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Help: bundle
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The "bundle" command:

Usage: fossil bundle SUBCOMMAND ARGS...
fossil bundle append BUNDLE FILE...

Add files named on the command line to BUNDLE. This subcommand has little practical use and is mostly intended for testing.

fossil bundle cat BUNDLE HASH...

Extract one or more artifacts from the bundle and write them consecutively on standard output. This subcommand was designed for testing and introspection of bundles and is not something commonly used.

fossil bundle export BUNDLE ?OPTIONS?

Generate a new bundle, in the file named BUNDLE, that contains a subset of the check-ins in the repository (usually a single branch) described by the --branch, --from, --to, and/or --checkin options, at least one of which is required. If BUNDLE already exists, the specified content is added to the bundle.
--branch BRANCH
Package all check-ins on BRANCH
--from TAG1 --to TAG2
Package check-ins between TAG1 and TAG2
--checkin TAG
Package the single check-in TAG
Do no use delta-encoding against artifacts not in the bundle

fossil bundle extend BUNDLE

The BUNDLE must already exist. This subcommand adds to the bundle any check-ins that are descendants of check-ins already in the bundle, and any tags that apply to artifacts in the bundle.

fossil bundle import BUNDLE ?--publish?

Import all content from BUNDLE into the repository. By default, the imported files are private and will not sync. Use the --publish option to make the import public.

fossil bundle ls BUNDLE

List the contents of BUNDLE on standard output

fossil bundle purge BUNDLE

Remove from the repository all files that are used exclusively by check-ins in BUNDLE. This has the effect of undoing a "fossil bundle import".

See also: publish