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2 check-ins related to "expect-5-31-base"

Synthetic commit for tag expect-5-31-base Leaf check-in: 68d2381deb user: cvs-fast-export tags: trunk, expect-5-31-base
Martin Forssen <[email protected]> provided fix to allow configure to start with LDFLAGS from environment. Paul Tazzyman <[email protected]> noted that log_file didn't check for logging twice without turning off logging first. Ben <[email protected]> provided updated host for weather example. Jonathon Kamens noted that Expect didn't build properly if Tcl and/or Tk used build/install directories out of the usual hierarchy. At the same time, I fixed a number of other related problems in Makefile/configure. Pierre Pomes <[email protected]> provided fix to ftp-inband. It blew up from an unprotected send that was handed a uuencoded line that started with a -. Autoexpect was thrown off by simple-minded [file executable] test picking up expect directory while searching for executable. check-in: df80734a13 user: libes tags: trunk