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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

The "search" command:

Usage: fossil search [-a|-all] [-n|-limit #] [-W|-width #] pattern...

Search for timeline entries matching all words provided on the command line. Whole-word matches scope more highly than partial matches.

Note: The command only search the EVENT table. So it will only display check-in comments or other comments that appear on an unaugmented timeline. It does not search document text or forum messages.

Outputs, by default, some top-N fraction of the results. The -all option can be used to output all matches, regardless of their search score. The -limit option can be used to limit the number of entries returned. The -width option can be used to set the output width used when printing matches.


Output all matches, not just best matches
Show additional debug content on --fts search
Use the full-text search mechanism (testing only)
-n|--limit N
Limit output to N matches
--scope SCOPE
Scope of search. Valid for --fts only. One or more of: all, c, d, e, f, t, w. Defaults to all.
-W|--width WIDTH
Set display width to WIDTH columns, 0 for unlimited. Defaults the terminal's width.