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Help: comment-format
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The "comment-format" setting:

Set the default options for printing timeline comments to the console.

The global --comfmtflags command-line option (or alias --comment-format) overrides this setting.

Possible values are:

Activate the legacy comment printing format (default).

Or a bitwise combination of the following flags:

Activate the newer (non-legacy) comment printing format.
Trim leading and trailing CR and LF characters.
Trim leading and trailing white space characters.
Attempt to break lines on word boundaries.
Break lines before the original comment embedded in other text.

Note: To preserve line breaks, activate the newer (non-legacy) comment printing format (i.e. set to "0", or a combination not including "1").

Note: The options for timeline comments displayed on the web UI can be configured through the /setup_timeline web page.