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13 check-ins using file dialog.tcl version 262d986c39

* tree.tcl [Bug 3106208]: Followup. Moved the fixed code of the last entry I did (2010-11-09) into a new command Tree::MergeFlag and call this from both Tree::itemconfigure and Tree::insert. Missing the place in Tree::insert caused another problem, found by Dustin Littau. Leaf check-in: c3b144fc1f user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk, tcllib-1-13, tcllib-1-14
Dialog.html Removed documentation of unavailable option -buttonwidth. check-in: 7eee767759 user: oehhar tags: trunk
tree.tcl (Tree::itemconfigure): Fix intermingling of node names and flag values which can cause an lsearch to fail, by mistaking a flag value as the node searched for, and then treating a node name as flags. As the upd,nodes value is a dictionary it should not be search as a list. Now using a temporary array for quicker check and append/replace [Bug 3106208](report and fix by Andreas Kupries). check-in: 1656afaa2b user: oehhar tags: trunk
* mainframe.tcl Menu text shows white on white on Mac aqua [Bug 3105665] reported by Scott Smedley fixed by Kevin Walzer. check-in: d4c86b7b85 user: oehhar tags: trunk
* listbox.html Reflected patch 2010-05-12 in documentation. The selection may not be disabled any more by binding button 1. check-in: d16ef303ec user: oehhar tags: trunk
* listbox.tcl(ListBox::bindText and ListBox::bindImage) Method bindText and bindImage overwrote internal selection bindings [Bug 3000293] reported by Robert Karen. check-in: 834cfffa2b user: oehhar tags: trunk
* listbox.tcl(ListBox::see) Method see shifts image out of view. Showed up, by a selection click on a long item with icon [Bug 2999764] reported by Robert Karen. check-in: 17f103959e user: oehhar tags: trunk
* listbox.tcl(ListBox::_configureSelectmode) Drag modifies multiple selection [Bug 2995969] reported by Robert Karen. Bound events on ButtonRelease-1 instead Button-1 for multiple selections to avoid bug. * listbox.tcl(ListBox::_drag_and_drop) The default drag and drop routine only handled single drag and drop. It was extended to handle also drag and drop of multiple entries. check-in: 672bf13068 user: oehhar tags: trunk
*** bug fixed - related to ttk behaviour # without this function, an error occures # when operating under tile control proc Button::instate { path args } { return [expr { [$path cget -state] == "normal" ? 1 : 0}] } check-in: f64f8938dc user: oberdorfer tags: trunk, tcllib-1-12
*** code consolidation + refracturing related to BWSlim.Toolbutton style, attempt to improve Button behavior when ttk is used (still not perfect thought) check-in: e3d15ada17 user: oberdorfer tags: trunk
* continuous developement, minor changes check-in: afb47531db user: oberdorfer tags: trunk
*** important: programming interface changed:    # BWidget::use # Argument usage: # -package ttk # | # specify a package name to be initialized, currently # support for the following packages is implemented: # ttk ... try to use tile'd widget set (if available) # # -style default / native / myFavoriteStyleName # | | | # | | specify a valid style name, # | | use "BWidget::_get_colordcls" which gives # | | you a list of what's avaliable for tk # | | # | if specified, BW tries to emulate OS color scheme, # | a specific color schema associated to each individual # | operationg system is going to be used # | # same behaviour as before, stay compatible # with previous releases # # -setoptdb [no=default|0|yes|1] # | # maintain the option database # if you need a dynamic behavior when changing # the underlying style, activate this option! # # -themedirs {} = default / a list of valid directory names, # to specifing additional ttk theme packages check-in: 10d9b3e6db user: oberdorfer tags: trunk
*** continous developement, some small improvements check-in: 9c53cf5397 user: oberdorfer tags: trunk