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Ticket: 87a89c9a927db943941ee3f5d12af8a06607fbab
Test "sfbug-254" fails for 4.0.5 on Win
User & Date: oehhar 2019-02-09 17:39:31

  1. Change icomment to:

    Thank you, sebres, for the homework.

    Action taken:

    • tcl8.6.9 file distribution
    • Removed anything under pkgs\itcl4.1.2
    • downloaded ITCL commit [0155e66402] as zip
    • put the folder contents to pkgs\itcl4.1.2
    • cd tcl8.6.9\win
    • nmake -f
    • nmake -f test TESTFLAGS="-verbose bte" > testlog_tcl8.6.9_itcl_0155e66402.txt 2>&1
    • nmake -f install INSTALLDIR=c:\test\tcl869_itcl_0155e66402
    • start tclsh, package require Itcl -> 4.1.2

    The test failures are fixed, thank you, good work !


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  4. Change username to "oehhar"