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Ticket UUID: 683c6245b4ec0392ff86dfe38b9b1ad1402f927c
Title: Code wrapped with frewrap and BWidget fails to run
Type: Bug Version: 1.9.7
Submitter: anonymous Created on: 2014-07-16 08:43:29
Subsystem: bwidget Assigned To: nobody
Priority: 5 Medium Severity: Minor
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2014-07-18 06:50:51
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: oehhar
    Closed on: 2014-07-18 06:50:51
When using freewrap to create an executable if the BWidget code is included then the resulting script doesn't run. This is because the file lang/en.rc is missing a newline at the end - if it's added then the resulting wrapped exe works as expected. Tested on both Win7 and Linux with BWidget 1.9.6 and 1.9.7.

Strictly speaking this probably isn't a bug in BWidget, but none of the other lang files are missing a trailing newline so I thought I'd report it here - the fix is probably the easiest you'll ever have!

User Comments: oehhar added on 2014-07-18 06:50:51:

Thank you for the dietails "\n\n" was the hint. Fixed in commit [c4cfe0f45e].

It is a FreeWrap bug but if the issue is so little, no problem.

Thank you, Harald

anonymous added on 2014-07-17 11:05:34:
I've checked the file you sent and the problem still exists. However the version you sent had version 1.9.1 in the pkgIndex.tcl whereas I've been using 1.9.6 and 1.9.7.

If you look at the files in lang there are different numbers of newlines at the end as well as no.rc having Windows line endings whilst the others have Unix line endings. For freewrap the requirement is for there to be an empty line at the end, i.e. \n\n.  I can see below that es.rc and pl.rc are correct but the others are wrong (by the freewrap measure).

$ for x in *.rc; do echo $x;  od -c $x| tail -3; done
0002600   s   t       b   r   u   g   e   r   n   a   v   n       o   g
0002620       p   a   s   s   w   o   r   d  \n
0002640   l   o   g   i   n       a   n   d       p   a   s   s   w   o
0002660   r   d  \n
0002560   t   e   r       l   o   g   i   n       a   n   d       p   a
0002600   s   s   w   o   r   d  \n
0002720   e       u   s   u   a   r   i   o       y       c   o   n   t
0002740   r   a   s   e 361   a  \n  \n
0002660       l   o   g   i   n       e   t       l   e       m   o   t
0002700       d   e       p   a   s   s   e  \n
0002700   a   s   z   n 303 241   l 303 263   n   e   v   e   t     303
0002720 251   s       a       j   e   l   s   z 303 263   t  \n
0002640   n   a   a   m       e   n       w   a   c   h   t   w   o   o
0002660   r   d       i   n  \n
0002660   S   k   r   i   v       i   n   n       l   o   g   g   i   n
0002700   n       o   g       p   a   s   s   o   r   d  \r  \n
0002720   l   e   :           W   p   i   s   z       l   o   g   i   n
0002740       i       h   a   s 305 202   o  \n  \n

oehhar added on 2014-07-17 08:48:55:

It might be obvious, but I do not see the issue on current branch [bwidget]. Could you verify if it is already fixed ?

Thank you, Harald