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Itcl3/4 incompatibility: info level doesn't give method name as first element
User & Date: schmitzu 2019-10-31 10:18:27

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    OK, I see. This seems to be more complex than I expected first. This istn't an Itcl4 issue. The underlying TclOO layer is the cause for this behaviour and IMHO it has to be fixed. Otherwise "info level" will be useless if you use some OO extension with this behaviour. What TclOO should do at least is to put the "method name" as a sublist to the call stack. May be "info level" can do this itself like: lev -1: {my m3} 1 2 3 lev -2: {my m2} 1 2 lev -3: {c10 m1} 1

    But nevertheless much better is the Itcl3 solution.

    Would it be worth to file a bug to core list, or wherever this should go?

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