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  1. Ticket: IWidget dateentry Calender appears off screen (2013-11-09 15:30:32)
    ... 51:53 UTC:</i><br /> IWidget is not part of itcl 4.0 so I think the bug is not in the right bug tracker here | login: wiede | icomment: IWidgets is not part of itcl ...

  2. Ticket: Itcl commit 0d11f378d8 breaks iwidgets (2014-11-17 18:06:17)
    ... iwidgets: % package require iwidgets cannot inherit from "itk::Widget" (cannot inherit from "itk::Archetype" (can only handle options on class level)) After backing this changeset out of the Tcl 8.6.3 release tarball iwidgets ...