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The "forget" command:

Usage: fossil rm|delete|forget FILE1 ?FILE2 ...?

Remove one or more files or directories from the repository.

The 'rm' and 'delete' commands do NOT normally remove the files from disk. They just mark the files as no longer being part of the project. In other words, future changes to the named files will not be versioned. However, the default behavior of this command may be overridden via the command line options listed below and/or the 'mv-rm-files' setting.

The 'forget' command never removes files from disk, even when the command line options and/or the 'mv-rm-files' setting would otherwise require it to do so.

WARNING: If the "--hard" option is specified -OR- the "mv-rm-files" setting is non-zero, files WILL BE removed from disk as well. This does NOT apply to the 'forget' command.


Skip removing files from the check-out. This supersedes the --hard option.
Remove files from the check-out
--case-sensitive BOOL
Override the case-sensitive setting
If given, display instead of run actions.
Reset the DELETED state of a check-out, such that all newly-rm'd (but not yet committed) files are no longer removed. No flags other than --verbose or --dry-run may be used with --reset.
Outputs information about each --reset file. Only usable with --reset.

See also: addremove, add