and
	    continue interactive operations. The loop may even exit in the
	    midst of interactive command typing without loss of the partial
	    command. [Bugs 486453, 474131]
	  - Tcl_Main now gracefully handles deletion of its master
	  - Interactive Tcl_Main can now operate with non-blocking stdin
	  - Interactive Tcl_Main can now detect EOF on stdin even in
	    mid-command. [Bug 491341]
	  - Added VFS-aware internal routines for managing the startup script
	  - Tcl variable 'tcl_interactive' is now linked to C variable 'tty'
	    so that one can disable/enable interactive prompts at the script
	    level when there is no startup script. This is meant for use by
	    the test suite.
	  - Consistent use of the Tcl libraries standard channels as returned
	    by Tcl_GetStdChannel(); as opposed to the channels named 'stdin',
	    'stdout', and 'stderr' in the master interp, which can be
	    different or unavailable.
	  - Tcl_Main now calls Tcl_Exit() if evaluation of [exit] in the
	    master interpreter returns, assuring Tcl_Main does not return.
	  - Documented Tcl_Main's absence from public stub table
	  - Documented that Tcl_Main does not return.
	  - Documented Tcl variables set by Tcl_Main.
	  - All prompts are done from a single procedure, Prompt.
	  - Use of Tcl_Obj-enabled interfaces everywhere.

	* generic/tclInt.decls (TclGetStartupScriptPath,
	(TclSetStartupScriptPath): New internal VFS-aware routines for
	managing the startup script of Tcl_Main.
	* generic/tclIntDecls.h:
	* generic/tclStubInit.c: make genstubs

	* generic/tclTest.c (TestsetmainloopCmd,TestexitmainloopCmd,
	* tests/main.test (new):  Added new file to test suite that thoroughly
	tests generic/tclMain.c; added some new test commands for testing

2002-01-04  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/Alloc.3:
	* doc/Concat.3:
	* doc/CrtMathFnc.3:
	* doc/Hash.3:
	* doc/Interp.3:
	* doc/LinkVar.3:
	* doc/ObjectType.3:
	* doc/PkgRequire.3:
	* doc/Preserve.3:
	* doc/SetResult.3:
	* doc/SplitList.3:
	* doc/SplitPath.3:
	* doc/TCL_MEM_DEBUG.3: Updated documentation to describe the ckalloc,
	ckfree, ckrealloc, attemptckalloc, and attemptckrealloc macros, and
	to accurately describe when and how they are used. [Bug 497459]

	* generic/tclThreadJoin.c (TclRememberJoinableThread,TclJoinThread):
	Replaced Tcl_Alloc and Tcl_Free calls with ckalloc and ckfree so that
	memory debugging is supported.

2002-01-04  Daniel Steffen <[email protected]>

	* mac/tclMacTime.c (TclpGetTZName): fix for daylight savings TZName bug

2002-01-03  Don Porter <[email protected]>

	* doc/FileSystem.3:
	* generic/tclIOUtil.c: Updated some old uses of "fileName" to
	new VFS terminology, "pathPtr".

2002-01-03  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/basic.test (basic-39.4): Greatly simplified test while
	still leaving it so that it crashes when run without the fix to
	the [foreach] implementation.
	* generic/tclCmdAH.c (Tcl_ForeachObjCmd): Stopped [Bug 494348] from
	happening by not trying to be so clever with cacheing; if nothing
	untoward is happening anyway, the less efficient technique will
	only add a few instruction cycles (one function call and a few
	derefs/assigns per list per iteration, with no change in the
	number of tests) and if something odd *is* going on, the code is
	now far more robust.

	* tests/basic.test (basic-39.4): Reproducable script from [Bug 494348]

2002-01-02  Donal K. Fellows  <[email protected]>

	* tests/util.test (Wrapper_Tcl_StringMatch,util-5.*): Rewrote so the
	test is performed with the right internal function since [string
	match] no longer uses Tcl_StringCaseMatch internally.

	* tests/string.test (string-11.51):
	* generic/tclUtf.c (Tcl_UniCharCaseMatch):
	* generic/tclUtil.c (Tcl_StringCaseMatch): Fault with matching
	case-insensitive non-ASCII patterns containing upper case characters.
	[Bug 233257]

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