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Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Tcl 2019 Conference, Houston/TX, US, Nov 4-8
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Artifact c73339d41351063c680c8cf9a23d3ccdae468d271ef32fa6a4d9e79c77c63c3b:

Tag referencing [c73339d413] - Edit [aaa5ff20ffdd9949|aaa5ff20ff]: Edit check-in comment. by oehhar 2019-05-13 09:48:10.
D 2019-05-13T09:48:10.728
T +comment aaa5ff20ffdd99492160705e20ba3863e79128470a389db0679b27945556e66c Remove\sexecutable\sfile\sflag\sfrom\sscript\sand\stext\sfiles
U oehhar
Z fa0f283601ea176f4904c543dbf0fe2f