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  1. Ticket: iwidgets dateentry dumps core if used twice (2016-03-01 15:56:29)
    ... error with -errorinfo: class "iwidgets::Dateentry" already exists while executing "itcl::class iwidgets::Dateentry { inherit iwidgets::Datefield constructor {args} { eval Datefield::constructor $args } {} itk_optio..." (file "/home/dgp/x86_64/linuxoldld/lib/iwidgets/scripts/dateentry.itk" line ...

  2. Ticket: Demo "itkedit" refers to Iwidgets instead of iwidgets (2016-08-30 13:16:14)
    ... there's been a fork of the Iwidgets package and the fork calls itself iwidgets. (I think I have that right?) As coded, Itk functions with the Iwidgets found here: ...

  3. Ticket: infinite loop in iwidgets Panedwindow-2.5 (2017-07-28 16:44:39)
    infinite loop in iwidgets Panedwindow-2.5

  4. Ticket: iwidgets::labeledframe causes segfault (2017-07-06 20:17:46)
    ... Tk package require itk package require Iwidgets set mainf [frame .f] set lf1 [iwidgets::labeledframe $mainf.lf1 -labeltext "label 1" -labelpos nw -ipadx 8 -ipady 8] set lf2 [iwidgets::labeledframe $mainf.lf2 -labeltext "label 2 ...

  5. Ticket: iwidgets not loading correctly (2018-07-31 21:38:05)
    iwidgets not loading correctly

  6. Ticket: segfault cycling through buttonbox instances (2017-07-10 18:42:40)
    ... icomment: This script crashes most of the time: package require Itk 4.1 package require Iwidgets 4.1 while 1 { iwidgets::Buttonbox .bb .bb add Yes -text Yes .bb configure -highlightthickness 2 catch {.bb add ...