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wrong index calculation in tclhttpd Passgen_Salt
User & Date: anonymous 2020-03-26 11:22:00

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    The crypt command used in tclhttpd requires a 2 characters salt but sometimes Passgen_Salt generates a shorter salt caused by a wrong random index calculation and crypt thows an error.

    How to reproduce:

    while {1} { set salt [Passgen_Salt] if {[string length $salt] < 2} { puts "salt=$salt" crypt "password" $salt } }

    The problemi is caused by [expr round(rand()*$slen)] which sometimes calculates an index equal to the length of the salt string so that [string index $saltstr $index] = "".

    To fix the problem we need to replace round() with int() in passgen.tcl:Passgen_Salt:

    proc Passgen_Salt {} { global passgen set slen [string len $passgen(saltstr)] return "[string index $passgen(saltstr) [expr {int(rand()*$slen)}]][string index $passgen(saltstr) [expr {int(rand()*$slen)}]]" }

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