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Help: alerts
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The "alerts" command:

Usage: fossil alerts SUBCOMMAND ARGS...


Show all pending alerts. Useful for debugging.

Hard reset of all email notification tables in the repository. This erases all subscription information. ** Use with extreme care **

Compose and send pending email alerts. Some installations may want to do this via a cron-job to make sure alerts are sent in a timely manner.


Send digests
Send subscription renewal notices
Write to standard output

settings [NAME VALUE]
With no arguments, list all email settings. Or change the value of a single email setting.

Report on the status of the email alert subsystem

subscribers [PATTERN]
List all subscribers matching PATTERN. Either LIKE or GLOB wildcards can be used in PATTERN.

test-message TO [OPTS]
Send a single email message using whatever email sending mechanism is currently configured. Use this for testing the email notification configuration.


Content from FILENAME
Trace SMTP processing
Send msg to stdout
-S|--subject SUBJECT
Message "subject:"

unsubscribe EMAIL
Remove a single subscriber with the given EMAIL.