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Ticket UUID: a588d2f80020e0e843d65b568bee61063a7be339
Title: Tooltip does not apear under gnome/metacity on ubuntu
Type: Bug Version: 1.9.7
Submitter: oehhar Created on: 2013-10-07 14:36:49
Subsystem: bwidget 1.x Assigned To: nobody
Priority: 5 Medium Severity: Minor
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2013-10-07 14:47:50
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: oehhar
    Closed on: 2013-10-07 14:47:50

Sometimes the tooltip does not occur under gnome/metacity on ubuntu.

Provided on 2013-10-07 by Wolfgang Kechel

User Comments: oehhar added on 2013-10-07 14:47:50:

Patch accepted in commit [459482f1b1]