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Help: test-add-alerts
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The "test-add-alerts" command:

Usage: fossil test-add-alerts [OPTIONS] EVENTID ...

Add one or more events to the pending_alert queue. Use this command during testing to force email notifications for specific events.

EVENTIDs are text. The first character is 'c', 'f', 't', or 'w' for check-in, forum, ticket, or wiki. The remaining text is a integer that references the EVENT.OBJID value for the event. Run /timeline?showid to see these OBJID values.


Run alert_backoffice() after all alerts have been added. This will cause the alerts to be sent out with the SENDALERT_TRACE option.
Like --backoffice, but add the SENDALERT_STDOUT so that emails are printed to standard output rather than being sent.
Process emails using SENDALERT_DIGEST